Mission time

One week till the smallest's First Holy Communion next week.  Which means party time.  

So after ordering his outfit (he refuses to wear new shoes bless him..), ordering new furniture for the garden (first time in fourteen years... it was rather overdue), working out the menu for 60 (that's my Thursday and Friday taken care of...) and ordering the wine, it was time to give my outfit some thought.

I have my dress - which I bought way back in January.  White lace with black (I know I know lots of people wouldn't wear any form of white lace to a First Holy Communion but each to their own.  It's definitely black and white... trust me...!!) but I definitely need a jacket to wear with it. 

It's a pencil midi dress so it needs to be something fitted and short.  Can you believe, I don't actually have a jacket that works with this?  I have a midnight boucle one from Zara which is lovely although on the scruffy side now being years old, but also it's navy and it really does need to be black for this outfit.  I then have my new off white hush one which would be perfect but it looks odd against the white dress.  Plus it really does need to be black....

So I need to get this sorted ASAP.  Nothing like leaving it till *almost* the last minute.

Although having said that, there is some advantage to leaving it to the 11th hour as some of the sales have already started.  Which I found out when I went to order the Isabel Marant one that I have had my eye on for MONTHS now.  And it was reduced.  There was real life whooping, I can assure you. 

However.... when you search for it online on My Theresa, it doesn't come up... I can't find it at all on their site and when I tried to order it, it wouldn't go through online so I had to ring it through... and spoke to a lovely lady who said that she "thought" it should be ok...  So to say I'm not holding my breath, is an understatement. 

If I search back for when I had it before on the Boucle Blog, it does take you through to the link.  Which is the only way I can find it... it really doesn't bode well At All.

Etoile Isabel Marant Ferris Blazer in black was £340 now £238 from My Theresa 

So I am going to need a replacement.  Even though now that I'm sure that one won't arrive, it is obviously THE most perfect jacket ever... 

This would be another option.  Although I have ordered and again haven't had my confirmation email so I'm not holding my breath... 

Flenn Collarless Tweed Jacket from Isabel Marant £280 BUT I ordered mine through the Private Sale and so got 30% off which made it £196 I think.  This link should work hopefully.... or just try bunging the code PR5HEL in and see if it works.  There is loads of Marant in the sale and seeing as we've barely had any warm weather yet and most of us still have our Summer holidays to come, it's definitely worth a look.   Do let me know if it works (fingers crossed).

However seeing as they may either a) not turn up or b) not be perfect and for that sort of money, I want PERFECT, I need to see what else there is out there.  Besides which, this is one of my wardrobe basics which I've been looking for for years. 

A black jacket that isn't a blazer.  Don't get me wrong, I love my black blazer and wear it every single week - couldn't live without it, but I prefer mine looser and sometimes a nipped in shorter jacket is called for.  I have in navy and cream which have served me well, but I really could do with a black one.  

I do actually have a black and cream (GAH needs to be white!) lace "Pearly Queen" jacket from Phase Eight of all places that is older than one of my children - I think I've had it for 8 years now.  Still wear it every year and it gets admired every time I wear it. 

So whilst I was saying I was looking for more high street - had to throw this one in from DVF which is also on the Matches Private Sale so has 30% off (I'll leave you to do the Maths..). 

Bria jacket from DVF £224

And whilst we're there, this one is so so so cute..  would look fabulous over a black dress but just as great over a white tee and jeans. 

Castilla Jacket from DVF £332 again take 30% off which makes it infinitely more palatable. 

I then also spied this from Maje at Selfridges... oh wow.  Adore with spades on. 

Maje Varta Stretch Crepe Jacket £290

But moving onto High Street and actually this has been harder than I thought it would be... lots of blazers of the classic variety but if you're looking for something that little bit different - a sort of blazer with a twist (funny that none of them have a category for that...), then I didn't find that many to choose from. 

Mango do have a great option which I've had on the blog before in the red colourway.  But in black with the silver detailing, this may well work.  It's the perfect shape and the colours are also perfect.  My only one detractor is as the dress is lace, I'm worried it might be texture overload.  I fear that whilst I would love to be able to pull off eclectic cool, it may be slightly more Cher. 

Textured cotton blend jacket from Mango £79  

Another from Mango which would be super super useful, although I'm concerned slightly too casual for what I have in mind.  This is edging into smart cardigan territory which isn't necessarily a bad thing on a daily basis but just lacking a slight formal edge if we're looking for something to wear to an Occasion.. 

Zip Textured Jacket from Mango £39.99  Adore this androgynous look though.  That's got me thinking towards A/W...

Speaking of texture.. too much?!

Voss Tasseled Long Sleeved jacket by Goldie from Topshop £59

Slightly off piste now and an option which I hadn't considered but I definitely think this could work... plus it's not something that I have in my wardrobe - would be another great option for every day over a tee and jeans and look fantastic over a jumpsuit, skinnies and a lace blouse.. definitely food for thought.

Lavish Alice Blazer £55  If you sign up for their newsletter, you get £10 off a £50 spend... which makes this £45.  

Ditto this from Zara... could work - could look horrendous.  I'm doing a children's order from there so will fling this in as well.  

Blazer with neck tie from Zara £39.99

Now I know I said a variation on a blazer but sometimes you don't need to venture too far from the original theme.  

For example - a shorter cropped style in a less than typical blazer fabric would work.  

May I present the ASOS Ponte Blazer £35

And finally a safe bet from good old M&S.

Open Front Jacket from M&S £29.50

So lots to order - clearly I need to order some of the more reasonable ones as well as the Marants (hopefully plural...) to compare, as you never know which will be better. 

And speaking of the more reasonable - huge success at River Island today following the blog on Friday.   Sold out in my size online but I found instore on the Last Chance Rail.  For £48 (I think that was it), I think this is a steal.  I'm thinking to make it that little bit more modern about teaming with strappy leopard print and black sandals that I have... the husband will throw up in his mouth a teensy bit but I think it could work in a designer way (in my head this is....).

Couple of outfits to finish with and this is yesterday, our last day of hols.  Would you believe me if I say it was actually vaguely warm??

Grey tee - Zoe Karrsen
Fray edge jacket - hush
Black boyfriend jeans - hush
Black sandals - & Other Stories
Half Moon Bag - APC

And today.  One of those rare days with just me and the 11yr old.  We spent all day shopping at Bluewater.  I can honestly say we've never had such a good time.  Laughed till we cried (mostly in the changing rooms), had a lovely lunch (she's decided she loves sushi which is fantastic as McDonald's is not my favourite..) and got locked in the changing room at Hollister as I thought it shut at 6pm and not 5pm.  

Then came home and quickly dragged the dog to the park as clearly the boys hadn't been bothered to do it... 

Khaki jumpsuit - hush
Black sandals - Zara
Silver bag - Anya Hindmarch 

So no school for us tomorrow - we're not back till Tuesday so I'm celebrating with wine and a take away.  Loads to report from our shopping trip - check out interim photos on Instagram (@doesmybumlook40 if you're new to the gig) and I'll be back tomorrow. 

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14 comentarios:

  1. "got locked in the changing room at Hollister"...that sounds like a blog post all on its own!!
    ADORE your Hush white boucle outfit! Love the look and wanted one forever - but the world is divided into those who look classy and gorgeous in them and those who just look frumpy and old-ladyish (that would be me). Hope your first Isabel Marant black one works out, it's my favourite of all of them!

    1. Oh I totally know those sorts of things... Saltwater sandals on me... I honestly look like I'm dressing up as an 80yr old in them. Or a 5yr old. Depending on what I'm wearing...

      There is NO sign of the first Marant jacket (or the bloody JBrand trousers that I'd also ordered to get free postage but had in fact set my heart on since then... )

  2. Hope you get the Isabel Marant jacket and that it's perfect. I've been eyeing up the M&S one in cream, even though I have said no jackets this summer!
    That RI dress is great on you, and what do husbands know about style anyway?
    Just splurged on a silk blouse from a Danish company that is new to me called Dea Kudibal, problem is now I've visited their website and I am spoiled for choice.
    The colours are way more vibrant than in the image.
    Looking forward to seeing you in your communion outfit!
    Danish Pastry

    1. No sign of the jacket.. Haven't heard of that Danish company - will have a look!

  3. Check your spam folder for the Matches confirmation email. For some reason, even though dispatch, return and any marketing emails go direct to me inbox, confirmation ones always end up in junk. Weird.

    Have you tried Iro on The Outnet for jackets? There are a few black ones on their which may suit, although I don't know exactly which dress you are wearing.

    1. My not me! Also, I'm am not such a prolific Matches customer as that makes me sound (although their 30% sale previews always get me)!

    2. oooh didn't think of that - will go and have a look thank you x

  4. Oh dear, this post is a big problem for me because I honestly want EVERY SINGLE jacket you've posted here, except the ASOS one, because I have an old Malene Birger one just like it. The Lavish Alice one is dreamy, the Zara one is gorgeous, and I can't cope with the Isabael Marant perfection. Even the Topshop fringe one has my heart racing. Thank you (sort of!) for digging up all of these wondrous items. I hope you track down your perfect one. xx

    1. There is definitely something about that fringed jacket isn't there... yup, I could happily wear any of them too!

  5. I love the ASOS one and think would be perfect for me, although I don't need another jacket ( can't resist a blazer though)

  6. Have you tried Bergdorf Goodman - they have the Isabel Marant Etoile Ferris fringed jacket online in French sizes 36, 38 & 40. It's $299USD (reduced from $500USD). I realise it's coming from America but they have a Helpline number you could perhaps call to enquire their delivery times? Good Luck!

    1. Oh that is so so lovely of you thank you! Well - after all that, wouldn't you know it... BOTH jackets turned up today. And... I think I actually prefer the one from Matches - which is handily cheaper. WHOOP. I do still think it's so so weird that you can only find it if you click on the original link I had - there is no other way to find it at My Theresa, even though it's clearly still in stock. Weird... It's randomly big. Very boxy and actually just too big. I ordered the 10 and the 12 but even the 10 is massive - whereas in the other style (from Matches) the 10 is a lovely snug fit. Just odd.

  7. The dress is gorgeous! And I knew that jumpsuit was from Hush because I've been eyeing it up but being short, have a feeling I may look like a small child in it. Who knows?!