If in doubt...

.... go back to black. 

So yesterday there I was getting dressed.  I have been wearing jumpers for so long, day in day out - not complaining as I love wearing a knit and I've built up a lovely collection over the last couple of years.  And whilst the rain and wind were biblical, dare I say, it was vaguely milder.  

It suddenly seems to not be Cold anymore.  Not cold cold.  And it did make me suddenly focus on what I will we be wearing in the next month or so.  

I've got bottoms covered (although I do still need to talk you through new khakis as I am loving mine, along with boyfriend jeans, peg legs, cropped trousers and culottes - the trews are sorted).  Needless to say by bottoms I mostly mean trousers.  I've finally realised that I don't particularly like wearing skirts and so don't.

Jumpers and tees - yup, tick tick.  All ok for them at the mo.

But say top wise - for example yesterday - you want something ever so slightly dressier.  Something smarter.. something that you can throw on for lunch or wear out for dinner with heels. 

There is a special area of my wardrobe reserved for ... black tops.  Genuinely I cannot have too many of these.  They are perfect for every single occasion.  Work, day, play, weekend

Each season there are lots of new styles and trends that we (sometimes) fawn over but I'm pretty sure that the majority of our wardrobes are full of classics.  It's great to mix in the odd trend here and there but as a whole, we should be spending the majority of our budgets on those basics we rely on in and wear day in day out.  Season in and season out.  The building blocks of our wardrobes really are the things we should pay most attention to and look hard to buy. 

For me - for as long as I can remember, my mantra has been "do they have that in black".   Like I say all the time, I appreciate that at a certain age, we should all start migrating into swathes of navy but hell - it's just not quite the same as black.  And so I shall continue to indulge my obsession as I feel better in it.  I feel chic, I feel polished, I feel like me.  

Now one thing I don't have which I was looking for yesterday for more of an androgynous vibe was just a plain black blouse.  Something to tuck in or out of jeans or trousers that I could throw a blazer over and layer with lots of thin chains.  This one is perfect and no ironing required.  I have spent ages looking for the perfect cream blouse (and found it at hush where today is the last day to get 10% off... - their Essential Silk Blouse which they now only have in ecru, the black having all sold out, dang it.)

ASOS Blouse £28

Collarless options now - these will happily get worn all year round.

Selected Dynella shirt in black £50

ASOS V Neck Blouse £25

Wrap over option.  This doesn't work for me as I carry my girth at my waist (gosh that makes me sound attractive) so anything that draws attention to it  - like a belt - is a big no no for me.  But if you're more generous of bust, pear shaped or an hourglass, this would be ideal for you. 
ASOS Obi Band Wrap Shirt £32

A similar belted shirt version at Whistles was £85 now £60 Have to say I do in fact, prefer the significantly cheaper one above...

T shirt versions which are slightly smarter are my idea of heaven.  

ASOS The Ponte Top with V neck detail £16

A crossover flowy tee style at Mango (which they do also do in navy if that's more up your flattering street..!)  

Wrap v-neckline blouse £17.99 from Mango £17.99

Longsleeved and jersey now for a bargain price at Jaeger Outlet.  So easy to wear and dress up or down.

Jersey Drape Front Top was £80 now £25 with an extra 20% off taken off at checkout.

And a side pleat wrap top again at Jaeger. 

Side Pleat Wrap Top at Jaeger Outlet was £60 now £30 but again with the 20% off.  Super flattering with the ruching at the side.  This is a style that I honestly think most people can wear.

This won't be for everyone but I love the high neck top. 

Selected Coda High Neck Top £40

Similar now but without the high neck.  This fabric is fantastic from French Connection.  Washes and wears like a dream.  No creasing, ridiculously easy to fling on with joggers, jeans, leather leggings, culottes, pencil skirts, peg leg trousers, you name it, this top would go with it.

Arrow Crepe Top from FCUK £60

And if you prefer a V neck then they have the same fabric in a wrap over version. (with a woman who reminds me of a cross between Morton Harket and Jarvis Cocker.. maybe it's the leather trousers.. or the hair.. I can't take my eyes off her - curiously fascinated).

Aro Crepe Wrap Over Top £60

Now I'm not going to lie - I am not ready yet for bare arms.  Not enough of those pressy up things to avoid bingo wings and still white enough to be able to see me from space.

Drape Neck Top from Jigsaw £45

Now this has the teensiest of cap sleeves but for me, it somehow seems eminently more wearable than the one above.  Go figure.  This is part of Jigsaw's new building blocks essentials range which I am definitely going to explore in more detail.  I love the idea of this sort of wardrobe.  I'll be back soon...

Garment Dyed Dropped Hem Top £39

So this has really given me food for thought whilst researching (especially finishing with the new range at Jigsaw).  Very shortly, I'm going to do a round up of exactly what I shall be wearing in the Spring months (although sod's law we'll have a fortnight of Spring and then catapult straight into full on Summer....).  And then focus on filling any gaps and - most importantly, actually wearing those things we love and usually save for best.  I am on a mission to get you all wearing them every day. 

Although I have to say, I have failed miserably today.  But then no actually.  I love what I've got on today - a cashmere jumper backed with silk, that I would usually save for "going somewhere".  Well I did hike for a dog walk in it, with wellies and a raincoat on.  But hanging out at home with the family this afternoon - the husband is cooking me a proper dinner as I had to bribe the children with McDonald's for a late lunch to come for a walk (dear god - you would think I had asked them to climb the north face of the Eiger.  A WALK YOU LAZY SODS) and I'm wearing lots of favourites.


Grey cashmere and silk swing jumper - Cocoa Cashmere
Grey Lola Joggers - Whistles
Grey sleeveless knit - Primark
Grey suede Air Force Ones - Nike

Last night of the holiday weekend which has been unusually (but super pleasantly) quiet for us and so it's a glass of wine and another movie.  And then what on earth to do with the children to safeguard my sanity for the next two weeks... throw in one non-neurotypical child, a not very well 7yr old and an (understandably) more stroppy than usual 11yr old and suffice to say - how I'm not swigging gin from my coffee mug by 9.20 am is a miracle.  I think new shoes might be the answer... 

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25 comentarios:

  1. I'm definitely a navy person, black has always made me look washed out. Although I can do monochrome, the addition of white or cream especially close to my face brightens the black up just right. I can do top to toe navy in a way black makes me feel uncomfortable.
    I always look at the black items though, if you can do it in black, you can do it in navy!
    Love the way blue is everywhere at the moment, I'm stocking up on items that might not be available in navy for the next few years!
    Danish Pastry

    1. AHa - yes I have a couple of friends who never ever wear black. Ever! And live in navy. One of my best friends - her mantra is "does it come in navy?!" I would agree that it's definitely a more on trend colour than it was but black does still seem to dominate! best thing is though - black and navy look amazing together!

    2. Yes, black and navy are good together, I have a few pieces with both colours. I also have items in a really dark navy, and others in a brighter navy, they're good together too.
      As for the kids and hiking/ dog walking - I remember hating hiking as a kid, but by the end of the day we were always wanting to know when we could go again!
      Danish Pastry

    3. Hmm to be fair, I hated it too as a child...! But yes, exactly, they love it when they get going! And there's always a reward at the end.. even if it's just hot chocolate at home. A whole two weeks of it... wish me luck! We might need some more hot chocolate!

  2. Perfect timing Kat - I'm about to have my first date in a year and I'm thinking black skinny jeans heels and a black top!!! Perfect!,

    1. Now isn't that that just the most perfect go to outfit that everyone feels great in? And I have to say, if I wear the tops during the day with a pair of jeans, I still feel great. Have a fab time on the date!

    2. Thanks I'll let you know how it goes....!!? 😁

  3. Oh my,Kat I adore your trainers. Love a flatform!!I bought the lighter cream suede version after spotting yours on your blog a while ago. However I am struggling to keep them clean and am now seriously rethinking getting a second pair in white! All fair for the young chic women who don't have a muddy school run and a buggy in tow:) Are the gum sole version any easier to keep clean perhaps?

    1. Hmmm well I'm not going to lie - because mine are grey suede, I can't say I've done any heavy duty walking in them. Oh hell, I remember the days of a buggy and a muddy walk. I manage to avoid them now. For dog walks, I either take my wellies or walk where I know it's not going to be muddy.... Maybe try a leather version?

    2. I wear goretex walking boots, as our dog is very vane and doesn't like getting her paws wet or muddy, so guess who gets to go through mud and puddles.....

    3. Ur suede grey ones come in navy in junior size so might give those a go. Bloody buggy has "fitflop" friendly brake which is just code for ruin Ur lovely shoes. I currently bend down and use my hands instead and everyone thinks I'm crazy :) thanks again Kat. Love your blog and instagram!

    4. Ok the mind boggles as to what a "fitflop" friendly brake is.... I fear I need to know... (and thank the lord I am way past the buggy and the needing a sensible bag phase...!!!) You're welcome xxxx

    5. Flip flop friendly brake is foot brake that need very little pressure to push down with foot, therefore enabling tan, fit, flipflop wearing mamas from LA to push their buggies basically barefoot. For us Glasgow gals it means a stupid muddy mark across our lovely trainers :)

    6. Well you learn something new every day! My brake used to be on the handle - far more civilised!

  4. I love a black top that's perfect for dressing up or down. As for navy I have recently introduced a few items into my wardrobe, namely a shirt and an oversized thin knit, a blazer and a pair of chino style trews. I literally couldn't wear navy for years as it was my school uniform colour ..... Only taken me 30 years to give it another try!

    1. HA! Mine was green and red. I've forgiven it for Gucci though..!

  5. I love a black top. And a black everything else for that matter! I totally agree that leopard print is a neutral so that and black and I'm a happy girl x

  6. I'm with the first commentator; can't wear black too close to my face or an all black outfit; I look terrible. Navy is my black, felt boring that I had so much of it but less so when I think of it as " my black" and therefore the lynchpin of my wardrobe!

    1. That's exactly what you need to do. Think of navy as your black!! And go hell for leather with it. xx

  7. Yes to black and yes to navy, I love both equally! Also love crepe tops for spring and the FCUK Aro one looks great although my favourite is still Hush's Sophie top - which I have in both black and ecru. Just realised Hush has added a navy (midnight) and blush version for spring and now wondering whether having the same top in 4 colorways may be overkill??

    Btw THANK YOU for introducing me to Me&Em. Their customer service is truly out of this world! I was able to add the stripe long tee from your earlier post to my recent order with them (so won't have to pay twice for intl shipping). As a regular online shopper of both UK and US sites, I think this is one of the few times i've ever been able to amend an order. Seriously amazing service!

    1. Oh do you know I've never tried the Sophie top... Must rectify that. And you won't be thanking me about Me+Em when you see how great their stuff is...... I apologise now but on the upside, your wardrobe will be amazing!

  8. Yes excellent timing. I was faced with the dilemma of what to wear to the pub for Sunday Lunch which I find much more difficult than evening clothes. Is black too dressy for lunchtime, especially with heels? Would I look too much like the waitresses if I wore a black blouse with black trousers? We tend to go out more at lunchtimes rather than evenings (now we are oldies!) and feel that most of my 'going out' clothes are more 'eveningy' than'lunchy'. Kat, would be interested in your take on this.

    1. AHA now I love a black top with black trousers for lunch but... I have to say I'd probably wear with flats. That somehow in my book, makes it smart enough but not overly dressy? A mid heel?? Or even a wedge. I don't think you look like a waitress at all (for that reason though I would avoid a white shirt and black trousers... I can never decide whether I look like a waitress or Meatloaf)

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