Slight change of plan.

So.  I'm on the mend, which is excellent.  What is not so excellent is that I have a daughter who now has what I had.  Hence I was not at the lovely Mint Velvet Press Day, neither was I having lunch with The Husband, nor was I swanning around JCrew, wafting my credit card in the pretence that I may sell a kidney and buy something. 

I had, however, hoovered the hall, the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and drunk way too much coffee.  Oh and neglected to call school to tell them that RR1 wasn't in as she was still asleep in bed and I had forgotten to let them know. Cue text message (how modern) asking if there was a reason she wasn't there.  That Mummy of the Year award clearly doesn't have my name on it this time round. 

So as I couldn't get to JCrew (even though I've heard a rumour that they won't let you take photos in store as they want to "control image".  Be eejits is more like it.   Photos or no photos, as all their images are online - yeah geniuses - I can copy their "image" to my hearts content) I thought the next best thing would be to hunt down my JCrew look online. 

With my party hat firmly on (and not even necessarily party - let's just say glam night out - hell any night out will do), as much as a dress is lovely to wear, we all know that I am totally addicted to trousers.  And as a dressier alternative to my beloved skinnies or my newly branched out into straight legs rolled up, what better option that a 7/8ths length cigarette pant. 

From whence the inspiration came.  Of course, I wouldn't plan on sticking with this purely for nighttime - since when have I not been obsessed with buying outfits that can fit more than one purpose.  Ideally I would also be looking to wear these during the day. 

Collection Cafe Capri in Tie Silk £198 Clearly these can no more be put in the washing machine as I would be likely to regularly take them to the dry cleaners. 

Collection Cafe Capri in Tattersall £288 (yes that's right)  in navy and orange.  I love them but I'm afraid on no analysis do I love them nearly £300 worth! 

And the rest from JCrew are all as insanely priced as that.  Especially insane when you think for monetary purposes, they've just exchanged a dollar for a pound.  It must get to a point where it's actually worth flying to the US, buying your clothes (plus chucking in your Uggs and Sam Edelmans, Tory Burch and DVF as well - not forgetting J Brand - if it fits you, grrrr) having a fab weekend and flying home.  Now why didn't I think of that earlier......

In the meantime however as I mull over my cunning plan in more detail, what do we have on offer here with a more palatable price tag?

Well I would stick my neck out and say that a pretty good contender to the UK JCrew throne would have to be Boden.  Apart from the fact that it's infinitely cheaper. 

And certainly, I reckon I prefer a lot of their Bistro Crop trousers anyway (hmm not that you're meant to draw a comparison at all- oh no.  Despite one being cafe and one being called bistro......) 

Until midnight tonight Thursday there is 22% off.  Tomorrow it goes down to 15% 

Wow Bistro Crop (there use of wow there not mine for the record)  £69.42

Absolutely LOVE the Spot Jacquard in black and gold for also £69.42

The black polka dot is now an absolutely bargain at £29.91.  I love the idea of these with a black or cream blouse (yes, blouse) and a pair of cobalt blue pointy kitten heels or stilettos. 

Full on Christmas in the red  £69.42 As you can see they also look fab with ballet pumps.

There are similar shapes on the market which would work just as well - a peg leg is a great slight variation.

Paisie Peg Leg Trousers in navy and black £62 (machine washable) 

Back to the classic cigarette shape in a fabulous price.  Not sure I really love it with this top at all - I'd probably team this with navy to pick up the background of the trousers or with cream.   Great things about these as because they are less high maintenance and you can fling them in the machine and so are much easier to wear on a daily basis.  These would be ideal for channelling your inner Jenna and wear with shirt and sweatshirt.  Fab with a pair of sneakers (check me out) or keeping it a little more upmarket with a pair of loafers or ballet flats (embrace the pop sock.  I know it's a dirty word but it beats having chicken plucked looking blue ankles) 

Warehouse Baroque Trousers Dark Red £32 (on price match) 

Jaeger Animal Jacquard Print in navy - £165  Absolutely love these.  So luxurious. 

Another luxury pair from Reiss - so stunning.  Would also be ideal to take you into the Spring/Summer.  Worth paying that little bit extra for. 

Paris Textured Bronze Animal Print Trousers from Reiss £125

NW3 by Hobbs Geo Jacquard trousers in french navy reduced to £77  A more classic pair with just a hint of texture. 

If purple is your thing then these from Kaliko would be super flattering with a flat front, side fastening. 

Kaliko Jacquard Slim leg trousers in purple for £68 on price match 

These Jaeger Spotty Slim leg ones are now reduced to £60 and they go in the machine! YAY.  Again, with a white shirt and black sweatshirt (oh hello Hush Liquorice one - I must put my order in tomorrow....), black stiletto court shoes, these would be perfect for Christmas day, fancy lunch - am totally and utterly in love.  I reckon these look just as expensive as any from JCrew.  Pah. 

If you'd rather a plain navy and would prefer to let your top, shoes or jewellery do the talking then these from Jaeger are an absolute must. 

Jaeger London 7/8ths slim trouser now £75  And again, they go in the machine.  Who knew?

On a role with the Jaeger sale offerings.  These are just beyond fabulous and not a dry cleaning symbol in sight. (can you tell I'm rather giddy at this discovery.  As bonkers as it sounds I'd really rather pay over the odds for trousers that I can wash as I'll get so so much more wear out of them)

Boutique By Jaeger Leopard Print Trousers £49

Moving onto festive reds, this dark red from Oasis are perfect (oh hello machine wash again) and would look fab with winter whites.  I also love red with camel - looks fab paired with camel and black.

Oasis Leila Jacquard Trousers Burgundy on price match for £28

If you did want to try them out for the Christmas season then these would be the perfect option from F&F at Tesco.  A beautiful cranberry shade of red. 

F&F Signature 7/8th Slim Leg Trousers - £20 

And so there we have a pretty good selection to get your teeth into.  To complete my alternative party outfit, also need to look at tops.  Whilst for the day I am really getting my head around a shirt (still to purchase) and sweatshirt (tick) or jumper (compiling shopping list as we speak), definitely a blouse (boak I know it's a bad word but there we are - it's what they're called and there are some fabbo ones out there) and some killer heels. 

As much as I love my ankle boots I don't think they work at all with these sorts of trousers so we can absolutely justify new shoes.   The blogs are on their way. 

So finishing with my outfit from today.  This isn't exactly what I had planned to wear for my day of escape to London town but hey ho.  A trip to Lidl was possibly the most exciting thing I got round to doing today (which is one of the reasons it has taken me so long to complete this blog - £5 gluhwein.  We have a new Lidl that has opened in town and so I'm undertaking a Public Service Broadcast project and am testing products.  Clearly it's taken me at least three glasses to ascertain my thoughts on the gluhwein.  Conclusion is - better than most as much less sweet.  You're welcome.  I take requests) 


White longsleeved tee - H&M
Navy Horsing Around sweatshirt - JCRew
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Gunmetal Virgins - Ash
Grey Charelle bag - Whistles
Leather cuff - Hultquist
Grey, navy and white leopard print scarf -  Mint Velvet

So how is everyone else's Christmas Party Outfit shopping going?  Have you decided whether you're going to stick to a dress or branch out in dressy trousers?  I fear I may need more parties to go to with all of the outfits I am selecting.  Oops. 

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23 comentarios:

  1. I gulp at their prices but bloody hell Kat you've come up with some great alternatives for much more realistic money. Off to check the Boden ones out now x

    1. The Boden ones are honestly gorgeous. Am beyond tempted by the black and gold dot ones.

  2. Oh no, poor you - I would be gutted if I had to give up such a fabulous day - MV, JCrew and special lunch. Think this justifies mummy of year award (and clearly negates the lack of phone call to school!). Hope she feels better soon. Not feeling the shiny jacquard print cigarette pants I'm afraid - just not my style. Think I couldn't flash a bare ankle (too cold and too faffy for fake tan in winter) and you're right, they wouldn't work with an ankle boot - a shoot maybe. Are you saying you don't have any shoots?! However, do do a post please on shoots (black preferably) as they are "my list".

    1. I had such a great day yesterday for the IM launch at H&M (even though I was only at my local one) and a great shopping day with lunch with my bessie later, I honestly didn't mine. Now interestingly I don't have any proper shoots. HOWEVER I did some research yesterday and there will be some more coming up. I did do a blog on them a while ago though if you look back! In amongst some ankle boots there are definitely some shoots.

  3. Hi Kat...I am hooked on your blog- it's become a daily addiction! Can you do anything on the new Isabel Marant for H&M collection out tomorrow? It looks great online - true to her style and uses lots of decent fabrics...Have no chance of getting anywhere near a store to see it in the flesh. Also, would love a glove/scarf/arm warmer/hat blog. Struggling with this - don't want to bematchy match but don't want to look like Helena BC either (as much as I love her work!) Thanks!

    1. Lucy thank you so much for your lovely comments. I do indeed have loads to report from the IM collection, coming up later. And yes, definitely an accessories blog is way overdue x

  4. I did make it to jcrew today and was underwhelmed indeed. Gap sweaters and m&s or tesco cashmere, boden trousers, zara jewellery, anyone's shoes - I could go on....skip the shoo, check the looks on line then shop in the Uk high street - bargain! Jcrew are having a laugh but anyone with sense can achieve the same looks for fractional prices. Kat you missed nothing except the stench of over expectation and the whiff of disappointment. Hx

  5. I have mentioned over on my little blog a few times that the Boden designers are definitely taking note from J crew and I also picked the gold dotted boden ones as my favourite.... Styled with a fab black cashmere and killer heels a great alternative to a dress. I love the Capri cigarette trouser.... Comfy, stylish and flattering for myself. Hope your little girl feels better soon.... I done that in past too forgot to call my little boys preschool, what are we like x

    1. Thank you love xxx. And Boden prices are infinitely more palatable than the JCREW ones!

  6. The Boden gold spot ones are gorgeous - as I mentioned before I struggle with them in the winter though as I can't bear cold feet and ankle boots just make legs look stumpy - trust me I've tried. I managed to grab about 4 pairs of the JCrew ones here in the sale last January for $20!! There final sale prices are great if they operate the same model over there - they rotate stock so often I never buy full price there - though I rarely by JCrew these days not needing to dress for the office...

    1. AARRGH I don't reckon we'll get much of a look in at the sales here yet seeing as most things seem to be going out of bloody stock! I will keep an eye on it though - and also I'm not sure if we get all the sales stuff - probably isn't worth their while shipping it. I'll stick to Boden and Jaeger!

  7. I love your conceptual idea with the black and cobalt polka dot pants. I, myself have a current obsession with cobalt blue.

    1. I'm definitely talking myself into that one. Thank you! xx

  8. Agree with anonymous that jcrew's sale page is fantastic for picking up bargains. Just had 40% off already reduced prices here in the USA so I grabbed a couple of dresses for $32 each! As they add new items to the main store every 6 weeks or so, stuff also moves rapidly into the sale area. Keep a lookout.

    1. Will do - thank you so much for the tip off xx

  9. I don't really get UK pricing for J Crew, the quality is no better than Boden, but it is priced like a designer brand. Didn't the Gap do identical design to the first pair last year? I bet you could find on Ebay now!

    1. IT does seem slightly insane. Mind you - Boden tends to fetch more on ebay than it cost first time round - utterly bonkers. x

  10. I work on Regent Street pretty much (top end though) and haven't yet made it to JCrew so ridiculous are the prices. I won't be buying so what's the point? I also tried to get into H&M today to have a look at the Marant collection. Sadly they wouldn't let me in without a wristband and I hadn't been queuing since the crack of dawn so I was out of luck. I could have had a "slot" at 11am but I don't think work would have been impressed if I'd disappeared then for an hour... Beyond ridiculous.

    I am a Lidl expert. Don't bother with the wine apart from the Gluhwein and possibly the prosecco. Great for basic tinned stuff, cold meats, fruit and veg and German Xmas treats. The free-range chicken is good value but I don't generally buy fresh meat there at all. Aldi is the place for budget wine!

    1. We don't have an Aldi - booooo. Have to say am loving all things Lidl at the mo!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. I think J Crew are taking the proverbial! They give us loads of great ideas, though, and you are quite right to source similar elsewhere. I have long body/ short leg syndrome so I fear the capri length but could possible get away with it with heels. I really like the Warehouse baroque pair, subtle and rich, a perfect Christmas look. What a drag that you missed out on a fab day :( I am at home, surfing, laughing at some of the prices, on Ebay, of the Isabel Marant for H & M range that has started to appear. H xx

    1. Apparently JCrew have amazing sales though so maybe worth keeping an eye out. And definitely worth just borrowing inspiration from there!