My secret weapon.

Now I normally never attempt to do anything related to beauty.  As I've mentioned before, I am verging on luddite when it comes to all things cosmetic - I rely on the expert beauty bloggers out there who much better versed in such matters. 

However the one area that I am actually quite pleased with (although looking forward to my colour being rescued this weekend by the wonderful Daniel Jordan) is my hair.  Since I've started the blog, I've been asked numerous times how I do my hair and so due to excessive rain taking all the joy out of looking at summer clothes, I thought it was a perfect time to do a quick blog on my secret weapon.  

Shampoo and conditioner wise, I've never found anything that works as well for me as Redken All Soft - the shampoo and the heavy cream and I will also come clean at this point and admit that I only wash my hair once a week.  I know, I know - utterly ming a ring ding.  But it's so naturally dry and coarse that if I washed it much more (I will sometimes give in at 5 days - hardly much better I appreciate) you would see me from space.

To be honest, even with the best shampoo I can find and not washing it too often, once I've dried it, this is how I look. 

Just GAWJUS.  Suffice to say, it's definitely not a shampoo or conditioner that I rely on.

Untitled Untitled

As you can see, it's not the best to put it mildly.  Now I used to add excessive amount of product, in the forms of serums and oils to make it smoother.  Which did work but tended to take all body and bounce out in the meantime.

Until I found the styling brush of my dreams. 

I reveal....(and by the way, this isn't a new purchase, I've had mine for around two years now)........the Babyliss Big Hair.  I paid £39.99 for mine and so they haven't gone up in price, despite the fantastic reviews they've had. 

Now I do know that people have had issues with them stopping so whilst most places have a two year warranty on them, John Lewis have three and in my experience, they are the best retailer on the High Street for a no quibble returns policy (I'm sure there will be people who have had issues with returns but I have never had any problems with them replacing new for old if something goes wrong in their generous guarantee period.  And, for the record, I have no connection with them at all.  I am just one of those hideous JL devotees) 

Here we have the results, 15 mins later, no product in the hair at all.  (at first it does take a little more practice and if I spend longer on it, I can get more body and more curl).  Not quite a salon level blow dry, but compared to what I had to spend 38 years with, this is verging on perfect.  

I would go so far to say that for me - yes a ridiculous exaggeration but ashamedly true on the beauty front - this has changed my life. There was literally no way I could get my hair smooth before, even after a hair drying lesson at Aveda years ago, spending a small fortune on every hair product known to man, expensive styling wands, dryers and brushes - nothing worked. 

Until the Big Hair.  

Untitled Untitled

So there we have it.  Nothing more than £40.  Probably the best £40 I've ever spent! 

And, as if by magic, we have the most ridiculous humid frizzy rain at the moment, and here below is me yesterday (I washed my hair on Sunday).  Once smoothed, my hair stays smooth.


Cream vest - Cos
Lace swing jacket - Anthropolgie (this was give to me by one of my best friends the other day - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Thank you so much S xxx) 
Horn necklace - Mango
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone 
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

And today for a meeting, in spite of the rain, I managed to get my fave pear drop (aka yellow!)  sunshine jeans out.  Bit of an experiment pairing them with black but I actually I am really pleased with the combo.  A whole new lease of life for them. 


White draped tee - Zara
Black tuxedo blazer - Topshop
Scarf - Markus Lupfer for Whistles
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles 
Black and tan Sarina Betty sandals - Clarks
Black and gold razorblade wrap cuff - McQueen by Alexander Mcqueen

Still need to shop for holiday and apparently the sun is coming out tomorrow, so good bye rain and hello summer dress shopping. 

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17 comentarios:

  1. My sister used one of these on my hair at the weekend and it was AMAZING! I have asked for one for my birthday :-) You look fab, love the lace swing jacket A.LOT.

  2. I swear by mine! People laugh when I say it changed my life, but it really, really did!! I'm always being asked if I've just had a blow dry!


  3. You do have amazing hair and fab outfits too. Love those Clarks sandals!

  4. My naturally wavy hair looks exactly the same if I blow dry so this looks verrryyy interesting - I may need to invest in one next month!

  5. I have one of these and totally love it havent straightened my hair for months!!

  6. What I would I would give for that much hair! I have frizzy rats tails that if I flattening any way looks like Olive from on the Buses

  7. My hair seems similar to yours Kat, frizzy but fine and loads of it, maybe when my hair gets down a bit I will invest!

  8. Hi Kat I have very similar hair to yourself and I only wash it once a week and the look on people's faces when I say that always makes me laugh,still envious of those Rag and Bone boots they are to die for! April.

  9. Would love to be able to wash hair once a week, I wash every day, its dead straight and fine ggrr!! love the lace jacket!!

  10. Now this looks like something I could use as an alternative to straightening - honestly, though, I'm crap with anything like this so is it easy peasy to use? At risk of sounding thick what do you actually do?

  11. Ming a ring ding! Ha! You do make me chuckle. Love the lace swing jacket-in fact I love that whole outfit! Gorge.x

  12. I chuckled at the ming a ring ding, too. I'd love to only have to wash my hair once a week. Unfortunately I have lots of fine hair, which means I look like a grease monkey after two days. Se la Vie.

  13. Your latest blog made me laugh so much as the before photos you took looked just like my hair - albeit mine is blonde/grey!! (colour booked in for 2 weeks!!) and very coarse. The after photos were fab - so I shall be investing in 2 weeks time (after pay day and much needed colour!!)
    Loving the lace jacket - SallyC

  14. Your hair looks great in the after pics. Great outfits too.

  15. hahhahhaa - I only wash my hair once a week too Kat - I have really thin dry hair... plus over over here in Munich the air is so dry you could probably go for weekS without washing it. Anyway - thats as far as I'm going to get on the confession front. JLewis here we come thank goodness they deliver here... x

  16. i am totally with you on the Big Hair. It was Caitlin Moran that switched me on (via twitter) to it a couple of years ago. genius product. dunno why they aren't more popular.

  17. Thank you Kat. I've just purchased the Big Hair and I love it. Who would have thought I could get so much bounce in my hair?! Definitely ditching the straightners now!