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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

On your marks. Get set.

GO.  At midnight tonight.  To either a) bag a steal in the Zara sale or b) have a shit fit as the site crashes again and again and you're beyond tired.  The latter of course may just be me.  Can't recall the Zara sale at Christmas so no idea how robust their IT network is. (is that what you call it?  I was going to try and blag the jargon but thought I'd look a complete tosser if it's wrong.  I'd rather admit minor incompetence than look like a tool.) 

Of course there is the possibility that their reductions may be unbelievably paltry.  They have had (apparently) an amazing season, hence their sale is a week later than usual.  I prefer not to think (and certainly don't let on to The Husband) that that is primarily due to my personal purchases from them, but rather that they have had the most amazing product selection, from shoes and bags through to blazers and basics.  I have, however, bought the majority of my purchases this season, from there.  I do normally buy from a wider selection of stores and this usually includes a small selection of designer beauties but Zara really has served me well.  

Now I had planned to do this post on my favourite and successful Zara items I've purchased this season with links from the website so that if anyone did fancy buying them, they'd have an easy time finding them.  Yes, well, scrap that.  Nice idea but practically every item I was going to list is no longer online.  Whether or not they bring back old stock to the website specifically for the sale, I don't know - I certainly know they do instore.   Hence my legging it early doors after drop off with Rugrat 3 (lucky lucky boy - I have the sweets at the ready.  Lots of them.  Knackered teeth or a host of Zara bargains?  Obvious choice, surely?)

So from what I could find, my recommendations would be:-

Cheetah print ponyskin shopper  This is a great buy for the A/W.  Currently £89.99 (I didn't think it was that much - I fear this may have been a tipsy purchase from the Kings Road earlier in the year)

The linen basic t-shirt.  This is just great.  So useful (although with the white one I do have to wear a vest underneath) and they wash really well as well.  Size down, they come up big.

And errrrr that's it online.  My other recommendations that I've had, have loved and would recommend are 

Floral jersey blazer - this isn't going to take you into the winter but will serve you well in the Autumn.  Especially as we are clearly going to have an Indian Summer (if I say it enough times out loud, it Will come true)
Silk Scarf print jacket - again, as above, but I think this will definitely last the test of time into next S/S as well.  And one to keep in the wardrobe.  A distinctive but classic print in easy to wear, neutral, timeless colours. 
Nude strappy sandals - definitely last you next S/S as well. 
Black suede ankle strap sandals - ditto above.  

I'm sure there must be more (otherwise I've been uncharacteristically abstemious - clearly there is more...) but the above definitely stand out as purchases I'm pleased with. 

Ending on what I wore today, which was slightly ambitious seeing as I don't think the sun actually came out once.  Iphone weather widget - you are crap.  However it was hugely muggy so I didn't look like a complete eejit.  It was one of my close friend's 40th birthday today so spent a luxurious morning having breakfast at a great local restaurant - bliss.  And Happy Birthday L xxxxx

Scarf print maxi dress - Dorothy Perkins
Gold filigree earrings - Etsy
Dull god Hav rip offs - Primark
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

Looking forward to hearing how we all fared in the Zara sale.   I'm going with an open mind although I do have a couple of items on my wishlist - something of the blazer variety and a skirt (long obviously!) wouldn't go amiss.  Happy shopping everyone (and let's just hope it's not a total wipeout)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Because the obvious purchase when the sales are on... something that's full price.  Duh.

But I have to say, it's such an utter bargain that I don't think it's such a dunderhead thing to do.  Especially as I've already worn it.  And (now this does make sense in my head - written down, hmmmm, not so sure, but here goes) it will be fantastic with the pale pink jacket of some description that I will bagsy in the Zara sale.... (I don't like to think of that as being bonkers, more positive forward thinking - on your starting blocks on Thursday girls)

So here it is, the most wonderful huge (and I mean seriously huge) snakeskin print scarf from... (drum roll......) M&S!  Actually I spied it when I was just picking up some food things so it doesn't "really" count as shopping at all.  Verging on grocery which therefore = a necessity. 

Here's my pic as the one online doesn't do the size justice at all.

They call it a Monochrome snakeskin print scarf in an orange mix, but to be truthful, it's a rust, khaki, peachy nude, black and cream mix.  I certainly wouldn't use orange to describe it.  Am completely over the moon with it and, as I mentioned, it's already had it's first outing.  Despite me being on a self imposed (not including the Zara sale "obviously") spending ban, I've decided this doesn't count as it was a) part of the grocery shop, b) only £19.50 (clearly not the point - all those £19.50s add up but when one is looking for justification, let's just say straws, clutching) and c) is perfect for the A/W wardrobe.  

Now speaking of things that aren't yet reduced, I've had a number of requests for the link for the Next jumper.  Be patient young Jedi.  Honestly the photo from Next makes it look truly hideous and you will think I've lost leave of my senses.  I am snowed under at the moment with preparations for the school summer fair (oh the glamour....but it does mean I get to hang out with my mates, drink coffee and cook sweets, so not nearly as arduous as I make out to The Husband) but am managing to sneak out on Thursday morning and will hunt down aforementioned jumper and pap it.  

I am going to cave this weekend and do a round up of what's left in the sales (hopefully - if I can bring myself to have a look and not actually purchase anything.  The Italy Outfit is still burning a hole in the back of my mind but I'm being head in the sand and will be treating you all to a fortnight of panic and hysteria before I go.  You lucky, lucky people.)

So a quick one from me today - a round up of what I have been sporting over the past couple of days including my outfit from Saturday night.

Saturday during the day, I went to a very good friend's daughter's First Holy Communion which was just lovely.  Fantastic day, wonderful BBQ and great company.  Our turn next year.  If we give RR1 half as good a party, I'll be over the moon.  At the moment, she appears to have her heart set on a full on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Communion dress so that little saga will be interesting to say the least. 

Nude vest - Primark
White straight leg trousers - Next
Scarf print silk jacket - Zara
Nude & gold belt - Mango
Resin and enamel necklace - Mango
Gold Renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Tan (very very very old) handbag - Jimmy Choo
Nude strappy sandals - Zara
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

And what I wore on Saturday night to the most fantastic birthday party ever.  Beyond amazing, we were all blown away by how superb it was.  T, congratulations!!  Somehow I neglected to take any photographs earlier in the evening so this is me at 3am, barely able to stand up.  The photograph is abysmal but hopefully you get the idea.  Can I please add, that my hair was not this fluffy and hideous when I left the house but it was rather rainy and I got rather wet.  My hair and rain, do not a flattering combination make.

Black ruched dress - All Saints
Gold earrings - Etsy
Black suede sandals - Zara
Black bullet bag - Coast
Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot

Am still pondering whether I could make this work for The Italy Outfit - the theme being La Dolce Vita/Sophia Loren meets George Clooney.  And it's a Town Hall wedding with no Italians. Hmmmmmm

Now onto Sunday - ever so slightly (read crucified) hungover.  A picnic in the park as a send off to some lovely friends who are off to Panama.  And we got drenched!

Stone & khaki boxy tee - Next
Khaki skinny zip trousers - By Malene Birger
Tan Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley
Mushroom & tan shopper - Taylor Stephens
Snakeskin print scarf - M&S
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

By Monday, had fully recovered.  A day of running around, dropping kids at school, speech therapy, nursery, going to the supermarket and picking up from after school clubs and drama clubs.  Glorified chauffeur.

White vest - Primark
Mink jersey and silk oversized top - Taylor Stephens
White skinny jeans turned up - Next
Resin & enamel necklace - Mango
Mushroom & Tan shopper - Taylor Stephens
Tan Organza wedges - Clarks
Sunglasses - Tom Ford (I do only have one pair of sunglasses by the way) 

Tuesday - today what a glorious sunny day.  As the weather men told me it was going to be max 21, cloudy with a high chance of showers, I didn't go all out summery and was therefore chuffing hot.  I don't know why I listen to them, I really really don't.  However am banking on it being super warm tomorrow.  If they have it wrong, I will look like a nob.

Nude vest - Primark
Cream drapey tee - H&M
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Mink drapey cardigan - Day Birger et Mikkelson
Brown and gold oversized wooden bead necklace - Anthropologie
Cheetah print ponyskin shopper - Zara
Chestnut Saxon boots - Kurt Geiger
Sunglasses Tom Ford 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is having a wonderful time sales shopping.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't hankering looking at the A/W gems of beauty that keep popping into my inbox, but I'm trying to restrain.  Because I'm well known for my restraint.  Smirk.

Friday, 22 June 2012

I'm sorry. I can't not mention it.




I swore I wouldn't let it get to me.  I could be bigger than the rain - hell what's getting a little bit wet between friends.  But I'm sorry, I draw the line at getting completely, utterly, drown rat eat your heart out, drenched.  Proper soaked.  

I've been tried so hard not to let it totally piss me off.  Today, for example I persisted in donning the bright colours in an attempt to bring a little sunshine into the lives of those lucky individuals who I bumped into.

Can we just please take this as a Public Apology for those who actually had the misfortune to cross my path today as I wasn't exactly exuding sunshine.  Some swear words, yes.  A lot of grimacing, whinging and more swear words, definitely. 

Weather - I admit defeat.  I hold my hands up and say I did try and defy you and you beat me.    More than that, you ruined my ballet pumps, you fricking arse.  I am NOT your friend anymore. But I will bow down to your superiority, as much as you are pissing me off big time, and wear boots tomorrow.

I'm secretly wondering actually whether The Husband has a pact with that git Weather.  As I am so uninclined to look at anything vaguely summery, that the sales have passed me by.  I had the opportunity to go shopping this afternoon, as I did on Wednesday and nah.  What for?  To buy summer stuff that will sit next to all the other unworn summer stuff in my wardrobe?  I think not (actually scaring myself by reading that back.  Who am I and what have I done with the real me?  I fear the rain is actually rusting my brain...) 

Let's just say the sales are on in full swing. I apologise profusely for not being more, well, me, and effusing about the bargains there are to be had.  I can't muster the energy to even look.   But if you are in the market for some bargains, then pretty much all the sales bar Zara (next Thursday - on your marks girls) have started.  Reiss, Whistles, All Saints - all would be my normal ports of call.  Do let me know what you've bought so I can live vicariously, pretty pretty please.

I will do a rush round up of what I've been sporting (although I do have a new bag - yay!  A lovely gift from the wonderful Caroline at Taylor Stephens - and she has more. If you'd like more info just email me at or email her - address a couple of posts ago.  The most gorgeous buttery leather, the perfect bag for travelling but I can't resist using it now.  Really made my day when she bought it over yesterday.  Huzzah!) 

Yesterday during the day 

Oatmeal slouchy thick jersey top - H&M
Mink drapey cardigan - Day Birger et Mikkelson
Distressed straight leg jeans rolled up - Zara
Rockafella boots - Russell & Bromley
Brown leather cuff with chain detail - Hultquist
Resin and shell collar necklace - By Malene Birger
Mushroom and tan shopper - Taylor Stephens

And here's a gratuitous shot of the bag which I love love love.

Last night, braved the gale force winds and lashing rain - clearly as there was a copious amount of wine at my destination and had a fabulous evening at a friends house.

Pale pink and black tie dye top - All Saints
Khaki zip skinnies - By Malene Birger
Washed black suede jacket - All Saints
Clay Thelma wedges - Ash
Serpent necklace - Stella & Dot (more on this tomorrow!)
Renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Mushroom & Tan shopper - Taylor Stephens

And here is me, massively inappropriately dressed for a drenching.  You try to do your best and be jolly from the outside in.   Won't be doing that again in a hurry.  I'm mildly damp here so look only vaguely peed off.  I was soon to be soaked to the bones.  

Jade linen tee - Zara
Floral jersey blazer - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Rose gold now knackered ballet pumps - Zara
Serpent necklace - Stella & Dot
Renegade bracelet - Stelle & Dot
Mushroom & Tan shopper - Taylor Stephens. 

I was going to have a lust of the day which is a fantastic jumper from Next that a lovely friend of mine was wearing today.  But the picture on the website is so unbelievably piss poor you will all think the rain has seeped into my brain and rusted the good taste function so I will wait until a) I either see her with it on and pap it or b) I will take a photo of it on me next week.    Gorgeous though.  Really gorgeous and certainly not a typical Next garment.  All Saints, maybe.  I'd even say Reiss, but Next? Not in a million years.

I can't leave without a quick lust of the day though and one little ray of (virtual clearly - not "actual") sunshine today was the email from By Malene Birger with some of their new stock.

I think my love affair with print (yes yes, I know, as I've said before - Fickle Cow is my middle name.  Couldn't abide it at the beginning of the season - am slowly accruing an entire wardrobe of it.) is going to continue into the A/W.  Normally, mentioning A/W in June is a sackable offence but this year, well, completely justified, if not expected. 

The colours and the style of this print - I heart.  They actually do it in a scarf, trousers, high heel, pump, belt and shirt.  The shirt I think would be my item of choice.  Adore it.  The Mandorin paisley-printed silk shirt. 

And finally finally finally - tomorrow night I have a Black Tie 40th Birthday party.  Yay!!  A huge bunch of my closest friends going, beyond excited.  But in this weather, what to wear?  It's in my friend's barn and will be exceptionally glamourous (the birthday girl has a dress which is simply to die for and the rest of my friends do scrub up immensely well).  So oh wise ones - do I wear a black sequin long sleeved backless All Saints tunic dress with opaques and black ankle boots.  Or the new one shoulder ruched All Saints LBD?  I'm very happy with either and will probably be wearing my hair up - damp weather and my hair = frizzy mess.  So hair up in high pony (I have a new wonderful tool from Claire's that gives a really bouffant pony) and huge earrings.  I'd love to hear any opinions.  And of course there will be photographs. 

Let's all try not to drown - have a good weekend xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My inner magpie is in seventh heaven.

Oh how I love it when I discover a new go to place for all things sparkly.  And have I found the most wonderful jewellery retailer - Stella& Dot.  I'm sure many of people have heard of them as I can imagine anyone who has bought their jewellery would spread the word - it really is gorgeous.  As well as their products being so great, the other best thing?  You can order online and so don't even have to leave the comfort of your sofa.  Clearly I would shop with wine but am always partial to coffee and a biscuit too.  Heaven.

You can also host a party which is music to my ears. I am loving the opportunity to turn my sitting room into a retail outlet and have all my friends over for shopping and drinks.  So local buddies - watch this space!  It's going to be a long summer holiday and I'm loving the idea of having another big get together.

 Here is my current favourite bracelet which arrived this morning.

The Renegade Cluster Bracelet 

Here is the pic from the website 

But I don't think it really does it justice - here's my pic of it and honestly, it's just gorgeous.  Plus the packaging is designed to make you feel instantly spoiled the moment you open it.  I am a total convert.

Here is my wish list - actually here is the abridged version of my wish list.  Otherwise we'd be here for days.

The Nugget Wrap bracelet - which just happens to be in the sale.

Garden party Chandelier earrings - I just love the green of these. 

My friend has this Infinity necklace.  I am afraid I'm going to have to copy her.  Oops.  Sorry S.

For statement necklaces, you can't ask for more glamour all year round, than with the completely divine Pegasus Necklace. I love love love it.  An instant addition to any plain black top to turn into the perfect evening outfit.  Or with just a plain tee and some vintage jeans for a laid back bbq. I need this in my life. 

Honestly I could go on forever.  I would advise a blissful perusal with a cuppa (or something stronger...) and defy you to find something you love.  Stella and Dot  Just before I go, I'd definitely check out the sale site where they have the loveliest charms to go layer up on a faceted ball chain necklace.  So so cute.  This is the necklace and you go and add the charms you want (from the sale section and also from the charm section) 

If you would like to have a party - there are details on the website.  I can't wait for the summer when I'm sure not everyone will be on holiday and will be more than desperate for an excuse for a girls get together chez moi.  Anyone up for it?!

A last minute round up of what I've been wearing yesterday and today.  Let's just say I'm loving the weather!!

Nude vest - (not seen but very much vital) - Primark
White blouse with silver button detail down back - Zara
Chambray wide leg trousers - Zara
Tan belt - Primark
Tan clog sandals - NW3 by Hobbs
Brown cuff with gold rope detail - Hultquist
Gold renegade bracelet - Stella & Dot
Gold flower earrings - Etsy
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Tan shopper - Zara

And today for complete kiddy day - watching swimming this morning, dropping smallest at his school induction this afternoon and then taking the brood after school for swimming and a picnic.  Making the most of the "summer"....... My clearly pissed off expression is due to me just having looked at the forecast for tomorrow. Not good.  Boots, you're up again.

White longline ribbed vest - Joseph
Striped diamante skull tee - Zara
Navy linen knit waistcoat - James Lakeland (via TK Maxx)
Faded straight leg jeans turned up - Earl
Silver hav rip offs - George at Asda (as good as the Primark ones but £2.50.  Faint.)
Silver ball bracelet with silver heart charm - local boutique now closed down
Silver vintage charm bracelet - Mawi
Fuchsia Roxanne tote bag - Mulberry 

Hope you're all doing well with the sale shopping.  As some have commented, I will say that the Zara sale is due to start (due to my source!) next Thursday 28th.  I have my list, anything on yours?  I had planned to go to London today in an attempt to perhaps see if I could source an Italy Outfit but my hay fever has attacked me with a vengeance and I woke up feeling exceptionally sorry for myself.  (this is clearly the Karma Fairy coming and biting me on the arse as I was crowing last week at having escaped hay fever this year.  Tool.)  Hence the slob outfit and the slob day. 

Tomorrow, I shall try harder!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sales Cock Up Take One.

Oh feckity feck feck feck.  

I have come to the conclusion over the trillions of years (clearly slight exaggeration - put it down to distinct irritation.  As you may have gathered I am not in the best of moods) that I have been sales shopping, that it's not an art form, it's the luck of the draw.  There is no gift in being able to sales shop, it's about being in the right place at the right time.  Prime example being my Acne boots which I bagged at 1am in the morning from the NAP A/W sale earlier in the year.  I know for a fact they weren't there an hour or so previously.

Actually maybe there is such a thing though, as Sales Karma. Hmm now that I could believe in.  I fear I may have used up all my sales luck for this year.  Sob. 

So firstly, this S/S the sales are all over the shop.  The designer sales have already started.  My Wardrobe, Matches - all gone into sale.  Net-a-Porter, slightly later - today I believe.  As I predicted, every thing that I had earmarked has either not gone into the sale, sold out or isn't reduced enough to warrant buying.  Not a huge surprise - I shall not let myself get upset about it.  Not enough to chalk up as a Sales Cock Up.

What does constitute a Sales Cock Up is the following.  Being ridiculously adamant that I am not going to cave and buy things just because they're reduced.  An excellent adage by which to set sail into the summer.   Of course, it's complete baloney. 

Because what does happen is that one studiously ignores all the emails that come through screaming SALE SALE SALE.  DELETE DELETE DELETE.  And polish halo.  I shall not be deterred.  Ditto with the sales brochures that plop enticingly onto the door mat.  BIN BIN BIN. Oh how virtuous I feel. 

Of course what has happened in reality (and what happens every fecking year.  Just tattoo moron on my forehead) is that I bin most of the brochures but keep the one that "might" have a gem in.  I then open it a day or two later - like today - and of course see a bag that I literally can't possibly survive without.  How on earth did I not see this and earmark it previously?  GAH.

Frantically dash to website - can't find it.  Hastily call the call centre.  The dreaded dreaded phrase.  "It's sold out" 


I need this bag in my life.  Ok so actually I would love the Stella McCartney one that it's clearly modelled on but I am not paying the spondoolies that she charges for a pleather bag. However this one, which was reduced to £49, I would absolutely have paid for, for pleather.  Maybe that's why I didn't highlight it first time round - it was £109.  Nay for nay leather, I'm afraid.

I can't even show you a pic as it's been deleted from the website and therefore from my life. I am in Sales Mourning. 

The quest for a black bag goes on.  I can guarantee I will manage to elevate it into a saga. (now That is a gift...)

So that was Sales Cock Up Take One.  Believe me, I shall be back with more.  There are a smattering of High Street shops that have gone into sale.  LK Bennett, Hobbs, Massimo Dutti, Warehouse, Jones the Bootmaker, Gap, Joseph, Office, Dune, Clarks and Phase Eight (the latter 4 though had done the usual trick of dragging out a whole load of tat from heaven's knows where whilst the majority of Summer stock is still full price)  John Lewis' is due to start this Thursday.  Zara, I have been assured, isn't this week.  I will report back as soon as I know more ie the more interesting ones where I'm hoping to bag a bargain - Whistles, Reiss and All Saints.  So setting myself up for a fall but hey, that's Sales Shopping for you.

Finishing up with a very brief what I wore today.  Still nothing particularly summery.  But it's not raining, so we shall move swiftly on.

White linen jersey, edged with silk shirt - H&M
Distressed skinny ankle zip jeans - Zara
Grey blazer - Topshop
Silver ballet pumps - Zara
Silvery heart and charm necklace - Taylor Stephens (another fab item I got from the party the other night!)
White gold and diamond key necklace - Theo Fennell
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Tan shopper - Zara

Hope everyone has a great evening.  I shall try to be less pathetic than to sit here lamenting the loss of my perfect black bag.  I shall not succeed.  Loser.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

A party where you can buy clothes? What's not to love?!

Especially one where there are copious amounts of alcohol and a great bunch of gals - pretty much my idea of heaven (and as there were Kettle Chips, I'd say it could almost be deemed perfect) 

Ok so perhaps I exaggerate but last Thursday I had a clothes party at my house, hosted by the lovely Caroline, who is an agent of the company Taylor Stephens.  She came over during the day and set up a number of rails with clothes on, as well as having a selection of jeans, trousers, scarves, jewellery and bags.  The clothes are a great selection of colours, styles and prints.  To give you an idea here are some photos, before the locusts descended!

Best thing, is that I don't think there's anything that costs over £35!  Most tops are around the £22/£25 mark and a lot of those are actually real silk.  There is a wide variety of styles, I'd really say something for everyone.  I loved that there was only one, maybe two of each item in each colour.  So no chance of five of you turning up on the next girl's night out in the same top. (unless you all bought it in different colourways - there was a gorgeous butterfly top which, let's just say was very popular... Phone calls needed before you wear it on our next night out ladies.)  

Secondly most things are unlike other things that you see on the high street.  Clearly a nod to what's on trend (god I hate that saying but anything that describes in fashion, manages to come cross as, pardon my French, rather wanky) but just some great summer items.  For if it ever gets warmer. 

The fact that things are so reasonable, means it's a great way to try things that you wouldn't normally wear.  Even better, if you host a party you get a percentage of the sales to take in product yourself.  Free clothes.  Yup, actually free clothes.  The Husband thought it was bloody Christmas. I went shopping and didn't spend any money, he had a pass out for the evening and there is a load of red wine left that I bought as everyone drank champagne or white wine.  Happy Days Chez Moi.  I can tell this is going to be a regular gig in my house! 

If anyone in the South East would be interested in throwing a Taylor Stephens party at their house or just for more information (and it doesn't have to be in the evening with booze, could just as easily be during the day for coffee - although not sure I'd have had 50 gals turning up for coffee!  I think part of the lure was definitely a good night out), send an email to  If you don't fancy doing it yourself, try and persuade a friend as you can honestly bag some great bargains and it really does make for a great evening.  I'm trying to work how soon I can do another one. 

Here's are some of the other goodies that I got. In fact so impressed with them that I've worn three of the items already.

Emerald green 100% silk and jersey loose top.  Style is very much what I'd usually wear but the colour is so far out of my comfort zone, I'm verging on changing my name to Dorothy.

Scarf print silky angel wing top.  I wouldn't have bought this (despite my current obsession with scarf print - I've been trying to abstain.....) but the friends I was with said it looked great on. (we may have had a cheeky trying on session in the morning which enabled me to be "hostess" in the evening.  ie have a good old drink and direct people to the table of booze to help themselves.  Not sure I ever passed my Hostess badge in Brownies - that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it)  Anyway, I was swayed by them - it hides a multitude of sins and it was free!   But I love it.  Have already worn it as you can see below.  Super chuffed.

Now this mink oversized top is clearly right up my normal street.  I would definitely have bought it anyway - £22 I think, maybe £25, gorgeous drapey jersey edged with silk.  So easy to wear.  Very very pleased with it. 

This sequin collar 100% silk top isn't something I'd normally buy (although again, I'd probably have given it a go at £28) but I think it will be a perfect top for those super hot summer nights over skinny jeans - either white ones for a dressier look or distressed slightly faded ones for an edgier vibe.  I reckon it's pretty timeless as well so will probably be a staple part of my summer wardrobe for years to come.  Gorgeous grey/beige colour which actually is super flattering on me.  I have to be careful with these colours when there's lots of flesh on show and I can't have another colour near my face to break it up as I can look hideously washed out.  But the sequins really do lift it.  The perfect shade. 

I did also get a great black blazer with tan elbow pads.  However I managed to leave that at the function I went to on Friday night although handily I do have a photo of the outfit so you can see what it's like.  

Here's what I've been wearing, including my new bits!

Friday.  I was shabby. I was more than shabby, I was a mess.  Exhausted and ever so slightly hungover.  RR3 had actually been sick during the party the night before so couldn't go to nursery so we hunkered down for the day (ie he watched Cbeebies and I snoozed on the sofa)

Mink jersey and silk oversized top - Taylor Stephens
Floral skinny jeans - Primark
Apricot and beige tassel scarf - Mint Velvet
Clay Thelma wedges - Ash
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Vanilla Roxanne - Mulberry 

Friday night I had to pull myself together as I had a school function.  Which ended up being an absolute blast with friends coming back to ours for a 2.30 am finish.  Wearing two of my new purchases (well gifts!) - scarf print top and black blazer.

Scarf print top - Taylor Stephens
Grey straight leg trousers - Day Birger et Mikkelson
Black blazer - Taylor Stephens
Black and gold chain necklace - Made
Dull gold chunky link bracelet - Made
Nude sandals - Zara
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

Saturday - well following the debacle of the night before, enough said.  Dragged the whole family to school football for RR2, as I knew they served the most fantastic bacon sandwiches there.  Result.  Plus I got an iota of fresh air and didn't feel too guilty about spending a large amount of the remainder of the day on the sofa.  The less said about the quantity of carbs I consumed, the better. 

Navy and white striped jersey longline top - Joules
Distressed ankle zip skinny jeans - Zara
Brown leather biker jacket - All Saints
Gun metal hi tops - Ash
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Jubilee scarf - Scarf Envy 

And today for sunshine.  Wasn't quite as warm as it looked, hence the scarf (I am still loving this scarf - the colours mean it just goes with everything.  Will be a staple come the A/W definitely. So, so useful) 

Navy and Camel racer back maxi dress - New Look 
Wide tan hipster belt - Fever
Denim jacket - Red Herring at Debenhams 
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry
Beaded leather cuff - Jigsaw
Cross body battered chestnut bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

And now I am off to enjoy the wonderful dinner The Husband has cooked.  Father's Day and his treat is being able to cook.  I know. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Could this be my holy grail LBD?

Well, one that I can afford anyway.  Since looking for the Italy Outfit (as it shall from here on be called) became duller than a dull thing and was clearly taking over my internet surfing life, I had (hell knows how) neglected to remember that I had a black tie 40th.  Next weekend. 

Now to be fair, the reason I wasn't panicking was that I do have a back up.  Well, one of my closest friends has my back up dress and has in fact had it for about five years.  There clearly is a sensible brain cell rattling around my head somewhere as, what would normally happen is, I would have asked for return of said dress next Friday say, to wear on Saturday night.  In my head this dress still looks great.  Black satin strapless, very fitted, just below the knee, little fishtail at the back.  You can guarantee that in reality, as I've had 3 children since I last wore it (I bought it for my hen do - this story just gets worse, doesn't it?) the chances of it fitting me properly would be lower than zero.  And it's probably actually quite nasty.

So, partly as a distraction and partly as that sensible brain cell has a loud voice saying go and find something or you'll be going in your pants, I've been having a look for a dress that would suffice for a black tie dress code and one that would also just be a handy LBD.  Or just an LBD as I actually don't have one.  Shock. Horror.  But, as I may have mentioned one or a million times, I'm not really a dress person (no shit sherlock).

And what do you know.  I think I've come up trumps.  I haven't had to resort to feeding the kids beans for the rest of the month (ok so maybe cheesy beans and I can stretch to a sausage or two - Annabel Karmel, back in your box) and - oh and this is the most wonderful bit - it covers my knees.  YEEE HAAAAAAA.  Well, it covers my knees when I stand still.  I'm slightly scared that when I walk it might ride up and flash double doughy knees at the world but I can either a) waddle or b) just not walk anywhere.  Works for me.

If that wasn't enough, it gets better.  The ruching of it means that it's so flattering, it gives me curves. I actually don't look like an ironing board with two fried eggs glued on a third of the way down.  And lastly - oh bum, I think this really might be age evident - it's comfy.  I don't have to breathe in permanently (another reason why ruching should be sainted). 

I don't have a pic of me in it but here it is - The Taka Darwin Dress from All Saints

I have shoes (Zara - black suede either shoes or ankle strap sandals) and a bag (Coast bullet bag) (Husband - are you reading?!) but could probably do with (Husband - stop reading now) some new mega Pat Butcher stylee earrings.  I am chuffed.

I'm also thinking if there's any way I can maybe wear shoehorn it into the Italy Outfit hole.  Am thinking I'm going to struggle for a day ceremony in Italy in the blistering August heat.  Perfect for the night do though.  So I "may" be partly there.  I'm leaving this subject now.  As am too hungover. 

Which leads me neatly onto the last couple of days which have been totally manic here.  Last night, had my launch party of my Wardrobe Consultation & Personal Shopping business, along with a Taylor Stephens clothes party.  Fantastic night (tomorrow will do complete blog on party and all the wonderful clothes - have loads to report) and a huge public thank you to all my friends who came and made it such a successful evening.  I also have a great new logo and so shall be remodelling the blog in the next few weeks and putting on a page all about the business for anyone who may be interested.  In the meantime if you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me on

So a quick round up of what I've been wearing in - wait for it - the sunshine.  Oh lord, how much better does life seem when it's not raining?

Wed - great meeting with a wonderful lady who sells the most beautiful jewellery.  Have some on the way and can't wait to blog about it!   Plus a successful haul in Majestic Wine of supplies for Thursday night.  

Blush silky jersey t-shirt - H&M
White straight leg jeans turned up - Zara
Brocade jacket - Wallis
Statement stone and gold necklace - Anthropologie
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry
Brown leather cuff - Hultquist
Tan multistrap wedges - Clarks
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Vanilla Roxanne - Mulberry 

And yesterday I didn't even have time to take a photograph of my day outfit.  Can you believe it?!  Last night, RR1 was in bed and so the lovely Mrs. L was nominated as Photographer.  This was taken exceptionally late hence I am a little worse for wear.  But you get the gist.  (I also couldn't get her to take 80 photos like RR1 does.  So it was these or nothing)

Beige longline vest - Primark
White loose knit top - Cos
Black leather corsage necklace - Sportsmax
Black/navy/beige leopard print trousers - Whistles 
Black suede sandals - Zara
Black blazer - newly purchased last night!  More on that tomorrow. 

So it's goodbye from me today but see you definitely tomorrow.  Out again tonight - and wearing a new purchase from last night.  Beyond bargainous.  I can't wait to tell you all about it. 

Oh and did I mention we have chicks?  Three week old chicks.  In the kitchen.  Hmmmm.  And people wonder why I drink.  

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

In case anyone was interested in more of my A/W wardrobe?


I'm refusing to mention the (soaking, fecking wet) elephant in the room.  Suffice to say I'm drinking my way through - it has to be cheaper than turning the heating on. (when your windows are as drafty as ours that is.  That's my excuse & I'm sticking with it.) 

I can't even muster enthusiasm at mentioning S/S clothes. Seriously wtf is the point?  I do have a wedding to go to in Italy in August.  (which I may or may not have mentioned.....)  I have zero idea what I'm going to wear which, for those who know me in real life and have experience of my Event outfit shopping - all groan now.  I am a nightmare.  For other people - no problems at all.  Have recently had two personal shopping days with girls for wedding outfits, head to toe, both over the moon with their outfits (so they told me anyway!) 

But personally?  Epic Fail.  Put it this way - last wedding I went to of one of my best friends. Wedding was in Mayfair on a Saturday afternoon.  I was shopping for my outfit on Saturday morning in Covent Garden.  Oops.  I am a disaster when it comes to shopping for myself for weddings.  And the main reason is that I hate my knees.  I genuinely do not have great knees.  Think knees that have vomited other little knees down the front of my leg.  Double doughy knees.  It's not good.  Couple bulbous knees with white pasty shins, bony ankles, veiny feet and toes that look like fingers, it's no surprise that I favour trousers and shoes.  

I really probably should be thinking about it seeing as the sales are about to start and I may be able to bag a bargain.  But this weather is (she says dramatically going for the Oscar) Killing Me. 

So I shall leave the subject of wedding outfits for another day. 

And shall instead have a quick mention of the most delicious brand I came across recently whilst half heartedly surfing for an Italy outfit.  An indication of just how lacking my motivation was, what I found was in the boot section of Net A Porter.  Exactly.  I may still be trying to work out if I can swing, in any way shape or form, ankle boots to go with my outfit to justify buying them.  I'll be honest - it's not looking good.

So bollocks to the summer, let's talk something we can actually wear.  Boots. 

These are my new Lust for the A/W.  

Rag & Bone Classic Newbury boots

And the same in Black

Cute grey ankle boots as well from Rag & Bone. 

I think they're all lovely - the clothes from Rag & Bones are also stunning.  Definitely a label worth looking at for low price designer.   Can't wait to see the rest of their A/W footwear range.

And whilst we're on the subject of boots -( which frankly as I'm typing, I'm thinking isn't remotely stupid considering the amount of wear I've had out of my Ash Thelmas in the past couple of weeks.  They've barely left my feet)  a lovely cheaper option and one to watch as they may well go into sale in the next week or so, is this pair from Cos.

Now a massively dull round up of what I've been layering up in the past couple of days. 

For Sunday - well, God loves a trier.  I was giving it my all to will the sun to come out.  Fat lot of use that was.  My kids swam in the rain.  A vague attempt on my part to look summery.  I gave up on Monday.  For the record, I am freezing and ever so slightly pissed off in this photo....

White t-shirt - Isabella Oliver 
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Earl
Floral jersey blazer - Zara
Rose gold pumps - Zara
White gold and diamond key pendant - Theo Fennell 
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Fuchsia Roxanne Tote - Mulberry 

A Rather Rubbish photo indoors yesterday as it didn't stop raining for us to take it outside.  As you can see, hair was the main casualty of the weather.  

Silky jersey beige t-shirt - H&M
Khaki zip skinnies - By Malene Birger
Clay Thelma wedge trainers - Ash
Brown leather biker jacket - All Saints
White gold & diamond key pendant - Theo Fennell 
Fabulous Finches scarf in Owl brown - Mulberry
Fuchsia Roxanne Tote - Mulberry 

And today when it was slightly less wet.  A lovely lunch for a lovely friend's birthday.  And lots and lots of admin and work getting organised for big night at mine on Thursday.  Getting excited!!

Striped block colour jersey tunic - H&M
Skinny distressed jeans - Zara
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Brown leather biker jacket - All Saints
Clay Thelma wedge trainers - Ash
Gold filigree earings - Etsy
Fuchsia Roxanne Tote - Mulberry 

Now let's not all get too excited but tomorrow I believe we have 48 hours of "summer".  I can scarcely believe it - we may be able to shed a layer.  Watch this space. 

Would love to know how everyone else is coping with this weather and what you're wearing. Have you resorted to full on Winter garb?  Or are you braving the elements in flipflops and refusing to give in??!!