The J word.

I can't quite type it out as I fear it's the most hated word in fashion.  Well - it's not.  It's one of the most loved words in fashion. 

Apart from when it comes to buying the buggers. 


Seriously, is there anything more hideous that you have to purchase?  There might be a reason why I have two pairs of the same pair of jeans in two different shades of blue (v light and v dark - and yes, they ARE different..). 

It's also a really tricky thing to recommend.  I can tell you what styles I like but jeans are those random things that look totally different on everyone.  Ok so that's an obvious statement, the same clearly happens with trousers, jumpers, dresses etc (duh..!) but jeans seem to take greater pleasure in totally foxing us.  I swear they do it on purpose. 

What I can do though, is talk about the style I like, the one that is my complete default look and how I wear it.  At the risk of sounding like a stuck record here - we are talking about loose jeans.  Some may call them boyfriend, some will call them straight - just to make it even MORE difficult.  

Essentially the bad news is, you have to try these babies on.  The good news, however, is that when you do find The Pair, they will bring you so much wardrobe joy, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.  

They are the perfect foil for super casual (see thrown on outfit today..), slightly dressier with ankle boots, tee/jumper and blazer and finally all out glam with heels and all the sequins on top. 

I do go through phases of loving the same look and right now - if it doesn't go with these jeans, it's not going on.  I am EVEN contemplating the dress action thingy over them.  Contemplating I said.  Steady on... 

So where are my current faves from?  Zara.  They were about £15 in the sale last Winter.  And it's not the first time over the years i have had jeans from Zara.  But you have to hunt for them.  And what I will warn you (actually this is true for ALL of the jeans all of the time), is that the chances of you looking like the model does in them, is on the low side.  Well - I can definitely say that's the case for me.  Thank the lord I'm not a sensitive soul and do realise that my legs are not big by any stretch of the imagination, but many a time I've tried "boyfriends" on, only to look I'm wearing spray on numbers (looking at you Gap....).  I do tend to go up a size in the looser jeans to get the looser fit I like.  BUT that could be just me - however, do brace yourself, just in case.

The Vintage Straight Jeans from Zara £39.99

More cuffs at ASOS.  I spied these first back in September and they're still in stock in a few sizes (clearly massively unpopular then... well I like them!  And they're rather like the MiH Phoebes at a fraction of the price which can only be a good thing surely...). 

ASOS Deep Turn Up Jeans with Bound Selvedge £40

Speaking of MiH Phoebes - these are the jeans that I have in two colours.  One I was lucky to snag at Kilver Court, one I got in the sale last Winter at Fenwicks.  These are them... (why they were reduced, I don't know, I didn't complain).  Definitely size up. 

MiH Phoebe Jeans £235 

They do have smaller sizes only on this link here to My Theresa now for £164

Paler blue by AG Jeans.

The Sloan mid-rise distressed straight leg jeans was £235 now £118

Faux turn up at Mother at The Outnet.

The Maverick mid-rise faded jeans were £262 now £118

I was trying to think of where else I could look for jeans and remembered that the shoot I did for the House of Fraser campaign at the beginning of the year, I had to wear the most amazing denim shorts (not a contradiction in terms..).  Funnily enough (thank GOD) these didn't make the billboard, but for denim shorts they were super flattering.  They were from Maison de Nimes (which is a House of Fraser brand) and were the softest denim with a really good height waist - not too high, not too low.  I haven't tried these ones but I think they look definitely like they could have mileage...

Maison de Nimes Lille Girlfriend Jeans were £45 now £33.75

Without cuffs... I would say these are probably most like the old Zara ones I have and am currently crushing on. 

Authentic Cut Jeans from Warehouse £49

These from Levi's look like they would fit the bill.  I always find I need to size up in Levi's. 

Levi's 501 CT Boyfriend Jeans £95

I'm doing an article for John Lewis next week and am definitely going to try styling these.

AND/OR Brea Selvedge Jeans £120

Loose Fit Jeans from Topshop £49

Then these are another that I actually have.  

Jeanne Cropped Striped Straight Leg Jeans from MiH were £265 now £119.  These do look similar to the And/Or ones above except that I know the above ones have a raw hem and this is stitched.  These have a navy stripe whilst the one above is white and red.  But both do look a very similar fit (which is right up my street).

They also do the Jeanne in a dark wash (which I've not seen before..hmmmm).  I take a 28 in these jeans by the way. 

Jeanne high-rise distressed straight leg jeans from MiH were £235 now £98

Black now... starting at Topshop

Moto Washed Black Cropped Jeans £40

Mom Relaxed Jeans from Mango £35.99

Straight Jeans with velvet band from Zara £39.99

Waven Aki Boyfriend Jeans £58

So here I am in mine.  These are the ones from the sale at Zara last year.


Mustard Coat - Warehouse (last Winter)
Jeans - Zara (last Winter)
Hooded Sweatshirt - Missguided (NEW - available now)
Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace (gifted 18months ago but still availabe)
Half Moon Bag - (Spring 2016 but still available)
Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham from Bicester Village (Spring 2016)

So what's that, I hear you cry.  Well some people over on Mumsnet have been questioning my transparency (and others).  They've also made assumptions on things they say I have been gifted.  Which I haven't.  I have had DM's over on Insta, ranting about me not declaring certain things as gifts.  That will because I paid full price for them.  (and when I politely replied, I was told they didn't believe me..).

Therefore to hopefully try and avoid any confusion as to what I do buy and what I have been gifted - and to stop my having to say if something is still available, from now on, I will list my outfit as above.  Hope that works for everyone.  It should also go to show that I do only accept as gifts, things I would personally buy and wear.  And DO wear.  A lot.  Over a long period of time!

I also am desperate to know what your favourite jeans are... and how you wear them (bar on your legs with a belt.. actually that's something again I want to look at.  Belts for jeans....).

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24 comentarios:

  1. Jeans are a nightmare. I must have about twelve pairs stashed in the wardrobe and live in the same two.
    As for your transparency, if it’s something you genuinely wear I couldn’t care less if you paid for it or not! I mean it would be nice if they’ve send me one too but good for you to have worked to get your blog to the place where brands want to send you items.
    Sarah x

    1. I gave LOADS to charity.. the ones that cut off the circulation to my legs... those ones.. and ones that I hadn't worn in more than a year. Ok so not ALL of them. One thing I must NEVER buy again are high waisted 70s style flares that needs to be worn with heels. I so want to love them. I do love them. Do I ever wear them? No. As they need heels. And I have become AN OLD LADY WHO LOVES FLATS!!!!!

    2. Tell me about it! The ones that need heels and the ones that require me to lose half a stone or so.... festering in the back of the wardrobe.
      I really need a wardrobe cull x

  2. I read the thread on mumsnet and the comments on your insta post, I think its great that you have taken that feedback on board, it can only serve to attract more people, those who dont care if its been gifted will continue not to care and those that do will be able to keep reading without wondering! It increases your integrity for me, and I liked you anyway!

  3. I suspect a case of green eyed monsters there. Of course you get gifted things, but I was suffering under the illusion you told us about them when you did...coz you always tell us about them when you do??
    Le sigh.
    I had some great straight leg jeans with a dark strip down the seam from *whispers Boden a few summers back when I couldn't afford the mih ones I loved on you. They tick the box. Can't wait to get them back out of the wardrobe when baby arrives!!

    1. God no, Boden jeans are AWESOME!!! Well. The skinny ones...!

  4. Oh I hate having to buy jeans. I have long learned to buy more than one when I find a pair I like. Current faves are slim leg with large turn ups. Can’t really so skinny or boyfriend. As you the whole mumsnet/insta criticism, well done you for addressing it head on. Personally couldn’t care less if something was a gift or not. Surely we are using your style as inspiration not slavishly copying what you do?

    1. Well I would hope the blog was more educational as opposed to didactic! I know it works for many which is good.

      But of course, any improvement can only be a good thing xxx

  5. Echoing comments above and what I’ve said over on Insta too re gifted items...
    Those of us who have been following you/reading this blog for some time know what your style is and recognise familiar items such as your maxi dresses, white trainers and biker jacket look so it’s pretty clear that even if your trainers have been gifted, they are something that you would genuinely wear and fits your style ...
    I personally would not be aware of some brands if not for you (among others) introducing them so in a nutshell you are doing your job and doing it well!

    1. Thank you. For so many smaller brands, gifting is their marketing budget. It works in the new media that we have these days, whereas for them, paying PRs to court the traditional press can be a lot more expensive and not always as effective. I love to be able to help small businesses grow, and support them by wearing their products, so long as I genuinely love them.

  6. I’m gradually working out what works for me, jeans-wise - about time when I’m 48!! AG jeans I love - the Angelina (short-arse) flares and the Legging (two sizes up so I can breathe!) are styles that I can confidently buy in a size I know. Also got some Frame ones with frayed hems that are great, although they do seem to work their way down during the day, so a belt wouldn’t go amiss! At the other end of the scale, I’ve got jeans from H&M and Gap that I love, just a bit harder to get the right size as they vary so much.

    As for the transparency thing, it may be more a comment on the brands’ tactics than your ‘honesty’. Hush and Seven Boot Lane especially seem to target bloggers, and once you’ve seen them mentioned by everyone, you start to get a little tired of seeing them! But good luck to you if you can get free stuff you actually like - wish I could!

    1. And the problem with finding jeans that fit you is that then you decide you want a different look.. ONLY JOKING!!

      I’m totally with you. I like skinnies with huge jumpers but when it comes to most outfits, I find it more flattering to wear looser ones.

      And I also think you’ve hit the nail on the head with regards to brands. I don’t think it matters if they’re H&M or JBrand or M&S. what works for you, is what works for you. And yes my fave are dregs of the sale from Zara and MiH. Which is where the kissing of many frogs comes in before you find your prince!!!

  7. I've just bought Maison Scotch and have to say I love them. For all those out there who are critics,why do they follow? using the word J - tell them to Jog on!

  8. Shopping jeans is a nightmare! Mine are from Esprit and Boden, and I am guilty of buying om repeat when they are a style I love. Straights and skinnies I can do, boyfriends make me look frumpy!
    Great you've changed some things, I wish I could be so level headed about criticism, I suspect I wouldn't have been as calm as you have been!

    1. And it’s what works for you!! As I said, Boden skinny jeans are amazing..

      As I’ve always said. I put myself out there, I expect to get criticism. And people are allowed their opinions. I don’t have to agree with them, just as they make it clear they don’t agree with mine.

      You can’t please all the people all of the time unfortunately. Xxx

  9. I commented on this post last night but it disappeared...

    I really love these jeans, but I can't seem to get them to work for anything other than casual. Is it the slightly cropped length or the slightly flared leg? I can get away with black jeans for work, but am stuck in a rut of skinnies/ankle boots/blouse.

    Re the disclosure issue, I think it's a really good thing, despite a long and arduous road to it. I read the thread on Mumsnet after seeing your Insta Stories, and I think it started as people really genuinely trying to work out how it all worked in terms of brands/bloggers and so on - it just went a bit off course in terms of specific people being discussed, which wasn't always kind. I think the media landscape is changing and evolving so quickly that people are rightly curious.

  10. I think it would be really interesting for you to explain how the whole brands using bloggers works, and what's in it for both sides. I don't have an issue with bloggers making money and/or getting gifts. I just find the whole thing fascinating. It's clear your business model has changed recently (coinciding with teaming with Gleam, which I'm afraid doesn't have a good reputation due to Zoella et al) and your initial followers might not like that.

  11. Followed your blog for many years and you have always been honest about gifts its the new fashion world out there marketing etc..People get so hung up on nonsense..So struggle with Blue Denim Jeans very odd the coloured ones i seem to find loads easier to wear but i love a bit of proper blue denim on the hunt for a good cut off pair to wear with loafers and my new UGG Grey Suede sneakers ..They are fantabidosy i have to tell you i want some burgundy Suede sneakers.. Rambling Alert Keep doing what you do Kat its great and has grown into something else over the years.Love your blog

  12. I have a Maison Scotch pair of black skinny jeans that I wear to death. And a couple of pairs of mid/light blue coloured ones from The White Company. They used to be really good but have too much stretch lately. Their white jeans are still the best though. Also just bought the velvet jeans from Hush which are OK just not as skinny at the ankle as I've have hoped - they don't sit right with ankle boots. Really interested to know how the whole blogging thing works - I'd always assumed most things were sent as gifts or to try and then return as surely no-one could do that much shopping out of their own pocket, especially not if there were other options!

  13. Uniqlo's girlfriend jeans are a lovely shape for those of us who have "mermaid" thighs (or no thigh gap and big booties)...who invented that phrase? Love them!

    1. Oh god I love that phrase!!!! Never think of looking in there.. good shout

    2. I meant looking in there for jeans... I go in there for loads of other things, in fact bought my £15 wide leg navy trousers in there last week 👍 But never think of jeans!