It may not be reinventing the wheel..

... but we need these at the moment. 

Tee shirts.  But of the 3/4 sleeve variety.  And actually something that's a little more than a tee shirt.  A half way house between a tee and a jumper.  

So maybe we are reinventing something... A Tumper.   They can actually be long sleeved, they just need to be not too thick.  The perfect layering top. 

And more importantly, the top we need at the moment as WHERE HAS SUMMER GONE?  We're off on holiday next week and I need to massively rethink what I'm going to be taking.  As the weather looks average.  By average I mean rubbish.

Whilst I've just done an order for some Summer dresses that I had on the blog the other day - and they'll definitely be coming with me to wear with jackets, I fear it was slightly ambitious ordering the tees and sleeveless tops as well.

Longer sleeves are what we need right now.  We can layer them over vest tops or wear them on their own.  They're not going to take you out for dinner but as an every day throw on with jeans, joggers or harems in the evening (as in - on the sofa in the evening, not out out), these are essential purchases.  Whilst at this time of year we would normally be simply packing tee shirts, this year we're going to need more coverage. 

You've probably gathered, I'm going away in the UK (same trip as every year!) - if you're heading off to sunnier climes you can fast forward this page.  Although to be fair, they are amazing for throwing in a bag for on the airplane if it gets chilly and a throw on after a tad too much sun (only me?).  Or for wearing this week and the week after you get back as alas, the weather does not look like it's improving.

The one that I've ordered is the white linen tee from hush which I tried on when I went to their pop up shop.  I tried on the Medium so ordered it in a small as it does come up large and I don't think it should be too oversized.  But each to their own.  It's the perfect throw on with jeans under a blazer or biker jacket for every day holiday ease.  I sort of think I should have ordered more colours...

L/S Raw Edge Tee from hush in white £45

They also do them in a grey marl £45

Similar in navy at Whistles £65.00

Sneaking in with an ever so slightly shorter sleeve at Boden. 

Relaxed Linen Tee from Boden £34.50 available in a gazillion (ish) colours online.

Genius idea from The White Company who have clearly realised Summer is a distant dream for the majority of the season and they've brought out a double layer version which is two tops in one.  Layer or wear separately.  Very clever and the perfect item for your suitcase.

Linen Double Layer Scoop tee £69

Now they call this a jumper but it's a linen/cotton mix and I would say is definitely more of a long sleeved tee than a sweater type thingy.......

Linen Blend Pointelle Jumper from M&S £25

And in the pink again £25

And this is a tunic but again, it serves the same purpose as a long sleeved top and is ideal if you're looking for something looser with a v style neck.

Softly draping linen tunic from La Redoute £27 in blue (excluded from any offers unfortunately).

The green is also a lovely Summer shade - perfect with denim, whites, navys and blacks.

But my find of the day has to be at La Redoute.  These look fantastic and even better - if you use the code HEAT you get an extra 25% off.  (I would try and use it elsewhere the tops above which state no discount.  Bum.)

Pure Linen long-sleeved top in cherry pink £17

And good old black....£17 again at La Redoute

And the navy 

So there are lots of options to choose from - I can't recommend stocking up enough.  Are you a fan of the linen long/mid sleeved tee?  I just find them easier to wear than a generic cotton top.  Don't ask me why - I've always been a fan.  I think it's the texture, the drape, the non ironing aspect (hang on a dryer - don't tumble).

If I look back through the tees that I've had year in, year out, these are the ones that I still have.  They definitely last the test of time. 

I'm not going to mention the rubbish weather but suffice to say, I have been getting more wear out of the shearling that I got in NY than I ever thought I would in MAY.  *weeps*.  Not to mention, still wearing the cashmere...


Cut off jeans - Rock & Republic
Navy Shearling gilet - Helmut Lang
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

And out on Friday night.  One of my favourite outfits from forever.  Back to my favoured classic combo of jeans, a top and jacket.  Couldn't be bothered with any fake tannage of the legs but think the cream silk shirt and jacket make it a summery enough outfit.  Lovely dinner out.  Oh and I rediscovered an old Marc Jacobs necklace that I'd forgotten and LOVE.


Cream silk blouse - hush

Cream fray crop jacket - hush
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Gold block heel sling back shoes - Topshop
Tan De Manta Clutch - Alexander McQueen
Charm necklace - Marc Jacobs

So I am off now to track down the Rixo dress from the other day that had sold out at Wolf & Badger and at the very least, see if I can find some worthy comparisons.  Watch this space.  I have spent all day researching garden furniture.  DEAR LORD how expensive can it be?  Considering we get to sit out on it a handful of times a year, I am not spending £10k on some table, chairs and sofas.  Have decided to visit a Rattan Warehouse which a friend recommends in Essex on our way to our hols on Saturday.  If anyone else has some bargain recommendations, please do share...

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17 comentarios:

  1. We used Moda for garden furniture after the prices on John Lewis and the like scared me to death. Good quality and the service was good -

    1. Thank you! will check them out xx

  2. I hear you on the garden furniture!! If I win the lottery I am definitely getting this though's-cottage-rotating-sphere-lounger/p231124973?un_jtt_v_pdp=yes&un_jtt_v_from_product=un_product_2#page_loaded

    1. In. My. Dreams!! (and one of my kids would no doubt break it anyway..!! Just as well we can't afford it!)

    2. Haha! I have daydreams of me sat in it drinking prosecco but in reality id be constantly dodging footballs and other toy paraphernalia being thrown at it... Oh well I'm still dreaming and as soon as I win lottery, this pod will be mine!!! Ahahaha (evil laugh)

    3. And the dog? I can foresee the dog monopolising it....!!

  3. I'm in love with trip traps garden furniture, but it's not cheap! Buying at the end of the season can give good discounts, but if you need it now.......
    Danish Pastry

    1. No I need mine NOW! AGH (I haven't seen that in the uk..!)

  4. Oh yes, lovely linen tees. I do like linen, I have a few linen knits for this time of year too. I will check out La Redoute, I haven't used them in years but I do remember their linen/cotton stuff can be good. I have a very old pair of linen, harem-ish trousers that I wear every summer from there. Too cold at the moment, though, I have just washed some cashmere jumpers for the not summer weather.

    1. I didn't get anything last time round with their offers and I'm ok on linen tops but they look fab don't they?!

  5. Love these tops, but do you know if the La Redoute ones are see-through? I find so many summer tops are, which kind of defeats the object as you have to double up on layers when it's warm!

  6. Defo love layering options as I'm always cold! Going to get la redoute linen tops ...great value so won't cry if they get left on the beach or smeared in baby food! Try for garden furniture

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