In the nude.

Justification time.   First off - rant alert as I wrote the longest blog yesterday and lost it all.  Anyone who has ever had an issue with anything vaguely technical will appreciate how "irritating" this is.  To put it mildly. 

But no point crying over a lost three hours work (in reality there were a lot of swear words and the odd tear) and back to the drawing board. 

We're doing dresses today.  For two reasons. 

One - my nemesis this year has been a pair of sandals to go with lighter dresses.  They need to be nude.  Or they could be red.  I've also considered yellow.  And then again there's tan.  Some indication as to why I'm finding it so unbelievably hard to conquer.  I can't make my mind up.  Plus I don't entirely know what I'm looking for - I'll know it when I see it.  I just haven't seen it yet.  At this rate it's going to be Autumn before I've had a chance to wear them.  Although having said that, we haven't had a Summer yet so... 

Which brings me neatly onto my next point (I am considering changing my middle name to "weatherobsessed") and that's my beloved midi dress.  And my friend A who is exceptionally cross with me as apparently I have failed in finding her one.  The fact that I have bored everyone to death with midi dress blogs, she says is irrelevant as I haven't found one she likes. 

Why do I need to do another dress blog?  As it's going to be easier for me to justify buying a new pair of the aforementioned sandals if I have more dresses to go with them.  Clear as mud?  That's fashion logic for you and it's the perfect solution.  Plus, there's always a chance A may well like one of these...

It also helps that I've found a few new ones which will work perfectly for this utterly random weather that we're having.  Although I do believe it's going to be mid/late 20s next weekend.  Yeah right. (I will be chomping on my humble pie if we are, of that I promise).  These are the perfect dresses to wear on a night out with a pair of heels.  Well, the sleeved, midi ones anyway.  And then they'll take you into Autumn with boots, as well as wearing during the day with the sandals that I haven't managed to find yet.

Today thought, it is vaguely warm with a lovely drizzle and you can see my hair from space.  A midi dress is the name of the game (and a hat or a ponytail).

I am starting with print.  Full on print in an attempt to brighten up our Summer. 

Pompom Drawstring Midi Dress from Warehouse £65  Warehouse have had such a great Summer (their panelled lace top which is much admired every time I wear it is back in stock by the way..The Self Portrait alike one) but their website has made me want to smash things.  Remember dial up?  If not, just use the Warehouse website and you'll be transported back to early 2002. 

I am assuming that the drawstring is functional and you can add a bit more shape to this dress.  I'm not sure a floral print shroud does anyone any favours so I'm only recommending on the premise that you can add some waist - even if it's a dropped waist - to it.  I've ordered so I will be letting you know.

Longsleeve in the sale at M&S.  I've gone in.  It's red, it's not the colour I'd usually wear but I have high hopes about the length.  And with brown ankle boots and a chocolate biker jacket in the Autumn?  Or even black.  This one has mileage.  And for less than £30?  I've seen this in real life and if I recall correctly, the fabric is slightly "don't stand too near a naked flame".  But for the money as an extra, I'm going to give it a go.  AND most importantly - the hint of blush in the flowers means with a pair of nude sandals (or tan...oh go then, I'd wear red but not entirely sure about yellow...), this would be perfect for tomorrow.  Although I'll have to wait till Tuesday as that's when mine's being delivered to store. 

In my head it's also similar(ish..) to the Ulla Johnson dress I have had my eye on.  Except £221 cheaper.

Another super versatile version. 

First & I Ditsy Print Maxi Dress £35  Am loving the idea of going back to the 90s and teaming this with a pair of work boots for Autumn.  Or those elusive Summer mid heel sandals...

And in the sale at Warehouse. 

Floral Bird Empire Midi Dress was £50 now £25

Longsleeve now and again the perfect dress to take you into next season with more Autumnal accessories.  But with a lighter pair of sandals - go forth and wear.  One for those who don't like longer dresses. 

Moving into shorter sleeve territory and going straight in with a marvellous sleeveless version. 

ASOS Midi Tea Dress with Chiffon Insert in ditsy floral print £45  Perfect with black shoes, perfect with pink. Or tan (the yellow and red ones look like they're dropping off the list.. although I may well wear this with red actually...)

If Summer ever arrives.. although you could layer a tee under this for now.  I will admit, it's not a look I'd go for.  I've never managed to master the pinafore style look but others can pull it off with aplomb so it's definitely worth a try.  Alas, I look like a female version of Mr Poppy (if you haven't seen any of the Nativity films, this will mean nothing to you).

Topshop proving that it can be done... (the successful layering of a dress). 

And one that will go with pretty much any sandal colour you can think of. 

A more fitted version of the (some may say sack version but I'm clinging to the functional drawstring scenario..) of the one above.

Love the idea of leopard with pink.  Or tan.  Or red..  And go on then, yellow as well. 

Plain options now as I appreciate everyone may not be a print fan.  

And similar pared back minimalist chic from Topshop.  This would be too short for me but if you like a shorter midi or are more petite, then this is gorgeous.  Would look amazing with nude shoes and a black bag... (also lovely detailing on the belt at the back).

Finishing with my most recent purchase that I have been umming and aahhing about for eons but have finally caved.  I was (and still am) concerned it was see through.  The fact that I wore the black one in Mass and discovered that it's apparently completely see through under harsh church lights makes me think I should probably either a) return or b) invest in a slip.  For all of the & Other Stories shirt I own as well.

Ocean Floor Print Dress from & Other Stories £55  Interestingly they've teamed it with black here... in the flesh, it is so lightweight, I'm not entirely sure that the black is the best idea.  But I guess it does a pretty good job of drawing the eye away from your visible pants.

And me today in the apparently transparent black version...

Black shirt dress - & Other Stories 
Tan ankle boots - Quattro Rish
Whiskey Medium Marcie Bag - Chloe

And outfits from the back end of last week which was completely manic.  In London all day Thursday, having dropped the 11yr old off at her new school for her induction day and then rushing back to pick her up.  

Black jumpsuit - Kin
Black blazer - hush
Ponyskin slides - Anthropologie 
Black half moon bag - APC 

Then out on Thursday night for early dinner with the girls and the Ab Fab movie. 

Navy neoprene top - Zara
Navy Ada trousers - M&S
Yellow faux leather jacket - Zara
Leopard print boots - M&S
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

Friday was Sports Day all day.  Big family occasion, picnic at lunchtime and then a BBQ and cocktails straight after school at a friend's house. 

Black triangle top - hush
Black cropped harems - hush
Khaki jacket - hush
Rose gold and black leather sandals - hush
Necklaces - Chambers & Beau

And Friday evening - Year 6 party at our house (no I didn't do all the food).  Ridiculously pleased with this dress which is in the sale at & Other Stories.  I sized up. 

Black sequin jaguar midi dress - & Other Stories
Black Glove sandals - Balenciaga

And yesterday for taking the boys to footie and then a long walk with some friends and the dog. 

Gold linen vest - hush
Khaki dolman sweatshirt - hush
Black cropped harems - hush
Black Mario fringe bag - Jerome Dreyfuss
Cracked leather Stan Smiths - adidas

So we've just got back from the cinema (Secret Life of Pets which is completely hilarious and highly recommended) and are settling down for an afternoon of tennis and an evening of football.  With the fire on.  And a hearty lasagne.  Just what I was expecting on a July afternoon... Whilst I shall be looking for yet more sandals. 

How is everyone coping with this insane weather?  Anyone else just given up and buying things they can wear into next season too?  Apart from the obligatory sandal agony of course...

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16 comentarios:

  1. My first thought was that I loved the print of the first dress, if only it had more structure.....I am oh, so tempted!
    We're off to Berlin next week, with two outlets on the journey (good ones are so hard to find, especially with me always comparing them to Cheshire Oaks!), we're doing the Berlin one on the way down, and saving the bigger Neumunster for the way home, so any online shopping is put on hold, not that I don't have at least five links saved, so I know where I'm ordering from if I come back empty handed.
    I know exactly how you feel when several hours work disappears, it was obviously, with out a doubt the best bit of writing ever, and then it was no more.....!
    As for the weather, the "eau d' wet dog" that we've been subjected to the last week or so should give a hint! Having said that it hasn't been too cold, so not all bad.
    Danish Pastry

    1. I will let you know what it's like! And good luck with your outlets. My absolute favourite sort of shopping!

  2. The M&S (reversible) Cool Comfort Full Slip is my best friend for midi dresses. I have been wearing the black one under an old black linen sack from Kin and the nude one under this: Have you shown it before? Tell your friend A it has ((((pockets))))

    1. POCKETS YOU SAY?? On it like a rocket, thank you xxxxx and also thank you for the slip advice. You star x

  3. Ooh I've just spied your hush Carter sandals, I ordered them in the sale, unfortunately I received one in the 39 (correct) and the left in a 38 (wrong) so eagerly awaiting the replacement right pair as they are STUNNING! Well we are having a beautiful day here south of the Humber, next weekend is forecast to be fabulous, of course we are going to Greece and my dad and his girlfriend will enjoy the amazing weather here as they are house:Labrador:elderly tabby sitting how do we always manage to miss it!

    1. Well I think chances are you won't be missing anything as - as one who is obsessed with the weather - I've learnt that when the weather is particularly crap, they lull us into a false sense of security and promise us a glorious weekend and then - guess what - they change their minds come Thursday. Every. Time. But I would love to be proven wrong....

      The Carter sandals are perfect. I LOVE them for when you want something casual but I find Havs just a bit too casual.....

  4. I have a horrific amount of havs, need a smart change xxx

    1. These are the perfect smart casual alternative...! I've also worn havs for so so many years, it's nice to have an alternative. Plus the dog loves havs but doesn't chew these..!

  5. Await pic of the Warehouse tent dress, have been humming and haaing over it myself and not ordered for the reasons you mentioned. Could be a beauty though! There's also a lovely silk one in the sale at Massimo Dutti but not sure I'd get lots if wear from it being silk and the mother of 2 young boys!

    1. Now silk I just wear as normal (if it's not super expensive..) and hand wash. Hasn't failed me yet! Will let you know about the dress xx

    2. It's only £49.99 in the sale. so I'm thinking worth the risk, especially after those v helpful comments about the lovely warehouse dress which now seems less than lovely if it truly has tent like proportions!

    3. I think you'll find it super useful. For those days when you want to look a bit smarter than just jeans... Would look amazing with ankle boots too. And could easily be worn out in the evening. I am gutted about the Demi Roussos dress.

  6. I love the print on the Warehouse drop waist dress so popped into my local to try and it is HUGE!! It has a detachable slip inside that comes with it which, bizarrely, is on the small side so you can't size down in the dress. Bought these instead
    the first in a size 8, the second in a size 12!! Go figure!! Please excuse the ridiculously long links….x

    1. Oh lordy... can you tighten the belt up though?? Ugh. I hate it when they don't make it look like it really is!

      Now I did look at that dress which is lovely but it's quite similar to my H&M one that I have... not even I can justify two very similar dresses (she says thinking about all the very similar dresses she has in her wardrobe....!!)

      Other shirt dress looks super useful! And the sizing is INSANE isn't it? I've ordered one in the sale (a random black one) and am hoping that it's a big 10 and not a titchy one... as that was all they had left!)


  7. You can pull the cord in to tighten it but I found that there was just so much fabric I was lost in it and that was a Small! And it doesn't come in an XS, I am 5ft 7" and usually a 12 at Warehouse. The slip inside was quite constricting but it was detachable so you could wear your own slip I guess. Good luck! The darker 3/4 sleeve one I plan to wear in the Autumn and the shirt dress, as you say, will be useful (I wore it my work Sales Conference last week) AND it has pockets! Like the other lady above, I am completely sold on a dress with pockets! Laughed out loud when I read your comments about thong flashing at Mass!!! x

    1. I think the thong flashing will have particular resonance with any Catholics.. the husband thought it was hilarious of course, as did the all the children when he told them. Gee thanks for that...

      Right well mine should be arriving any day and I have HIGH hopes (that aren't quite as high as they were...!!) Thank you xxx