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Monday, 27 April 2015

Can you have too much of a good thing?

I am a booger for this.  Finding something you love and then totally overdosing on it. 

So today - according to the 8yr old who was looking over my shoulder as I was typing earlier and said in disgust "Mum, are you going to buy a Onesie?" it's not a onesie but it's a "joined up thing" (which is what he called them when I said it wasn't a onesie.  "so it's a joined up thing".... err....ish....)  

Yes, I'm talking Joined Up Things.

I am currently in love with my dungarees but also my jumpsuit.  All of which were bargains - the dungarees were £10 and £14.99 each from H&M and the jumpsuit was half price from Kin at John Lewis. 

Have to say, I am more surprised than anyone at how much I have loved them, how versatile I've found them and how comfortable they are. 

Therefore I'm not surprised that I'm not the only one.  Cue this article I found the other day online at The Pool, entitled, In Praise of Jumpsuits. 

You know when you see a pic and think, I.  Need.  That.  (ignoring the fact I'm not Christy Turlington.  Minor, minor thing).  Admittedly I wouldn't wear these shoes on a night out but, like I said, I'm not Christy Turlington. (I am coming to terms with that for those of you how might be concerned)

In the article, they basically summarise what I have said and have wholeheartedly bought into.  They are flattering, they are comfy, they are versatile and they are so so so easy.  No tops to match, no muffin on show (ok so they might not have mentioned this but everyone who works in their office is probably about 12 and genuinely still thinks a muffin is something that comes in either blueberry or chocolate options) and perfect to dress up or dress down. 

Now the jumpsuit they were all cooing over, wasn't in fact a denim one but a khaki number.  From Topshop which I went and tried on today and totally fell in love.  

Utility all in one from Topshop £55

And here I am in it.  Obviously though, I had my sensible head on and thought, no no, I've just bought the new khaki chinos (which were all of £20) and therefore I don't need a khaki jumpsuit and so I left it. (me and my stupid logic that I take shopping with me.  I'm leaving that sensible cow at home next time.)

Of course now I can't live without.  So can I order it online....  NO AS IT'S OOS IN MY SIZE.  Will I ever, ever, ever learn.  I am a buffoon.


Of course I was all over the denim jumpsuit but as soon as I've come home, all I can think about is the khaki one. That'll be right.

However, fear not, for I manage to locate this one. 

ASOS Khaki jumpsuit £55

Which... of course is also sold out in my size.  GAH.

I have also discovered this one at Mango which I do love but now I officially Must Have the Topshop one.  I am a proper cretin.

Long chest-pocket jumpsuit from Mango £69.99

So, leaving the khaki one aside, let's look what I uncovered of a denim nature.  Firstly, they need to be of a tencel/chambray fabric for me in these slightly warmer temps. 

I fear this one might be slightly too thick but I do like the look of it. 

ASOS soft denim jumpsuit £55 I have to say though, I'm not convinced by the belt....

I am ignoring the fact they call it a boiler suit - this one is worth a look. 

Daisy Street Boiler suit £34.99

Lighter now in colour but I had my heart set on the Christy darker indigo one..... I do think with a paler blue the leap to babygro is a step closer.  Although to be fair, this one is pretty darn gorgeous.
Selected Katrine Jumpsuit in lightweight denim £75

Denim Jumpsuit from Selected Femme £75  Ok, so I might be sold now... Navy blazer anyone?

Now La Redoute.  Discount code for 25% off your order - 8509 or 8511.

Denim Jumpsuit by Soft Grey £49 pre discount 

Finally finishing with a couple of ringers.  Which don't exactly fit the brief but I still think I could make good use of.  Starting with a print one from Next - the same print as the shirt dress which is still on my list of maybes for the Summer.   I love love this print.  With a black or cream jacket - even a denim one, this would be great.  Dressed up or down, a wardrobe staple.

Charcoal Geo Print Jumpsuit from Next £48

And a classic navy from Mango. 

Zip Long Jumpsuit from Mango £49.99 - this is almost identical to my Kin from John Lewis one and would be a lovely addition to a wardrobe.

Now am I barking up this tree on my own or have I dragged anyone else down the "joined up thing" route?  Have you succumbed to the jumpsuit or even dungarees?  

I fear I am on a slippery slope to a wardrobe full of them.  Until the sun comes out and will I then be looking for a playsuit?  Oh dear lord, the mind boggles.  Imagine what the 8yr old will have to say about that.

So outfit from yesterday. 


Black and white jumper - Hush
Khaki chinos - Tommy Hilfiger
Beige jersey blazer - Zara
Black suede Ohio boots - Pied a Terre
Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

And today for a lovely day shopping and lunch with my gorgeous friend Cathy from Alice's Wonders. 


Yellow Breton - Zara
Flared jeans - Zara
Black military jacket - Zara
White cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

Guess where I'm off to tomorrow?

Sunday, 26 April 2015

You know that, if you love it, wear it, thing?

That'll be logo tees for me.  I don't care if I'm 42 and they're old hat.  I don't care if they're not remotely in fashion and other people think I look like a plum.

Whilst we're on the subject of being 42, I might not care what other people think but they definitely do think I look "of that age". 

Forgot to tell you on Friday about a joyous moment in Ralph Lauren in Bicester on Thursday.  

Buying The Husband some shirts, not sure which ones to get and see a young (ish) couple (I would say mid 20's so not students...) and the chap has the same shirt in this hand.

I ask him if it's a good choice then, to which he replies yes.  I then ask the pair of them what they think of the pink version as I was going to also get that one for my husband. 

"Oh yes, that one's great too", says the girl.  "I LOVE my Dad in pink".

Her.  Dad.  She was NOT old enough to be my daughter.  Well, maybe if I'd been a total gymslip of a mother but....... Ok so I did have to laugh and then went and bought my Coccinelle bag and cuff to cheer myself up.  Being the clearly ancient lady that I am.......

So it made me even more determined to wear exactly what I want.  And tees with slogans on fits very neatly into that category.

I love them.  I loved them last year when I bought a couple and I still love them this year (thank goodness)  One less thing for me to buy, although that's not to say I couldn't make room for a small one..... 

Last year, I had two Zoe Karssen tees that I was super lucky to snaffle from TK Maxx.  No such luck this year.  To be fair, I did lose the will to live, trawling through their own brand tat but I definitely haven't seen any good ones on sale there. 

But the joy is, you really needn't spend that much at all. 

If you did want to push the boat out though, this one is very pertinent for my current love of all things French. 

Presque Parisienne print tee by Etre Cecile £79 (ouch.  Clearly I'm still a skinflint half English, half Irish chick as I wouldn't spend that on being a fake Frenchie)

Other than that, I have to say I didn't see one other that I thought - oh I love that.  Nope none of them are doing it for me this season, regardless of price.  Clearly I am on the slight fogey side as I did feel rather prudish at this one. 

Easy Come Print tee from Zoe Karssen £60 from Matches 

Ok, so it does say Easy Go on the back... (but still - not sure I could rock up at the gates of my Catholic school wearing that....or is that just my previously perverse mind coming to the fore again...?) 

There is one Karssen bargain I've managed to hunt down in the sale at Matches though.  Now this one I do like. 

See you in Paris tee was £60 now £36

Fear not though, if you don't want to spend Zoe Karssen et al prices, New Look have come up with some gems which I think you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference with. 

Shell Pink Ride with Unicorns, Swim with Mermarids tee from New Look £7.99  This is the exact same font as one of my ZK's from last year.

Ditto this one also from New Look. 

Navy Amour Paris Tee £7.99  Much more palatable to my newly found French taste buds.

This I love as I adore a curved hem and I love the shade of grey. (don't care about California at all)

Grey California Curved Hem tee £12.99

Another curved hem and in my beloved black - what's not to love?

Black plain tee curved hem tee £12.99 from New Look

Seeing as I am infamous for my love of a stripe.... 

White Hate Mondays Stripe tee £12.99 from New Look

And there are days where I officially NEED this one. 

ASOS t-shirt Over it £14

Although maybe I should get this one..... 

ASOS t-shirt with fashion blogger print £14 

Another black and white one - slightly more oversized.  I quite like this.  Unlike most others out there. 

Black San Fran print oversized tee from River Island £24.99

Now I won't lie - I'm not totally loving the print on this tee - I don't find it particularly relevant and I like things that mean something.  But I do love the black and white and I love love love the shape, texture (linen blend) and extra edging detailing of this one from Mango. 

Printed trim t-shirt from Mango £19.99

Ditto this one.  Having said that - I think both would look fabulous under a black blazer with either grey, white or faded denim jeans. 

Velvet Print tee from Mango £19.99

Anyone else still loving the logo tee?  Is it something you've always served or are you in the "definitely bought into the trend" camp like me?  I think I may well wear one of mine tomorrow.

So here we have outfit from Friday where I was going to a Comedy Night at school.  And wasn't drinking.... well that lasted for about 30 mins, The Husband was late so he got to drive home.  Absolutely excellent evening.  Really really good - Bob Mills and John Moloney amongst two of the acts - all in our little school hall!  Great fundraiser, can't recommend it highly enough.

Very laid back evening outfit from me.


Print top - Zara
Indigo straight leg jeans - Jigsaw
Black fitted blazer - Topshop
Navy Lille flats - Boden
Black stud cuff - Coccinelle
Black stud clutch - Coccinelle

And Saturday morning.... four hour drive to Hereford to see our new pupppy.  Just went with the 10yr old - was such a lovely lovely day.  Stopped off at Bicester on the way back, which had seemed like a good idea.  Oh dear lord alive, I cannot describe to you how hideous it was.  It took 45 mins to park - every Bicester car park being FULL - eventually finding a place in Tesco next door which you're clearly not supposed to do but seeing as I did get some food for the journey and we lasted just over 30 mins, I don't think it was that much of an issue.  Suffice to say I will never ever EVER go on a Saturday again.  Actually that's not true - I think you just need to get there at the crack of dawn when it opens.   And leave by lunchtime.....


Black jumpsuit - Kin by John Lewis
Black fitted blazer - Topshop
Black Delphine pumps - Hobbs
Black Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

Apologies for no blog yesterday - I was absolutely exhausted after an 8 hour drive (and the misery of Bicester - I won't lie, that was far more stressful than any other element of the journey).  Plus I may have spent an hour or three last night, googling puppy paraphernalia and putting together our list of names for her.  We're going to try and decide over the Sunday roast shortly.   I fear I may become a total puppy bore.......

Friday, 24 April 2015

And back in my comfort zone but with a twist....

.. so not black as per usual, or even tan. 

But white.  Oh yes, a white bag.  I have not had a white handbag in forever.  Clearly I am vaguely scarred by people taking the Michael and threatening to chuck it on the floor and dance round it.  However seeing as I actually cannot remember the last time I set foot in a nightclub and can confidently say I have no plans in the foreseeable future/ever to don my dancing shoes, I'm seriously thinking about a white bag. 

Combined with my newly found black obsession, I think this could be the perfect Summer foil.  I'm not going to say I'll be able to do an entire blog without flinging in a black gem that I come across but the plan is that it will be all white on the night. 

Karen Millen Zipped shoulder bag £170

Similar shape but not leather (and I'm sure I've featured this before in my Kin post).  This is definitely still one of my favourites. 

Kin by John Lewis Magnus cross body bag in white £39

More pure white at Calvin Klein with the added bonus of a little silver pouch as well. 

Calvin Klein Stef Small Hobo Bag £90

Of course it might be that an off white is better.... (thinking about my wishlist of the ivory tux jacket....) and this one from Chloe is amazing. 

See by Chloe Small Drawstring Bucket bag in White (what they call it but it's definitely an ivory, no?) £330

Off white and a cheaper option (but not in leather) at Paul's Boutique - the new Hattie shape (which I featured a number of times yesterday in the different colour ways.  I love love love this shape.  So sleek and chic) 

The Hattie Duffle cross body bag in off white

Sascha Satchel £25 at Oasis 

More neutral but this time with fringing and not tassels at Next. 

Fringe Across Body Bag £30

Hopefully lots of you won't be needing to cart round the world and his dog anymore and so a more diddy bag may be an option. (although is it only me who permanently has a McDonald's toy, box of raisins and a Match Attax card in their handbag?) 

Radley Victoria Park £159 in ivory - to give you an idea, height is 17cm width is 19cm.

The other option for an off white, is a grey white.... this looks amazing with blacks and greys. 

Slouchy Leather Shoulder bag from Topshop £65

Bargain of the day though, has to be this Ice Grey bag from Mango. 

Hobo Bag £19.99 

And this pic below sums up how fabulous I think a pale, neutral shade bag can look against monochrome.  

Of course, if you can't still leave your black bags alone, then this one is the perfect mix of black and white.  I absolutely absolutely love this bag.  And I don't think you'd ever guess it was from River Island (granted I haven't seen it in the flesh so I may eat my words but I have recently been impressed with their bags) 

River Island Mono Split Slouch £32

And therein lies the clue in what I bought at Bicester.... 

So, did I follow my own advice and buy a coloured bag?  Or a white bag?

I'm such a loser.  Guess what I got?  (actually quite embarrassed to admit this...) Two black bags. 

It's pathetic.  It truly is.  So here's where I go into defence mode. 

The two bags I bought were BARGAINS.  I couldn't remotely leave them there.  And whilst I could have bought the Anya Hindmarch one in a navy - it was the black that I loved.  I can wear tan and camel with my navy outfits - it's black bags that I use the most often so "actually", buying another black one is the sensible thing to do. 

Now, having said that, had they had this bag in white for the bargain price that I paid for it - then I would have got that. 

AND it does have the off white detailing on the strap so my shopping trip wasn't completely devoid of the brief......  

Here it is - the Harker hands free bag.  Which was normally £650 but I only paid around £180 for it.  Such a bargain that 3 out of the 4 of us bought one. (one navy, two black)

And then a clutch bag - which, to be honest, I do need.  Especially as it had a matching bracelet..... £120 for both.  Leather and simply divine.  From Coccinelle where, to be honest, the selection was the best.  Absolutely amazing with some fantastic discounts.  


I am in fact going back to Bicester tomorrow as I'm off to Hereford puppy selecting with the 10yr old and we literally drive past the turn off on the M40.  It would be rude not to stop for a quick bite to eat and a smidge of a look..... again......

Finishing with outfit from today.  Started with a 15k walk in memory of a local little boy who passed away suddenly not long ago.  Very moving and hopefully we raised a good deal of money.  

Usual round robin later of school pick ups and swimming lessons but tonight am off out for a comedy night at school which should be good. 


Chambray painters smock - Joseph
Patch jeans - Mango
Strap wedge sandals - Clarks
Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

And tomorrow - up and at 'em with our 6am start...... funnily enough, I'm on the water tonight!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Colour colour colour

Ok so seeing as I've been rather lacking in anything bright recently, I have been persuaded to do a blog on adding some colour into your wardrobe. 

And fair enough as finally it looks like Spring is set to stay and could Summer be round the corner?

Now we could do coloured clothes but honestly I think the easiest way to add interest to your outfit, that you'll get most use out of and will be the most versatile addition is a bag. 

What colour.....?  Well the world is your oyster.  My advice would be first of all to work out what your main colour palette is from the clothes part of your closet and then take it from there. 

So, if like me, you're mostly neutrals - black, off white, navy, khaki and grey - then you can pretty much go with whatever floats your boat.  My personal choice would perhaps be orange or yellow.... Other options could be green or red but for me, I think I'd err towards the citrus shades.  

It's also not a bag I think I'd spend lots on.  Having said that, I have a fuchsia Mulberry Roxanne that I have had so much use out over the past six and a bit years (yes it's that old..... I bought it for my six year old's Christening as I also had a 23 month old as well as a 3yr old plus the baby and had so much gubbins to cart around with me.  And before anyone asks, yes I was rocking in a corner for years.)

Therefore, backtracking here, if you do find one that you love and it's a colour that you know you would wear, year in, year out. then you could justify spending that little bit more. 

I'm starting with yellow as it's top of my list of super summery colours but I think I'd also use in the A/W as well - thinking about how versatile throughout the seasons, my marigold scarf has been. 

Orla Kiely Sweet Pea leather shoulder bag in lemon £180   Love the simplicity of this.

Another small across the body bag from Next, again in yellow £24  If I'm being picky, I prefer the brighter shade of the one above....

Am loving a tassel at the moment.  As opposed to fringing, I definitely think I'm a tassel girl. (that sounds wrong on so many levels, doesn't it?)

Yellow tassel front slouchy bag from River Island £32

Yellow Leather Snake Print Slouch bag £37 also from River Island.  A paler yellow, this could double as a beach bag..... (if you were the cleanest person on the planet that is....)

Out of all the yellow options, I have to say this would be the most me.  I would perhaps say this is more of an orangey yellow if such a thing exists... Ochre.  That's what I'm looking for.

Bright yellow flap suede bag £39.99

First duffle bag now and I love the shape of the Hattie from Paul's Boutique (which they do in amazing array of colours... scroll down for more) 

But the yellow would get my vote £60

Ok so I'm cheating now as apparently this is tan... but it's definitely an orangey tan 

Leather Vintage-look satchel from Topshop £65

Proper full on orange at Next and we're back with a tassel. 

Hobo Bag in orange £34  This is so so similar to my best friend's Anya Hindmarch bag, I can't tell you.

Aren't that many green ones out there and to be honest, I'm not loving them... 

But this one is quite cute if you're looking for this shade. 

Green Saddle Across body bag - £25 from Next.

Another smaller bag in leather this time, again from Next.  The leather here looks gorgeous.  This would work for both day trips and nights out - the perfect holiday bag. 

Pink Mini Leather Chain Handle Across the body bag £20

Variation on a theme here so not pink but red.  Think this is very chic indeed. 

Calvin Klein Leather Sofie handheld bag £240

A richer red at Mango. 

Saffiano-effect cross body bag in bright red £24.99

The Hattie across body bag from Paul's Boutique in Coral Snake £60 I love the clean lines of this bag so so much.

Slightly left field here but it is a colour.. just not a very bright one.  And it's not the most practical bag in the world although I have to say, I often carry my black quilted leather Zara one as a clutch and it works really well. 

Pale blue leather clutch from ASOS £28

A much brighter and on brief blue now - that Hattie bag again.

Paul's Boutique Hattie Across Body Bag £60

Another bucket bag at Mango in a slightly different shade of blue £39.99

More blue at Mango - this time cross body knot bag £34.99

Brighter blue again at Mango but this time in suede £59.99

Suede again but teal this time.  

Paul's Boutique Alexa in teal £130

And I could go on and on but I have news..... (and there are some great ones there to choose from, any get your vote?)  So today I've been to Bicester.   And no, I didn't buy one bag.  

I bought two.

I will report back tomorrow but I am absolutely the moon with my purchases.  Had just the loveliest day, it wasn't that busy, weather was amazing, there were some fantastic things to buy, was with some of my best friends and it was just one of those days you wish you could bottle.  The Husband is on his way home to cook me dinner (he did very well in Ralph Lauren today.....), catching up on Masterchef with the children and enjoying a little glass of red wine. 

Finishing with outfit from last night - lovely evening for dinner and drinks.  Embracing some colour here... finally!


Silk jersey dress - DVF
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen
Suede cut out ankle boots - Boden

And today - yup back to all black but there is a white tee underneath the dungarees. (which I appreciate is hardly colour but it's not all black?!)


White tee - Eileen Fisher
Black Dungarees - H&M
Black military jacket - Zara
Ponyskin mules - All Black at Anthropologie 
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Anyone hazard to take a guess what coloured/sort/brand of bags I bought?  You might be surprised........