And they're just like buses.

Dresses that is. 

Firstly, thank you to some lovely readers, I have been pointed in the direction of my currently beloved Maya Cocoon dress in the pink from ASOS.  Now at a bargain £66.50  The pic of this doesn't do the pink justice.  A gorgeous not too bright but not pastel (great description eh?) pink.

Now had they had this in a 10 I would have bought it in a heartbeat - I think it was available in a 10 earlier in the day but by the time I'd raced (not quickly enough!) to order it, it had sold. 

But everything happens for a reason as I stumbled across the same dress, though randomly they call this version the May dress (I think The Husband has had a word at them to try and put me off the scent) in a print.  Which actually I think will work better going into the A/W. for me, in the black and white.  Currently sat on my bed waiting to be packed.  Beyond perfect with my Burberry heels.  

What you can't see is that although it looks like black and white, the black is actually edged in pale blue.  Completely and utterly beautiful.  Both unusual but classic at the same time. 

The May Cocoon Lucky Dress £110 

If anyone needed to be convinced, I have washed the yellow one and hung it out on the line. It's a magic dress - 30 degree wash and it doesn't need to be ironed.  Ok so it's polyester but I don't care.  It feels like crepe and it is the best behaved dress I've come across in forever.  

Dear Whistles.  Please don't bring it out in any more colours otherwise I will have to sell a child to fund my purchase of them.   Actually on second thoughts, for winter - one with 3/4 sleeves would be beyond fantastic.  I thank you.  (I've always struggled with 3 kids) 

I also managed to lust over (ok and purchase - but just one of them) a couple of other dresses which would serve the elusive purpose of day to night dresses.  Something that would work as well with flat sandals as it would with strappy ones or peep toe shoots (or full on shoots for the winter for that matter - beloved to me as we all know) 

These ones are all silk, which, I'm not going to lie, do scare me slightly.  As I've eluded to before, I am a lazy slattern.  Dry cleaning for me is code for "put in the washing bin for 6 months".  However I've heard a rumour (thank you Twitter) that you can handwash on a cold cycle in the machine.......

This is the one that I've bought that is sat upstairs, in its plastic, waiting to be packed.  Whether or not I bring it back and return it is still to be decided. 

Scattered Petal Dress from Whistles - now £75 from £155.  Gorgeous loose, comfy fit.  Fab detail on shoulders, "fake" shirt style. 

Another tunic style dress - hides a multitude of sins (can you see why I love these?!) 

Silk Tunic Print Dress in Navy £155

Another Navy (or Ink..) number - The Adrianne Ink Dress - £110.  Fantastic dress.  Completely gorgeous with great pockets as well.   Cannot.  Justify. 

So there we have them.  From being able to find totally diddly squat, they're now coming out of the woodwork in droves.  This of course does mean that it's going to pour with rain from next week so I have absolutely no occasion to wear them.  I apologise now. 

On bra news, I said I would update you and here we are.  I really couldn't brave the Hobbit's cave that is Gilly Hicks, although their bras did look truly great.  But M&S came up trumps.  Not, however with the Flatter Me Bra which wasn't nearly as sturdy as I'd expected.  Flatter me it didn't. 

This one however was perfect.  I am sorted! 

Memory Foam Multiway bra from M&S 

Finally with what I was wearing yesterday 


White vest - Reiss
Navy oversized top - Reiss
Cut off shorts - Warehouse
Leopard print sandals - M&S
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara
Silver bean necklace - Tiffanys
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

And out for the evening for a night out at the pub with The Husband before I go away for five days!  Ridiculously busy out with the kids till late and so I only had time to change my trousers and necklace and fling out of the door.


Black and navy tie dye jeans - H&M
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Gold Mini antelope charm necklace - Bill Skinner

So I am currently packing for my 5 day trip to Spain with the girls.  Packing blog and outfit blogs up next.

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17 comentarios:

  1. Ooh, a 3/4 sleeve version of the Whistles dress for A/W? Now you're talking!!!! Have a fabulous holiday xx

    1. Wouldn't that be fantastc?! Thanks love xxx

  2. Have a great holiday. Love that first outfit...I'm glad other people my age are also daring to bare in shorts. I muddled over it for a minute or two but then thought "sod it, it's too hot to wear anything longer than a shorts"

    1. Thank you - oh god it's just too ridiculously warm here. We're one day away from a National Emergency here apparently! Wear those shorts with pride. xx

  3. Will be heading for that bra later as I have enough of being stabbed by all sorts of useless contraptions! I wish I could wear shorts but don't think my local Tesco could handle the sight! I have got as far as a sleevless tunic dress:) Enjoy your hols!

    1. I have to say I'm very pleased with the bra indeed for both strapless and racer back. Well as you can see, I am a huge fan of the sleeveless tunic dress! Katxx

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  5. Love the Whistles dress! What is the sizing like? And length? I'm 5'10". Looking great as always Kat.

  6. Wow you look stunning, love massive Tom Ford shades and need those tie dye skinnines in my life...I don't usually add my link but I would love it if you linked up to my new style linky Fashion Friday

  7. Where are you...? Desperate for news of the holiday wardrobe - Lovin the shorts and top from TK but it's nearly 2 WEEKS Without a blog - have had to content myself with reading some of the 'unusual' messages above....

  8. I know, 2 WEEKS!! It's killing me! Hope everything's ok, come back soon Kat, we miss you! x

  9. miss you Kat - where are you?

  10. Yes please come back soon your blog posts are missed!

  11. Check twitter! I think shes camping in France:-)

  12. Miss you, Kat x

  13. Where are you, Kat? I hope you're okay. You haven't blogged for a couple of weeks now and I really look forward to reading your inspirational posts. Come back soon. We miss you. x

  14. Agreed! Come back soon Kat! Love your posts x