On your Pri-marks, get set.....


As you may or may not have noticed, I have a total love hate relationship with Primark.  Hate, as in I hate going there - we don't have one anywhere near us so it's a complete trek and unless you get there 5 mins after it opens (as I'm sure anyone who's ever been there is aware), within 10 mins they resemble the most hideous jumble sale known to man.  Really selling it to someone who's never visited, aren't I?

But if you're determined, have true grit and are punctual (and do not ever, EVER take small children with you - that is up there as the 10th Circle of Hell) then honestly it can be worth it.  

Seeing as my Matalan burgundy wedge trainers arrived today and errr, they're ok.  They really are ok but tiny things like the fact the sole isn't completely straight all the way round (what do you expect for £22?) and the burgundy has bled ever so ever so slightly into the white of the sole and they're not that comfy means that I'm taking them back.  To cut a long story short - I also don't think I want a plain burgundy colour, I really really want the tri tone Ash ones that obviously I can't get my hands on for love nor money. 

But let's assume I manage to.  It means therefore that I have 2p to spend on the rest of my clothes. 

Which means that the A/W Primark preview pics were of huge interest to me.  Now, I do need to premise this by saying that, in complete contrast to M&S, Primark have cleverly always employed the most fantastic photographers.  Their products always looks amazing.  Sometimes they are.  Often they're not.  Which is why you will have to drag your sorry behinds to a store (here's hoping you have one nearer than I do) and check out the items in the flesh.  Or wait for me to and report back.  As there are just too many fabulous things for me not to be hot footing it there next week. 

So without further ado - let's crack on. 

Firstly knitwear 

This first jumper reminds me of a more wearable version of the Neon Acne jumper that is everywhere at the moment.  The chances of it being 100% scratchy acrylic are high but I have actually had some fab knitwear from Primark in the past (a jumper that is on its 3rd year, wiping the floor with its far newer Reiss counterpart for example.  Boo hiss)  Let's go see it with a PMA.

I think this lime would be lovely with navy and khaki.  Yum.
This back zip sweat top would be great for the gym but I'm loving it with either a denim shirt underneath and a leather jacket over it or with a longline vest and huge scarf, jeans and boots.  I've seen very similar and I'm willing to bet, a lot more expensive, somewhere - can't remember where, but will be checking this version out first.  Love it. 
Again, ignoring the potential naked flame dangers of this one, I love the 70's vibe of it. Can see again over a denim shirt, distressed faded jeans, boots and a trench for the Autumn. 
This sequin armed number I don't care how hideous it is - so long as it doesn't give me an electric shock when wearing it, I'm tracking this down.  I shall, however, be leaving the gold jeans to someone 20 years my junior.  No-one would thank me for sporting them.

Again, the bottoms below I will leave to those younger generations who have no idea what net curtains are (as I remember too well the hideousness of them and have no intention of wearing them as a skirt), but the jumper I have naively high hopes for.  Perfect shape, perfect knit, perfect colour.  Please please don't set my teeth on edge.  I'm also thinking that necklace might be finding its way into my basket.....

On to trousers.  Not that I can recall buying any as I haven't worn "trousers" in years really apart from jean style but it's my resolution to try and move slightly (I can't give them up - I truly am addicted) from skinny style jeans.  So the peg/straight/cropped leg is a very easy alternative. 

Love these baroque style ones which would look just fantastic for a night out with black killer heels, black top and tuxedo style blazer.  (all of which I handily have...!) 

Ditto these - but I think these would also work really well during the day - black slipper flats, black tee and black blazer.  Or with white tee and pink blazer.  Love the geometric print that Prada did on the catwalk (love love LOVE it but am not blowing my budget on a pair of Prada trousers - I would have to do paralytic shopping trip to come home with those as opposed to normal drunk shopping which has resulted in some "interesting" purchases over the years)  These have to be worth checking out. 
A reminder of how great the skinny coloured jean selection for £11/£13 is at Primark.  Have been very impressed with the quality - especially for an item that you're not going to have for years and years.  A fabulous seasonal addition to your wardrobe that isn't going to break the bank.   Get them in every colour!
And ditto with the printed jean.  These look just gorgeous - how easy to wear during the day but how great for wearing out in the evening?  As much as I've said I shall be attempting to wear more trousers - these definitely have my heart beating that little bit faster.

Again we can probably guarantee that this will be vile fabric but assuming it's not, I've got my eye on this for my Christmas Day dress.  Nude tights (yes I do wear them - sue me.  American tan has come on in leaps and bounds my friends) and shoots.  Oh hello.......

One of my favourite trends of this season which I shall be exploring is embellishment.  And what's more appropriate than sequins.  I am such a complete magpie that I am drawn to a sequin like a moth to a naked flame.  Can't keep away.  I don't have a gunmetal/grey/goldy jacket so this one has my name all over it.  The shorts?  Errr, mmm, not so much. 

Now I'm not in need of a parka and have a trench with my name on it as a showerproof coat, but if not, I would definitely be giving this a go.  Have seen this in store and it's a great buy.  A popular look on the High Street but this is by far the best value. 
Interestingly I've always found Primark coats to be of really good quality.  If I were looking for a more structured coat for either work or to wear as a casual coat (I love a smart coat over scabby jeans and a loose jumper and boots) then this would make my shortlist. 

Now I need this like I need a hole in the head but I must must check it out as I'd love it were it 20 times as much money.  A complete luxury item (ok so it's not going to be top quality but let's assume it's vaguely as good as it looks) that for Primark prices, I shall be snapping up.  LOVE.

I am absolutely kicking myself at not buying a very similar jacket that Zara had at the beginning of last season.  I assumed it would go into the sale.  Error.  I love yellow, black and denim.  Don't need this jacket but I shall be getting it as it will sit in my wardrobe for years and years and years.  And I will wear it every year.  I'm going to stick my neck out and say a classic. 

Ok I may have had a glass of wine (or two) but NOT THE DRESS.  Necklace peeps, necklace.  And the earrings.  Need to see.  Just divine.  And they'll be peanuts!

I am in no need of biker boots myself (I have a Kurt Geiger pair that are still going strong 3 years on) but were you looking for a fashion forward studded pair then these might be worth tracking down.  They "look" great but I'll reserve judgement till I see them in the flesh.  (actually I say I'm not in need but I do still salivate over the All Saints super spikey stud ones that most people thought were utterly gopping!) 
The last two shoes are a sneak hint at my wedge ideas as opposed to the wedge trainer.  Love them.  And I'm going to hazard a guess at them being a fraction of the cost of the others on my list.  Interestingly I find not real suede much more palatable and easier on the eye than non leather leather shoes.  Clear as mud?

And so there we have it.  I hope there are some gems that that may have whetted your Primark appetite.  Would love to know what you think and if you agree with me or if you think  I'm talking out of my behind?  And more importantly, please please do let us know if you've seen any of the above instore!  Or do you have any other Primark gems that you would like to share with us.  

Finishing with what I wore today 

Blush vest - Primark
Beige linen tee - Zara
Paint splatter skinnies - Zara
Pearly king and queen jacket - Phase Eight
Black silk jersey scarf - Cos
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry
Gold link bracelet - my grandmother's
Tan shopper - Zara
Black velvet slippers - Primark
Black sunglasses - Dior 

Enjoy!  Can't wait to hear what your Primark thoughts are! 

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  1. I second the jeans - am wearing a grey pair I bought on Monday as we speak!
    I wasn't sure on the knitwear, but am not really a knitwear person so happy to trust you. I felt the scarves they had weren't great, but did unearth a navy and black skull-print scarf, which has helped me make sense of the navy and black thing. Was £3 I think and I love it!

    1. Yes, have to say I personally haven't been impressed with the scarves in recent years. Knitwear - I'll report back on next week. xx

  2. Kat, would like to say thank you for your blog, I love your posts. I have been in a big primark today, my excuse it's next to m and s, saw the wedge boots at £15 or £16, I think looked good. I did pick up some fabulous blue trousers similar to the brocade ones but not as shiny, had to size down too, bonus! The reason for my visit was to purchase some more £2 vests, something I would never have dreamed could be so good at that price, well I'm hooked thanks to your recommendation. Many thanks, can't wait for your next post, Toni.

    1. Oh thank you! And great news about the boots - I think they look fantastic and will also be checking out all the trousers. Not a style that I'd normally wear so I'm really keen to try out a cheaper pair and see if I get on with them.
      Thank you for such a lovely post! xxxx

  3. I was in a couple of weeks ago picking up vest tops and spent £80!! How do u spend that much in primark?? I got loads of jewellery, bargin, super soft skinnys which I love, and some reading glasses!! For £1.50.
    After your post think I may well be going back x

    1. Sweet jaysus - did you leave anything in Primark for that amount of spending?!!! Can't wait for my trip next week! xxxx

  4. You must come visit....I have two amazing primarks with a 5 mile radius! really selling it to you eh?! But we have wine too...and Guinness....:) You've showcased some gorgeous pieces, some I've seen and some I've already bought with mixed success. Trousers are fab..I got some great brocade style ones...they fit beautifully. Must go for another look at the weekend and report back, Avril x

    1. Can't wait to try out the trousers! Now did you keep that coat missy??!! So so hope you did - it looked so fantastic on you. Can't wait to hear what else there is there - I won't get there till next week. xxx

  5. Shit.. there goes my Thursday. As soon as I am shot of the kiddiwinks I am off to Primmers to try on a whole lot of stuff that looks awesome on 5'10" and willowy, but probably not so great on 5'1 and pillowy.
    Still, can't go wrong with jewellery and I do love their jeans (though they stopped doing my favourite boyfriend cut and I can never get the skinnies in short-arse length but they are great quality, especially for £11 or whatever they are. Even better, my local Primark is massive and rarely resembles a bun fight :D

    1. ha ha ha ha!! How did you get on?????!!

    2. I saw the sequin jacket (the one with the shorts) but it didn't look very nice, kind of like it would have bald patches before you got out of the door. The baroque style jeans in navy were quite nice, though I avoid shiny on my legs as a public service. What I really wanted to see was the jumper with the sequined sleeves but they didn't have it in.

  6. Kat the trainers you want are here http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0095VEDBC/ref=asc_df_B0095VEDBC9757325/?tag=googlecouk06-21&creative=22134&creativeASIN=B0095VEDBC&linkCode=asn

    on amazon xx

    1. MWAH!!! You star, thank you so so so much. I think I may cave and order them... (that'll be beans for the kids for the rest of the month xx)

    2. no worries..love the blog ......BW lucy x

  7. hi Kat

    Have seen the lime jumper In real life on my holidays in a penneys and it looked cheap and very very bright.

    I love the yellow zara-esque jacket

    Must look again when I am down south - penneys is so much better than primark! Am off to hunt out schoolgatestyle's primarks as the ones near me are truly awful!

  8. I was in the Maidstone branch on Tuesday, didn't see anything you have featured here sadly as I would have bought the jacket with the pleather sleeves as fell in love with the River Island one at £55 but having bought the French Connection parka for £79 in their summer sale my husband would of killed me. I might get it online though as I can't stop thinking about it!

    1. Was in the Maidstone branch today - they has the jacket with pleather sleeves and the first page of trousers on this blog.

    2. Pressed enter too quick!

      Ey also had the 'leather jacket' with the fur collar and the biker type boots.

  9. Love your blog, I haven't commented before but I have just come back from the Trafford centre in Manchester, and they now sell ash trainers there and I'm pretty sure they had the ones your talking about, maybe try their website. Good luck.


  10. HI Kat,
    Would be really interested on your opinion on the blue smart coat? I tried it on in store and really liked the fit. Do you think the material is really cheap looking or do you think it's ok?

    Kitty x

  11. I will be heading into Dublin ASAP to suss out your great finds!! Love that yellow Zara style jacket.That sequin jacket would be a great piece for winter party nights ahead:)

  12. Searched Primark in Chester,saw pleather jacket,thought it looked a bit cheap(which of course it was!)but not too bad I suppose.
    Didn't see any jumpers,but bought a jersey shirt for £6 and silk looking(read polyester) one in slate for a tenner.
    The store was a mess,tbh,which always puts me off.Some Primarks are better laid out than others,so at least you can see the clothes.
    Am in same boat as you as none on doorstep.

  13. Oooo i think i need to fit in a trip to Primark, love the sweaters especially!

    Please tell, where do you view the Primark photos???


  14. Hi Kat - came across your blogs by accident in the summer and loving them. I am 55 but lucky to pass for 45 but find shopping lately a real struggle as 'Mutton and Lamb' flash in front of my eyes.Fed up of doing classic though

    Not usually a fan of anything in primark as find the materials are dire, but you have found some winners here. Off soon to check out the sequined sleeved jumper, grey animal print dress and the wedges.

    Sent off for the Redoute red/black round necked zip cardigan/jkt you blogged recently.Has anyone got any ideas wehat to wear underneath as denim shirt is bit younfg for me but then again don't want to ends up like a Margaret Thatcher look alike - lol!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ps - can we contact you personally as had a few questions on previous outfits of yours?

  16. I love the 'suedette' (as my Mum would say) wedges!

    Husband has a day off tomorrow and has been dispatched to buy them (wow, a trip to a large Primark - how much he must love me?!) There could be much hilarity as goodness knows what he'll actually come home with...

    I'm not sure on the jumpers, they could look a bit 'market trader' on me I fear (who lacks the necessary 'edge') but you would doubtless make them look divine!

  17. By the way, are you still looking for a 'Mike the Knight' suit - saw one in Debenhams the other day :-)

  18. I will be very interested to hear what you think of the fabrics and finishes when you actually see these clothes in real life. I often get very enthusiastic when I see pictures of Penneys (Primark) clothes, but am invariably disappointed when I see them instore. The yellow jacket definitely has potential, but I'm not going to get too excited in case it's tat in reality!

  19. Brilliant low down on Primark - it's not my closest store but it's good to know there may be something worth going for. I love the yellow jacket....love yellow, grey, white and a pair of faded jeans. Not sure about the wedges yet, saw a great pair in Anthropologie not cheap though. Pinterrest is fab, more visual than blogs, like a scrap book, you can plan your own seasonal wardrobe, it's a place to keep all those ideas and you get to have a nosy at everyone else's .....it's very inspirational.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Living in the US Primark is not an option-obviously-but having recently found your blog (the name pulled me in!) I can't help but enjoy your descriptions.

    I used to live in Upper Heyford and was a regular at the markets in Banbury, Oxford, and such. Part of what makes me love this blog is remembering those times there. It's where I met my California boy husband, 20 years ago now. Many thanks!

  22. Back from my Primark trip. Pleather was a bit too plastic, black leather biker with gold zips looked good but sleeves were very narrow. Tried on the leopard print dress, fine when I stood still but when I moved it all became quite dishevelled. Knitwear not good. Printed jeans - navy with shiny snake skin were fab, as was an a-line dress with chiffon sleeves at £12 - looks good with yellow tights and ankle boots. Many vests and more tights bought, along with some slim fit crew neck tshirts for the husband. Oh and a black and white animal skin print shopper for £1.50. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Been on a primark mission searched all 4 floors for the gold jumper to no avail. Saw the pleather fur trim jacket- nasty and tacky. Knitwear just not doing it for me. Navy printed jeans great, bought those! Grey animal print dress just boring, sadly didn't see the yellow jacket as think that worth a look.

  24. Never seem to get to Primark early enough - it's always morphed into jumble shop territory by the time I get there and I tend to turn tail and run, however having had some of these gems pointed out I might just have to make the effort. Any chance of you doing a post on jean alternatives? Specifically skirts for autumn/winter (I live in jeans 95% of the time and really fancy a change).

  25. Tried on the combaty jacket with pleather sleeves in Primark in Glasgow on Friday. Looks rubbish on hanger but looks great on. Swithered over it while I took kids to McDonalds for lunch (bribery for erm dragging them round shops on school hol!) and saw two people not wearing it well if you know what I mean! Ended up spending nearly three times as much on a camouflage jacket instead!

  26. These are some great sweaters! It doesn’t have a lot of detail on it but they all look great! My wife has a fur trimmed jacket that is quite similar with that black jacket.

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