Let's layer up

It's cold isn't it?  As much as we're all gazing wistfully at all the new season loveliness that is piling up in the shops, it's too cold to wear them. 

Well I have a cunning plan.  A) to keep warm and B) to be able to wear some S/S gems - or even just change up some of your much loved but bored of, Winter outfits. 

We need layers.  And today I'm looking at super versatile undergarments that can give new life to old outfits whilst being practical at the same time.  This is going to be the key to my packing and is a look I love into the Spring - layering under jumpers and throwing on a huge scarf, hat and gloves and hey presto. 

These are also great for covering a multitude of sins.  I wear longline tops, particularly under sweatshirts and jumpers with skinnies as I just feel meh about having the tops of my jeans on show with the (high) risk of a flash of muffin if I lean over.  Not something that anyone needs to see, plus it's chilly!

I find I'm much more comfortable with the proportions if I have something slightly longer covering my modesty. 

My fave longline tops are from Hush.  These are a lovely thick stretchy fabric and I find have the added bonus of keeping everything tucked in as well (my lack of exercise, whilst not meaning I've put on any weight, alas has meant my body resembles a not quite set blancmange.  Just gawjus.  The more lycra, the better) 

L/L Stretch tee in Everglade - this one is now half price at £15

My must haves would be the grey, black and white.  All supremely useful on a daily basis.  £30 These are great for layering under jumpers and sweatshirts (personally I'm not brave enough to wear them on their own... think sausage trying to escape its skin..... ) but also under short sleeve tunic tops and shirts.

They also have longline vests which are perfect for under thick jumpers now (I find I don't always need a longsleeve top but don't have to have a jumper against my skin.. I appreciate I am odd....)  I also love these under a tee in the Spring when it's not quite full on tee weather....  Ditto a sweatshirt - in fact anything.

Two shades in the sale - the greeny blue Everglade as above, but also in a gorgeous shade of teal blue - the Mallard was £22.50 now £15

Classic neutrals are also a must have at full price though £22.50

Love the Charcoal Marl shade - perfect with blacks and greys. 

Others which I rate but the are more expensive are from Baukjen.  They do have some different colours though. 

Baukjen Essential Extra Long T in French Navy was £49 now £39

And in wine - was £49 now £41

I don't do this often, but I do have one for the Tallies here.... you won't see many mentions of this but..... Long Tall Sally.  I'll be honest, there really isn't much I rate from there.  But I am loving the look of these and if you do struggle with getting ones long enough, then these have got to be worth a go (free P&P and returns I believe....) 

Long Sleeve Long Line Jersey tunic in black and white £20 or two for £30

My other choice would be the plain black.

Alternatively you may find the normal length longer than normal on you and fine - I'm loving a stripe as a layer at the moment and this one is in the sale.  WIth LTS, my advice would be to size down.  In my experience, everything is very much the larger scale of sizing.

Long sleeve scoop neck tee was £18 now £12  They also do a whole host of other shades - normally £18 but two for £28

The other option that people rave about is Uniqlo - their Heat Tech range.  Now I've tried these and I can confirm that they feel amazing but... they are definitely made for the more petite amongst us.  Or just normal.  Not oversized at 5ft10 like I am.

Uniqlo Heat Tech Scoop Neck £12.90 in pretty much any colour you can think of

Or a Crew neck version £12.90  Again, colours a plenty, plus they do a V neck one online.

The alternative for taller people, a little bird told me is the men's versions.  Genius! 

Love the v neck for layering. 

Men Heat Tech V-neck T-shirt £12.90

Also loving the navy one.... 

So I need to get on with my packing - slightly surreal thought that I'm going to be honest, it's that long since I've been away from the children.......

But before then, I have a pretty fab weekend planned which requires lots of dress thought so I'll be focussing on that tomorrow.  

Outfit from yesterday - wrapping up against the cold.


Navy off duty cashmere jumper - Boden
Navy cable knit cardigan - Nicole Farhi
Navy and grey tie dye jeans - H&M
Grey crocheted beret - Primark
Black buckle boots - Toga Pulla 
Black quilted bag - Zara 

Hope everyone is keeping warm!  Spring seems a long way off at the moment, doesn't it?

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19 comentarios:

  1. I wear longline vest under pretty much everything & swear by H&M. They never shrink, bobble, fade or go saggy & are under a tenner each, love 'em! I like the look of the striped ones from LTS though x

    1. I have one from H&M but the rest I've bought are SHIT! It so so depends on which ones you manage to snag.

  2. Uniqlo heat tech are like my second skin at the moment, start every day with the tops and leggings. They do a nice turtle neck one and often have guest designers - Orla Keily was particularly good. That with my hush waterfall cardi are my live in essentials at the moment. Topped with a huge check scarf from Mango that was one of your spots so thanks! Can't wait to see the dresses!

    1. Excellent idea. You sound so cosy - amazing uniform!

  3. Maternity vests from H&M are great for layering (even when not pregnant), super stretchy, long in the body without the bump in the way, good Lycra content. Cheap too.

    1. It is wrong to admit I still wear my H&M maternity vests as pyjamas. I got them when I was pg with my second son who is EIGHT!

  4. .....If you're strapped for cash (and let's face it, at this point in January who isn't?? It feels like a loooong time to pay day) I have discovered Primark do something called a 'cami dress' - which is basically a long line vest with adjustable straps. I have no idea who in their right mind would wear it as a dress, but at £3 it does the layering job nicely. Sadly I can only find it in black and white in our branch.

    1. I live in their regular £2 vests. They are pretty long and have adjustable straps. Sized up when pregnant and they were long enough to stretch around bump. They come in every colour under the sun and at £2 I have multiples in every colour! x

    2. They are fab. I have them in every colour there is.

    3. AHA! I haven't found their cami ones but I do live in their shorter ones just generally. Means I have to go PRimark though which is the biggest balls ache ever from here. Just in the grottiest grottiest places to drive to! Why don't they put them on trading estates?! Easy to get in and out from!!

  5. Hi Kat et al - been looking at the Irish Shirt which is in the sale in Hush. Anyone got this and tried it. What is the sizing like and is the material nice. Basically is it worth trying?
    Kat - love the layering, but could you let me know what sizes you take in the Hush, LTS etc - really helps when you kindly let us know what you think of the sizes and what you take on your slim frame.

    1. So sorry - only just seen this - Hush I find comes up large so I tend to size down. So a Small or Medium. LTS, definitely small, they come up enormous. The Iris Shirt is lovely and I would say true to size. HTH!

  6. Love this post - and whilst I know you can't always chuck in advice for the tallies (6' here, and a size 14/16, basically a giant) it is fantastic to get a few pointers as I spend my life getting excited about clothes that look like they might be ok, then they arrive and are basically crop tops, which frankly is a look I really couldn't pull off.

    I find the Baukjen ones are great at the beginning but after a few washes look a bit shabby, All H&M vests way too short & I swore off LTS a few years ago, poor quality for the price and you always have to pay for returns (pet hate). Always like the look of your Joules stripy long line top but they don't do anything similar at the moment, shame! Love the blog, although I must go and do some work - the credit card is whimpering...(must step away from Hush too..)

    1. I will say the Baukjen ones haven't lasted so well BUT mine are now 3 or 4 years old and I wear them loads so they really owe me nothing. Joseph used to do some great ribbed ones but they're stopped them now. There is one H&M style of vest which is super super long but they're so hard to track down. All their tees are way too short, I agree. x

  7. I'm another 6 footer, I currently live in my Baujken long line tops. I hate the feel of jumpers against my skin so always have one underneath. Are the Hush ones the same length?

    Love LOVE your outfit pictured, I've been admiring your Toga Pulla's all season....

  8. Vera Moda does good long T-shirts, longsleaves and vests in a lot of colors. I have had a couple for a few winters now and they are still alright, so very good quality for your money (around € 20)

    1. People swear by these but I've never managed to find them!

  9. Try maternity or do a good feel of the other fabrics - some are great and super thick but others are truly pants. Do NOT go for 100% cotton. Lots of lycra needed! My OTK boot hunt has stalled at the Stuart Weitzman ones. Which are £100 more in Selfridges than the R&B SW ones.... The confusion is enough to make me walk away.....