Things with which I am obsessed, round two

So I had hoped to leave a larger gap between revealing my obsessions as clearly I am planning on not having too many (famous last words). 

However, when it comes to footwear, there is one thing for which my love knows no bounds.  Ankle boots.  Flat or heeled, I'm not fussy - there is room in my life for both (which is handy). 

These surpass any other shoe in my wardrobe.  I wear them all year, day and night.  Yes, I have come round to being a fully fledged member of the trainer tribe, but if you asked me what my number one choice would be when it comes to footwear, it would be a pair of boots. 

I am prepared to fess up that when it comes to obsessions, I worship at the altar of ankle boots. 

Can't.  Resist.  Them. 

Partially because they're ridiculously easy to justify.  They go with everything.  They're the perfect footwear for dresses and skirts for a start, not to mention every type of trouser you can think of.  Only *teensy* issue is that you do need different boots for different shapes of trousers.  What a bummer eh?

But for the purposes of today, I am offering up an every day special.  The perfect alternative to trainers, if they're not your bag, and ideal for the more nesh amongst us who abhor a bare ankle at this time of year - the flat ankle boots.  Now when I say flat, I mean flat, but I also do mean a little heel.  I just don't mean high high (I will be coming to them, don't worry).

The weather isn't set to get better any time soon - I'm breaking it to you gently that there next weekend there is a snowflake on my weather app.  Admittedly, my dog is a more accurate weather forecaster than my phone, but suffice to say, a pair of boots is a more sensible purchase right now than a pair of flipflops (never let it be said that I'm not Queen of Justification).

And I've been plundering the sales.  Thursday in London for meetings, I had an hour to spare and happened to wander via Harvey Nichols *just for a look*.  I had intended to look for jeans (big fat denim fail, not to mention getting stuck in the changing room for longer than was comfortable.  I feel it is my duty to point out that the doors in HN's are pull not push by the way... ) but got waylaid in the shoe department on the way out. 

Where they were doing their final mark downs.   As I mentioned yesterday, alas they seem to have sold out all of the bargains online but that hasn't stopped me trawling elsewhere to see if I can find other bargains to share.  

Starting top end with the ones I managed to find in Harvey Nicks although I did only pay £145 for them.  Even the husband was impressed with the reduction.  I have also done a massive clear out of my shoe shelves so whilst I'm hardly light on the ankle boot front, there was *room* for another pair of flatties.  Plus these are a thing of pure beauty AND they've been sat in my wishlist on my Matches account all season (and they're still £364).

Isabel Marant Rowi boots from Net A Porter were £520 now £260

They also had these ones and it was a close call but I'm a sucker for leopard.  However patent and bows....

Isabel Marant Reidya patent and suede panelled ankle boot from Net a Porter were £465 now £233

Another pair of boots which I absolutely adore are my Togas (which I don't wear enough.  They go best with midi skirts, so come Spring, these will on my feet non stop).

Gold buckle leather Toga Pulla boots from Matches were £330 now £198

Looking now at other sales bargains - buckles and bows in the sales.

Office Jagger Multi Buckle boots was £88 now £62

Or in the tumbled leather again £62 down from £88

And the bows... 

Office Lapin Soft Bow Detail Boots were £80 now £44

Not forgetting leopard.

Mollie Boot from Boden were £129 now £90.30

Or the stud version...again £90.30

More Chelsea boot love at Mango and I have lusted after these all season with absolutely zero justification as I have exceptionally similar except mine have studs as above.  However these are the perfect Acne tribute.

Leather chelsea ankle boots from Mango were £59.99 now £29.99

And in the black again now reduced to £29.99. 

Chunkier chelsea boots now at Finery. 

Mansford Leather Ankle Boots from Finery were £139 now £69

And the slightly more random now.  White boots.  I went silver earlier in the season but I do wonder if I maybe should have gone white... I am NOT going to do both.  Of that I am sure.  Really sure. 

This isn't a brand that I find vaguely aspirational as I am not remotely a Jenner/Kardash fan BUT take the label away and these are a completely superb pair of boots.  Serious boot perfection.

Kendall - Kylie Logan Chelsea Winter Boots in off white were £139 now £63

And gold heels.  Yup, I've got gold heeled boots - mine are fantastic mid heels which I got from Zara at the beginning of last season and have been so incredibly useful. 

Topshop Bella Heeled Boots was £39 now £20

And back to flat.  Silver.  Loafer.  For Spring, these will be the best idea ever.

Apple-pie loafer boots from Topshop were £89 now £20

And these are more than slightly similar to my Maje silver ones for... £7.

Krazy Pointed boot from Topshop were £36 now £7

And now I must stop before any more fall into my basket.  I wore one of my new boot purchases during the day yesterday and the other pair (which were an even bigger discount) last night for drinks in the pub with the girls. 

Black Perfect Swing Polo - Me+Em 
Straight leg jeans - Jigsaw
Peep toe sock boots - Rick Owens

Shoe wise, my purchases are DONE.  Done, done, done, diddly done.  But I have to say there is nothing more appealing than the dregs of the sales.  That moment of the retail ven diagram when new season is flooding in but you can find a bargain that does the same thing for a steal in the sale.  A couple of my favourite items coming up this week - the good old blouse (of a particular variety.. not print but my must have) and a jacket which works through the seasons.  Two jackets in fact.  And did I mention some new ideas for SS17?  Coming up.  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. 

We've just had the best afternoon with all the family for a birthday tea, there is a sofa with my name on it for Saturday night, glass of wine and leftover party food from the freezer.  Proper healthy eating starts on Monday... (as they went back to school on a Tuesday and you can't start anything on a Tuesday.  Or is that just me?  Has to be a Monday, no?)

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6 comentarios:

  1. Now this is an obsession I am completely onboard with. I have a suede version of the Toga Pulla version from Next Signature and I *may* have just collected the plain black leather version half price in the sale. Now to find a replacement for my leopard print hairy Chelsea boots which are looking a little sorry for themselves.... x

    1. ooh I'm sure Next did some lovely leopard chelsea boots earlier in the season - not sure if they went into the sale?!

  2. Must admit I love a pair of ankle boots, I have five pairs! Two flat chelsea style, that can take almost any weather and three heeled that can't! They're all pretty neutral, as that makes my legs look a little longer! (At least that's what I tell myself!)

    1. And they're functional! I think it's fine to have multiple items so long as you wear them - not even necessarily a lot during one season but something that you keep season in and season out is a good investment!

  3. I love the boots! Just ordered those billy bargain silver that price rude not to! My no buy Jan lasted a long time didn't it?

    1. It would be SO rude not to for that price....