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Having hit 43 - gulp and once a glorified housewife (I say glorified for no other reason that it sounded better than plain old housewife), I am now a full time (when the kids allow....) Blogger and Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Shopper, living in the home counties, 3 small kids, with an inner Elle MacPherson just battling to get out. I have a, perhaps, unhealthy obsession with fashion (it beats the ironing) and have just realised that at 40 it appears that one is supposed to wear gilets and raincoats with "fun" linings. I don't think so. This is my journey into my 40s hunting to find a style that doesn't scream mutton or frump.


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  1. Hey Kat,

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  2. Kat I LOVE your blog! I am in my late thirties and was really struggling to find clothes that weren't either frumpy or total mutton. Thank you so much ... I have bought lots of clothes that have been on your blog. Just wondering if you might do a post on camisole tops please? X :)

  3. Mainly followed you on Instagram so far, but intend to get around to reading (ALL) your blogs. Keep up the good work, I have to say that all your stuff is just as relevant to me, even tho' my bum is well past 40, it's going to be 60 this year. *sob *sob

  4. Hi Kat
    I am in my early 30s and your blog has really helped me explore a more grown up style that is still on trend-thank you! I love midi skirts but struggle with what to what top to wear with them -would like a slight crop rather than looking like I've gone out in my bra! And a jumper that isn't too bulky to tuck in...would be eternally grateful if you could do a blog on this

  5. Hi Kat
    I love your posts and I've got lots of compliments on the clothes I have bought due to your excellent advice. My husband was wondering if you know of an equivalent blogger for men? He wants to be stylish too 😂 Thank you for any advice you can give us, Jackie x

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  7. Hi Kat,

    I love the blog, I wondered if you could give me any advise on my own blogging. Its something I'm recently getting into and I love it. If you could help at all I would be really grateful. Kate xx

  8. Hi Kat - it would be great to connect. I am the Founder of www.beyondtheschoolrun.com, the place to inspire, engage and connect parents with their skills and talents in the hours available to them. Be good to have a chat. Best Louise (louise@beyondtheschoolrun.com)

  9. hi
    I love your red Marks and Spencer dress(long, floral print). I've checked and it has run out at MS web. Would you mabye like to get rid of yours? :-) please email me at anna1365@wp.pl

    best wishes!

  10. Hi Kat ,I have just discovered your lovely comments about our products,in your latest beauty blog.
    thank you so much , thrilled that you enjoyed our Neroli and Verbena Fragrance, and to address your confusion we created the 'anywhere' spray formula to be safe on the skin but if you would like to it can also be used lightly on textiles or in the air... So ANYWHERE !!! really . xxx W

  11. Hey Kat ok so heres a challenge for you, what to wear for a camping weekend with the kids, how to look cool, while being practical?????