So just my legs that aren't sun ready quite yet?

Obviously I've been gagging for some warmer weather for months, so not sure why I've been completely taken by surprise by the sunshine this week and my legs have hairs on them that you could plait.   Not to mention the stunning plucked chicken look I've got going on as well.  

But it seems that summer may well be finally on it's way.  So whilst I get my head round making my legs fit for public consumption, the ideal option for a lighter spring look is the maxi skirt.  

I'm not sure why I only have one to be honest - it's one I love - a leopard print maxi which I got a couple of years ago from Zara.  I try and wear it in the A/W and I shouldn't as I'm never pleased with how it looks.  But next week, it shall be making it's season debut.

So a couple of things I must first get off my chest about maxi skirts.  I am a traditionalist when it comes to them.  It would be a dull world if we all liked the same thing but I'm going to put my neck on the line and admit there are three things about maxi skirts which don't work for me. 

One - a split in them.  If they're a flowy skirt, why?  It means that if I haven't had time to de-fuzz, there is the danger if people get a glimpse of bare flesh they may think I'm harbouring a small furry animal under my skirt.  My laziness therefore holds no truck with slits in skirts. 

Two - dipped hem skirts.   These are those skirts that are shorter at the front than at the back. Again.  Why?  I appreciate they may work for those days when you can't make up your mind between long or short but the reality is, it's either long or short.  It's not like booking a holiday.  This firmly elevates me to the lofty heights of old moany, fogey cow, of that I am aware, but they're just not for me. 

Following on from this point with my miserable boot hat still firmly in place - Three.  Long very sheer layered skirts with a mini skirt underneath.  Shifting my (almost) bosoms and adjusting my cardie - no thank you.  

With that in mind, here is a very traditional take on the maxi skirt (and probably my answer as to why I only have one) 

What do I wear them with?  A close fitting top that isn't too long, however I do like a boxy jumper, so long as it's not too voluminous and finishes just at the waist line.  And for when it's warmer, a vest.  My all time favourite addition is either a small fitted denim jacket.   I do love the look of a biker jacket as well for those slightly cooler days.  I am determined to see if I can wear boots with mine again as it never feels "quite" right.  Other people can totally rock the look but I never feel quite right in them.  Must try harder. 

New Look in Tall. Navy shirred voile maxi skirt - £14.99 (and also in Petite)  

They also do it in a dark blush (watermelon apparently - errrr) again for tall in the same chiffon shirred style.  Other colours are available as well as can be seen on the link. 

They do different colours in the same style for normal people.  I am loving all things orange at the moment (shade depending as I've learnt this week but I love this bricky tone)  Again £14.99

This Cobalt blue shade which I've been drawn to this summer 

If you're a lover of all things bright then this one is great - a stunning fuchsia shade, again from New Look  £14.99  (I would probably consider this watermelon) 

My fave sort of maxi skirts however are those with pockets.  I am currently having a summer fling with a pocket. 

This is the Rosa Maxi skirt from Whistles in the navy.  At £65 this actually is a pretty good buy.  Lovely detailing on the front made from wonderfully heavy duty jersey.  They also do it in a pale grey marl and khaki. 

If one colour isn't enough for you - I'm loving this block colour one from Great Plains.  Another great jersey number which just hangs beautifully.  Perfect for going from day to night.  Just add a huge necklace.  Again a great price at £35. 

Now moving on to printed skirts.
Black Tie Dye Maxi skirt - £16.99 from New Look  For me this has a complete All Saints vibe about it.  Perfect with a tiny leather or suede jacket and white, camel or blush tee.  Great with biker boots, wedge trainers or flipflops. 

Phase Eight Jasmin Maxi skirt - £69.99

French Connection Electric Forest Beach Maxi skirt - £65  I've a horrible feeling by "beach" they may mean it's quite sheer... still it would be lovely for shoving on over your costume to go down to the pool and to have lunch/drinks.  I find this shirred waist band so flattering.  Has a Spanx like effect on my mum tum.  I think this is the sort of skirt you'd have for absolutely years and just drag out every summer.  A totally timeless print in an array of colours that will go with any plain colour cossie.  Can you see I'm mananging to talk myself into buying this one?

ooh better pic here actually - with matching bikini on the side.  Lush. 

Another print skirt - Lizzie Print -  which is, I think similar to the New Look All Saints esque one but with a much smarter tone to it.  Easily able to team this one with a fitted black blazer for work or for a smart occasion.  Mint Velvet so it would be better quality, as it should be for £89.

If the prairie look is more up your street, then I saw this one this morning and it's very wearable.  Floaty, ethereal, as fab with western style ankle boots, full on cowboy numbers as with flat sandals or flipflops.  Just add a boho style strappy floaty top or vest. 

Phase Eight Made in Italy Anastasia skirt £75

This is going to be completely marmite but I have a real hankering for ranch stylee.  Fling on ankle boots and a beaten up denim fitted jacket and you're away.  Or a white vest and tan flipflops.  There's something about the print I find so appealing.  Again, something I really think that you'd have in your wardrobe for ages.  

A real bargain as well from Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply down to £65 now. 

So here we have a quick round up of what I've been wearing this week - cheeky new purchase - printed kimono jacket from Zara which I am beyond obsessed with.  Expect to see this an awful lot.  I've warned you. 


White silk pocket front boxy top - Zara
"Dad" boyfriend jeans - Current Elliott
Tan leather belt - Primark
Secret Garden necklace - Stella & Dot
Stone maxi zip cross body bag - Anya Hindmarch


Beige linen tee - Zara
Ankle zip skinny jeans - Zara
Floral silk kimono jacket - Zara
Peep toe Saxon chestnut boots - Kurt Geiger
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs


White longsleeved tee - Topshop
Navy sweatshirt - Zara
Print harem drawstring pants in navy and white - Forever 21
Gunmetal Virgin hitops - Ash
Cobalt blue jersey scarf - & Other Stories
Grey Cherelle cross body bag - Whistles

Now apparently it's going to be scorchio this Sunday and Monday.  There may, "may" be a chance the legs are getting an outing.  And maybe not.  Looks like something maxi is calling.   We need a blog on dresses.  I shall get cracking on it. 

But in the meantime and on a far more exciting note, I have discovered, whilst looking for maxi skirts, another High Street surprise from where I am compilating a huge summer holiday wish.  You will NEVER guess.  Go on..... try.......

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10 comentarios:

  1. Oh I love a maxi too and have been after a navy skirt for ever. I think that Whistles one you've featured might just be making its way me-ward...! Clarks sandals looking the business btw.

  2. Do you know I don't know about maxi skirts - you hit the nail on the head by saying you've got to get the top right otherwise there's a danger of looking 6 months pregnant if there's not enough waist defnition. So because of that, I just have maxi dresses - you know the fitted vest style ones, not so much a fan of the busty halterneck flowing numbers that again can err on the maternity.
    By the way, on the dress front, have you got Easy Living this month? - there's a Monsoon dress on the high street award pages that's got your name written all over it, possibly because it's been styled with shoes I know you'd love but still, take a look. It's on page 93, a white lace top and black pencil skirt number, definitely HC appropriate. I was shocked at the nightmare you had trying on dresses last week - those All Saints ones were minga minging although looked amazing on the website, it's crazy isn't it.
    Off to defuzz and fake tan tonight once babies asleep in view of tomorrow's weather - I too have the hirsute albino chicken look going on!

  3. I don't own one single maxi skirt. Not that I haven't tried a million. My legs are the thinnest part of me and when I put on that much fabric hanging from my hips, I look like I'm wearing a sack. I do like the Rosa from Whistles. Maybe it's the pockets that make it interesting to me.

    I've been cruising the kimonos at Zara. Love the one you chose!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hate those that are shorter at the front - as you say why? Forever 21 was full of them yesterday. LOVE the New Look skirt - it is very AllSaints...the Whistles skirts are great too - I got a grey one and black one very similar back in February from Matalan - lovely heavy jersey skirts for 12 squids - not too shabby.

  6. I've been wearing these for most of the Winter, they are great with loads of pairs of tights on underneath to keep warm as well as covering up legs needing 'work' in Summer. I thought I was massively out of fashion and felt a little like Margot from The Good Life, but actually I was a trendsetter, NOT something that has EVER happened before, or is being ahead of the curve as un-fashion as being behind it?!

  7. Please let your High Street surprise be Millets??? I'm going glamping soon and need some wardrobe suggestions that are practical and yet don't make me look like an advert for Joules or Crew clothing. Whilst you don't look like a camping type, it would make a great post please!

  8. I think you are right - be picky about the style and the top or you can get it so wrong and look like you have been rummaging in your kids dressing up box and everything just looks oversized and too big .....or is that just me? I've been eyeing up my summer dresses, but not dared to get them out yet.

  9. Oh god perfect timing Kat... I want about 5 of these! New Look cobalt & tie dye, Whistles khaki & Great Plains Colour block. Lovely suggestions, thanks!

    Gap also has some lovely fine jersey, rolled cap sleeve drawstring belted maxi dresses atm, saw them when sprinting past - shall be back to investigate!


  10. Wow!!! They all look amazing! Love the colors. Great suggestions indeed. Now I know what to purchase.