Well, slap my thigh.....

...... as panto time is just around the corner.   And what better tribute to the fantastic British tradition of panto, than a thread on the, obligatory for every Principle Boy, over the knee (OTK) boot.

Now, yawn yawn, it's budget time.  Ok I'm going to stop saying that as I'm boring myself with it, so anyone reading this must want to staple my mouth shut if I mention it again.  SO let's go with, actually it's Christmas time and in the season of goodwill and all that, funds are being diverted for presents. 

However the great thing about having a blog is that I can shop vicariously.  And seeing as shopping this way is FREE, I'm off to have a big old spend up. 

First on my list of things I "need" and would work fabulously well in my wardrobe are....

Over the knee boots. (seeing as I've already mentioned these at the start of this post , clearly not a huge surprise) 

Like most things I blog about (seemingly!) I'm assuming these are going to be another marmite item. Oh no they're not.  Oh yes they are.  Ok and that's enough of the crappola panto references. 

I have wanted a pair of these for years.  Clearly not enough (same as a good old Mulberry Bayswater in Oak.  Feel I should get one, that I need one, but whenever it comes to buying a new investment bag, I always end up with something else.  Says it all really.) 

However now I feel that I "need" a pair of such boots.  I've accepted that skinnies aren't going anywhere for a good while (and let's face it, as we all know, I wear them a Lot.) and they'd add a different dimension to an old look.

I've been thinking about it and I also think they're a great way to make dresses more day wear.  One of the issues that I found when having my (pathetically short) dressathon, was that lots of dresses are too short - for me especially - on a day to day basis, I have too much leg on show to feel comfortable.  Of course, being tall, the issue is that OTK on me is sort of On the Knee as opposed to Over.  But making that into a positive, it would make lots of dresses (not that I own but that I have tried on before) that are that hideously difficult to wear "just above the knee length" wearable.  Result!

So justification over.  Let the hunt begin. 

Starting with the ones that have haunted for me ages - the Stuart Weitzman at Russell & Bromley 50/50 boots.   Eye wateringly expensive, hence I don't own a pair.  Truth be known I've tried them on (usually after a drink or two - the only time I would ever cave to spending that much on them.  Drunk shopping.  Which is Never Ever a good idea - according to my bank statement anyway) and they don't look quite right on me.   But I'm still in love with the idea of them.  As R&B don't have a website yet (sort it out!!), here's a pic of them I've found. 

Now one of the issues I've had with my various searches over the years  (and believe me, this has been going on for years) is that there is a fine line between glamourous and stylish lady in OTK boots and member of the Gestapo.  The risk of looking more military that one had intended is high. 

I have rejected many but always found Pied a Terre to have a couple of pairs that I would try on (a lot). 

And they've come up trumps again this season.  Not that I've tried any on yet this year, but as we're only window shopping, that's not an issue.  In my head these will all work. 

One way to avoid the military vibe is to swerve black and plump for tan instead.  Of course you swim straight into the muddy waters of Puss in Boots......but I think so long as you avoid a cuban heel, you're winning.  From Pied a Terre again. 

Another tan pair - this time by Steve Madden (quite difficult to get hold of in the UK which make me love them even more) the Hazele Over the Knee Flat Brown Boot    They also make in a black which is gorgeous but sold out at House of Fraser.  I'm sure I could probably track down if I tried (in the UK - much easier to get hold of in the US where Steve Madden is far more mainstream) but I haven't bothered. (temptation.  Get behind me) 

These Somerset by AliceTemperley ones sit on the edge of soldier for me, but I think because of the stretch fabric at the back, rather like the Stuart W ones, they work.  Beautifully classic. 

Finally my favourite ones - the Tanty boots from Bertie   (oh darn you Christmas.  Getting in the way of my shopping dreams, she says with her selfish cow head on.)  I adore these.  I personally don't think there's a whiff of the goose-step about them.  I think it's because of the pale sole and they fact they're not too shiny.  Horses for courses and all that, I'm sure some will think they're rank but I love them.  They also look like they wouldn't bag, which is an issue I know with some of the OTK boots in a more delicate, softer leather.  What started off as an OTK boot can end up an 80's style, eat your heart out Spandau, slouch number by lunch time. 

On my search for the prodigal OTK boot, I also came across a number of pretty, damn gorgeous knee high boots as well.  I think there is a space in every wardrobe for a knee high boot (especially when we're talking fictitious space for a fictitious pair of boots) so expect a blog on them to be coming this way soon. 

So back to what I've been wearing, following my controversial cracking out of the cuffed jersey pants on Sunday!  Thank you so much for all your comments and opinions, I am getting round to replying to them all.  Suffice to say (as I have done a fair few times!) it would be a dull world if we all liked the same thing - one man's meat and all that.  Some of you will be disappointed to hear that I haven't been put off wearing them.  I shan't be going out buying in bulk but I shall definitely be bringing out again for a relaxed day of doing not a lot.  Fair warning will be given to avert your eyes.

Yesterday - still very much casual although along the lines of my more usual casual.  The hair both days is car crash. I didn't blow dry it at the weekend which means it looks like straw.  And then I got nailed in the rain yesterday.  Other than that, I have no other excuse & apologise.  I am one of those mingers who only washes their hair once a week.  All puke now.  I know, it hums.  But if I were to wash it more, you would see me from space. 

Navy jumper - H&M
Straight legged distressed jeans rolled up - Zara
Navy pleather jacket - Primark
Khaki, sage & jade leopard print scarf - M&S
Tan Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G

Today - back to form with my beloved skinnies.  These are raspberry although do look very red in this pic.  The first photo, Chief Photographer RR1 is very pleased with and insisted that I put on the blog.  As she's decided to come back to work and her photos are of superior quality to the sub RR2, I said I would.  She also thinks it's hilarious that she papped me putting my lipstick on. 

White longline l/s jersey top - Baukjen
Raspberry Leigh jeans - Topshop
Grey jersey jacket edged in oatmeal - Zara
Fabulous Finches scarf in owl brown - Mulberry
Brown leather cuff with gold chain detail - Hultquist
Camel Cypress boots - Acne
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Tomorrow, I am off to a couple of Press Days/Previews so look forward to being able to bring you some ideas of what's to come for S/S13!

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21 comentarios:

  1. Love the jade and khaki scarf.
    Agree good,(for me,knee) boots make wearing dresses in daytime easy.
    Have done it today in fact!

  2. Love the last pair - the Bertie ones, sadly for me being blonde with an ample bosom ;-) , OTK boots just make me look like a lady of the night. Shame as I love the idea of them under a dress particularly.

  3. Love the Alice Temperley ones - would be tempted to try on some but being 'heavy of thigh' not sure it would work - think they are for gazelles only - I may end up looking like a fisherman in waders. Love the rasperry jean & mulberry scarf outfit. I just got a half price biscuity colour blazer in H&M and have been wondering what (besides black or blue jeans to wear it with - you have given me some inspiration!! By the way I have a Mulberry oak bayswater and have to say it is the best and most versatile bag ever - go for it!!

  4. OTK boots look funny on me - think it's something to do with my wonky knees? However, mostly wanted to comment to support you in your once a week hair washing. Absolutely fine. I do the same. All depends on your hair - and in fact, it's really good for your hair and helps it to grow faster - let's face it, who ever gets close enough to notice the smell :)) Avrilx

    1. I was always told never to wash hair every day...:)

    2. I am twice a week, but wholly support the once a week thing - it really does depend on your hair. My Mum (top glamorous granny - still manages to intimdate the school-gate mums with her groomed-ness!) is a devoted once a week washer!

    3. If you can get away with just washing your hair once a week, then lucky you! I have to wash it daily, otherwise it's not a pretty (horribly greasy) sight. It's not a question of having the time ... it's just one of those things that has to be done, like brushing my teeth!

  5. Some great picks! I wish I had access to all the brands back there!

    I have a couple of pairs of Frye OTK boots that I love - the Shirleys are flat riding boots (http://www.zappos.com/frye-shirley-over-the-knee-riding-black-leather) - but these are my absolute favorites - the Jane cuff - I feel dead sexy in them with skinny jeans - they've got a great little western heel:) http://www.thefryecompany.com/products/77596/jane-tall-cuff

  6. I love the panto references - oh yes I do, oh no I don't, oh yes I do! I can't wear over the knee boots - they'd hit my crotch. And that Julia Roberts had a lot to answer for in Pretty Woman - I now have permanent call girl associations when I see OTK boots.

  7. Im another one against daily hair washing- where the hell do people get the time! Loving OTK boots at the mo too, Pippa Middleton has been papped wearing them a lot recently I like her ones, but I think the last ones are the nicest of your options.

  8. Completely out of line with your post, have been meaning in response to your cry for help on basic jersey pieces (long sleeved & vests) to recommend Vero Moda. Fantastic quality, great price, good colour selection etc. 2 longsleeved longline top for Euro20 in my neck of the woods. Vests 2 for Euro15. And no I don't work for them! Nice for us gals to share a bargain. Thoroughly enjoy your blog.

  9. As much as I was with you on the 'elasticated loungewear'! gotta go against you on the OTK boots. I would look like a muppet in them (well not an 'actual' muppet but you get my drift!) I think I've always had a dislike towards them due to being only 5'3". I know I would look stooopid in them and therefore I feel nobody should get to wear them - boohoo!

    Do like the papped lipstick photo though, that gave me a giggle!


  10. Zara have some for £59.99
    Lucie xx

  11. Dune have just added a Steve Madden tab to their website and the boots you mention are available as well as the Bertie and Pied a Terre ones - are they all the same company?

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