Back to school bags...(but not as we know it)

... as they're for yourself.   Hands up who thinks they deserve a treat for getting through the holidays?  ME ME ME (apart from going to Cliveden for the night... !!)

And taking some inspiration from the kids - today I am all about the backpacks.  I have toyed with this idea some time last year but didn't cave.   However, they are even more popular this year - seriously they're everywhere.  

So what do we think?  Yes they are super useful but is there a whiff of foreign student about them?

Well I am determined that the answer to that shall be no.  Especially as lots now double up as normal handbags as well, as opposed to the "raided Millets, I'm all set for Kilimanjaro" look.

We're talking leather, we're talking stylish but we're still talking practical.  As in, they leave you hands free, they're perfect for swift walking around town (this is me pounding the streets, just to get my steps up on my Apple Watch.  And I KNOW I'm not the only one who does this... come on... fess up...) and for carrying lots of shopping bags.  Whilst doubling up also as a great looking handbag.

First up is one that fits the bill perfectly.  Except for perhaps the price tag but... well, it is absolutely gorgeous.  Completely unusual - never seen anything like it, am all over it.  This has been on my wishlist forever.

Eve in black tea from Complet $725

Another style that works as a bag to carry as well as a backpack is the Stevie from Jigsaw.  Which comes in a plethora of colours.

Stevie Zip Top Backpack from Jigsaw in wine £199

In Rose also £199

In navy, as a backpack. 

A hobo bag that doubles as a backpack from & Other Stories

Leather Hobo Backpack £145

My other favourite that I've toyed with for years and think this is the year I may cave, is the Verity Backpack from Whistles. 

Whistles Verity Backpack £280

And this year they've bought out a croc version.. £295

Black again at Modalu also with a carry handle so you can use it as a handheld bag too.

Olivia Leather Backpack from Modalu was £199 now £139.30

Leather again and slightly more boho at See by Chloe.  I honestly didn't even realise this was See by Chloe and thought it was actual Chloe.

Olga grained leather backpack from See by Chloe £370

Studded chic in grey from AND/OR in the sale at John Lewis.

Clea Leather Backpack in grey was £109 now £54.50

New season black studded at Kin by John Lewis £120

Classic backpack shape from Coach.

Billie Textured Leather Backpack was £450 now £247.50

Or in the midnight blue - again £247.50

Pared back now at & Other Stories in leather £89

Or the grey option...

Black again at Kin by John Lewis - Helen Leather Backpack £100

Navy and black combo from M&S

Leather rucksack from Autograph at M&S £109

And a rather fabulous non leather versions.  Even ones that look like tributes of much more expensive bags...(JW cough Anderson anyone?)

Pebbled Ring Rucksack £39.99 

And finally, if you haven't got round to getting your back to school bags for your children, I have a small gift for you.  I would say, this is probably for those at secondary school as they're practical as well as being stylish and you wouldn't spend that much on a small child.  That sentence is verbatim from the 12yr old.  Who has been desperate for one of these for months.  And also determined that her two younger brothers won't also get one.  The Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpacks.

These aren't cheap BUT they are supremely good quality and I have a 15% discount code - KAT15 with free delivery off all full price bags at My Kanken Bag.

This is the one the 12yr old has opted for - she chose yellow as apparently everyone else has blue or green.  That's my girl....

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack £75 - before discount.

Here I am today getting my outfit all sorts of wrong really, as it was peeing with rain when I left the house at the crack of dawn and it then turned into a glorious day.  I was therefore on the warm side (code for BOILING!) in my choice of get up.  On the other side, I like it a lot... And I think a backpack would definitely work with this sort of outfit.  Perfect for London meetings.  This was actually lunch with the husband that we managed to grab at the Roof Top Garden at John Lewis Oxford Street.


Skirt - Zara
Green lips tee - Coster Copenhagen
Onyx Jacket in black - hush (don't forget 10% off using the code A17PREVIEW)
Red Superstar trainers - Golden Goose
Tools Bag - Balenciaga

Tomorrow a day with the children and then hanging out in the afternoon with the best friend (plus children...) which, as it's Friday, will involve a small snifter of wine.  I will be back hopefully with an idea I have for Autumn.  It's come from nowhere, which always means it's a ringer.  It may work, it may not.... anyone fancy a guess as to what it is?  It's an item of clothing... is it outwear, is it daywear, it is loungewear or even nightwear?  Answers on a postcard (or just write in the comments below...!)

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26 comentarios:

  1. The only thing I can think of is a kimono, not sure how it fits in the outerwear bit though!
    As for fjallraven bag, does your daughter realise that they never (as in ever) wear out! And even if a small hole does develop it's called patina! They continue to be very popular here and have been for at least twenty years or so, my husband has one in blue that he has had for twenty years, it was used every day when I met him and was well worn even then. He even claims someone offered him a brand new one plus a little extra cash so they could have an authentically worn example!
    As for rucksack, I seem to have a love hate relationship with them. Yes they are practical and I love having hands free and great weight distribution, but I hate them in warm weather as I then get a sweaty back! I have been eyeing up the jigsaw one in navy for a while though, but am still sitting on the fence!

    1. And well done you....!! Coming up later...
      Great news about the backpacks. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Kat,
    I like the bags but I LOVE the leopard print skirt lots! Please could you do a post on leopard print midi skirts. I like the RIXO one but way out of my budget and looks a bit see through too.
    Many Thanks Charlotte

  3. I love all of those bags but sadly just bought a burgundy one in a last ditch sale in Plumo so can't justify another but I love them and they are better for your back as well (old gimmer alert as you would say!!!)

    1. oooh justification on health grounds. LOVE IT!

  4. Love, love, love your tshirt. I've just preordered this backpack but I'm really unsure that I woldn't just get annoyed taking it on and off...

  5. I've got my eye on the new Whistles Verity in Leopard print !!

  6. I mentioned my backpack yesterday, in the yellow blog! It's like this: but daffodil yellow (I think it also came in dark green, as well as black). Sadly no longer available, but genuinely one of the most useful bags I've ever had. When it's hot, I avoid sweaty back syndrome by just hanging it off one shoulder!

  7. Bit off the backpack/guess the next topic theme, but I blooming LOVE that T shirt! How would you say it comes up size wise please Kat?

    1. Small is a 10 I'd say. Lovely capped sleeves and high neck.

  8. Your daughter has good taste - my daughter also has a yellow Kanken that I've promised her she can use for school this year. She has an ancient khaki one that has been used and abused for around 5 years now, maybe longer and it has stood the test of time admirably. Expensive they may be, but they are virtually indestructible. On a different note, that Kin bag is sublime.

  9. £75 - before discount - for a school bag. I appreciate it will last for ages - but in my experience of bringing up 3 daughters, it'll be out of trend before the half term! Polly x

    1. Hmm, could be but we've had a good experience so far. Her bag from last year she used every single day and uses it at the weekends as her "bag", it serves as her holiday bag, she uses it for all travel so hopefully this one will last as long too!! At the very least, she can use it as a gym bag.

      With regards to price - I know so many people who spent half the price last year but they were such appalling quality, they went through a bag a term so I do think it can pay to think about quality!

    2. That's the thing about fjallraven, it's classic verging on cult, but no way trend.

      I agree with Kat, you can buy things half the price that won't last even half as long - I know from experience these last for years.
      My husband doesn't use his on a daily basis anymore, it's reserved for a run he does every year. (He does use his fjallraven trousers every chance he gets though).

  10. Hi Kat, what size did you take in the green lips t-shirt? I'm an xs in the Hush lightning tee, so do you think i should get the XS or the S in the lips tshirt based on this? Thanks in advance for your advice! Sam

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