The Italian Outfits

Clearly it's been such a trauma I couldn't just have one...... 

Actually I'm not being a massive drama queen (for once), I did reread the invite and it said "opportunity to change outfit" and frankly, with a licence to wear more clothes, it would be rude not to. 

Plus, in the end, the outfit that I've selected for the day ceremony and champagne reception, is very understated.  And I therefore get to put my jazz hands on for the evening dinner and club.  (dear Husband - be scared.  There will be dancing) 

So just a quickie as I really should be packing.  In my exceptionally small carry on.  The Husband who normally travels with a pair of pants & a toothbrush in his pocket, has decided as Best Man that his outfit warrants a massive suit carrier which is clearly Not carry on size.  But we have only booked one bag as a) he loves the fact he's Mr No Luggage and b) it was £50 a bag to check a bag on.  (guess which classy airline we're flying with?)   The plan Stan had been of course for that bag to be mine......

However I now have to pack my stuff into a shoebox.  And I realised 10 mins ago that I also had to put my handbag in there as well.  My handbag which my Volvo actually thinks is a person when I put it on the passenger seat and demands the seatbelt gets put on.  This just isn't going to work.  The Husband is going to have to carry my handbag.  Revenge will be sweeter when he realises I may well be taking my fuchsia one.  Ha. 

But I digress. 

Here are the two outfits - the blush dress was actually purchased yesterday.  Important Outfit shopping for me is the equivalent of exam revision.  I can only do it at the last minute. 

Blush pleated crepe chiffon dress - Cos (this is actually a full length dress that I had altered today)  The one way to guarantee that no-one else will have the same outfit as you!
Nude strappy sandals - Zara
Snakeskin clutch - Michael Kors
Marble stone bracelet (that has already broken. Grrrr) - Massimo Dutti
Nude ball and gold earrings - borrowed from a friend (thank you so so much MC xxx)

And for the night outfit 

Nude & black lace & feather dress - Zara
Suede ankle strap sandals - Zara 
Jewellery as before.  I'll also carry my black jewelled bullet bag from Coast. 

et voila!

To be honest with the rest of the outfits, I have just regurgitated what I wore in Greece.  Am beyond excited now (despite having to do a reverse loaves & fishes miracle with regards to packing.....).  I may well try and patch in from Italy - am taking the Ipad and The Husband is taking his laptop (which, thinking about it, he's going to want to put in my shoebox carry on.  And take up valuable shoe space?  I thinketh not.)

Curry on the way, The Newsroom to watch, life is good.  Enjoy and I'll speak to you from Italy xxx

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25 comentarios:

  1. I love both these looks! They are stunning!

  2. Fantastic outfits! Evening one is my fave (it's definitely a cheeky one)! Have a brilliant time you lucky girl! x

  3. I love what you did with that first dress. Very forward thinking and it looks fab :)

    Loving the shoes too, whole outfit in fact!


  4. The blush dress is gorgeous and reminds me a lot of the white one you were considering. I'd never have thought to get something altered but it's actually a very sensible idea. Have fun and best of luck with the 'packing up to nothing' as my Grandma used to call it!

  5. Love both looks - fabulous. Wish I had more opportunity to get dressed up - trying to get as many unmarried/divorced friends as possible married/remarried - all in the name of a good party. Have a great time, #greenwithenvy

  6. Hi Kat. I absolutely love both your choices for the wedding in Italy. The first dress is very similar to the massimo dutti ivory one which bought on that massive debate of wearing white to a wedding. The second zara dress is divine. Hope you have a wonderful time and have fun!

  7. Hi just wanted to say i love your blog. I only came accross it a few months ago and i am hooked. Being a year away from 40 with a 7yr old daughter and 4yr old son, i have been looking for clothing inspiration online. I tend to stick to my uniform of skinnies, converse/supergra and t-shirts/tops with various jackets/coats. I have been in capris most of the summer and the odd few dresses when we have had nice weather though. You make me chuckle and i love the looks you create. I think it helps that you are tall and slim though. Anyway, enough rambling just wanted to send message from a newbie. Oh and i love both dresses, especially the blush one.

  8. Hi there, just want to say that both outfits are absolutely STUNNING and the mani/pedi is looking good. Hope you have a fabulous time, enjoy!

  9. Oh they're both gorgeous, and although similar, I much prefer the Cos dress to the Massimo Dutti, and the alteration is genius.

  10. You have started my day yet again with a good old laugh !! Love it! Looking gorgeous as usual and please enjoy to capacity ! ( Glad to hear someone else has a handbag that registers as a person in the passenger seat - however many times I scream at mine it wont it wont release the automatic handbrake until I remove the person or strap 'it' in!!!) X

  11. Love the shortened Cos dress - much nicer that length than maxi. V clever of you to see the potential! Good luck with the packing - they are SO strict with the size of bag - I got charged once for my one for being (very very slightly) too big and got slapped with a 50 quid surcharge and big sticker of shame on the case. Enjoy Italy!

  12. That Cos dress is divine! Have fun doll you will look amazing and if I packed for a week with a carry on and still had some unworn items when I got back, you can do it!

  13. Kat, you look strumming! Giggled at bag in car...mine does the same,drives my nuts .

  14. Love your blog.
    Am so in love with the Zara dress.

    The Cos dress is dreamy too but due to having "childbearing hip" (and backside!) i could not do it the same justice as you do.

    Very true about volvos - they also beep in the back too. Drove me mad one day.

  15. Love your blog. I have been following for a few months now but have never been brave enough to comment. Both outfits are fabulous. Thanks for all the inspiration. I have bought quite a few goodies from Zara lately. Have a wonderful time in Italy which is one of my favourite places. So jealous! I hope your friends have a fantastic wedding. Marie S xx

  16. Wow you look stunning! Enjoy a good ol boogie at a wedding myself! Have fun!
    Love your blog and so glad to see you posting more frequently... I get very giddy when I see I've got a new one to read.
    I'm looking for some navy ankle boots. I saw a fab pair in kenzo in Paris last week with a heel and zip up the front but they were completely out of my size. :-(

  17. Kat both looks are a dream!! Smart packing if ever I did see it! The feathered dress is just beautiful - actuaaaallly in a bid to share blogging loves I just posted a feathery dress my self! Have a peep if you'd like: and have a BRILLIANT time in Italy!

    Love, MB x

  18. Love both outfits good luck with the packing. Hope you arrive talking to each other . Hope you have time to buy some clothes. Have a great time.

  19. Well thank f*ck for that. You came through in the end, and my faith in you are completely restored. I genuinely thought you were going to wear the black number to the actual day ceremony, which would have made you look like the saddest numptie on earth.

    Go forth and enjoy, my dear. You're going to blow them out of the water.

  20. God you look amazing in those dresses! Have a wonderful time :) x

  21. Savage.Fantastic.And,as my 2 yr old would say...BUUUUtiful! Go forth and knock 'em dead!(Helen ,Cork)

  22. great outfits. Now keep up the more regular posting.I really look forward to them.xx

  23. since ive discovered your blog my wardrobe has improved(am roughly the same build so am getting grt tips!),my enjoyment in dressing has incresed bankaccount is being emptied and the staff in my local zara know me by name!! (plus bought feather dress today for my xmas party ...foward planning or what??!) lovin it kat....keep it up .:-)

  24. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous xxx