In love with gladiators

Have to say I have a bit of a thing with all sorts of gladiators.  Much to the husband's chagrin, Gladiator is one of my favourite films (up there with Gone with the Wind and Frozen.  He's so proud).

I will also fess up to having loved Gladiators with Ulrika way back in the 90s (student tv on a Saturday night washed down with lashings of cheap martini and lemonade before we went out and hoovered pints of snake bite and black with a vodka chaser followed by a curry at 2am.  And I wondered why I put on over two stone in the first couple of years at Uni.. I dread to think how many calories there are in one pint of snakebite and black... not to mention curry and chips three times a week!).

These days I make do with gladiators sandals.  And I love them.  Do I need more?  That'll be probably not.  But I am still umming and ahhing over what to do with the Rixo maxi dress.  I am definitely erring towards hemming it up just a couple of inches as it's not proper maxi at the moment.  With a couple of inches up it would be long midi which would be perfect.  Heeled sandals (well mules - although yes I ended up with the Dacade-a-like Carvela sandals which I LOVE) are perfect for nights out. 

I am determined though, to get the most out of this dress and to wear it during the day, it needs a pale pair of sandals.  Mine are "ok" but they're slightly too Grecian for what is essentially a very British looking dress.  

It does beg the question, if mine are too Grecian (or Roman..!), why on earth would I be looking for any Gladiator style sandal... And you would be correct.  However, when I say gladiator, I mean basically a strappy sandal that goes part way up the foot. 

I should probably rename this blog "In love with strappy sandals in pale colours that go part way up the leg".  I did think about it, but it wasn't *quite* as punchy (and I wouldn't have had anything to confess on that score) so we'll just leave it as "gladiator-ish sandals".  Nothing like opening up those doors of interpretation. 

Now that I've chuntered on for way too long, let's see what I've found.

Gilroy leather sandals from Sam Edelman was £95 now £52.25  A pared back pair.  

Tiffany Sandal from MaxMara were £160 now £96  And again - a hint of Grecian but with a completely classic edge to them.  Gorgeous. 

Leather and suede Sandals from Sandro were £209 now £83.60  The suede may be *slightly* too orangey for what I am looking for... (and I much prefer the MaxMara ones above).

Bargain time at Mango - leather strap sandals were £35.99 now £17.99

Tan again at Forever 21 (which is where mine are from last year, except mine were £15..!). 

Crisscross Faux Leather Sandals £20 

And less up the leg (the technical term). 

Ghillie Lace up Sandals £25 from M&S

Tan glads called Gladys in the sale at Boden with a hint of Chloe scalloping.  Gorgeous.  Were £79.50 now £47.70

And moving away from tan, there is the rose gold option again were £79.50 now £63.30  This would be my choice of the two.

Metallic and tan together in the sale at ASOS.  One of the cheapest but definitely one of my favourite.

Park Lane Gladiator Leather Sandals were £50 now £21

Gold Strap Cord Sandals again in the sale at Mango were £19.99 now £9.99  Would be rude not to at this price?

Silver now at ASOS.  Fantasia Gladiator Sandals £14  Or I could have these ones as well.  Cannot resist a Glad it seems.

Paler now - this is the colour I'm really looking for.  And the same colour as the Carvela ones I bought the other day (heeled ones though so completely different and not remotely gladiator stylee).

Thea Suede Gladiator Sandals from Schutz was £185 now £92.50

More at The Outnet from Sam Edelman - Eaven stud-embellished leather gladiator sandals were £120 now £60

Studded again in white.  Very Valentino for a lot less. 

Studded patent leather sandals from Schutz were £190 now £95

Another Rockstud inspired pair in blush from Dune.  And randomly I have to say, I rather like these.  Even though I'm not a huge Rockstud fan... 

Dune Blush Snake Studded Gladiator Sandals £69

And a couple of randoms which aren't pale, but would go with my dress perfectly and in fact, would go with so many Summer shades. 

Tasseled Lace Up Sandals from Forever 21 £20

And whilst we're talking colour - I have a ringer to finish with.  Adore these.  Not such a massive fan of the price, but these are EPIC.  Although I said I needed pale - these are so delicate that I think the black would definitely work.  

Flamingo Frill Leather Flat Sandals from Sophia Webster were £395 now £158

It does seem completely futile talking about sandals when I am sat here watching the rain lashing down outside.  But, I am determined to think positively and we WILL be needing these in a matter of weeks.  So we must buy them now as the A/W ranges are starting to flood in. 

It's always an issue in this country of nothing weather appropriate being in store when you need it. 

Anyone else a gladiator fan? 

Here I am today, still in my loafers (sandals?  Are you having a laugh?) which I never dreamed of getting this much wear out of in the Summer.  They're going to be worn out by the Autumn at this rate. 

Tee - Zoe Karssen
Boucle black jacket - Isabel Marant
Black faux leather culottes - River Island
Gold Kipper loafers - Kurt Geiger
Black fringed Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

I'm just going to finish with... nice weather for ducks?  *weeps*. 

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17 comentarios:

  1. oh yes. These are my latest ones. Tan in the same style coming.

    This weather is just rubbish.


    1. OMG I LOVE THEM. I may have to order....

  2. They have the Sam Edelman ones in my local TK Maxx for £14! The sizing is really odd on them though which probably explains how they made it there.

    1. hmm interesting. Excellent pointer, thank you!

  3. Ooh, love those Park Lane ones! I've been holding off on buying more sandals due to the torrential rain. I've hardly worn the ones I've got.

    1. I can count on one hand the days I've worn sandals. And four of them were because we were on holiday and I hadn't taken any others with me.... Not enough eye rolling I can do.

  4. These are in the sale and are on my list. Blush, very pretty. Oasis are also doing a gorgeous light tan gladiator sandal (Giselle) that has gone into sale but isn't online anymore... bugger.
    Hope you find what you're looking for! Audrey x

    1. Oh they are super pretty aren't they?!

  5. My money is on the Max Mara. I bet the quality of the learher is fabilous.

    1. For sure. They're a timeless classic, aren't they?

  6. I've got these in both colours:
    Not leather, but a good look-alike and amazingly comfortable!

  7. I got the Sam Edelman ones in TK Maxx on Saturday .... They were £14.99!!!! I'm sorry!!! Just before I bought them I'd got my net a porter Black suede sale boots delivered!! X

  8. You've just made my day. I bought the exact same Sam Edelman sandals last week at TKMaxx for £14.99 and I love them. Made up to see what they really cost and even the sale price elsewhere. Looking forward to wearing them at least a couple of time before my jobs in August.

    1. Oh you too!! Fab bargain! and enjoy.. (it's such a shame it doesn't look like you're going to get to wear them here before then.... )