On your marks. Get set.

GO.  At midnight tonight.  To either a) bag a steal in the Zara sale or b) have a shit fit as the site crashes again and again and you're beyond tired.  The latter of course may just be me.  Can't recall the Zara sale at Christmas so no idea how robust their IT network is. (is that what you call it?  I was going to try and blag the jargon but thought I'd look a complete tosser if it's wrong.  I'd rather admit minor incompetence than look like a tool.) 

Of course there is the possibility that their reductions may be unbelievably paltry.  They have had (apparently) an amazing season, hence their sale is a week later than usual.  I prefer not to think (and certainly don't let on to The Husband) that that is primarily due to my personal purchases from them, but rather that they have had the most amazing product selection, from shoes and bags through to blazers and basics.  I have, however, bought the majority of my purchases this season, from there.  I do normally buy from a wider selection of stores and this usually includes a small selection of designer beauties but Zara really has served me well.  

Now I had planned to do this post on my favourite and successful Zara items I've purchased this season with links from the website so that if anyone did fancy buying them, they'd have an easy time finding them.  Yes, well, scrap that.  Nice idea but practically every item I was going to list is no longer online.  Whether or not they bring back old stock to the website specifically for the sale, I don't know - I certainly know they do instore.   Hence my legging it early doors after drop off with Rugrat 3 (lucky lucky boy - I have the sweets at the ready.  Lots of them.  Knackered teeth or a host of Zara bargains?  Obvious choice, surely?)

So from what I could find, my recommendations would be:-

Cheetah print ponyskin shopper  This is a great buy for the A/W.  Currently £89.99 (I didn't think it was that much - I fear this may have been a tipsy purchase from the Kings Road earlier in the year)

The linen basic t-shirt.  This is just great.  So useful (although with the white one I do have to wear a vest underneath) and they wash really well as well.  Size down, they come up big.

And errrrr that's it online.  My other recommendations that I've had, have loved and would recommend are 

Floral jersey blazer - this isn't going to take you into the winter but will serve you well in the Autumn.  Especially as we are clearly going to have an Indian Summer (if I say it enough times out loud, it Will come true)
Silk Scarf print jacket - again, as above, but I think this will definitely last the test of time into next S/S as well.  And one to keep in the wardrobe.  A distinctive but classic print in easy to wear, neutral, timeless colours. 
Nude strappy sandals - definitely last you next S/S as well. 
Black suede ankle strap sandals - ditto above.  

I'm sure there must be more (otherwise I've been uncharacteristically abstemious - clearly there is more...) but the above definitely stand out as purchases I'm pleased with. 

Ending on what I wore today, which was slightly ambitious seeing as I don't think the sun actually came out once.  Iphone weather widget - you are crap.  However it was hugely muggy so I didn't look like a complete eejit.  It was one of my close friend's 40th birthday today so spent a luxurious morning having breakfast at a great local restaurant - bliss.  And Happy Birthday L xxxxx

Scarf print maxi dress - Dorothy Perkins
Gold filigree earrings - Etsy
Dull god Hav rip offs - Primark
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

Looking forward to hearing how we all fared in the Zara sale.   I'm going with an open mind although I do have a couple of items on my wishlist - something of the blazer variety and a skirt (long obviously!) wouldn't go amiss.  Happy shopping everyone (and let's just hope it's not a total wipeout)

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12 comentarios:

  1. I'll be waiting up until midnight, already have a 'virtual' basket full :) Hope it's good!

    Your dress is gorgeous!

    Laura :)

  2. I'm at a wedding tomorrow so I doubt I will have time to look as being picked up at 11 for 2 hour trip to Uckfield!

  3. D is at a tennis tournament 15 mins from Lakeide. Guess where his lucky siblings are headed after dropping him off. And watching for a bit I suppose!

  4. Fab dress! Good luck with the Zara sale - I never find anything to fit me there - I am too pear shaped for it all and REFUSE to buy anything in a size L - insulting!! So I shall live this sale vicariously through you :)

  5. Hi Kat, I'm so glad I didn't stay up last night as my 6am visit to the site proved beyond disappointing. The linen t-shirts that, like you, I love, aren't even reduced, and the jacket I had my eye on is only down £20 from £80 (I was expecting half price!). Hope you had better luck,

  6. Same as the above, so disappointed and very annoyed that I missed out on some sleep for it. The blazer I fancied was barely educed so I didn't bother.

  7. Love the dress, only wish I was tall enough for a maxi - I just look like I've got my mum's clothes on! If you know where I could pick up the Zara strappy sandals in nude in a 4 or 5 I would be eternally grateful. I can't find them anywhere even on European sites, :( They are even on a fashion article in the Mail today grrrr Thanks! xx

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  9. Hi Kat,

    just returned from my mammoth spending sesh at the zara sale, managed to find the linen t-shirt you recommended, £9.99 bargain!(only had the colour red in the Hull store tho) Some nude strappy sandals!!! Bargain! , two pairs of patent ballet pumps (black and brown), an asymmetrical skirt and a lovely leopard print shirt, although I agree the discounts were a bit disappointing. Overall still a bargainous shop, I look forward to reading about your finds :-)

  10. happy to report I scored a floral jersey blazer, although disappointing discount at only £10 off it was now or never! Sadly no nude strappy sandals or black sandals which was looking for. Linen T shirts in abundance online for 9.99 The blazer is lovely, truly a thing of beauty, goes well with jeans etc but would be interesting to see how you dressed it up for a smarter occasion.

  11. Love the dress I was there early all excited to leave empty handed. I felt that there was a lot of ne w discounted stock and a limited selection of the items I had been interested in. I went back later and bought white trousers n shirt but it was my most disappointing Zara sale but husband happy.

  12. I bought the Zara cheetah print bag Kat, it's just arrived and i LOVE it!!! Haven't actually got to a store yet to have a trying on sesh (which i find i have to do with Zara stuff, it doesn't always fit my shape). So anyway, thanks for posting lots of enabling pics of the bag!