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Thursday, 27 November 2014

I caved

I said I wasn't going to be sucked in, I wasn't going to look, but for the love of the lord - FIFTY PERCENT OFF?!

Dear My Wardrobe, you are mean and nasty and YOU'VE MADE ME LOOK. 

So I'm dragging you all down with me.  Now I know we've got a bonkers weekend of discounts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up (as if it hasn't been bonkers enough already and no I didn't make up those ridiculous names) but I feel I need to be the voice of reason here (you all have every right to be very concerned at this.....) 

We need to take an itsy bitsy deep breath before we plunge in and turn our credit cards into molten plastic with the amount of swiping they'll be undertaking. 

Let's be sensible and not waste these discounts but let's Be. Clever. 

Which is what I'm going to do for us all at My Wardrobe.  We are Classic Shopping.  I'm looking at some decent, easily justified, Investment Shopping.

I appreciate this is ironic coming from me when my most recent purchase has been a technicolour dreamcoat but now at My Wardrobe ALL their classic pieces are half price.  These are things that everywhere else on the internet and in the shops are still full price.  Even with their Black and Cyber Days, they're not going to be this cheap. 

My only massive irritation is that it's taken me this long to get with the programme and haul my sorry behind onto the site.  

What was I being good for?  Without further ado, I'm going straight in with the big guns and I am literally hovering over BUY as we speak. 

The Joseph Leather Leggings.  Leather and gaberdine stretch leggings were £495 now £247  

These need no into.  The cheaper versions just don't cut it.  I should at least try these to get them out of my system.  I have friends who are lucky enough to have these and they rave about them.  All. The. Time. 

If full on leather is too much for you a) are you mad (joking) and b) these might be a better option. I have a pair of 2nd Day jeans and adore them.  I am, however terrified of them ever getting wrecked so I don't wear them as much as I should.  (quick slap around the face here, even typing that I can see the ludicrousy of it)   I find them the perfect rise - what some might call high, what I would call perfect muffin huggers.

2nd Day Jolie Jeans now £60 were £120

What you can't really see in the above pic is that these have the perfect nod to leather with a little trim of leather down the side of the leg. 

On the subject of muffin huggers, these also look super useful.  Clearly muffin huggers is not a renowned marketing term, apparently High Waisted is the acceptable phrase.  (have to say I prefer my new addition to the fashion lingo though) 

Denham Marianne High Waisted Black Skinny jeans  were £115 now £57

One of my favourite pairs of jeans are a triple zip washed black pair which are in fact ankle length on me.  These look great with ankle boots and are great with all sorts of flat shoes (no socks but you can do a pop sock in the winter, no probs. I know I know but honestly they're much improved.  Wouldn't go for a country hike in them, granted, but a tiny bit of air to a 15 denier clad ankle is going to freeze anyone's bones.  Caveat - don't wear in snow)

Half price Victoria Beckham jeans.  Victoria Beckham Washed Black ankle Denim now £105 were £210

If you do prefer a lower cut pair of jeans then I know people rave about 7 for All Mankind jeans.  I am simply too tall and of the wrong proportions for them but I have friends who buy them by the bucketload. 

I love the idea of a coated classic indigo jean.  Why don't do more people do this?  What a great idea for a pair of faithfuls that can be worn during the day and then again out in the evening in a slightly smarter outfit.  Genius. 

7 for All Mankind Skinny Saddle Wax Denim was £200 now £100

I have one pair of grey jeans in my wardrobe but they're slightly too dark and just not quite right (we all have jeans like that don't we?  Ones we wear as we have them but hmmm..... just something a bit meh about them.  Mine are a pair of Topshop Baxters and I adore my indigo pair but the grey is a stretchier, thicker denim that has never truly floated my boat.  Hence you don't see me in them very often, even though a grey pair of jeans would work wonders with other things I own.)

I love the slightly distressed look to these from 2nd Day. 

2nd Day Jolie Cold Waxed Jeans were £100 now £50

Moving onto my love of the season knitwear. 

A Classic stripe and you can never go wrong. This from Joseph in navy and white would be perfect with skirts and trousers. 

Strip Knit Jumper from Joseph was £195 now £97

As I mentioned previously, I definitely have a pale grey jumper hole in my wardrobe.  This is the perfect neutral colour to add a different dimension to grey, camel or black outfits.  Also works so well teamed with your Summer pastels - just throw on some black as well and hey presto, instant Winter outfit.  I particularly love it with pink or pale blue. 

Vince Grey V-Neck Jumper was £198 now £97

Speaking of grey, one of the oldest items that I still wear is a grey coat.  It's now seven years old and gets worn every season.  I've worn it to weddings, funerals and on the school run.

This bracelet sleeved version from Paul & Joe Sister is perfect for work, over jeans and is as ideal with dresses as it would be with wide leg trousers or skinnies.  I love this mannish styling look to it here. 

Paul & Joe Sister Bartabaz coat was £340 now £170

And I also still haven't solved the grey scarf hole in my wardrobe.  This cashmere mix one looks like it would do the job perfectly. 

My-Wardrobe Grey Jennie Cashmere mix blanket scarf was £89 now £40

Love it in the cream which is in face a really obvious shade but you never see that much in it these days.  On thinking about it, it's the perfect hue to go with greys, navys and blacks.  Hmmm.

Cream Jennie Cashmere Blanket scarf was £89 now £40

Acne boots are rarely found at 50% (obviously all the pistols have sold out) but there are two gems still left if you're in the market for new boots. 

I love this Sand Star Pull on high heel boots were £400 now £200

Acne Burgundy Exclusive Colt Zip Up Ankle boot were £420 now £210

And isn't a Vivienne Westwood always a classic?  This colour, whilst bright, is a shade that works for Winter Christmas parties and Summer balls.   Or hell, just for date night with The Husband (although I have to say if personally I turned up in this, he'd wonder what on earth I'd done....I'm not renowned for my va va voom dresses.  Maybe I should rectify this??) 

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Redman Draped Front Dress was £335 now £167

Now moving the boundaries slightly (wouldn't it be boring if I actually kept on topic for an entire post? Have I ever managed to do that?) but still thinking with Mrs Practical breathing own my neck - things that you can wear now that will also take you into Spring/Summer.

Current Elliot Fling Patchwork Jeans now £125 (these are still £250 at Matches)

Again not exactly a classic but definitely something you could wear every day and something you would absolutely keep wearing with little tees into the Spring. (maybe more in fact) 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Solo Guitar Necklace was £65 now £32

There is also method in my "actually not as bad as usual" madness for looking at classics and wardrobe essentials that you will wear over and over again. 

Yesterday I had on an outfit that, with hindsight, I loathed.  Alas, this hindsight kicked in when I was on the train to London last night, saw the photos of it that I'd taken and thought - awww lordy I am not loving this outfit.  One of those days when you just try and mix it up a little.  With not so good results.  One of those days when good outfits go bad. 

Sometimes it really doesn't pay to go messing with something that is perfect.  I slightly tweaked one of my favourite outfits which didn't work At. All.  Aww, I look at this and I LOATHE it!


Black polo neck - Zara
Indigo Baxter Jeans - Topshop
Camel Coat - Zara
Black fedora - Zara
Black buckle boots - Toga Pulla
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

I knew as soon as I had put it on that something wasn't quite right, couldn't quite work out what it was, left it, didn't feel right all day, took one look at the photo and thought JEANS.  Don't get me wrong, I love these jeans but with this outfit and those boots, they simply don't work for me.  Plus I wore my hat for the first time and all black would have been so much better.  All black you can never really go wrong with and a pair of any of the above black jeans would have been ideal.  But I only have a couple of pairs, in fact I only have two pairs which I LOVE and don't wear them as often as I might as I'm worried about wearing them out. (will save that thought for another day)

And therefore - squaring the circle here - it pays to invest in more classic items.  Justification over.  Go forth and shop (plus it's Christmas very soon.. did I mention that?!)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Danger of Shopping a certain time of the month.  I said a couple of years ago that occasionally it is like a different person goes shopping.  It's obviously me, but it's like I turn into someone else - I have a shopping lobotomy.  I call them Bob.  They take over my persona and boy, do they have questionable taste. 

I have worked it out (and let's be frank, it doesn't take a genius to fathom this) that it happens to only occur at certain times........ Bob and my hormones are best friends it seems. 

And hell, is he on a roll at the moment. 

I am indulging Bob as I feel I am slightly losing my mind with my children, the house and Christmas (I daren't crack open the Mulled Wine yet as I am such an addict I will honestly be having it on my cornflakes and counting it as five of my five a day).

Bob is clearly a fan of colour.  And the more eclectic.  There are things that I have thought WOW about this week that usually I would think more Helena Bonham Carter than me. 

But I'm going with the hormonal laden flow and letting my head be turned. 

Which is why I may have come home with this yesterday. 


May I rest my case?  I actually went to Bluewater to return the teddy bear coat to Warehouse as I didn't think I'd get enough wear out of it.  Which is ironic, seeing as I come home with the teddy bear coat on speed.

I have to admit, I don't love love it with this outfit - but I do adore it in the flesh. (and yes in my head I have oodles of outfits that this will work with.  How I feel about these outfits next week is anyone's guess.  Actually I can guess which is why I've left the tags on the coat....)  

Faux Fur Patchwork Throw on Coat from Topshop £89

And if I didn't have my Fenn Wright Manson one that I live in, then I would be the proud owner of this.  Same shape but in a winter fabric... (oooh maybe I'm persuading myself.....Actually no, even I am more than aware I only need one leopard print coat) 

Faux Fur Animal Print Coat £89

I will admit that I did see this the other day online and thought oh I like that.  It wasn't even in the "that would be good for Joseph fancy dress thinking".  In fact, when I was in Topshop umming and ahhing over the aforementioned patchwork coat, I did look this up again online and whilst I do prefer the TS one (this means nothing when Bob's shopping to be fair..) I have to say I do still have a soft spot for this one.

ASOS Knitted Cardigan in Blocked Pattern £50

I also love this one and it's only two tone so that's verging on normal no?

ASOS Oversized Ombre Boiled Coat £120  I loved boiled wool - really really love it.  A great fabric that lasts the test of time and in my experience doesn't bobble like normal wool coats can. 

And another two shades here - camel and black.  My classic colour combo of the season (which I have clearly eschewed for a coat that is more suited to the wardrobe dept of Monsters Inc.  hmmmmm) 

River Island Colour Block Coat £70

However just in case anyone thinks I've lost my marbles completely, I have also come across a fair few other throw ons (as that's what the Topshop one is called) that would work equally as well.  And aren't perhaps as quite "different" as the ones above.

ASOS Structured Longline jacket in Knit with contrast lining £75  Now it may be Bob talking but I think this is all rather Jaeger.....

This one reminds me more than a little of my camel dressing gown coat.  Now I know theoretically waterfall cardigans apparently went out with the arc but I have to say, these don't strike me as being like the cardigans of old....

ASOS Longline Waterfall Cardigan £45

In a plain grey.... 

ASOS Longline Waterfall Cardigan in chunky knit £48

And I'm on a waterfall roll..... this time in navy.  These, even for throwing on around the house are perfect.  For me, they're ideal for those days when you're not going outdoors much, everyone has their heating on to tropical temperatures and don't even get me started on shopping saunas, sorry, centres.  Been there, done that, boiled alive in a full on coat. 

ASOS Longline Waterfall Cardigan in brushed knit  £45

I haven't yet ventured into the whole blanket cardigan/wrap malarkey as you can't do all of the trends all of the time but I definitely adore a chunky cardigan (hence my migrating into the above fur number - it's verging on more cardigan than coat in real life.  Honest guv) 

This for me is more cardigan than blanket. 

Superdry Tassel Cardigan £95

And I also haven't done the whole cape thing but I'd say this is the perfect throw on over a huge oversized jumper. 

ASOS Cape Cardigan in khaki £40

But just to prove I haven't gone totally stark raving, I LOVE this one.  Neutrality restored. 

Minimum Afina Knitted Coatigan £90

However I am all about the colour at the moment and to be totally honest with you, I always get more compliments on what I'm wearing when it's bright and colourful (which is rare and therefore no I don't get complimented very often!) 

Alas, this piece of gorgeousness in a cardigan (the Nessa) is sold out at Hush. 


White vest - H&M
Oatmeal thin knit jumper - H&M
Nessa Cardigan - Hush
Charcoal Baxter jeans - Topshop
Bea wedge trainers in suede - Ash
Fuchsia Roxanne Tote - Mulberry 
Beige and fuchsia Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson 

Tomorrow is our annual putting up of the Christmas decorations at my friend's restaurant.  Absolutely the start of Christmas for me.  And then tomorrow night, I am out with the 10yr old to see Billy Elliot in London.  All go!

Feel free to tell me I've lost the remaining marbles that I had been clinging onto for dear life.  I've had wine, I can take it. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Baby it's cold outside

So we can finally, legitimately talk about hats and scarves.  Oh yes, my favourite sort of accessories that actually serve a purpose.  They both keep you warm and can add a whole different dimension to an old outfit.  

There are also some amazing bits out there at fabulous price points that make it ridiculously easy to justify a teensy little purchase as a treat and are also a great idea for presents as well.  I don't think I need to remind anyone that Christmas is round the corner.  For me, scarves are the easiest no brainer.  I don't think there is one lady or girl I know to buy for, who wouldn't love a scarf (I have a new one on today - loving it)

Well, today I had to trek to Bluewater (oh poor me, I know.  I could see sympathy oozing out of every pore when I told The Husband earlier) to return the Mango jumpers I'd bought and the Warehouse teddy coat.  Polishing halo as we speak (for a short period as I may have another rather random purchase to report tomorrow....). 

But it was absolutely freezing today so I thought it was a great opportunity to have a look at the new woolly hats that are everywhere.  I feel the need for a pom pom.  I feel the need for an oversized pom pom.  Not on my bag, oh no, that's far too subtle, I want one on top of my bonce.  A pom pom for all the world to see. 

I fear I may look like a bit of a fruitloop in them though and so I had a try on today.  The jury is out although there is one I am rather liking.  Here is the photographic evidence. 

Starting off at Warehouse. 

Coral.  In for a penny, in for a bonker's pound.  I thought it would go really well with my scarf but it's too pinky as opposed to an orangey coral.  However it would transform a plain navy, grey, black or beige outfit. 

Apparently it's pink. Oops.  That'll be why it doesn't go with the orange scarf....  Pink Cable Pom-pom hat £12 from Warehouse


As you can see I was very serious about this one..... I was rather taken with this pale pink which is a popular colour in all the shops actually.  To be honest, I think it might be quite flattering for skin tones. 

I also LOVED a teensy bit more, the scarf that I found that I thought went well with it.  I want this in grey.  They don't do it in a grey grey.  Really can't justify it in the pink darn it.  (at the moment....).  It feels like a huge chamois leather.  If chamois leather felt like a wool scarf that is.  It feels lovely.

And the scarf. 

Now onto Topshop and again, success.  

Thought this was good in beige - Pom Ribbed Beanie in blush £14

Until I saw it in the navy.  This was definitely definitely my fave out of all of them. 


Especially when I saw this amazing navy scarf to go with it. 

Supersoft Scarf £16 from Topshop This is 100% acrylic. I don't care. I defy anyone not to feel this and think that's pretty much gorgeous. 


Hand knit cable beanie £16 Topshop  A super chunky version, very much more substantial than all the others I saw.  Also in red or cream.  This was by far the warmest of them all and if you'd told me it was £40 I would have thought it was worth it.  You can definitely tell it's hand knit (even though I don't know if that is in fact Topshop lingo for hand knitted.... aww hell, it feels like it's hand knitted.  Although not by me.)


Girls pink fluffy pom beanie hat from River Island £8  Yes, this is from the section des enfants.  I was ever so slightly concerned the Sales Assistant (who looked about 14) was going to scream at me "YOU'RE STRETCHING IT" as I grabbed a child's hat, tried it on and then took a photo.  With hindsight, I should have been more grateful she didn't call security)  But hell, it fits and I have a big head.   And the pom pom was the most oversized of all I saw (to be fair, that is in relation to a small hat....) 


They also have it in a coral.  I. Love. This.  £8 (and it would go superbly with my new scarf too.....) Didn't have this one in store.  Oh and they also do it in cream.... Which is probably more useful in the long run but not nearly as fun.  Although there is something about this coral one that vaguely reminds me of Beaker from The Muppets.....On the upside, it's a great one for the fancy dress cupboard as well.

Now I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with the grown up hats at River Island but this is pretty perfect.  A snood, scarf, collar thingy.....  the perfect softness to it, the perfect size, the perfect shades of browns and tans, just perfect in every way.

Beige Faux Fur Snood £25 from River Island. This looks so so much better in real life and not remotely road kill as it does look in this photo taken from their website.


However I already have a new scarf and pretty much everyone I've bumped into today has asked me where it's from.  Well I've been super excited to say it's from one of my dearest friends Cathy who I met when our eldest were only weeks old.  And they're now TEN!!  My ten year old still goes to bed every night with "Itchy Bear" which Cathy bought her when she was a tiny baby.  We've been through so much together and I'm so proud of her new business Alice's Wonders where this scarf is from.  

As well as scarves there are simply stunning necklaces and earrings (which I will be featuring more of in the next couple of weeks as it's always lovely to see how they're styled) but today, it's all about the scarves. 

Here is a close up of the Orange and Navy leopard scarf which is a lovely soft cotton, a great huge size and only £10.


I've also got the cerise pink and navy one which I can't wait to wear as well.  Again, £10. 


However I also have my eye on the grey and sky leopard (how much have I said I love pale blue with black?) 

Or the green and navy...... 

I guarantee you won't be disappointed and I can't wait to show you some of the necklaces. 

And finishing with a vaguely comedy element.  Which, I won't lie, I was tempted to purchase for £16.... I have seen identical ones at gazillions more spondoolies.  This would keep you warm.  I was trying to think however, of an occasion when I would wear it as opposed to a normal woolly hat and failed.  However it's vaguely cool in a Yeti Chic way?  

Fox Faux Fur Trapper Hat from Dorothy Perkins £16

As you can see, I'm not entirely convinced...


Have I lost my tiny mind?  Apart from the scarves, obviously....   I do have a theory why I might be close to the edge - all will be revealed tomorrow. 

Outfits from the weekend.  As promised I cracked out the silver jumper.  Had forgotten how much I love it. 


White tee - Eileen Fisher 
Silver metallic Jumper - Zara
Black triple zip jeans - Mint Velvet 
Black boots - Toga Pulla 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

And today with my new scarf which bought a whole new lease of life to an ancient military knitted jacket and ten year old jeans.


Navy waffle tee - Cos
Navy military knitted jacket - Zara
Jeans cut off and turned up - Rock & Republic
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 
Orange and navy leopard scarf - Alice's Wonders 

Off to watch I'm a Celebrity.  All the glamour of a Monday night.......