Flat out

When a solution is staring you in the face. 

I have spent way way too long looking for the perfect mid heel sandals.  And I give up. 

I give up, as I've decided I can either do high or I can do flat but the in between just isn't working for me this season.  Have mastered it in a boot, I've even come to terms with the shoe but the sandal has eluded me. 

So maybe it's just not meant to be.  This weekend I have rediscovered my flats.  Flat sandals are the way forward, I now decree.  And the way out (out out) are simply full on heels.  Of which I have many and no more are needed.

But for the foreseeable future, now that Summer has put in a long overdue appearance and seems to have pulled up a deckchair and is making herself comfortable for a while, I am all about flat sandals.  

These are perfect for every day Summer chic.  School run must haves which will see you through to lunch.  And then in the super warm weather and coming into the holidays, these will be ideal to take you into the evening as well.  They work with all outfits.  Dresses - be them short or long, jeans, cargo trousers or shorts. 

Dressier than a flipflop, today I'm looking at ones with a little bit of interest to them.  Let your sandals do the talking. 

And I've even gone a bit out there with some colour.  Clearly the sun has gone to my head and out of all these, my pick would be pink or red.  I obviously need a lie down to reflect this choice....

Starting however, with something far more "me" and my beloved tan. 

Tan from Ash at The Outnet.

Studded Leather Sandals from Ash were £169 now £84.50

And then - good old Ancient Greek ones which I get so close to buying every year.  Maybe this will be the season.  Love the shade of pale camel as opposed to a richer tan.  And the classic wing detail - perfection. 

Elpida Leather Sandals from Ancient Greek were £160 now £96

Tan leather - Gilroy Leather Sandals from Sam Edelman were £95 now £52.25

A richer tan with a tassel at Topshop. 

Hasel Tassel Sandals £22

Bordeaux Brown at Topshop with studs.  These definitely have a Marant look to them.  For the bargain TS price.

Flower Studded Sandal £49

Moving onto black.  Some may think an unusual look for the Summer but my black sandals are infinitely versatile - especially as I'm a huge fan of monochrome (or when my inner goth rears her head, simply full on black is my calling).  I also randomly team them with colour.  I think the days of this being a fashion faux pas are long gone (along with a jersey wrap dress) and a bright colour teamed with black can be Summer perfection.

Sam Edelman Gardener Stud embellished leather sandals were £100 now £50

Hank Knot Sandal in black £26  Ms Marant will be again looking at these and huffing, I'm sure.  The Etoile vibe for a tenth of the price.

Studded at Finery. 

Donloe Leather Studded Sandal were £69 now £27

Leather sliders in black from River Island. 

River Island Knot Front Slider £35

More embellishment on black now again at Tophshop.  The multicoloured ones are everywhere this year but for me, they're just a tad too full on.  However I've found a monochrome pair at Topshop which, dare I say it, are slightly more subtle.. (that is subtle with a small *s).

Ivy Embellished Sandal from Topshop £32

I think these are similar but are perhaps better if you're not a pom pom fan. 

ASOS Funfair Tie Leg Flat Sandals £28

And embellished black again at ASOS. 

ASOS Femi Leather Slider Sandals £32

However it's Summer so I think we can maybe push the boat out with a bit of colour?  Top choice for me.

Hank Knot Sandal in red £26

Pink instead of red?  I was so so close to buying the ones above, but these... these may tip it for me actually.   I think I need to order both to compare...

ASOS Flashy Suede Tie Leg Fringe Sandals £25

Plaited pink at ASOS. 

ASOS Fallow Leather Plaited Leather Sandals £18

Other options which I'm being drawn to are leopard versions.. surely these are virtually a neutral these days?

Calf hair and neon patent leather sandals from K Jacques Saint Tropez were £180 now £90

Havana Tie Up Sandal from Topshop £26

More beauties at Topshop with the Franco Double Buckle leather sandals £42

And then of course I can't forget white.  Really hard to get sandals in white that don't look like you work in a hospital. 

Beagle Bow Slide Sandal from Finery £59

White at ASOS. 

ASOS Fergus Cross Strap Leather Sandals £22

And if not white, then silver... 

The Holly Tie Sandal £26 from Topshop 

More silver in the Francos at Topshop which I love £42

Silver again with studs at Topshop again (to be fair, do we need to go anywhere else for shoes these days?) 

Hot Stud Sandals £29

Speaking of difficult colour, another that is really hard to master is the navy sandal. 

Aliya Leather Sandal from Finery £45

And so there we have my choice of flatties for this week.  Some new in, some sales bargains.  Do I go for the red rope or the pink fringe ones? 

If ones that are more detailed aren't your bag, fear not, as I know exactly where you're coming from and have days when pared back and minimalist is all I want.  Lots of them around and I've managed to snag some perfect ones. 

I wore yesterday a pair of 6 yr old gladiators which I love and have never found a pair I love more.   But today I've gone pared back.  More like this to come.  Suffice to say this week it will be flats, flats and more flats. 

Blue irish scoop back jersey dress - hush
Carter black and metallic sandals - hush
Black Mario fringed bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.  It looks like it's set to be warm for the foreseeable future, so I have put Autumn on home and am on holiday shopping mode.  Tomorrow I will be back with Summer dresses with arms.  Another set of perfect throw ons for warmer weather but that are slightly more modest (although I will be insisting you get your legs out..)

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14 comentarios:

  1. Whoophooo I will look forward to your post on dresses with sleeves. Love a flat sandal although can't wear super minimal flat ones for too long as my back starts to hurt(gah.. how old do I sound) so have been wearing metallic flatforms this year. Hubs thinks I look like a space Geisha. I'll take that :) x

    1. Ha ha ha!!! Coming up later today xxx

  2. I'm typing this while icing my right foot. Which I think I sprained yesterday while walking into the supermarket wearing what I thought were the perfect summer sandals. White flatform sliders from River Island. So maybe not 'so' perfect after all.
    Other than that I adore a pair of flat bejewelled sandals from last year (RI again). I have worn them for going out as well as stubbing it in denim shorts and T.
    I have my eye on a mid-height heeled wedge sandal with ankle strap from Ogetti. That's the most dressy I get in summer. Will try them on once the foot has healed lol.

    1. Noooooo!! Hope the foot heals soon and well done you on finding perfect mid heel shoes!

  3. I can't wear super flat sandals with thin soles, there has to be some cushioning for me (so most of the ones above are out!). My best buys are two pairs of Roxy Safi sandals this year and an old pair of Ugg gladiators, which look very thin-soled but actually have memory foam or something in them that makes them amazingly comfy!

  4. All yummy and, for me, all very wearable....other than the dreaded sliders which require too much toe-grip action (and result in those inexplicable shoe related injuries). My vote for the coloured wonders would be the red AND pink - both very different (honest!).

    1. Well the pink ones have arrived and the fringe is very flat. I wanted it more pompom ish I think. Oh well - will compare with the red ones when they turn up...! Oh and I may have suck in the leopard print ones as well. But I will only be keeping one of them.....!

  5. I seem to be stuck in autumn mode as far as shopping goes, just ordered the Per Una khaki velvet sweater,(it did go out of stock, but came back in to coincide with a birthday discount from M&S).
    I've also ordered a pair of navy sneakers from Boden, I worn my Stan Smiths all the time, and the Boden ones are similar in style. A cobalt silk top completes my shopping, now I think I need to slow down a bit!
    Danish Pastry

    1. OMG it went out of stock... NO! I haven't got round to buying it yet - right. Off to order now. In my head I am already wearing it with so many outfits in the Autumn. NEED it. DANG dANG DANG! Those sneakers sound gorgeous. New Season?

    2. Just bought it to scratch the itch...!

    3. The sneakers are a new colour: navy with a pewter stripe, and with 10% off I wasn't hanging around as they went pretty quick last time.
      I must admit to stalking the M&S site to see if the sweater came back in stock, it was only when I came to pay that I could see that wasn't in stock. Mine is now winging it's way to me, so I feel reasonably safe! Hope it lives up to my expectations, as I too have several outfits in mind, can't wait to see how you style yours.
      Danish Pastry

    4. Well I won't be wearing it any time soon!!! Sort of glad... I have more dresses to get through first!

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