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We're not talking tassels... but we are talking something a cowboy can't live without and that's a pair of boots.

These are going NOWHERE.  The option for boots choices next season is, literally everything and anything goes.  From chunky biker boots to suede 70s style, a flat Chelsea boot to a kitten heel ankle boot, knee high block heel leather numbers to a classic pair of Dr Ms.  

And the list goes on and on but wouldn't be complete without a pair of cowboy boots.  I have done a blog on these before but, from a purely selfish perspective, I was looking for a tan pair and so you lot all had to come along for the journey.  

I have realised, I tend to start the year in boots (and I have a lot of love for trainers)... and then segue straight into sandals.  I dabble with loafers in Spring and Autumn but truth be told - my footwear fetish can be divided into boots, trainers and sandals.  

And the boots I have, I keep for years.  If they're comfy.. and there in lies the big IF.  In my experience, as time goes on, I realise I need a decent sized heel if I'm going to get any longevity out of my footwear.  Boots are no exception.  I also like them to be fairly snug on my calves and I prefer a higher cut style of boot but that's only as I am tall and have more leg to cover!

So I had had my eye on the first Golden Goose pair (I have worn their trainers for 4 yrs now - still wearing the original pair that I bought) and was thinking a black pair would be the perfect style for A/W.  I tried them on way back at the beginning of the Summer and thought I'd wait until Autumn, as they are a hefty investment.  

But I then wondered if they did them in a tan pair and oh HELLO ALL THE GODS OF SHOPPING!  Yes they have them in the exact shade of tan I was looking for, in the sale, in my size AND with an extra 20% off. 

They're not cheap, they're far from cheap - they're still a touch over £300 but they're half price and when boots in Zara now cost £149, I think they're most definitely worth it. 

Golden Goose Wish Star Embroidered Texture Boots were £680 now £408 with an extra 20% off.

They also have them at Matches in other sizes but they don't have the 20% off alas. 
And just seeing if I could find any other bargains in the dregs of the sale...

Now ankle style at FarFetch from Diesel.

Diesel Cowboy boots were £260 now £156

Toga Buckle Harness leather cowboy boots were £430 now £258

High Texas Leather Cowboy Boots from Ganni were £460 now £276

Then there are the gems that the high street has to offer.

White Leather Cutout Cowboy Boots from River Island £110 

But these I think look more expensive... 

Silvery Leather Cutout Cowboy Boots £110 also from River Island

Black Leather Western Boots from River Island £95

And the same in white again £95 in leather from River Island.  Very similar to a style from Isabel Marant.

In the sale at Office.

Office Acoustic Metal Toe Western Boots were £85 now £42

And the same in snakeskin leather but these were £90 and are now £39

Classic black leather at ASOS for £50

Brown leather now from ASOS £35

Chocolate brown leather now from Vagabond £120

Classic suede tan from ASOS £80

Upping the budget but I LOVE these from ASOS. 

Buffalo London Garcia western cowboy boots in pink print £230

Blue from Mango £89.99

And the last pair from Mango.. £129.99

And... I haven't got a pic of me in any boots yet!!!  Not from ages ago BUT BUT BUT there will be one very soon. 

So next up... we STILL have to look at Summer shoes.  I then think we could probably look at some leather jackets as they are definitely going nowhere.. Or maybe an Autumnal jacket option. 

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