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First up.  We're ignoring the rain.  Tis a mere blip in the onslaught of warmth that is on the way (if I say it enough times I will believe it - it will happen).  So this optimism, coupled with a little bit of insight into A/W17 from the catwalks at the weekend means that today, I am all about the point. 

Pointy shoes.  And flats.  They must be flat.  I used to wear heels all the time during the day.  I think it was the first foray into properly normal clothing once all my children started school and *heels* were my way of feeling like a grown up again. 

But fast forward four years and it's all about the flats.  They are more comfortable for a start.  And the different options that are out there are now extensive.  

Yes we all love our trainers (it's a slippery slope isn't it?  Aren't they just the most compulsive purchase ever?  Someone agree with me.. pleeeeeeeeaase). 

But on those days when you want something a little bit different, the flat shoe is your best friend.  And the pointy flat is where it's at. 

It's also the clever choice to buy now and wear next season.  At Jasper Conran on Saturday, the one shoe that all the models had on was the flat point.  With skirts, with dresses, with trousers.  Flat and pointy is all you needed.  

For Spring though, it's the perfect transitional shoe.  The ideal stepping stone between boots and sandals.

They also serve as being a great evening option in certain colours.  Jazz hands silver for example....

Pointy Silver Flats from & Other Stories £65

Jigsaw have got this trend nailed.  

Starting with their shoe, Celeste which comes in seven different colours. 

Navy suede £89

Navy leather in the Tania £98

Grey leather Celeste at Jigsaw £89

Pewter £89

Moving into the colour zone now and again, Jigsaw come up trumps. 

Tania Soft Flat Shoe from Jigsaw £98

How about the wholly impractical but rather divine pale blue suede versions? 

Tania in blue from Jigsaw £98

Tan at Seven Boot Lane.  And 15% off all orders using the code DMB40SS17 valid until the 4th March.

Jacinta £100  These can also turn into a mule.  The leather is that soft, it bends down very easily with no creasing (well - apart from where it's supposed to).

Or in the snakeskin again £100

Slingback style now.  Statement all round now.  Pointed and orange.  Oh how I love these.  With red.  And pink.  Or just all black.

Slingbacks in Orange from H&M £14.99   AND use 6043 to get 20% off your order but only valid until midnight on Tuesday 23rd.

Or white.  I am just throwing it out there now.

Leather Sling Back Flats from M&S £49.50

And of course, there is then my favourite.  Reliable and trusted.  Goes with everything.  Black.

Leather Sling Back Flats from M&S £49.50

This season from Seven Boot Lane, I've chosen the Jacinta flats in black (although it was a toss up whether to choose the tan or the black but I can't get by that little voice in my head that says "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour").  Which are amazing.  Don't forget your 15% off.

Jacinta flats in black from Seven Boot Lane £100

Black black and more black.  In suede with tassels.

Tassel Loafers from & Other Stories £65

Textured again at Jigsaw with ponyskin.

Celeste Stitch Pointed Flats £89 in black

Slip on loafers in black from Topshop £29

Backless Fringed Shoes from Mango £49.99 (perhaps not one for the rain - not sure soggy fringing is the most pleasant to have swinging around your feet). 

Doesn't have to be a shoe though, how about combining points and trainers *ears prick up*.  Genius.  A smart variation of a trainer, for sure.

Elwood Luxury Pointed Trainers £79

And here I am today in mine.  

So much for Storm Doris - yes it was windy, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to get my ankles out.  I did though, take advantage of the breezy weather (ok truth be told it was quite cold) to wear my new M&S coat which arrived.   In fact I was so excited to get it on and get out of the house, yes I did forget to remove the extra posh little label that says Italian Fabric.  But now at least everyone who saw me today knows.  And everyone who's seen my Insta feed.  So long as no one's in the dark about it, that's the main thing (god I'm a moron).

Black cashmere jumper dress - hush
Black leather leggings - hush
Tweed double breasted coat - M&S
Jacinta flats - Seven Boot Lane
Earrings - H&M
Tools Bag - Balenciaga

Well, I have been writing this at the glorious and salubrious location that is the trampoline park.  The kids are in seventh heaven (it's empty, hence we come as it's perfect for little chap with ASD as opposed to all other organised sporting clubs which were just becoming too much like hard work for everyone. This is the perfect compromise).  Plus they have wifi... 

There is a glass of wine at t home  with my name on it and a bag of kettle chips to keep them company for when I get home.  The poor husband will be battling with the trains which will leave me plenty of time to start researching tomorrow's blog.  Hope you all survived the storm ok and have kept safe. 

And happy shoe shopping....

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19 comentarios:

  1. I struggle to wear anything but trainers at the moment! Love the Jacinta and you jist reminded me that I have an identical pair in the snakeskin from m&s about 4 years ago. I'll dig them out. Love the coat. I placed an m&s order a week ago and not yet been dispatched!

    1. Result! I paid for next day delivery for my coat as otherwise the instore delivery time was about a week!

  2. Oh lord. I'll have every single one of the black pairs. Thank you.

    So pleased pointy flats are officially 'a thing' as I have a gazillion pairs in every kind of print/colour/finish you could imagine. My skinny little flat feet love them.

  3. Orsay flats. How do you keep them on your feet? Wig tape? They look so gorgeous in photos but having tried to walk in a lovely red pair with fringing in Primark I had to admit defeat. So sad :( But excited to see that slingbacks are back.

    Wembley Market was 14 year old fashion heaven. My best friends' Dad took us twice and we stayed for a day each time. He then informed us that it had closed down and we took him at his word and were very sad. We then discovered Camden Market and were happy as pigs in mud. I bought a horrendously oversized Burberry trenchcoat for £10. Happy Days x

    1. Hmmmm not sure. I've never really gone down this route in full pelt so it's all a tad new to me.

      oh my lord how young are you? Didn't Wembley Market go on forever? MAybe not actually - I worked there for about a year on a Sunday. Started on a leather stall and then on a denim stall who also had a shop in Carnaby Street where I worked for a summer. Used to work there on a Sunday and at M&S on a Saturday and a Thursday night. I was only 14!!!

    2. 54! Oh my god, you worked on the two stall types that we hovered by the most! My besties ended up working at Demob just off Carnaby Street in the 80s... But, as a side issue, I was pretty appalled by Carnaby St when I went last year. Totally taken over by Corporations. Bring back the tatty youth tribe emporia where you could find leopardskin combat pants, fantastic mod clothes rather than the Vans flagship store on Earth!

      I was working at a local cafe/sweet shop, similar days and hours at 14 too!
      Plus piano lessons, dance class and by 15 my wages were funding Thursday night forays to the Pink Elephant a.k.a the Royalty in Enfield. How the hell did I have the energy to do all this??!

    3. I still lament the tan military suede cropped jacket that I saved all my money for (got a massive discount). And all my 501's that I got at a ridiculous discount too. And yes, Carnaby Street - so so sad, isn't it?

  4. That paler blue pair from Jigsaw might just have my name on it, but not until after Tuesday, can't blow my budget now can I?
    As for the weather we didn't get the 15-20cm the meteorologists were on about, and they've been talking black ice, which is still a possibility. I was going to take the train, but the buggers have cancelled loads, so I'm forced to drive. I'll take it slow and careful, so it'll be alright!

    1. Oh gosh take care!! Weather is looking back to milder and normal for us. PHEW!

    2. Luckily the meteorologists got it wrong (dare I say 'again'), about 5cm here, clear roads and no black ice on the roads I used. Didn't stop some idiots overtaking at high speed and driving almost up my bumper. Trains still cancelled though!
      It's now 5°C and the snowdrops has nearly melted, and sliding off our glazed roof tiles (the dog keeps barking when the snow slides off, it's very noisy)! I have high hopes of breaking out a skirt this weekend!

    3. I hate spell check, I meant snow not snowdrops (although we have those too)!!

    4. gosh that's still cold...!!

  5. I agree with you on the trainers front. I picked up two pairs down from £50ish to £12.99 in the Zara sale but my GGs will always be favourites. Your post today has remined me that I have a pair of pointy black patentflats by Ganni. Yay!

    1. Love all things Ganni. Great things to have in your wardrobe!

  6. Slightly off topic Kat, but your Air & Grace sparkly trainers... (okay, totally off topic!); are the sparkly bits embedded in a navy or black background?? I swear it' looks black in your photos but A&G tell me they only do navy. Would you mind letting me know? Thanks a million.

    1. Well apparently it's navy but it does look black to me. To be honest, you can't really see the background (I have checked!) as all you can see is glitter.. which is a mix of black and navy and multicoloured I would say. Clear as mud??!!!

  7. I've just got a pair of silver pointed silver mules so I neeeeed it to be at least Spring soon. Although yesterday I did buy the most amazing long, oversized checked wool coat from Topshop. It has been £110, I paid £24! Last one in store and the sales assistant told me people had been ringing round to try and get it as they are on EBay for more than the original price. Happy Sarah! x

    1. Oh my lord I LOVE sneaky buys like that. Always meant to be!