A little bit of leather does you good.

And whilst we're on the popular subject of investment shopping, it's also a great must have item for Spring and into Autumn.  It is the leather jacket.  The reason for my sudden renewed interest in them is the falling in love again with my over 4 years old chocolate brown one from All Saints.  

I absolutely love this jacket and it has been one of the most useful pieces in my wardrobe since I bought it.  It wasn't cheap but cost per wear, this really has been one of the most cost effective items that I own.  

Recently, I've gone a couple of times to put on my black quilted biker jacket from Whistles which I had so much wear out of in the Summer but there are issues.  Firstly, it is snug on the arms.  Which is great in the Summer as I like it to be close fitting - I certainly don't want a great baggy number when I have bare arms.  But in the Winter, trying to get it over a couple of layers, does give one that certain Michelin man look which really is becoming to no-one.  Secondly it's bracelet length sleeves on me.  I fear it's not supposed to be like this but with my Mr Tickle arm length, it unfortunately is.  And it's too cold to go there right now.

Which leads me onto my annual love-in and drool fest over the Rick Owens Biker Jacket.  This is never going to happen.  Even in the sale they are still so far outside my zone of acceptability but this doesn't stop me from lusting after one.

Rick Owens Blister Washed leather biker jacket £1405

One of the reasons that I always manage to find something else to blow the budget on, is that now there are so many fantastic tributes on the High Street.  This one from Mango - if the leather is as buttery as it looks could definitely fill a Rick Owens hole. 

Mango Maxi Flap Leather Jacket at a rather more palatable £169.99

Actually prefer the shaping of the back of the Mango one. 

The other leather jacket that I've had my eye on all season and was so so hoping it would be reduced is the rose gold hardware one from Mint Velvet.  Their leather is absolutely stunning.  Excellent quality and whilst not cheap, for a very decent quality leather jacket is an exceptionally good buy. 

Mint Velvet Zip Detail Biker Jacket £259

Staying on the theme of black biker jackets, this one is a combo of fabric and leather.  I love 2nd Day (usually a jeans fan to be honest) - it's the quirkier range from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, the great Danish brand. 

2nd Day Biker Jacket with contrast leather panels £168 from £260

Moving onto a slightly different style but still a black leather jacket. 

Oasis Waterfall Leather jacket £98 from £140 - This is actually full price still on the Oasis site but seems to be reduced on ASOS.  I'm assuming this is perhaps last season's version although it looks exactly the same as the new one.  But cheaper.

If black isn't your thing and I'll be honest - it's taken me years to get over the Fonzie thing and is probably one of the reasons I own a brown one, then there are other coloured options out there. 

Speaking of brown this is a great bargain.  A reddier brown on the body with dark chocolate arms.  Just beautiful. 

Mango Leather BIker Jacket £77 from £139.99

Another brown version from Mango - new season.

Mango Leather biker Jacket in brown £119.99

Maybe it's not leather but suede that floats your boat.  This oozes luxury for me.  A really good buy for under £100.  Love the shape of this one.  How perfect for the Spring?  Fab to layer up now but great for those slightly warmer days. 

Peccary BIker Jacket from Mango in Camel for £89.99

Grey at All Saints.  Not the cheapest but I think they're cheaper than they used to be.  Certainly mine was in the sale and was around £250 and that was 4 years ago!  All Saints leather is truly amazing.  Even if you're not an All Saints fan, their leather jackets, for the money, are designer quality at (albeit top end) High Street prices. 

Cargo Leather Biker Jacket £298

Warning. M&S shocking pic coming up.  Now this is criminal as this genuinely is one of the cutest jacket I have seen in a long time.   Honest to god, you would never in a squidillion years know that it was from Marks - it's lovely.  The most unusual shade of green (in fact they call it peacock and yup, to their credit, that's exactly what I'd call it).  If you don't want a black or dark brown jacket then this really is one that would go with everything.  Gorgeous with black, stunning with navy, chic with shades of grey.  I might avoid teaming with tan as there is the slimmest chance of a woodland elf vibe but this is what I always think with green and tan so now tend to just swerve it.  Just a random foible of mine. 

Here is my pic.


And this is their pic.   Deep breath....

Not a lot to be said about that, is there?

Going back to Mint Velvet for a dark navy number.  This is new this season and actually, I don't know now which I prefer - the black or the delicious blue. 

Ink Leather Biker jacket from Mint Velvet £259

It doesn't have to be leather if you don't want to make that sort of investment.  You can still get the look for a fraction of the cost and the quality of pleather, as I've discussed before, has improved no end.  I love my navy pleather jacket from Primark (so much so that I would definitely consider upgrading it to the one above.....) 

A brighter cobalt blue if you fancy it. 

Blue Zipped Collar Biker Jacket From River Island £55

Warehouse Drape leather look jacket  £33 down from £55  I love this jacket - it really does feel like leather - super soft and now an amazing price. 

And a similar one from River Island but in Grey - Grey leather look waterfall jacket £60.  To me this also bears a resemblance to the Rick Owens one - can be worn open or closed.  Gorgeous. 

So there we have a selection of colours, styles and even two fabrics.  Are you a leather jacket person?  If so, what colour would you recommend and how do you wear yours?

Now to finish with, today is a story of two outfits.  One a success, the other.... (read below).  So on a positive note, yet again, cracking open some favourite gems from years gone by which have absolutely stood the test of time.


Olive and chalk breton tunic - Toast
Khaki zip skinny jeans - By Malene Birger
Snakeskin print scarf - M&S
Gunmetal Virgins - Ash
Leather jacket - All Saints
Grey wristwarmers - Toast
Cashmere beanie - Hush 
Whisky Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe 

And finishing with a sad story of when good outfits go bad. VERY BAD. KLAXON ALERT.  BARF PIC.

Can I please point out that this really didn't look quite as dire as it does here.  For a start, I have been assured that there was NO camel toe as it appears there was from this pic.  I have tried the trews on again and no, this is just a random angle combined with a weird stance.  I also did put on my gold Pegasus necklace and a large gold cuff which was an improvement but I've realised that actually I don't like doing a fitted top and skinny trousers anymore (to be fair - I'm not sure I ever did - this top I always think is looser than it is - it can only be worn with boyfriend jeans.  I am writing myself a note and sticking it on the front of said top.)

On the upside, I love the shoes, I love the trousers, very pleased I rediscovered the jacket and the top works.  Just not altogether.  A perfect example of why one should try an outfit on more than 10 mins before they go out and not just assume that it will work in their head.

However it was a fantastic party, really really excellent.  Feel very blessed at the moment to have such wonderful friends. 


Petrol Blue coated skinny jeans - Zara
Black crepe top with coated short sleeves - Cos
Cobalt & black snakeskin shoes - Reiss
Black clutch - Tory Burch
Black and navy boucle jacket - River Island 

Still whirling round the blog brain at the moment are dresses, more shirts (I MAY have a secret to confess on the purchase front - let's say one down, two to go this month.  As well as my disaster dress confession) and the hunt for the perfect pointy shoe goes on. 

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43 comentarios:

  1. You are so right about M&S photos... For what its worth I think you look nice in those last pics!

  2. I had to read this post twice to totally indulge in my own leather obsession. Lolling at the Fonzie comment. I took a photo of the M&S jacket but didn't have the guts to put it on the blog for fear of everyone laughing out loud. It really is so much nicer in the flesh. I would love to know how many they sell via the website!!!! I probably won't buy it though as I'm searching for a grey one this year - the All Saints one is gorgeous. And I would become positively 'geisha' if DH would buy me the Rick Owen. Brill post x

  3. I'd be wary of buying an outright biker style jacket (e.g. with the quilted shoulders and loads of metal hardware) as after a couple of years I think they may be having their day. Always a sign when M&S start stocking a version. The Rick Owens one is my holy grail too, Whistles did a version last year I'm hoping they repeat (along with a Grazia code!). I can't see anything wrong with the evening outfit, I think your style has just evolved.

  4. Wow, truly shocking pic of the M&S jacket - who even does up their jacket like that ?!!!
    Love the mint velvet inky one. I have a whistles one, yet to be worn, in a very pale grey, that I got from ASos with 40 per cent off just before Xmas, but has been too wet or cold to wear! Abbi x

  5. that M&S picture..... funny. I have a leather Jacket on my wish list, I have struggled to find one that I feel comfortable in made the mistake once of trying a Rick Owens on and unfortunately nothing can compare!!

    1. Hi there, just wanted to say I love your blog too. I've wanted to comment lots of times on it but it doesn't allow anonymous comments and I don't have a google account etc. Anyway, looking forward to your inventory of your autumn/ winter wardrobe buys just like you did for spring/summer . You started me off doing it for A/W and it's really helping me to keep an eye on things I really need and also how much money I'm spending. Thanks x

    2. Gosh just seen that you posted your inventory yesterday - fab reading and yes agree that you have been restrained and definitely value quality over quantity, a lesson I must learn!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thank you!! I have just amended my comments settings, I didn't know that...... so you should be able to comment in the future should you wish too. xxx

  6. Incidentally, I used to own the same AllSaints Daria leather jacket as you too, but sold it on this winter. I adored it but also owned A Muubaa Vienna jacket in mustard yellow which I get more wear out of, so it had to go :(

    I love my mustard jacket but I am craving a black or other dark coloured one...maybe next winter

    Me in mine - http://forum.purseblog.com/the-wardrobe/show-me-your-leather-jackets-652441-46.html#post25700743

  7. Gosh you always know where to hit the weak spots don't you?! Leather jackets are mine and I shouldn't even be looking at these but lord that first Mango one is gorgeous (have totally written off the Rick Owens one as it's so far out of my budget, it's laughable). Now if the Mango comes in a grey, I'm in but will have to wait until Feb (although am tempted to return my 3rd purchase of Zara skinnies to facilitate the purchase of this jacket earlier - plus the skinnies are a bit tooo skinny if you know what I mean!).
    Not sure what you mean about the 2nd outfit - think you look gorgeous and wow are those the Bromptons? Fab x.

  8. M&S need to get you in to sort out their website styling I think their sales would rocket! I have the grey biker from Mint Velvet and I absolutely love it I got it as an Xmas present and have already worn it tons of times. I think you look great in that second outfit exactly what I would wear myself.

  9. Fab round up Kat. In fact I quite fancy that River Island grey waterfall number. I blame you. As for the M&S one, with pictures like that is it any wonder they are running at a financial loss this year!

  10. I just got the oxblood leather jacket from AllSaints in their sale and adore it. The quality is amazing and it's such a versatile color. I love a great leather jacket.

  11. Love the Rick Owens jacket - have you tried MuuBaa - i got a gorge grey/green one thats the spit of this last year?

  12. I bought the Mango one back in october and love it. I think it look more expensive than it is. I also got it in Spain so cheaper again so happy days!

  13. I have that oasis waterfall jacket, but had bought a biker style one thinking I'd sell the oasis one. But I haven't had it off in he last six weeks so it's firmly staying put. Love the mint velvet navy one- never seen a navy leather jacket before!!

  14. I saw the Mango jacket in House of Fraser and it looks like plastic unfortunately but I do like the style. Muubaa do great Rick Owens inspired jackets for half the price. Plus they are on sale at the moment at Revolveclothing and Asos has listed some of them on ebay. I picked one up for £159.

  15. Hi Kat, my husband recently gave me the black Mint Velvet biker for my birthday. Stunning soft leather and a lovely snug fit. However I am wondering if I should change it for the navy...I already have one black leather jacket although it's a quilted Chanel style jacket (a brilliant Zara buy a few years ago.) Having said that, the Zara one is a completely different style. Am in a dither - please help!

    1. hi there! To be hones, I really think it depends on what colour you're more comfortable with and whether you wear generally more navy than black. Having said that, I think navy is a much easier and less harsh colour to wear in the summer so personally I think I probably would. You are a lucky lady, it's a GORGEOUS jacket xxx

    2. Thanks for your reply! I love your blog by the way, you write very well and are very entertaining. I think I'd feel better in the navy. I don't wear a leather jacket in Winter (too cold! After 17 years living in Hong Kong, and formerly from South Africa, these past nearly two years in England have been a shock to the sytem!) And as I said, I do have one, albeit a different style, if I need a black one. And the older I get, the more I am steering away from black - it is quite a harsh colour on me. Navy indeed is more flattering and just as useful, goes with anything (even black these days!) Feel like a bit of a tool as I chose the black and of course I am changing my mind (terrible habit of mine). And of course my local MV branch don't stock the navy one, and it's sold out online in my size (12)! Rung Guildford which is the next nearest one to Farnham (where I live) and the very helpful sales lady is going to find out for me if they are getting any in stock.

  16. Love that jacket! I'm still on the hunt for "the one" :) x

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  31. Honest to god, you would never in a squidillion years know that it was from Marks - it's lovely. The most unusual shade of green (in fact they call it peacock and yup, to their credit, that's exactly what I'd call it). If you don't want a black or dark brown jacket then this really is one that would go with everything.......

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