Beating the dregs of the sale

So it's taken ALL season for the Mango special discount to come through but on the upside it's come through today at 40% off.  WHOOP.  It is only 30% if you buy one item so what an utter bum, you'll have to buy two things.  To be honest, there are now a gazillion disclaimers (YAWN) - anything with a star or a circle by it, anything that says "New In" and anything from A/W15.  Oh and leather apparel (I'm assuming this means clothing...) only has a 20% discount on it. 

Is anything going to be applicable? 

Code is 6VIP11.

To save you doing the hard work, I've trawled and picked out the best so you don't have to be disappointed when it all goes into sale and your size is sold out.  (that'll be on the 17th by the way) 

First up - jumpsuits.  

Scrap that.  No jumpsuits - they've all got a star next to them which means they're not reduced.  This is going well.  Not. 

Moving onto shirts, tops and blouses and much more success here.  I had a new shirt on today and it reminded me how useful these are for so many occasions.  They come under the heading of "super useful".  Can be worn casually, would look great with smarter shoes and trews - I'd also team with a skirt.  Now I did buy the matching culottes which I am umming and ahhing about as they were so so creased when I bought them (never bodes well....).  Though together they are a pretty cool outfit.  And I think they were £12.50.  I should probably keep them shouldn't I? 

But it did make me think that you can't actually have too many tops in your wardrobe.  Someone did ask the other day if I would do a going out tops blog and I personally would wear most of these out in the evening (admittedly not to a club but I can count on one hand the number of clubs I frequented last year).  Must do more skinny coated pleather numbers.

In the meantime - let's feast on some blouse porn.

All prices are pre 40% discount.

Decorative Pocket Shirt £26.99  Absolutely love the simplicity of these.

And the black version 

Crochet applique blouse £35.99  This with skinnies would be a winner for me.

And a white version - have to say I couldn't choose between them as both would be super useful.  Both would work equally well over denim or leather bottoms - of pretty much any colour. 

Another white version - pleated embroidery blouse £31.49

Slightly different option in dark navy - embroidered modal blouse £31.49

These will be the mainstay of your Summer wardrobe, trust me.  These are perfect with shorts - smart or casual, with jeans or over skinny coated jeans for an evening out.  My favourite though would be over skinny flares with huge heels.  Gorgeous.  And amazing with 40% off.

Crochet Panel Blouse £31.49

And they just keep on coming - Lace Textured Blouse in off white £35.99

Or super versatile in a totally plain version.  Every wardrobe needs one of these. 

Oversize Blouse £26.99

Also think it's super summery in the orange at a bargain price now with the 40% off

There are loads and loads of other similar tops online at Mango - I don't think I've seen such a good selection elsewhere to be honest, so do go and have a good look.  These are just ones that have floated my boat. 

Now a quick squizz at the best of the rest. 

Love this sweatshirt. 

Stripe Textured Sweatshirt £26.99

I've also found a solution to my fringing obsession (coming soon....waiting for them to be delivered - super super excited) but in the meantime, if you haven't - I think this is pretty darn marvellous.   Reason I love it - totally plain outfit otherwise - just jeans and sandals but with all the detail in the sweatshirt. 

Fringed cotton blend sweatshirt £31.49

Only 20% off this but I absolutely adore it and am gutted it's not available in a 12 as I would have purchased.  Perfect for now but it will be just as useful come the A/W with ankle boots.  Or knee high... Did I say that I took the M&S skirt back for the SECOND time?  I just couldn't get to grips with the waist being so high waisted.  I then bought the Self Portrait dress for a smidge (ok £100. Ouch, but it's worth it) more but I think it will have a lot more longevity for me personally and in the meantime, I'm planning on a tan leather one for A/W. 

And this one would have done the trick. DAMN IT. 

Premium Leather A line skirt £134.99

I'm not even going to look at the mini dresses from Mango as they are truly muff displaying on me.

However looking at some maxi ones, I am rather taken with this.  Although am ever so slightly concerned that I will look like Miss Haversham on speed in this and would prefer it at midi length... but I really really like it (I could always get happy with a sewing machine.. which is code for "take it to the dressmakers") 

Boho Flowy Dress £80.99

More fringing... this would be amazing for flinging on for the school run with a pair of ankle boots and a denim jacket or dress up for a boho night out (I have one of these in August.. but I do have a dress from my wardrobe that I have had for YEARS that's coming out.)

Fringed hem dress £44.99

Love love love this - not entirely sure when I'd wear it but..... ok so let's think - perfect with a denim jacket and flat sandals.  How about a blazer and Stan Smiths?  Having said that, you could probably only have one cheerio for breakfast followed by a grape for lunch, if wearing this...

Premium striped long dress £31.49 in navy.

Finally shoes.  I've featured loads of Mango shoes this season as they are on footwear fire. 

Loving this take on the classic espadrille.  

Leather Wrap Sandals £44.99

Ditto these ones.  

Esparto leather sandals £35.99

Finishing with these which I love almost as much as I love my Burberry ones.  Alas I can't justify them at all.  Please please can someone buy them so I can vicariously share them. 

Leather Gladiator Sandals £89.99  Amazing value with 40% off. 

So there we have my top tip to avoid the Sales torture.  Get the best discount before everyone else.  Go forth and shop. x

Finishing with pic from today.  Warm but not warm warm.  This is the Vila shirt I got from Atterley Road when they had their 50% sale so it was only £10! 


Black and white shirt - Atterley Road
Black dungarees - H&M
Black Wild Kat ballet pumps - The British Flat Shoe Company 

See you tomorrow.  I have a cunning plan for a purchase to take us through into A/W..... the best sort. 

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14 comentarios:

  1. Love the blouses you highlighted, will definitely have a look in the sale.

    1. They're not always as reduced in the sale, or sell out quickly. I'd get now!

  2. I had a little look yesterday - didn't realise there were so many terms and conditions on the discount! Love the white textured sweater, they also have loads of lovely summer dresses at the moment x

    1. I know - it's a total pain in the arse. But there are still some bargains to be had before the sales properly start. The Summer dresses are gorgeous but boy some of them are short!

  3. have had my eye on those black heeled sandals! they are gorgeous! and with 40% off a complete bargain. Bought myself a khaki (yay) jumpsuit yesterday with 30% off as i encountered the starred issue.. the other dress in my basket wasn't part of the discounted range.. bums.. but least i have me a jumpsuit coming. just wish i'd bought the heels as well now,haha! XX

  4. Do you know of any Boden codes doing the rounds? Desperate for the Alice flats

  5. Love the Boho dress, clicked on the size but apparently I m a 'curve' size and they are completely different stock as far as I can tell. Why can t they just do the same sodding stuff in bigger sizes. The ' curve ' styles actually look a lot less flattering , boxy and frankly not as nice .

    1. That's a pain in the bum for sure.. Have you looked at the Violeta range? I often see some things in there that I'd love them to have in my size!

  6. AND........... Their size 8 in shoes is a 41!! Big sigh- rant over

    1. Surely a size 8 is a 41.....?? A size 40 is a 7 so wouldn't that make a size 8 a 41? (but a pain in the arse if you need a size 42 and they only go up to a size 41. I think some of their shoes come in Special sizes which I would think should include a 42? I know that Zara do for sure. Hope that helps xx)

    2. Next, Clarks and New Look all use 42 as an 8 and 43 as a 9 . Though New Look have used 43 as an 8 and a 9 on the same stand , in store.! I don t remember this confusion when I was younger in my twenties

  7. Have been reading your blog for a while and look forward to checking in regularly - let’s be more specific - your is the only blog I have ever read more than once apart from work stuff.

    Because... you write as I think, your style I think will last you a good twenty years (note the use of the word style here, not wardrobe, in case you were beginning to feel slightly faint), you got a dog crate for Mother’s Day (not to mention the so cute thing that presumably goes in it every night - ours did 8 months before ending up on the bed instead) when I got a wheelbarrow, I’ve bought a few things you have suggested and they have all been great - although my sister-in-law’s major birthday handbag ended up from Mulberry despite your inspiring Anya H one as I thought it was more her recognisable thing.

    I won’t mention that I am past your blog age bracket by some good number of years, but if I were to mention that I’d brazen it out. Anyway the entire purpose of writing (it wasn’t meant to be a book btw) was to say I had always eschewed Mango, even though I like their stuff, as assumed they only did size 10/12 etc. But love love love the Violeta range (not the Bermuda shorts obvs -what were they thinking?) so now have an entire new source of clothes other than M and S and Jaeger. How I don’t manage to look v dull I have no idea. For info, tonight for out to supper I will be sporting a navy jumpsuit (thank you, last wore one aged 24) a denim jacket and silver flats. Am glossing over the impact of your blog on my bank balance and focusing on the sartorial improvement. As is entirely appropriate.