The post we all dread.


Is there anything more depressing to go shopping for than jeans?

Even worse when you're limiting your search to no blue jeans.  I know I know, I'm sure I'll come back to them but right now, they simply do not appeal at all.  Navy yes, black, yes, grey yes - but blue denim isn't happening.  But the colour that I know I'm going to be all over is ecru.  Creamy off white, light beige, soft white - take your pick.  That sort of colour. 

And ideally it would be in a loose style.  That's flattering and comfy.  Works perfectly with cashmere or fine knit merino jumpers and a cocoon coat for now, graduating to a blazer for Spring.  Not to mention my newly found love - the biker jacket.  Throw on a tee come the much warmer months (god how long away do they seem?) and these will be one of your staple jeans well into the Autumn.  

Last year I wore mine out at night with heels and during the day with loafers, sandals, pumps or sneakers.  For me, they were the ultimate jeans.  

Imagine my delight when I saw what looked to be the perfect pair in H&M yesterday.  With a frayed hem and a frayed waistline.  I've always found H&M denim to be really good quality so off to the fitting room I trotted. 

This is what they should have looked like for a not completely insignificant £39.99.  As jeans go that's not expensive at all but it does seem top end from H&M.  Ergo I had high expectations.. (from their Studio line..)

Suffice to say a) I needed to lower my expectation and b) I'm not a 10 in these.  On a scale of one to ten of not so nice these score close to triple figures.

I'm really really sorry if anyone's eating.  There was nothing about them that worked.  Apart from the colour.  Which wasn't *quite* enough to persuade me to buy them.  Not sure if I can recall a more unflattering pair of jeans.  Ignoring the fact they're clearly a size too small, the cut through the legs is, frankly, ghastly. 

Untitled Untitled

I decided to seek refuge on the top floor of Fenwicks.  Where they had not one pair of looser style pale jeans.  Clearly I am the only dissenter when it comes to blue denim as it was wall to wall blue, as far as the eye could see.  Never let it be said I don't have my finger on the fashion pulse (big fat fail clearly). 

But I was determined not to be deterred and have made it my life's mission (for today anyway) to find a pair that will work alongside my (very distressed so am looking for an alternative) cream pair from last year. 

Definitely looking for loose and these aren't loose loose but they're not skinny.  The perfect middle ground if you're don't want super skinny.

Roma Rise Slim Leg Denim in soft white from M&S £35.00  

Another not super loose looking pair are from Iris & Ink at The Outnet. 

Mid rise boyfriend jeans from Iris & Ink £95

Boyfriend now at The Outnet with Current/Elliott.  These are very distressed but not so you can see flesh through.  And as it's white on white I think it makes it more of a detail than a traditional distressed look, if that makes sense?

The Fling distressed mid rise boyfriend jeans in white from Current/Elliott were £240 now £84

These are very similar to the ones I've got from All Saints and have worn and worn and will do so this year as well.  I was just after slightly less distressed ones.  

Relaxed Crop Nancy Jeans £29.99 from Mango

White cropped at Christopher Kane.  These are 50% off but that still makes them £200... eek  

But if they're perfect I would wear them all the time so could probably justify the cost per wear.  I would have to eat nothing but beige food whilst wearing them mind you. 

Boyfriend again in the sale from Stella McCartney.  I have had these on the blog before at the beginning of the year but they're now even cheaper.  I'm going for the reason they're still around is that they're such a Spring/Summer buy and we just haven't had the weather for it.  As opposed to them being grim... I hope anyway.. These are my top choice for what is cheaper than a pair of higher end high street jeans.

Solange low slung bpyfriend jeans from Stella McCartney was £275 now £82 Size up in Stella jeans - just one size (so I'm normally a 27 but would wear a 28 in these).

To make them loose at the bottom, undo the zip.  Love this detail. 

Loose, looser, loosest at JCrew. 

Rayner wide leg cropped jeans were £138 now £69  They also have these in a Tall and a Petite but not in the sale.  Great great price if you're a regular height.

However I think I possibly prefer the side zip option.  I find a size zip so super flattering.  (obviously prefer the sale price of the ones above..) 

Side-zip Rayner Jean in white £138 (again Tall & Petite options online).  LOVE these.

Full length and flared at Mango.  Personally I think these would look better with a bit of a heel as opposed to a sneaker.   Great bargain for a pair of Summer jeans. 

Flared Jeans from Mango £29.99

And slightly off piste - nothing loose and cream at Topshop but can I be lured by a pink pair..?

MOTO Pink coloured Mom jeans from Topshop £40

Another blush pair from Mother Denim. 

The Dropout Chino Style Jeans from Mother were £214 now £128  Have to say I really like the blue with the red and the blush... Inspiration right there.

So there we have my limited selection of looser natural jeans.  I will be looking at skinnies shortly, but they really do need trying on.   Although to be fair as we've seen, the same could be said for looser ones... Cracking on with the exercise this week, that's for sure. 

In the meantime, I'm resigned to it not being that warm any time soon (my iphone is currently predicting snow for Saturday...) and I'm sporting (pun intended) navy cashmere joggers with my beloved go faster stripes.


White layering shirt - Me+Em
Navy jumper - Autograph at M&S
White cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas
Haworth leather bag - Village England

I can't believe the weekend has gone so quickly.  Friday night, out for dinner with friends. 


Black crepe tunic top - Zara
Black leather leggings - hush
Black Nuria sock boots - Iro
Snakeskin clutch - Michael Kors

Which meant that yesterday was feeling slightly delicate for a long lunch in London with the girls.  Today I have spent the entire afternoon at a drama recital.  Let's just say, I am now on the sofa having had a big family dinner (which I couldn't be bothered to cook - thank goodness for the family curries from Cook), catching up on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and I'm looking forward to an early night.  She says ambitiously remembering she hasn't washed any of the school uniform.. or emptied the dishwasher.. or made any packed lunches.. Ugh.....  and homework.  Ugh x2000.

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24 comentarios:

  1. I actually remembered the jeans photos on the train home last night, I actually snorted and got some very strange look :-)

    1. Poor Cathy got the real life version....

    2. Sarah and I were lucky enough to escape that treat .....

  2. H&M usually comes up small but their denim especially. I sometimes have to go up two sizes, which is ridiculous.

    I applaud you for showing off those jeans in all their grimness! I saw them instore the other day and was not impressed. Most of the Studio range was a bit pants IMHO although I did like the white and silver pleated skirt.

    1. You see my jeans from there are true to size. Although yes, my dungarees are a size 14..! There was a GORGEOUS dress which I thought I'd buy online. Clearly it's not bloody there is it? Am going to see if I can track it down today. GRRRRR

  3. Yes, I tried sizing up two sizes in H & M denim the other day and they were still tight across the hip but fine everywhere else. Grrr.

    1. Exactly! These were fine through the leg.

  4. As I am currently waging a battle against my overgrown belly I will certainly not not be shopping in H&M anytime soon! I was clothes shopping in Debenhams a few weeks ago and was trying clothes on in 10/12/14 depending on the brand and the style/cut of clothing, the sizing variation across brands and sometimes within the same brand is pretty shocking!

    1. That's just it - I tried on a dress from the Studio range... in an EIGHT!!

  5. I can so sympathise with your shopping for jeans, I'm petite with curves,so no shopping for jeans is not a favorite pass time!
    I tend to find a model that fits, and then I buy them in several different washes/ colours. I do tend towards blue, but white and grey are in there as well. The hardest thing is to find the right length, I'm always turning jeans up!

    1. Same issue with being tall if it helps! I'm taking to getting things altered although need to find a more reasonable seamstress as last time I had two very simple dresses turned up it cost nearly £50!!!

  6. H&M are not only same in size but seem to think everyone wants to show their hip bones in trousers! The length from crotch to waist is so short. I have sent back numerous pairs of trousers for that reason only.

    1. Small not same - damn you autocorrect!

    2. Oh yes - the low cut jeans that anyone over the age of 40 who's had a child and doesn't live in the gym and knit their own quinoa can't wear?

  7. You have no idea how refreshing it is when you post these photos of clothes that don't work - you look incredible in all your daily outfit shots so it's wonderful to know you're human like the rest of us x

    1. Oh lord there is a fair bit that I look completely dire in! By now I do tend to know what *should* work and what definitely won't so I don't tend to try on that which I know will ming, but every now and again there are some total humdingers (jeans above being a prime example..!)

  8. White, ecru, beige, cream jeans just a NoNo for me with 3 boys...also not so flattering for those with Fatima thighs. Great that you share those things that don't work too though as we all have those moments!

    1. Oh gosh how old are your boys? I'm assuming young..? You'll get there.. (and as you can see - even those who don't have Fatima thighs and I wouldn't say my stomach is usually "that" bad... but hell - it's amazing what an AWFUL fitting pair of jeans can do to make matters so so so much worse!)

  9. I like those shoes - off for a gander

  10. I recently ordered skinnies from Boden in a 10: blue denim perfect, metallic tiny, waxed loose on the legs. Hmmm. Thanks for tummie sharing - feel SO much better. DedeWest11 (no idea how to get a name to come up when i post - no luck googling so advice welcome. PS: Iro shoes en route to me!

    1. Oh I SO so so so so hope you like the boots... I've got a big event next week and they are the PERFECT boots to wear to look (I hope..) super cool!


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