Little Black Boots

These would come under the heading of "things I genuinely can't live without".  

Ok so maybe I should rephrase that as "things in my wardrobe I genuinely can't live without".       Little Black Boots.  As it may have been noted, I am able to struggle on and dance the night out away with the obligatory LBD, but my LBBs are a necessary part of my out with the gals (and husband) attire. 

In the summer I am a huge shoe fan but seeing as in the winter, my skin is so pale you can see me from space, it's just less hassle to cover the milk coloured trotters up.  Hence my addiction over the past couple of years to the dressy LBB.   (yes I could sport a pop sock but....well.... 

I find shoes are fine for a wedding or a formal evening occasion (of which I usually have one a year) and I case my legs in thick thick opaques, but I find that if I wear a shoe with a dress, I look frummy.  (otherwise known as frumpy or mumsy)  Other people don't that's for sure, but somehow I manage to look and feel plain wrong.  

So I have given myself over to the LBB.  For the record, The Husband isn't a fan.  I frequently hear him mutter something about orthopaedic looking footwear but I blithely assume he isn't talking about me and put it down to the early onslaught of dementia. 

My LBBs of choice over the past couple of years have been a well used pair of suede platform stiletto ankle boots from Zara.  Despite me claiming to never wear dresses, in the winter, I have been known to wear them on a night out and I find teaming them with an ankle boot, just takes that formal, wedding/work do edge off. 

The only issue I have with the my current LBBs is that they are high.  Stratospherically high (about 13 inches).  Seeing as I'm 5ft 10, this does send me into Gulliver/tranny mode.  Fortunately I cease to give two hoots after a couple of drinks but on a more practical note, it does mean my feet hurt like hell a couple of hours in. 

Now I'm all for suffering for the cause but seeing as mine are now three years old, I thought I'd have a gander to see if I could perhaps upgrade them for this Christmas season. 

Short answer is no. 

Well, there are plenty of fantabulous boots out there but it would appear that the mega heel is here to stay.  In any of the styles I liked anyway.  So I shall save my pennies, stick with these for another year and keep my eye out for a pair of Zara beauties that I'm hoping go into the sale in my size (which clearly don't remotely fit the bill and I need like I need a hole in the head.  Always the way, no?)

But in case anyone else is in the market for an LBB to see them into the New Year (I honestly can't stress how useful I find mine), these are some that I would have loved.  Had I not had a pretty darn similar and still perfectly functional pair. 

Firstly a bargain pair from Forever 21.  Rhinestone Faux Suede Booties.  Don't laugh.  These are so a bargain basement find and clearly are not going to last forever.  But to give a plain dress a lease of new life, these are worth looking at.  And they're now a not so shabby bargain at £24.33!

Secondly a pair from Mango.  Here is a fine example of why I love them with a dress.  I absolutely appreciate that this look will not be for everyone in the slightest - one man's meat and all that.  Oh and I should interject that wild horses wouldn't make me go bare legged in the winter - never at pushing 40 with a dress that skimpy.  Dear god no.  But  with my best friend - opaque tights - I probably would. 

And here are the boots which are now a complete steal.  Suede platform boots at £39.99

If you are looking to spend a bit more then these Stop Boots from Carvela at Kurt Geiger at £160 are gorgeous. 

But there are bargains to be had at Kurt Geiger

These Start by Carvela again, are absolutely beautiful and would definitely be top of my list (especially for £79!)

Another sale option is the Samba in Black Nubuck, again from Carvela at Kurt Geiger.   Down to £95 from £150.

Finishing with a return to the scene of the crime - where else but Zara. 

These actually are very much lower than the majority.  Obviously they didn't have them instore when I went last week but I think they look like the best of a lower heel lot.   

High heel ankle boot with cap toe.

These are similar to mine although mine are slightly tighter on the leg I think.

Another similar pair - more expensive but this time in suede.  

Lastly at Zara with these which I love but a) they're too much of a shoe for my purpose - could no doubt find a use for them in the spring though, but (perhaps) more importantly, The Husband would certainly file divorce papers.  At the very least I would be the butt of all his jokes every time I put them on.  Yawn.  So these shall remain on my lust list. 

High Heel platform ankle boot (which I personally think look considerably more expensive than their £49.99 price tag) 

Finishing with a pair from Marks and Spencer.  Now I have bought these three times.  And taken them back every time.  They're just too shoe for me.  But I have a couple of friends with them and they work really well.  It's just me who's odd.  Contrary and odd.  They're exceptionally comfortable, I'll give them that. 

The Autograph Suede High Heel Shoe Boot.

Putting my money where my mouth is with regards to wearing boots with dresses - here's a round up of what I've been wearing over the weekend. 

Saturday for a trip to Santa and out for lunch with friends.  And the official photographer (aged 8) insisted on having a photo of the Christmas tree.  Hence it's crap. (clearly ruined by me standing in front of it)  Apologies. 



Navy jumper - H&M
Navy, black, beige leopard print trousers - Whistles
Black suede and patent boots - LK Bennett
Gold necklace - Day Birger et Mikkelson
Navy knitted pea coat - Zara
Camel pashmina - Fenwicks
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Grey wrist warmers - Toast
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Saturday night out for a fantastic 40th Birthday Party. 


Black 120 opaques - Topshop
Black sequin dress - All Saints
Black suede ankle boots - Zara
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch
Statement diamante cuff - Forever 21
Diamante large earrings - Forver 21

Sunday we went to our annual Christmas get together with friends. 



Black opaque tights - M&S 
Black ruched jersey dress - Patrizia Pepe
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Black velvet and patent boots - LK Bennett
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch
Statement diamante and brushed gold necklace - All Saints
Diamante and brushed gold cuff - Taylor Stephens

Monday at home with ill child.  Who had recovered by the School run.  Funny that.  Handy actually as I had a routine ear appt at the hospital with smallest RR. 



Olive and bone jersey tunic - Toast
Khaki skinny zip jeans - By Malene Birger
Khaki and black leopard print scarf - By Malene Birger
Chocolate leather jacket - All Saints
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Bea suede wedge trainers - Ash

And today - trying to get my head into gear with regards to Christmas.  And paperwork.  Snooze.



Black vest - Primark
Black & gold lurex top - Zara
Distressed skinny jeans - Zara
Gold pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs
Tan rivet leather cuff - Mulberry
Camel knitted blazer - Whistles
Black and camel skull scarf - Zara
Black biker boots - Kurt Geiger
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

So are you consumed with Christmas outfits?  Or is it more stocking (of the kids variety) related nightmares you're having? (just me?!) 

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14 comentarios:

  1. Have grey version of Autograph ones which I had forgotten about!
    Will hunt them out now.
    Trying to wear christmassy stuff which won't look right come January....

  2. I live in my LBB, and recently bought a pair of LBW's (little black wedges) which look as good as the boots but a hell of a lot comfier. I need that skull scarf in my life!

  3. Very timely post, took delivery today of the phase Eight twiggy print dress. Nicer in the flesh than the photo, lovely colours and the fabric is fab. V luxurious feel. Sadly much as I love the selection of boots, my hip gives out(what a croc!). The shoots from M&S may be a runner, not too high. Thanks for the heads up Kat. Loving the blog.

  4. Love those Mango boots - what a bargain - I'm with you on the LBB front by the way - have always leaned towards boots rather than the shoe route. I love your black and gold lurex Zara top! x

  5. Kat I REALLY hope your boots are 13 cm high and not 13 inches!?

    Love that sparkly AS dress!

    Nic x

  6. Some great looks .....I have a black dress like your below the knee one just reminded me of it and there I was thinking that I needed to go out a buy a new one for Christmas.....Ta Da!!!! I also have a little pair of suede booties that will go lovely with it too. Im soo pleased....Thankyou.

  7. Are you not afraid of looking like you have 'cankles', I think the natural slim ankle shape is so much nicer and more flattering to look at.

  8. ^This^. I think the silhouette can make it all blend too much and it can look a bit cankle like. I would wear them like the model in the pic though.... short dress, but then opaques (lest I freeze to death)... and sexy LBB. The looser ones are a little shapeless for me.

  9. Might be the look I've been searching for. I have skinny legs and ankles, but size 6.5 feet, so often look like Minnie Mouse in a pointy toed heel. Adding bulk to the ankle could be key... thanks Kat! S x

  10. I am totally missing a pair of these in my life. I will definitely be heading out to get a pair! I'm also 5'10" so totally understand the 'Gulliver/ Tranny' issue that heels can bring about. My husband says he feels like Bernie Ecclestone when I put heels on!! Kat x

  11. LOVE LBBs - I have several:) My 'fancy' pair for a night out right now are the Nine West Haywire in pony hair - lush - but high...have to be careful I don't get too squiffy wearing them - an accident waiting to happen.

  12. I have the M&S ones, wear them loads, stylish and comfy.

  13. Whoa - Mango is on sale?! My Christmas just started early... Lovely selection of LBBs.

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