Finally - a dress!

And huge apologies for being so tardy with a post that I had promised earlier in the week.  Last week till half term (which I both look forward to and dread in equal measure.  Don't we all? I have such high hopes - normally ends up being completely car crash.  Am setting my sights very low this time round - merely hoping it doesn't snow) and so was trying to get my jobs done before I devote myself to my gorgeous offspring.  Ish. 

But finally here it is.  Me in a dress.  Now I will admit, it was for a very good reason.  A wedding.  I had sort of resigned myself to wearing an existing dress as, as you may or may not have noticed - ha ha, I'm not exactly a dress wearing person.  I'll be honest, I struggle with them and so going out and buying another one that would sit in my wardrobe for errrr, well forever, seemed slightly foolish. 

However a lovely Twitter friend, Becca, mentioned that she was going to set herself a challenge to "rock a frock in October for post-natal depression" and set up a blog - The FrOctober Blog . Would I like to have a go? 

As it was for such a great cause and as it had been on my mind for a while to perhaps try and  break free from my comfort zone (there is a blog on that coming soon), I jumped at the opportunity to take part.  And thought it was only right that I should buy a new dress that I would then wear again.  It's Christmas round the corner and whilst I hardly have the most fantastic social diary planned (oh those were the days), I do have a couple of great nights out to look forward to and there's Christmas Day and New Year's Eve to think of.  (I am a freak of nature I appreciate in that I absolutely love NYE.  Yup.  Freak) 

I thought the best plan was to try and find a plain dress that I could team with different accessories to get more wear out of, rather than a more distinctive one that I personally wouldn't feel I'd be able to wear lots. (tis a random issue that I have.  I full expect to be seated alone on the weirdo bench with regards to this one).  This could also be a ridiculous excuse to finally acquire the most stunning necklace that I've wanted for ages (and has proved worth it as I've already worn it twice!)

So here's the dress.  And yes, how dull does it look. 

But it's exactly what I was after and is the most perfect foil for my favourite necklace which I have lusted after for months and months.  If you are after an all year round necklace, I can't recommend this highly enough.  Dressy enough to make a casual dress evening worthy, but would look just as great with a white tee, jeans and a blazer for an offduty day look.

The Pegasus Necklace from Stella & Dot  I could literally buy most of their stock.  The most wearable jewellery there is at the moment, for me anyway.

And here is the outfit at the start of the day. 

Black ruched jersey dress - Patrizia Pepe
Cream and gold jacket - Zara
Black clutch with gold chain strap - Tory Burch
Black shoes - Zara
Chocolate leather and gold chain detail bracelet - Hultquist
Gold Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot 

The dress was great, although note to self.  I should perhaps have thought about something so clingy without some scaffolding beneath.  Now I am fully aware that I am not large by any stretch of the imagination but I did have to spend most of the day after eating, breathing in.  My stomach muscles are not my finest attribute, it has to be said.  I was also ever so slightly hungover and so thought it would be a great idea to line my stomach with a huge noodle meal at Busaba Eathai before the wedding.  Think snake having swallowed a dog.  Not one of my better ideas.  I stopped caring pretty quickly but it goes without saying, I shall be investing in some control underwear before wearing again. 

I did though love wearing a dress and am so pleased to show my support in however small a way, for PND and the FrOctober cause.  Better late than never mind you (procrastination rears it's ugly head again - blast you) but I think I'm going to finally get my rear into gear and see if I can rock a frock for the rest of FrOctober (a woeful 3 days I appreciate but this is someone who never ever wears a dress....)

So a round up of what I was wearing for the end of last week.  A night out for a Stella & Dot trunk show at a friend's house (hence I've had a recent look at what's on offer and shall be doing a round up of my wish list shortly.  It also would have been rude not to wear my new Pegasus necklace surely?!) 

Black loose drapey jersey tee - Whistles
Distressed paint splattered jeans - Zara
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Chocolate leather and gold chain detail cuff - Hultquist
Black suede and patent boots - LK Bennett
Gold Pegasus necklace - Stella & Dot
Snakeskin clutch - Michael Kors

A casual day on Thursday, very much dress down.  And with a couple of new additions which I shall be doing a round up of this week. 

Breton tee - H&M
Faded straight leg jeans rolled up - Zara
Tan leather belt - Primark
Navy blazer - Zara
Tartan scarf - H&M
Burgundy wrist warmers - H&M
Burgundy Superga
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Another night out on on Thursday at a friends house for a Taylor Stephens clothes Party.  Small purchase made which I wore home and wore the next day. 

Beige linen tee - Zara
Coated black jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Pearly King & Queen jacket - Phase Eight
Black suede & patent ankle boots - LK Bennett
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry
Gold Serpent necklace - Stella & Dot
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

And finally for Friday, it's starting getting colder....... you can tell - I'm into the layering.  I am a huge huge fan of layering - anyone else?  I find the best way to get the most wear out of my wardrobe all year round. 

White longsleeved jersey top - Baukjen
Dark beige linen top - H&M
Grey and beige blazer - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Bea wedge trainers - Ash
Burgundy wrist warmers - H&M
Dark beige gold studded jersey scarf - Taylor Stephens (loving this!) 
Stone Maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch 

Now it is half term and so hopefully I shall be able to encourage the kids to do their homework (which in reality means watch tv/play on the Ipad/not kill each other.....) whilst I get a spot of blogging in.  Got loads up my sleeve to blurb about!  Hope you had a great weekend and are keeping warm.  It's brass monkeys out there. 

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25 comentarios:

  1. The Pegasus is truly lovely. I am myself a Stella and Dot stylist as I fell in love with the whole range. Feel free to visit my website for those Christmas purchases!!!
    It's my 40th party this weekend and I'm wearing the taka Darwin black saints dress with the lillith fringe earrings.
    Love the tartan scarf and yes layer after layer for me, I love the cold crisp days as long as I'm wrapped up warm. Enjoy half-term. X

    1. Thank you! I love the taka darwin black dress - it's FAB isn't it. I would have worn that for the wedding actually if I hadnt' wanted a dress that the pegasus could go with!!

      Hope you had a fantastic birthday party!


  2. Looking fab - love the dress, can see how it will be v useful. Like you, I'll happily wear a summer maxi but very seldom wear a dress in cold weather - it would be great to see you style some winter dress/skirt wear.

    1. Well I've now blogged with 3 different dress outfits. Not entirely sure it's the best inspiration tho..... Am on a mission to find more (that don't make me look like a librarian...)

  3. Love necklace.
    Zara jacket great with dress.
    Prefer Taylor Stephens scarf to tartan one,wish they were in the north as love their stuff that I have seen on your blog!
    Half term over here,seems different times all over the country!

    1. Thank you. And yes, such a shame they're not national as they really do have some great bargains.

  4. Oooh nice necklace.

  5. Like how you've tied the H&M scarf Kat - I've struggled a bit to tie it…shall try that on tomorrow. Looking fab in the dress - amazing necklace, Avril x

    1. How did you get on? Hold on the diagonal, wrap once round neck and tie at front. Voila! It's the hold on the diagonal that's the important bit! xxxx

  6. Why am I not following this blog already? Is it because you are so slim and stylish that I hate you? Maybe. I will get over it and follow though because it's SO good.

  7. Why am I not following this blog already? Is it because you are so slim and stylish that I hate you? Maybe. I will get over it and follow though because it's SO good.

  8. You rock in d Frock! and that necklace is so Gorgeous!
    Also love your tartan H&M scarf too.
    Great outfits, as always!

    1. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  9. Love the dress! Apart from being clingy, did you find it rode up at all? I used to have a similar dress from Isabella Oliver but it drove me mad sliding from knee length to mid thigh all the time. Would possibly try yours as it looks a lot longer

    1. Ah no I didn't really actually, it wasn't that bad. I think if you wear it with tights on, it becomes a nightmare. I was bare legged. (AGGHH!!!)

  10. Love that H&M scarf, might have to purchase it myself! Loving all the burgundy accents too, it's my favourite colour at the mo.

    1. I can highly recommend the scarf & yes burgundy is definitely my accent of the season!

  11. What happened to the almost identical All Saints dress you wee going to wear? ;) Also do you still have the tan bag from Cos as I really liked that but you haven't shown it since you bought it, and now the Anya has arrived....

    1. AH! I just mentioned the AS dress above actually. I was going to wear it until a week before - tried it on and it's that bit shorter, that to wear with bare legs (and because of the dimensions with it, you can't really wear opaques - too heavy on the bottom half. Tan tights? Meh. 15 denier? Nah.) there was just too much leg on show and it was freaking freeezing!! Plus it would have taken a whole world of tanning on the top part (I am blue - not white, blue) for me to feel comfy with that much flesh out and about. And finally, I needed an excuse to get the pegasus necklace!!

      I find the ruched style the best for me with no shape - it gives a shape I don't have so I now have a summer dress and a winter version. Already got this dress earmarked for some Christmas parties and Christmas day. Hoorah!

      Ah now I did say at the time that the Cos bag - the stitching came undone on the strap. It wasn't double stitched and so anything heavier than a phone in it, was going to break. Oh and mine did. So I used it once and returned it. Apparently they said it was a problem they'd had with them.

  12. Love the dress. Have you ever looked at the Pretty Dress Company? A bit TOWiE and WAG like dresses but they really have lots of substance to them and I think sooo flattering no matter what size you are I'm no good at links so You'd have to google the website

    1. No I haven't, I'll go and google!! Thank you xx

  13. Those ash trainers really are awesome! Thanks to you, I bought the Ash "Virgin-Bis" Desert Beige Canvas Sneaker. Every single time I wear them someone says - love your sneakers. They bring me such joy :)

    1. Oh I'm so pleased you like them. They're really really great, aren't they!