Nothing beats a classic tan...

.... of the sandal variety.  However surprisingly hard to come by.  I'll tell you exactly how difficult they are to track down.  I have two pairs that I wear.  One is NINE years old from Aldo and the other is four years old from Forever 21.  The latter cost a whopping £15 and are not even leather.  And I still drag them out every year as I simply haven't found any better that I love. 

I am set to rectify that this year so let the tan sandal hunt begin. 

First up - what are we looking for?  Ones of the slide variety or ones with ties?  Hmmm right so I've decided to shelve all things gladiator (as they are my favourite style - having legs like obelisks, I need something to break them the massive expanse of flesh).  

But I appreciate that most don't have that problem and so we're going to focus on the slide variety today.  And maybe even some with a little heel as I know loads don't love a super flat sandal. 

Going to break the rules apparently as these are called Gladiator Sandals.  Hmmm well yes, but to me, they need to have lots of irritating ties that have you sweating like a navvy bending over to do them up, to earn the title GLADIATOR.

I'm also going to throw it out there, a strap round the back of the ankle doesn't work for me (fussy moi?) but I know they are most people's preference.

Studded Gladiator Sandal from & Other Stories £69

Leather tan sandals from Mango £49.99

Valentino or.... Boohoo??  £12 from ASOS.  Rude not to. 

However, speaking of Forever 21... feast your eyes on these.  

Studded Thong Sandals £15

Identical to ones I have and wear all the time from & Other Stories (which are verrrrrry similar themselves to an APC pair.. just saying.. and neither of which cost £11!).

Faux leather toe ring sandals £11 from Forever 21

Crisscross faux leather sandals from Forever 21 £11

However obviously these are my favourite.. DARN IT.  But I think you would genuinely have them for years and years... 

Zenobie Leather Sandals from KJaques at Matches £195

Upping the ante although these are too spenney for even my tastes... 

Andorra t-bar leather sandals from Alvaro £375

More leather and ankle straps at M&S.

Leather Sandals £45

Little heels now and I LOVE these.  Although I can't wear them (let's swerve how totally picky I am.. there is method in my madness I promise).  I find that being tall, with a little heel, it looks like I'm verging on Hagrid who's squashed a big heel down to a little one... ok so maybe more madness than actual method but that's what I've always thought.

However this heel, I have all the time in the world for.  It does take some getting used to but I'm sold.  

Braided Design Mules from Mango £69.99

If you do like a heel though, these would be PERFECT for you as they give the illusion of a flat sandal - similar style, whilst still having a bit of lift.  TA DAH!  Loving the price too... Super versatile as well.

Multiple Strap Sandals £29.99

And yet again, I'm sure there are loads more but I've got to the point where they're all merging into one!  So I will revisit.  

It doesn't help that I have clogs on the mind.  I need to go and check out my old clog blog that I did a couple of weeks ago.  I did try some on today but I didn't love them enough.  The mission continues. 

In the meantime, this is what I wore today.  Nope not a sandal in sight.  Was it warmer than I expected?  Yup.  Was I almost a boil in the bag version of my 45yr old self?  Yup.

Dress - Vintage 
Boots - Topshop (ss17)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (ss18)
Belt - Dodo Bar Or from My Theresa (sale ss18)

An amazing day in London for a breakfast for the launch of the Elemis X Lily & Lionel Collaboration (in store now I believe - the most amazing GWP - seriously THE loveliest makeup bag I have seen in a long time and a set of utterly gorgeous travel size gems.  Click on link here for details.  I defy you not to fall in love with the bag...  Plus a special edition Rose Cleansing Balm for Breast Cancer.   

Back to London for meetings tomorrow and then I'm in Canterbury with Fenwicks at 1pm this Friday.  And at Tunbridge Wells at 2pm on Saturday afternoon.  Would LOVE to see you there - tickets available via this link!

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9 comentarios:

  1. Picky, noooo! You just know what you want! Anything else you won't feel comfortable in.
    Totally the opposite of my list of musts, but I'm just as picky.
    Must not be with straps up the ankle, chops my legs up and makes me look even shorter. Must not have toe thong, hate wearing them. Must have a strap around the back (I am flexible on this one, if they come far enough up the foot). Oh and the most difficult one, must be comfortable! Sandals that were perfectly fine in the shop can suddenly morph into evil things that are after my blood!

  2. A timely topic as just what I’m after, thanks.
    Looking forward to seeing you next Friday York Fenwicks - very excited ! X

  3. I just bought these - they remind me a bit of the Hermes Oran sliders but for a fraction of the price. Loupe sliders from Dune in Black and also tan. They have a beautiful orange and other colours too - honestly I couldn't make up my mind. Good luck 'on tour' :) xx

    1. Do you have a link pls
      Many thanks xx

    2. Here you go

  4. I bought these from Boden ( and they are fab, so comfy!

  5. That dress is stunning on you. Love it.

  6. You can definitely justify K Jacques on a cost per wear basis.... I had a pair that I wore into the ground over about 6 summers.

  7. Beautiful footwear design