Things with which I am obsessed. Round One.

It has come to my attention that there are things I write about a lot.  Things that I wear a lot.  Things that consume way too much of my thinking. 

Those that are the first things I look for in any sale, any "new in", my first choices for whatto wear when I want to feel confident or comfortable. 

I would love to say I could limit the list to a couple of *things*.  But I can't.  It's not an endless, that I can confirm and I haven't dared to actually count how many things are on it.  However I will say it's probably more than three.  Maybe more than five... 

We'll see as the weeks go by but first up, I'm confessing to being obsessed with trainers.  Of the white variety.

Oh the irony.  When a fair few years ago, I wouldn't have contemplated wearing these (but to be fair - would any of us?).  Now however, I have come over to the dark side and cannot get enough of these babies.

Do I hit the sales or do I look at new in?  Well.  Both of course.

However I'm going to start with the top end and I'm already stretching the boundaries of the brief, as these are off white.  But they have been on my wishlist forever. 

Isabel Marant Etoile Bryce was £225 now £135.  My advice would be to size up.  Which means my size is sold out.  So please, please can someone else buy them. 

Other Marant options also in the sale. 

Isabel Marant Bart Leather Sneakers was £225 now £157 (although if you wait till the end, I have found a double for a lot less.  Like LOADS less).

And those that are new season.  I don't have any like these.  Ok, so to the uninitiated into the trainer cult, all mine are trainers and not velcro numbers - ergo I don't have any like these.  Ta dah!

Isabel Marant Etoile Beth Trainers from My Theresa £265  Look at that scallop edge detailing.  They're a pretty trainer.  That's not something you can say about most (which is Obviously a reason to buy them... ish).

Back to the old school with a new injection.

Adidas Originals Raf Simons Stan Smith Originals was £235 now £141

Just to prove how fabulous they look with a skirt...

High tops from Chloe.  Now I'm not usually a high tops fan.  But these...?  Possibly more tempted than I should be.  Although they do ever so slightly remind me of my old lacrosse boots from the 80s.  Which weren't cream or by Chloe.  Funnily enough.

Kyle high-top leather trainers from Chloe were £350 now £210 (these are still full price at Matches by the way... just saying... *note to self* - this does not mean you have to order them.. does it?....)

And whilst I'm on a high top roll - oh hello Golden Goose.  With a dress.  The creative juices are flowing.  Who would have thunk it?

Francy high-top leather trainers £300 from Matches

And not forgetting the classic Superstars.  Number one fan here. 

Super Star low-top leather trainers from Golden Goose £280

I'm throwing the next ones in for those lovers of stars.  And for those who are thinking about the Golden Goose but think they're ridiculously spenney - I've found some that make them look *cheap*.  It's all about the comparison (and ludicrous, ludicrous justifications).  

Court Classic star-applique trainers from Saint Laurent £410 

And then the properly away with the fairies versions. 

Westford low-top leather trainers from Burberry £450

And back in the room with the mid range prices now.  Personally for the number of times I wear these, they are easily justifiable.  Leather trainers may seem expensive but I know lots of people who would spend as much, if not more, on leather shoes but balk at the spend on sneakers.  I guess it does depend how often you wear them.  For me, I would say that I wear these more than I wear anything else.  So I'm a shop, shop, shopping away. 

Seems an excellent time to point out, if you hadn't realised, that the hush sale has started.  Up to 50% off lots of things, with a great discount of 30% on their leather star trainers.  These are the ideal shoes to take you into the Spring.  Wear them tomorrow - I'll be wearing mine (although I don't have these exact ones - I mean white sneakers) into the Summer months with dresses, shorts - you name it, I wear trainers with it.

hush Leather Star Trainers £115 now £80

But there are also new season white gems to ogle at.  

These.  Oh hello.   

Jemima White Leather Sneakers from Seven Boot Lane £125   Just to let you know too that the Seven Boot Lane has started and there's an extra 20% off sale prices using the code EXTRA20. 

And the Copelands from Air & Grace which have barely left my feet since I got them at the beginning of the Summer.  I cannot describe how comfortable these are.  If I had to compare with the Golden Goose, it would be too close to call. 

Copeland White Glitter Trainers from Air & Grace £139

Just to prove everything from Net A Porter isn't eye wateringly expensive, the bargain of the day.  

Adidas Originals Gazelles was £80 now £48

Or at My Theresa in the blue. 

Adidas Gazelles were £81 now £56

Or in the white - again from My Theresa were £81 now £56

Ditto these, which again, were they in my size,  I would buy in a heartbeat for £54. 

Adidas Originals Stan Smiths were £90 now £54

But loads of sizes at My Theresa although these are a tad more at £67

Or in the navy - again only from My Theresa and so a tad more at £67 although they did start at £97

If you prefer not to wear branded (or any of your children roll their eyes so far back in their head when you buy the same brand trainers as them - just mine?), then there are some fantastic other options out there. 

I have the plain white leather Autograph versions from A/W which are sold out now but the new in suede and leather versions for Spring are a great alternative. 

Lace up trainers from Autograph at M&S £45

Not forgetting some great options if you a) want a treat box fresh pair or b) you're not sure and want to try them and don't want to spend a fortune. 

Punch hole trainers with Insolia Flex from M&S £19.50 (so whilst they're not leather, the Insolia Flex means that you will be walking on angels' wings anyway).

And remember I mentioned the Marant-alikes for a tenth of the price?  Voila!

Papaya Lace up Trainers from Matalan with a metallic ankle detail £14

And in the sale at Mango.  These were £40 originally which I think is a lot for non leather trainers but for £20 - yes I would.  Yes I SO would.

Contrast Panel Sneakers from Mango were £39.99 now £19.99

On sale again at Mango and again, not leather but definitely more unusual and perfect if you're not looking for a pure white or you'd prefer a tan sole.

Contrast applique sneaker from Mango was £49.99 now £25.99

Leather now (no I can't get my head around Mango pricing) and new season.  If you fancy something a little bit different and the velcro fastening.

Velcro fastening leather sneakers £35.99

However for a complete bargain, look no further than these Mango babies which are leather. 

Laser-cut pattern leather sneakers were £35.99 now £19.99

This blog is an example of where things go wrong.  I wrote it, with the smug intention of saying I really have enough white trainers.  Often, as I said in the comments from yesterday, I start a blog thinking I do have a hole in my wardrobe and then, after finishing all the research, it makes me remember something hiding in the depths of my wardrobe.  

However.  Occasionally it works in another way.  It brings up another option that I had not really considered.  Like today.  High tops.  I've always railed against.  And now, they're all I can think of.  Gah.  And it's made me realise that you can never have too many pairs of white trainers.  Thanks me for nothing.   The Marant Beths are calling.. not to mention the silver and white Seven Boot Lanes... and then there's the red edged sole Mango bargains.  Oh balls.

I do hope it's been more useful for someone else....

Here I am in a pair of mine today.  The faithful Golden Goose.  Yes I totally underestimated how cold it was.  But before anyone asks, no my ankles weren't cold.  My hands and face were FREEZING though.  That'll teach me to look at the blue sky and sunshine as opposed to the actual weather forecast.  If anyone asks me why we're not going to Ireland next Summer, I don't think I need any other reason than today, on the 4th Jan, it was the same temperature as it was last year in August.  That's just not funny.  I certainly had a massive sense of humour failure about it last Summer, I seem to recall.  I think we'll head over at Easter instead.  I don't mind if it's cold then.  But during the Summer?  Wrong diddly.  

Black and white striped top - Me+Em
Black dungarees - H&M
Black blazer - Me+Em
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So talk white sneakers to me.  I know I am addicted and I know I haven't bought my last pair.  I also know that I wear them so often, I am complete justified in any purchases (sort of).  What this blog has thrown up though is the high top debate.  Anyone a high top fan?  I have tried the Francy before but in a random coloured version which didn't work.  (sometimes it doesn't pay to sales buy...) and I will admit I haven't even contemplated the white before.  Could this be the start of a new obsession?  Or do I stick to what I know and go low?

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31 comentarios:

  1. I'm a massive trainers fan, and catnip for me is any form of Nike Air Force 1s - witness the khaki green suede ones I bought this week! Not in the sale, but had to have them. The only white (ish) trainers I have though are off-white Converse. I'm always worried that I'll muck up white trainers, but at least Cons are so cheap I can always replace them!

    1. AHA now I have a pair of them but mine are grey. I shall definitely be looking at non white trainers another day as I've always veered towards the white versions but I do have a red and a grey pair which I should wear more. Mine are grey suede with a tan sole and i LOVE the mix. Tracked them down after a long search at & Other Stories last year (or the year before maybe?)

      NOW NOW NOW did you know you can wash Cons??!!! The love @enbrogue (insta) said so earlier (I'm sure it was her...!) And there's nothing she doesn't know about trainers!

  2. I have some
    Converse which are white with a black pattern. I got some
    Stan Smiths for Christmas but as I broke my toe on Christmas Eve I have yet to wear them!
    Poor me stuck in Uggs ever since x

    1. Oh NOOOOO you poor thing. I've broken my toe a couple of times but the last time was in France on hols a couple of years ago and thank goodness I was able to wear sandals for weeks as I couldn't get a shoe anywhere near my foot!

      Thank the lord for Uggs eh?! Hope it gets better soon xxxxx

  3. I just can't find a pair that are comfy on me. I tried Isabel and there was a lumpy bit rubbing me. I tried Air and Grace - nope. In the end I got M&S ones but even they rub my ankles. There are times I curse my feet because who the hell else can't get trainers to be comfy?! Gah! The search continues.

    1. hmm now you're not the first to say that about the Marant trainers, I will say. But I can't believe you didn't like the Air & Grace. Did you have the right size? I do think they came up on the small side. I didn't size up as such but I can be a 39/39.5/40 and I needed the 40 in these. But I honestly took mine out of the box and wore them to Port Eliot to the festival and wore them non stop with no socks for 4 days and they were like slippers. I also say the same about the Golden Goose... other people have also said they're super comfy so you *might* want to give them a go?

      I used to think Stans were comfy but hmmm not so much after the other two that I love.

      OOH but another option - didn't include as I have a black patent pair and I'm not even sure they do white are the WoDen ones. They are AMAZING. Seriously so so light (they've got a cork inner sole) and are like walking on sponges!

    2. I have had ankle rubbing problems in the past, a very low insole (or the type that is just under your heel) just raises my foot enough so they don't catch that bony bit on my ankle.

    3. Thanks for the advice Kat. I can't get on board paying £££ for beaten up trainers a la Golden Goose! I'll take a look at Woden. Cheers! x

    4. The GGs are definitely either a love or hate thing....!

  4. Be still my beating heart...those burberry sneaks with the strap and buckle! .what can i offload on ebay to fund those babies???

    1. Haha! Just spat out my hot honey & lemon! I can't quite get my head round the no socks thing, do you use wool liners? It's drafty up here in Norfolk and I fear spring is a way off so starting to think that some Wool liners might be worth a try, it's either that or high tops but the high tops need a decent sole so that the cold doesn't get you from below!

    2. Genuinely my ankles don't get cold... To be fair, I was walking the whole time I was out - I wasn't standing around. I think maybe if I was just hanging about outside they might be chilly but I'm either inside or outside walking so I don't find it an issue. Maybe I'm super hard!!!! (not!)

  5. I guess I'm going to come across as aegist but can justify as I'm 50. I reckon to wear trainers at my age and not look too muttony, to borrow your phrase, they have to be minimal and unbranded. I found them at Jigsaw. Beautiful soft White leather, no branding, simple and look great. I can highly recommend.

    1. Oh I know the ones you mean - they're gorgeous!! And I don't think it's ageist - I think it's just a personal thing!

  6. I've resisted white trainers for so, so long but I really think I *need* to get a pair....just to try.....
    I genuinely love both pairs from M&S! I had some black leather trainers from them a couple of years ago that have long since died and I've been looking for a similar shape voila!

  7. Massimo Dutti do fantastic white trainers if you want non-branded ones. Mine are plain with a gold back but are no longer in stock but these look fab too.

  8. Those Seven Boot Lane ones are wonderful! Need them ASAP...
    Jill x

  9. I lived in my grey suede Stan Smiths last summer (currently switching between brogues and Chelsea boots) and as I do have pair of off white brogues, I'm not sure whether I'll get the wear out of white sneakers. I have been drooling over a pair of blush patent brogues with a white sole, but those M&S ones with suede are tempting too!
    I've also been toying with the idea of custom Stans, as mine are so comfy!
    One question, how easy are white leather sneakers to keep clean?

    1. ooh now white brogues sound GORGEOUS!!!!

      And with regards to keeping white leather sneakers clean.. hmm well I've never really had a prob with mine but that's why I love the GGs!!

  10. Love them on you Kat and keep trying to ike them on me.... but time and time again I try white trainers on in shops and think "Minnie MOuse"?

    1. you need to feel the fear and do it anyway. I promise you. I've been asked this so so many times and you just have to take a leap of faith!!! Good luck xx

  11. I've just bought my first pair of white trainers (Superstars). I'm totally in love with them but scared to wear them cos I just know they'll lose their pristine whiteness in a day (if anyone's going to step in something icky, it's me). Can't I just keep them in the box and cradle them lovingly now and then??
    Beth x

  12. Just waited a bit longer for more reductions and look what I found on Net a porter:

    Étoile Bryce perforated leather sneakers
    WAS £225
    NOW £90 60% OFF

    Had to purchase and now hope they fit and are comfy !!
    Love a bargain nabbed these as well !! Selena cropped mid-rise bootcut jeans
    Was £225
    Now £135 40% OFF

    Aileen x

  13. Another one in Norfolk, it is freezing here with a very cold wind, I am also a total wuss in wool socks and furry boots! I have grey trainers (grey version of Missoni ones en brogue has) rather than white, but of course I love the Chloe, Saint Lauren and Golden Goose...

    1. I have grey too which I don't wear nearly as much as I should!