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Ok don't all hate me.  This happens every year.  I get giddy way too early.  To be fair, not ususally this early but I'm blaming the weather.  I can smell Christmas.  And whilst I"m not ready to start planning the lunch menu yet, I am SO up for thinking about presents.  

For me obvs.  And for everyone else (but mostly me as I still have two kids' birthdays before Christmas and that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it).  

Hands up who doesn't love a handbag?  Ok so not everyone does but well, I do.  

This is something that I use every day.  I would go so far as to say that four days out of seven, I use a black handbag.  There is nothing more useful.  Yes I love a red one or a tan one but there is something that extra bit special about a little (or big) black bag.

I don't know why but it gets to this time of year and I simply can't get enough of my black handbags. 

So I'm going in.  I'm not just going to think about Christmas presents (and fantasy land bags), I'm looking at ones we can buy now (although Christmas is only 99 days way according to the 12yr old last night). 

I'm looking at all budgets as - well, we all have different budgets and it's all great food for thought. 

Going to start with one that I have and love. It's a complete classic - the ultimate in French chic.

Half Moon Leather Cross Bag from APC £320  This is usually out of stock everywhere, but there are some on that link at My Theresa.

Curiously drawn to this one.
Gansevoort Quilted Leather Bag from DKNY was £270 now £135

Quilted but with a bit of bling at Gucci.  The ultimate in Christmas presents.  Tiny tip - if you are putting any of the Gucci bags on your list - give it to your other half (assuming it's them buying it and not a super generous parent or child!) early, as these do sell out. 

GG Marmont Mini Quilted Leather Cross Body Bag £640

Or there is of course the classic Soho Disco (which I have in red and have used so so so much.  It really is the perfect size).

Soho Disco Bag in Black from Gucci £715

Possibly the every day perfect bag at Marc Jacobs.

Recruit Small Nomad Leather Bag £395

But my favourite brand for the past year or so has definitely been Balenciaga.  I love their bags (and shoes) so so much.  The ultimate treat and something that little bit "different" from the main run of designer bags which are popular. 

Everyday Tote M by Balenciaga £745 

Pared back and cross body again at John Lewis. 

Kin by John Lewis £70

Another classic, minimal style at Matches. 

Mini Bucket nude lined bucket bag from Mansur Gavriel £325

One of my favourite brands.  I love this bag but fear it's about the same size as a small bag of crisps.  I have realised that I am not great with small bags.  I have reverted to needing to carry around the kitchen sink.  However this is THE most amazing evening bag with a difference.  Now you're talking.  I may have just talked myself into it.

A code just popped up on my laptop for 15% off your "first" order from The Outnet using the code WELCOME15 (by "first" order, that just means, use a different email... I didn't tell you that..).

Popeye Quilted Leather Bucket Bag from Jerome Dreyfuss was £465 now £297.60

Another leather drawstring style at Topshop £55

Bucket style at John Lewis. 

AND/OR Maya Leather Bucket Bag £99

Leather and Suede with a real designer vibe from Anthropologie.

June Shoulder Bag £158

Upping the budget in leather and suede again from See by Chloe.

See by Chloe Joan Small Bag £370

And then something slightly left field, a more boho version with a real vintage feel to it.

Jaya Crossbody Bag £138 from Anthropologie

Larger and I cannot tell you how much I adore this.

AND/OR Shadi Leather Slouch Hobo Bag from John Lewis £109

This one I have loved for ages.  I think it looks so so much more expensive than the price tag.

Premium Leather Oversized Bag from Topshop £60

Leather Hobo at & Other Stories £165

But you absolutely don't need to spend a fortune, you really don't, although obviously this isn't going to be leather. 

Adore this one and perfect for every day. 

SEB Ring Handle Shopper from Topshop £26

And completely different from the above but with the same "looks more expensive than it is" vibe.

Faux Leather Stud Tab Across Body Bag from M&S £25 

Faux leather again at M&S but with a great grainy feel to it that looks really genuine £35

But finishing with the one that I have been eyeing up for months.  And is now SOLD OUT.  Do you think I can find it anywhere else online?  Obviously not.  Now that's called Not Meant To Be.

I saw this bag when I went away for the night with my husband for his birthday.  The lady checking in before us had it and I was sold straight away.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.  DANG IT.

Bazar Leather Shopper £755

So here I am today with my APC bag which I have rediscovered and fallen in love with again.  Which is handy as I've decided Christmas is a looooooong way away.

Afternoon spent at Knole House, educating ourselves and eating cake.


Maxi Floral Dress - Somerset by Alice Temperley
Yellow faux leather jacket - Zara
Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace
Half Moon Bag - APC

So that was a lovely, albeit swift weekend.  I can't believe it's Monday already.  Please forgive me for mentioning the Christmas thang.  But are you a black bag person?  Or tan... I have to say, tan was always my poison of choice but in recent years, I can't get enough of black bags.  To go with black boots.  Coming up this week - the black boots you can't live without.

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15 comentarios:

  1. Nothing to forgive as far as Christmas goes, I'm half way through my Christmas shopping, and have just ordered the first Christmas decorations! Blame The White Company and 20% discount and the fact that their ceramic bells were sold out last year before I got around to ordering!
    I totally get your obsession with black bags, my obsession is for navy ones, although I do have one that is both black and navy! If this was in navy I'd have bought it by now:
    I have a sneaky plan to get all my friends to ask when it's coming in navy! Wish me luck!
    Otherwise I love Decadent bags, lovely buttery leather, at fairly reasonable prices!

    1. OMG Christmas decorations??!!! OMG OMG OMG!!

    2. In my defence, all I can say, is blame the discount! Oh and maybe the fact that I so kicked myself last year when they sold out!

  2. Darn, I'm very drawn to that Chloe bag! Beige (but never boring!) is more my thing, not usually black. Exceptions can always be made though but it has to accommodate everything, including the kitchen sink - nearly quite literally. I have been lugging a chunk of granite and wood around for months now - new kitchen just to explain. Love those little Guccis too but again, attracted to the coloured ones - green or red?

    1. Oh GOD I remember those days!!! a friend of mine has the green which is awesome and I love the red. You can't go wrong with any of them to be honest!

  3. Hmm just showed my other half this article and thought he was going to have a fit lol

  4. I always say I'm going to buy a black bag, and then I end up buying something else usually brown or tan. Then when I'm getting ready and need a black bag, I had those I do have. Making note to self, buy a black bag. Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. You'll wonder how you ever lived without one xx

  5. Kat check out www.deadlyponies.com
    Their bags are amazing (I have 4! they are a New Zealand company but do ship anywhere

  6. Wow! What a nice Design of the bags are there in it.Le tote Coupon

  7. I was always a black or coloured bag girl and was late to the tan party. The last few bags I have bought have all been tan or leopard. I've been saying for ages I should get a new bag as when I do need a black one the ones I have seem ancient. I like the Anthro one with the loop but suede bags and me aren't a happy combo so I'm off to order the DKNY radiator one! I love it when you do the leg work for me! Black bags, like jeans are too plentiful :D xx

    1. Oh gosh do let me know what it's like. I think it looks so much more expensive as well as being unusual but classic at the same time!

  8. My handbagging has got to stop, so I'm trying to ignore this blog as much as I can. I have an entire closet full (not kidding), including the black APC, a very nice bucket bag from Russell and Bromley (about 6 years old) and, what weirdly may be my favourite, an exquisitely Parisienne black (real) leather and suede clutch bought for about £25 from Asos. It's so soft and squishy and looks chic and expensive. That said, the And/Or bag is pretty darn lovely (and oh-so-practical).