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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Can you have a wardrobe without blue denim?

A new concept.  Which I'm going to try for a week.  

So we're away on holiday now and hey ho, I do not have one pair of blue denim jeans or shorts with me. 

And here we have a suitcase devoid of blue.  Entirely grey, black and white with a tonal colour of khaki.  Some coral sequins and a yellow scarf added in for interest.  I honestly can't remember the last time I wore warm clothes that didn't include a pair of jeans for any length of time.


Why am I doing this?  Well, I did put some blue jeans into the pile and I have to say, I found them a bit jarring.  Yes they're a neutral but they somehow made my grey and black look much.... dare I say cheaper... than when I teamed them with each other.  Or with khaki. 

Clearly I am in the quagmire of revision hell and may well be overthinking this (not to mention spending an entire summer with only a couple of days away from the Aspie 8yr old - we've been trying to teach him various coping mechanisms with his anger.  These have mostly involved me drinking......) but I'm looking forward to the challenge. 

I often pack - get on hols and think - errr I don't want to wear any of this, but I have much much higher hopes for this time round. 

It also got me to thinking how much I completely adore (as I may have mentioned once or 25 times this season) my off white All Saints boyfriend jeans.  I love the shape, I love the no muffin factor, I love the slight tapering and I love the straight finish to the hem.  I would go for a turn up or roll up but these were too short so I had to unroll them and I think they've really worked. 

So can we find other jeans that will take me into the Autumn as well as these off white ones...that aren't blue denim. 

It wasn't as easy as I thought..... 

But starting with some bargain sale ones from Me+Em (and oh my lord - go and have a look at the remains of their sale.  Some amazing, amazing bargains) 

Slim Boyfriend jeans in grey from Me+Em were £9 now £25

But I will say, I do prefer a slightly more lived in look for looser jeans.

Waven True Boyfriend Jeans with ripped knees £45 Ok... so yes "lived in", but I am scarred by all mention of ripped knees, I won't lie to you.  But I'm figuring that not even mine can do their Les Dawson impression through baggy jeans.... (jeez louise if they do, I'm booking in for surgery) 

Some great options at Gap so long as you're not too long in the leg.  If you're short in the leg though, then these could definitely be the ones for you as they do them in a petite.  But they don't do them in a tall.  Slightly peeved to say the least...... 

1969 authentic boyfriend selvedge jeans in grey were £54.95 now £42.99

The other option is black.  Now, yes I would prefer a grey or a charcoal as I am a huge black blazer fan and black on black can be slightly meh. However, on thinking about this for all of five seconds, I have a gazillion other jackets that will go with these so bring on the black denim. 

Jake Slim Boyfriend-Fit jeans was £199 now £119 from JBrand

These below are a lot more but honestly (I know this is BONKERS) for designer jeans, these really aren't that expensive.  And (as I bang endlessly on as per usual about) cost per wear.... if I wore these as much as I've worn my All Saints ones, these would be definitely worth it.  I fear for me, they are slightly on the short side.  Inside leg measurement of 28.5cm which is slightly less cropped and more pedal pusher length on me. 

Balenciaga Straight Leg jeans £225

At the other end of the spectrum - for £11 it may be worth giving these a go.  Yet again not sure they'd be long enough for me (there is only so much flesh you can have on show between the top of your boots and and the bottom of your jeans...) and I'm not sure if they're loose enough - but to be fair, if you size up slightly as they only have even sizes (no 27 for example), you may get the right level of slouch. 

ASOS Thea Girlfriend jeans in washed black with shredded knee were £45 now £11 (if it helps, my old Saxby jeans were the same level of bargain a couple of years ago from ASOS in the dregs of the sale.  They are THE best jeans and I am constantly asked where they're from.  So don't be afraid that they are so reduced and there are so many left!)

I'm sort of assuming that these will be loose enough for my Les Dawson knee not to look like he's wearing a Hannibal Lector style mask with the shredded patch.....

These, are probably the most similar shape actually to my All Saints ones and I'm rather partial to the non turn up/roll up on it as it's just that bit different.  A proper crop. 

And a ripped knee version again £11 from £38 (and different leg lengths in these)

However I did find in my dressing room under a pile of rubbish coated/now not coated jeans that I need to fling, a pair of old Topshop Baxters.  Do NOT confuse these with the Baxters of today.  Some 21 yr old numpty in TS has got hold of the old, fantastic, relaxed skinny design of the original Baxters and taken away a third of the fabric and reduced the cut to minge flashing.  Do not buy them (unless you want a spray on muffin splaying pair of jeans.)

The old ones rock.  And these are the ones I have.  I am going to live in these this Autumn *small skip*.  However this doesn't help anyone else since you can't get them anymore.  But I have found the best alternative.  

Me+Em High Rise Slim Straight Jean in Smoke Grey £98

A more reasonable version can be found at M&S.

Relaxed Skinny jeans in medium grey from M&S £25

They also do these in a black.  I've had a think actually and I reckon if you did one big turn up as opposed to a roll up, these would look a shed load better.  Or that could be my personal taste. 

In black £25

Another version in the sale at Levi's and I love the shade of this grey. 

Demi Curve Straight Jeans in Grey from Levi's were £85 now £41.90 But for me, I'd turn them up.  As much I love a straight hem now, there are still occasions when a turn up works.  Or they'd need to be cropped.  I can't be doing with jeans this shape and heels anymore.  We're back in soggy hem territory...or slightly dodgy jeans full stop.

So there aren't as many out there as I had thought there might be but there are enough to have a look at. 

Anyone else fancy the no blue jean challenge.... on the upside after a whole week I will no doubt be gagging to wear them again.  Or who knows... it may be like sugar.  Once you don't have it, you find you don't really miss it.  What are your bets on?

So first outfit from the capsule wardrobe and we have arrived on holiday.  It's a tad windy and suffice to say I shall in no way shape or form be needing any suncream but it's still milder than I had thought.  Let the fun begin. 


Cashmere and silk Clem jumper - Needle Boutique 

Tie Dye skinny jeans - Sandro
Black blazer - hush
Oversized buckle shoes - Zara
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So we are now off to buy the 8 and 6 yr olds new snugglies as they forgot theirs.  Cue lots and lots of tears last night, bless them, as they couldn't sleep (well they said they couldn't, but after 45 mins on the beach, they were totally shattered and conked out within 5 mins).  First thing they reminded me of this morning so off we go a snugglie hunting..... (and coffee for me.  GOD I need coffee.  Nespresso machine locked in an office that doesn't open till Tuesday.  I've said coffee till 2pm and then I'm straight onto the prosecco)

Friday, 28 August 2015

Dear A/W15 Trends.

Do one. 

Well - that is if we are to believe the pages and pages of A/W trends that are filling the September editions of the magazines.  Who are these actually aimed at?  Because most people who swan around head to foot in full on trends are usually only those who actually work for magazines. 

Which led me to reread them all and think - how strange that none of the magazines (admittedly the three that I read) say anything at all about incorporating the trends into a *normal* wardrobe. 

Dare I say - a dumbing down for the lay person?  Well not exactly that, but everything's very aspirational.  Which is great if you can picture which bits you can pick that would go with what you already have, your lifestyle and your budget - but I know that most people find that very difficult. 

Couple with that, the fact that everything is full on Winter winter....which is great for planning ahead.  But for now, well like I said yesterday, about as much use as a chocolate teapot.  It may seem ridiculously chilly for this time of year but if I remember rightly (and considering I can't remember where I put the clean school uniform I smugly washed the day they finished school, the chances of me remembering anything from last year...) it's been warmish right up to Christmas for the past couple of years. 

We need Autumn outfits.  Not head to toe chunky knitwear.  

So can I get inspiration for this from In Style's interpretation of the A/W 15 trends?  Do any of them float my boat and are any of them actually wearable for your average into fashion but living a "normal" life lass.  Who's over 25.

Hold on to your hats. 

First up - 1980s drama. "choose a batwing sleeve and a spiky heel and pixie boot"  Worn apaprently with wide, high waisted black leather trousers with a go faster white stripe down the side.  Or "a printed sweater for an Alexa Colby touch".  Yes they said Alexa Colby.  This is what happens when you let people who weren't even born in the 80s edit fashion.  IT'S ALEXIS.  And if you remember watching the programme, I can guarantee you would not want to look like her.  Ever.  Bar for fancy dress.  Is there anything I can take from this?... Ok I do like a pointed ankle boot.  Other than that?  Not on your nelly.

Next - Blair Waldorf.  


So after a google, I discover she is the main character in Gossip Girl.  Again, pass.  "she loves girlie, sugar shades, fluffy jumpers and Mary Janes.  Nothing masculine in sight".  Again, pass.

On to - Granny Chic. "still something sexy about this geeky trend, librarian with a hot secret & a passion for knitting".  Clear as mud then.  On looking at the pics, 70s inspired, chunky heels, loafers, paisley shirts, cable knits, woolly hats and mongolian fur edged suede coats.  But all worn together.  I'm not going to say I'm not partial to a block heel or a loafer but worn all together, I would look ever so slightly I'd raided Oxfam.  Then got on a Ryan Air flight with too much luggage and had to resort to wearing half the contents of my suitcase.  Not for me thank you. 

Gothic Victoriana  Now...this is going to be more popular.  But in titchy doses.  Put it all together and oh hello Helena Bonham Carter.  I can buy into the black, I can't buy into black lace, with buckles, with velvet and leather.  All at the same time again.  It's not my sort of black.

Winter Florals if you fancy it?  "supersized, 3D & have to be worn all at once".  No they don't.  Although there is a top from Whistles I quite like the look of. (which is obviously not remotely available from anywhere)  But apart from that, I get a migraine just thinking about it. 

Colour Clash  Speaking of migraines.  "pick two colours at the opposite end of the spectrum.  So much easier than you think."  If you're drunk.   They've done khaki and fuchsia, wedgewood blue and fuchsia, brown and fuschia.  Baby blue and lime.  No. No no no.  I could "maybe" think about this in the Spring or the Summer, but I need dark, sludgy, murky winter colours.  Not to say I'm right as they do sound pretty grim and rather depressing described like that, but they totally float my boat. 

70s tailoring = soggy flare hems.  There is nothing good about this in this country.  They're taxi trousers. "when your flares completely cover your feet you know you've got it right".   Wide collars too.  I could maybe get to grips with this but not sure I can be bothered to.  However I will give them the knee high boot.  Watch this space.  

Restraint  Now I thought this sounded quite positive "the new power dressing is all about angles and structure. An architectural masterpiece".  Hmmmmm.  They feature some rather dull looking work pinafore style dresses and some ugly shoes.  But a wrap coat and a wrap jacket.  Ok so I can get with the programme on that. (she says having already got one from last year *fist bump*)

And the one that I thought had the most promise - Graphic Monochrome.  Ok so half promise.  As in the monochrome bit.  As in black and a bit of white.  As in mostly black. 

Black is the key.  The trend that never goes out of fashion.

And there in lies the message.  Buy what never goes out of fashion.  And if you love something - who cares if it's not "in" fashion.  There's more to fashion when you get to a certain age (and know who Alexis Colby is and can't really wear full on Granny chic unless you want to be asked if you need a Senior ticket at the cinema) - there's personal style. 

Which is why - when packing this afternoon, I also took the opportunity to dejunk my wardrobe.  I'll come back to this but packing was a revelation. 

I have gone over to the dark side.  Black, grey and white.  Tonal colour of khaki.  I do not even have a pair of blue jeans with me.  And I am in love with all of it.  Ok so we'll see how this transcends into wearable outfits when I get there (it's Suffolk again so shorts are ambitious, let along a cossie - and whilst we're here, am I the only one?  Pack a gorgeous suitcase only to unpack and think WHAT was I thinking?) 

This time round though, I have high hopes.  This is a caspule Autumnal Wardrobe and I am completely giddy about it.  All bits of it will be revealed during the week and up for discussion but in the meantime, are there are any "on trend" pieces that I shall be adding that I think may last the test of time?

This is my Black Wishlist.  Some of it automatically falls into the Winter category - you simply can't help it when there are such gorgeous things out there.

Restraint (this would be me not buying everything from the Me+Em website) but as a nod to the theme, these have been on my radar for ages. 

Wide Leg Crop Trousers in Black £98 For me, these are crying out for a pair of sneakers. Or ankle boots.... But with shoes for work, how wearable.

And as it's really too early (yes I have snuck a coat in further down) for a wrap coat, how about a wrap cardigan which they say comes under "restraint"... in black obviously. 

Belted Cardigan from Topshop £45

Pointed boots as my nod to the 80s - I had these exact ones last year from M&S.  They are absolutely amazing.  I honestly can't recommend them highly enough. 

Stain Away Suede Elastic Shoe Boost with Insolia £59  The perfect heel height, they go with all shape trousers, skirts and dresses.  I simply cannot rave about them more.  Did I mention they are ridiculously comfortable?  Well pardon me - main thing - they are like walking on air.

The one thing I could probably do for Gothic Victoriana would be a pair of lace up heels.  I saw Gabby Logan in a pair on the Athletics the other day and have become OBSESSED. 

Like my Zara leopard print lace up heels but a shoe version.  I'm sure Gabby's aren't from M&S (well I know they're not as they were a ton higher and much lacier...) but these as a day to day wearable version have to be worth a look. 

Pointed Toe Lace up courts in black from M&S £35

Sticking with some Gothic Victoriana and some black leather can apparently come under this heading.  I can't believe I didn't include this when I did my hush round up but this is fantastic.  Would be so so useful for everyday with flats and in the evening with the above shoe boots to start with.  Dare I even begin to mention over the knee boots?! 

hush Leather Wrap Skirt £160 (this is where the discount comes in very useful - AWXX15 for 10% off till the end of the month)

Clashing colour.... er I just can't.  But colour blocking (I'm sure that's what they really meant.... ) Yup - this gorgeous coat from Whistles will do it for me. 

Manning Colour Block Coat from Whistles £295

Covering off Granny Chic and both 70s for me with their block wooden heel and.. obviously in black.. are these divine boots from Whistles.

Ohi High Ankle Zip Back Boots £185

Much cheaper option at Topshop - no they're not leather for this price but they are really fun and will certainly serve you well this season.  

Bless Snake Ankle boots £45 - love the heel on this, love the texture, not too high and perfectly wearable for during the day.  The sort of boots that look great with boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans and dresses. 

So a brief round up of what In Style says we should be wearing and my thoughts on it.  Out of interest, I haven't contrasted this with what the other mags say - that would be an interesting one.  Would love to know your thoughts on the subject.

A great day today with all three children.  School shoes for the 10yr old and school uniform that I'd forgotten - all done by 9am.  Polish that halo.  More revision books picked up (lord save us all) and we then had a lovely break and well earned treat at the cinema.  Pixels.  Apparently it gets the most terrible reviews.  We all LOVED it.  Oh seriously, it's fantastic.  It's so bad, it's good.  And then McDonald's.  Pure bliss for them!


Grey Too Much Love Will Kill You tee - Zoe Karssen
Black blazer - hush
White boyfriend jeans - All Saints
Black oversized buckle sandals - Zara
Black Mario fringed bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So we're off tomorrow for another week's holiday.  Armed with text books and iPads on which we MUST do some work.... Seeing as the weather is going to be so glorious.... Thank goodness for wine.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

I think they're here to stay

And most of you will be pleased to hear that I'm not talking about dungarees (still yet to see how I can style those for the Autumn)

Not today it's all about the jumpsuit.  This is something that I only bought into this year.  And I can't believe how versatile I find them.  Especially my black one that I have.  It's been my favourite "go to" outfit for those days out when I want to look that little bit more special than just jeans...for sure it's been my London outfit.  It works perfectly from day to night and more than that, it's super super comfortable. 

Ok so I'm sort of swerving the "going to the loo is a pain in the behind" bit but seeing as the rest of the time it's like wearing jamas, as opposed to most of my jeans which give me not just a muffin but a whole Dunkin Donut over the top of them, I'll take the couple of minutes of irritation as opposed to being made to feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy for the rest of the day. 

Plus you don't have to think about a matching top.  Just throw on a blazer, a jacket or a coat and you're off.  I have bought into these big time and urge everyone to try them.  In fact I don't think I know anyone who's tried them and who hasn't loved them (I'm sure someone will now prove me wrong though...) 

For me, the jumpsuit has to be plain (I've tried print ones.  Just too much and there is only so much guffawing from The Husband I can take).  And it also has to be a tapered leg.  I do love the look of the wide leg ones but I don't think they're as versatile.  Plus there is the perennial "heel height" issue which I can't be bothered with.  Don't get me started on soggy hems. 

Black, I have to say, I do find a classic and this is where I'm starting today.  Of course top of my list to try would be the hush one for £75 which I featured the other day but there are definitely others worth considering too. 

Triksie Jumpsuit by Ted Baker £169  I love the look of this one.  Yes it is more but I honestly think these things pay for themselves.  You could wear this to work, you could wear it on Christmas Day with Uggs and then throw on some heeled shoots for when the family come over for lunch.   During the day with sneakers.  Simply perfect.  

And another similar one from Somerset by Temperley £99

If you did still want a short sleeved one then this at ASOS is beautifully plain. 

ASOS Jumpsuit with tie £45

Or this is a bargain number to have for those evenings out with heels come the Autumn.  Dare I mention... Dare I mention the C word....?? (actually I already did but not in the proper PARTY sense of the word)  It's going to be party time before we know it...

Wrap Jumpsuit from Mango was £59.99 now £23.99

I have two jumpsuits - so the black one but also a khaki one from Topshop.  I have been surprised at how versatile I've found this and how much wear I think I will still get out of it in the Autumn.  

My beloved khaki utility jumpsuit - never thought I would love it quite as much as I do. £55

This is the navy version of the Topshop khaki - *wonders to self if I can justify this...* £55

Call off the dogs.  This is perfection.  Seriously gorgeous and seriously versatile.  I didn't even know that I needed a jumpsuit like this until I saw it.  Perfect for dressing up with killer heels - messy hair I love this for a night out.  With a blazer and sneakers for during the day.  Yes I may have to order this.  Or with my new plaid shirt over and a pair of loafers for the day.

Sleeveless Zip Front Jumpsuit from Topshop £48

There's always a denim version as well.  Great for during the day for a smarter look with a blazer and ankle boots or for bombing around on a casual day with a huge chunky cardigan over it. 

Moto tie-waist jumpsuit £65

There's another khaki one at Banana Republic which would also serve the same purpose.  LOVE this (but clearly I don't need another one) although I don't love it with these shoes...

Green jumpsuit from Banana Republic £75

A couple of more unusual ones now.  If you're a jumpsuit veteran or just fancy something a little less vanilla. 

ASOS Strip Jumpsuit with D ring wrapover layer £45  I absolutely absolutely love this.  The fact she's about 18 and hasn't an ounce of wobbly flesh or excess fat on her body has NOTHING to do with it, I'm sure...  I will forgive her the wet hems she will surely encounter.

I'm not sure about shiny.... but a silky number as opposed to calling it shiny makes it suddenly more palatable.... 

New Look Cargo Jumpsuit £27.99

Or a navy "silky" number.. for me, the jury is out on these but I know some friends who will love them!  And this one is a bargain from Jack Wills.  Bow in hair optional.

Jack Wills Jumpsuit was £79.50 now £39.50

So there we have a little jumpsuit round up - definitely one of my must haves for the Autumn.  And seeing as I've mentioned anyone else slightly confused about their Autumn wardrobe?  Winter, I've got covered - huge cashmere jumpers, leather skinnies, biker boots, capes, scarves - oh yum yum yum.  

But Autumn?  Jeez, I seem to have a mental block.  It's almost become an inbetweeny season as the past couple of years it's not been particularly cold till after Christmas.  That's a lot of months to be wearing just *ok* clothes.  

I think I need to some serious Autumn work...... anyone else?  That's for tomorrow. 

To prove how much I love my jumpsuit, this is me last Friday for some meetings in London and then a fabulous evening out with The Husband.


Black Crepe Jumpsuit - Kin by John Lewis
Ponyskin mules - Anthropologie
Mario fringed bag - Jerome Dreyfuss
Drunk smirk - too much champagne and prosecco

So finally today it stopped raining.  WOOHOOOO.  This afternoon the boys and I and the puppy, went for a really long walk in Dunorlan Park (which is an amazing park if you're ever near Tunbridge Wells), followed by icecream and cake.  Can't go wrong with that really.  Friends over for tea and I have started packing for Saturday.  Dear weathermen.  PLEASE decide what the weather is going to do and don't change your mind every hour.......

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Let the discount codes begin

The best thing about the gazillion seasons we now have in fashion, is that retailers need to churn their stock quickly.  And we don't buy yet at the pace they want us too and so to entice us to part with our hard earned pennies, they have stumbled across the gem of all persuading gems - the discount code. 

Hell yes.  As a consumer, what's not to love?  No more waiting for the sales, now you can buy exactly what you want as opposed to what they think should be reduced, much earlier in the season and with often as good a discount as you would get in the sales anyway. 

At the beginning of seasons, they have also started using them to lure us in.  And I'm as big a sucker as any and am always tempted to look (and often buy - yes, much to the chagrin of The Husband, I am a marketeer's dream.  Apparently for someone with 3 As at A level, I frequently demonstrate a lack of savvy.  Moth to a discount flame - yup - that's me) 

We can usually rely on Grazia to overdose on the codes at this time of year (and January) but I'm slightly/exceptionally concerned that with the changes at Senior Editorial level, these might also have gone. *prays for a Whistles code...*

However we can still rely on email and first up, we have The Finery with a killer code. 30% off. *small skip*.  Lasts till Monday.  Speaking of senior fashion peeps, I have it on good authority from one who is a friend, that this is a brand to watch.  Excellent value, different from what else is on the high street and a real find in what can be a quagmire of retail sameness.  (plus free delivery and free returns over £50.  WHOOP)  Code to be used at checkout is BANKHOLIDAY.

I think (correct me if I'm wrong, time goes so fast I can't keep up) that this is their first A/W season.  Actually I've just looked it up and apparently they launched last year.  I officially have the brain cells of an amoeba. 

So let's have a look at what they've got to offer and what I think is worth a punt with 30% off. 

Firstly - this whole look is the sort of vibe I want to channel this A/W (that's fancy fashion tripe for "in my dreams I'll look like this").  Smart, sophisticated but with a laid back, easy to wear with a hint of cosy.  She (model in first pic below) manages to pull it off without the remains of a Squash'em on her sleeve which is merely a state of perfection I can only aspire to.  Doesn't look like she's got three kids and a dog, does she?

Starting with the Everleigh (everything does have rather random names... but who cares?) blocked stripe jersey tee £22 in navy and tobacco.

Something so simple that can look so effective.  Yet be chucked on with boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a blazer on a warm Autumnal day (I'm banking on a few of these) would also be absolutely perfect.

Staying with stripes - now this is too similar to a Whistles one I have that I love, which was a lot more than this.  Don't get me started on the skirt...... (LUST)

Harling Breton Stripe Jumper £45

Speaking of the skirt.... oh BUM sold out in my size.... What a bargain though with 30% off for a leather skirt. 

Lillie Leather Split Front Skirt in Berry £99

Another leather skirt which I have to throw in - as I may have to try it, is the navy (yes NAVY) peplum skirt.  Their description not mine as I'm not sure I'd describe it as peplum.  I would describe it as freaking amazing though.  Navy leather midi skirt.  Considering how much wear I've had out of my black leather midi one from Whistles AND that I have navy coming out of my ears in tops, I am definitely ordering this.  I just hope it looks as amazing on as it does in my head. (navy polo neck... camel Acne Cypress boots and camel coat.  Leopard print patent Tory Burch clutch....  Be still my beating heart)

Lamont Leather Peplum Skirt £119

Just to throw in another skirt whilst we're here and this is an unusual one from me... I love it.  Hulah hulah thank you ladies.  This though, with a black polo neck and black glad heels or shoots - oh hello.  Gorgeous.  Or with a cream oversized blouse tucked in.  Leopard print heels and a tan clutch.  Just so so perfect and really so versatile.  And - like most things at Finery - just that little bit different. 

Rowlett Fringe Pencil Skirt £89

Back to tops and plain now - adore adore adore - it may only be a sweatshirt but hellooooo - this could be so easily dressed up and made *fancy* (warning - I've had a glass of wine now - this could all go very wrong).  Unfortunately the swoonsome sheer (although it does look a tad itchy) poloneck underneath isn't online yet.  Darn it.

Murton Sweatshirt £45 in navy.  Oh how I love navy and grey together.

Knitwear that takes my fancy - this with navy wide leg cropped trousers and white (or Golden Goose...) sneakers....Perfect.  I have to say I'm struggling to muster up enthusiasm for the brown velvet trousers but each to their own and we can't wear all of the things all of the time.  I think I'll leave these. 

Sander Contrast Knit Jumper £45

Clearly I'm loving their classic colours and this is a twist on a casual classic - a smarter boxy tee. 

Ladywell Boyfriend Jersey Tee £22

Moving away from tops and to an amazing - there is no other word for it - amazing coat.  So unusual, so unique, so timeless.  On an item like this - this is where the 30% counts. 

Embleton Leather Coat £295

I am developing a serious footwear addiction and these may be my next fix.  Absolutely love them.  Easily smart enough to work in place of ballet flats and loafers.

Elwood Luxury Trainers with Mock Croc finish £65 (leather!)

Or they have them in a cream and nude (as well as black and white online) £59

There are of course loads of other amazing things online (although it isn't the biggest repertoire that's for sure, which is quite reassuring in a way) - these are just what floats my boat. 

I am definitely definitely ordering the skirt - I think that's my girl's lunch outfit sorted.  Yes, because it's September shortly and I have one of those coming up.  You have been warned.... 

So today - well it rained. A LOT.  A "need a glass of wine by 7pm" amount of rain.  Ginny, our miniature Australian Labradoodle had another trip to the groomers today (feel free to bust a lung laughing at the pics on Instagram - @doesmybumlook40) and we spent a lovely afternoon with one of my closest friends and her children.  Twister was the order of the day.  In fact, it was such a hit that the 8yr old Aspie MADE me go and buy it on the way home.  And with other friends over for supper, it proved to be well worth the tenner it cost (gotta love Lidl).  Two hours, not an iPad, an xBox or a tv between the six of them.  Only downside is that they've said we have to take it away on hols and that we (me and the old man) have to join in.  I can feel a trip to A&E coming on as I type. 

Here I am in all my Autumnal glory.  I have officially given up on summer clothes until it stops raining for more than three hours on the trot.


Navy jumper - Uniqlo
Jeans - Zara
Plaid shirt - hush
Trench - Banana Repbulic
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow - yes it's going to rain again.  I can't even be bothered to make plans.  Poor 10yr old has the last day of her revision course and I have just remembered she doesn't have any school shoes.  Joy.  That's tomorrow morning sorted then... ugh.