Thanking you kindly, Santa

Apologies, apologies, I have been suffering from post Christmas/New Year fatigue.  Lost in that bubble of chaos which exists of empty bottles (a rather significant amount here seeing as we had 20 for dinner on NYE), mounds of washing, feral kids and deChristmassing (I appreciate that isn't a word but it really should be) the house.  Slowly.  I have to keep asking a child what day it is.  How on earth I'm going to get up on Monday for the school run - I have no idea. (I'm assuming they go back on Monday.  I don't even know that.  Woeful)  Every year I emerge into the New Year from a fog.

But with no further ado, I'm so chuffed to reveal the newest addition to my wardrobe.  My new Michael Kors watch from The Husband.  A rose gold MK5128.  I am so so pleased, have wanted one for eons.  Now on the hunt for some rose gold bracelets to go with it.  I appreciate they're not everyones cup of tea - The Husband is infinitely bemused as to why I'd want to replace a Cartier with a Michael Kors.  Every now and again, a change is as good as a rest and so I am fortunate enough to have two watches to switch between. 

Rose gold MK5128 Michael Kors watch 

Fashion wise, I also got a fantastic, statement necklace from my mother in law.  Very handy as I don't have much jewellery of a silver note and this will look great with a plain tee, jeans, little blazer and ballet pumps in the spring (a standard go to every day outfit for me if you haven't worked that out by now)  Ideally boyfriend jeans.  Which I will discuss in further detail at a later date...


Hopefully you all got a gem or two for Christmas, would love to hear your favourite. 

Quickly reporting on my sales deliveries.  Well as much as I had high hopes for my Reiss delivery (I am beyond impressed with their customer service & delivery though - fantastic and ridiculously quick for a) free delivery and b) over a weekend and a holiday one at that), I am partly pleased that it was an unmitigated disaster. 

My tapered trousers were less cutting edge than I'd anticipated and more M&S elasticated waist, polyester nightmares.  Mum trousers circa 1981.  Wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong.  

The sequin jacket at a push, I could have made work I think.  But it was sat on that fence of vintage looking cool and cruise ship singer.  Gah.  Had I not got two sequin jackets sat in my wardrobe, I possibly would have kept it, as for £118 the quality is exquisite.  But the money has gone back in the coffers.  And polish halo.  

Still waiting for Zara and Massimo Dutti but they've both been dispatched apparently.  Yippee.   Ooh and my River Island Jacket arrived. A bargain at now £25.  I would say whilst it appears to be of good quality, the fact that after one night out in the pub, I came home minus an entire piece of beaded trim would possibly belie that fact.  However they were a rather interesting shade of electric blue and I think the jacket may actually be improved without them.  Very pleased. 

So finishing with a quick round up of what I've been wearing the last couple of days.  Now, huge confession to make, there is no outfit pic from NYE.  But it was exactly the same - and I mean completely identical to the one I wore on Christmas Day - the truly wonderful Gok Wan black half peplum dress from Sainsburys.  A dress I am beyond pleased with. 

I have absolutely no idea what day we're on.  These are from just before NYE to the day before yesterday.  Slobarama mostly. 


Oatmeal oversized poloneck jumper - Primark
Beige skinny trousers - Dorothy Perkins
Fairisle cowl - Aubin & Wills
Tan knee high boots - La Redoute
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

However I do know when this is from - a night out (my first proper adventure out of the house really since my illness on Christmas Eve!) for a very good friend's birthday in the pub.  Saturday night. 


Black cowl neck sleeveless top - Zara
Skinny paint splattered jeans - Zara
Navy, black and gold tweed jacket - River Island (new bargain!)
Black suede and patent boots - LK Bennett
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Gold cuff - Taylor Stephens
Black clutch bag with gold chain - Tory Burch
Rose gold watch - Michael Kors


Beige linen tee - H&M
Grey jersey baggies - Toast
Bea suede wedge trainers - Ash
Chocolate brown leather jacket - All Saints
Mustard & Fuchsia stag scarf - M&S
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Post New Year going for a walk in the woods and then for lunch with the kids 



Navy & White striped longline jersey top - Joules 
Navy Elgar Cowl dress (yeah right) - All Saints
Indigo super skinny jeans - Zara
Mardy boots - Cat
Parka - South from Littlewoods
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Leather cuff with chain detail - Hultquist
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo 

I will be back tomorrow with a first for me.  A competition!  Watch this space......

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18 comentarios:

  1. Wish I looked as good as you when I was slobbing or ill. I have been ruthless with sales purchases, a half price Mulberry bag has been returned. We are Watch Twins, have it in stainless steel too, goes with everything !

    1. Well done you! A half price Mulberry if it's not what you want, will just irritate you after a while. Much better to save up for what you REALLY want or find something fabbo on the HS that will do in the meantime (I have my eye on that M&S bag still...)

  2. My god, I LOVE that necklace. If MrDoesMyBumLook40 ever dumps you, please let me know so I can make a massive play for him (and thus your MiL).

  3. I too am waiting for a Zara and MD order - like Xmas Mark II. Am on the lookout for a long sleeve breton/stripey top similar to what you're wearing above and shocked it's from Joules - normally a shop only for the kids and the husband's casual shirts. Must get over some of my pre-conceived notions re some shops! Santa brought me the Jo Loves Orange Tulle perfume which I love!

    1. Have to say, don't hold your breath with Joules.... Although there is the odd gem in there, that's true but it's still pretty expensive for what it is. I got this in the sale a couple of years ago and I've never seen one since. Normally they have different coloured buttons or a bit of lace or frill on. errr no thanks. But this top has been great - was still about £30 in the sale though.....

      I got a big box of L'Artisan Parfumer box from the kids with La Chasse aux Papillons in it which I am loving. PErfect Spring fagrance. I've definitely got my eye on the Jo Loves Pink Vetiver for my next one though!

  4. I have that watch too, so I'll be watching with interest if you manage to find any nice rose gold bracelets as I have been on the hunt for some for ages.

    I feel the same as you can't make head nor tale of the days!

    1. Mulberry Bayswater bracelet comes in rose gold xx

    2. I've seen that.... I think it's definitely going on my Birthday list. Gorgeous.

  5. I am glad you mentioned boyfriend jeans as I have been thinking of getting some for SS to make a change from skinnies. I occaisonally wear bootcut but find them a bit smart for everyday. Love the necklace, lucky you to have a mil with taste. sara x

    1. They are unfortunately like rocking horse poo and there is a very fine line between cool and err not. But I'm sure there will be some more around shortly - I will be reporting back. !

  6. I got the watch in yellow gold for my birthday.
    For christmas I got the Mulberry Bayswater Bracelet in soft gold also comes in rose gold) - and I absolutely love it!

  7. I think you and I had the Rose Gold Kors v Cartier convo on Twitter a while back. OH bought me one as a surprise circa Sept 2009. I wore it three times in two years and sold it to my eldest daughter for £100, he wasn't happy. I just couldn't get my head round the fact I wear a 2 grand watch (40th birthday pressie years ago, we are broke honest)day in, day out, so why would I ever want to replace it with one costing £200 although I love looking at it on my daughters wrist ha ha! Glad I am not the only one who doesn't know what day it is, although I have been up since 4am today, god knows what will happen come Monday!

    1. We did indeed lovey! And yes, you are exactly of the same school of thought as The Husband. Monday morning is going to be completely and utterly car crash. The kids woke me up at 8am today and I swear I thought it was still the middle of the night. No late nights for me this weekend...! xx

  8. I'm new to your blog but loving it already :-) I got a Tiffany necklace and some dream shoes by a Swedish designer all from Husband... I love Michael Kors watches as well, mine is a wraparound one thicker looking version of the Hermes one but MUCH cheaper...

  9. Hi Kat, love your cat boots! What shade are they and do they run true to size. I am a size 5 but can be a 4 if they are a big fit. Thanks