It's not all about us...

...which is a shame, I know but most of us do have other bodies in the house that need clothing.  And some of them are of the mini variety. 

One of the great things about having developed a career as a blogger (under the umbrella of which I would also include Instagram), is being given the opportunity to work with new retailers who may not necessarily have been on your radar.  For example, yesterday, I did a great shoot with a company I have known for years but for some reason, have never shopped at.  Such an amazing revelation.  Definitely one that I will be looking at regularly from now on. 

And then there the opportunities to partner with retailers that you know inside out.  Could there be a more perfect collaboration than one where you already buy from?  

But although I've always bought children's clothes from there, I've never really spread the love.  I've been asked so so many times over the years if I will do a blog on kids' and teen clothes but have never quite got round to doing it. 

So when F&F said, would you like to take your children to the Warner Studios and have some pictures taken of them in our clothes - guess how many milliseconds it took me to say yes?  Seeing as all three of them are die hard Harry Potter fans, this was the most perfect job ever. 

Bringing you today, therefore, my current favourites from the F&F range and some ideas of how to appease those tricky teen girls...

First up - the easy option - the boys.  Well I say that.  So they're at an age (20 months apart) where they don't want to wear identical outfits but if I buy two different things, they both want the same one.  Sound familiar?  

For the last year, therefore, I've solved that problem by buying the same things but more of them so they won't fight over a particular t-shirt, they just have to make sure they've chosen different ones to wear that day.  And when you thought parenting couldn't get any more complicated...

The long sleeve tees from F&F are amazing.  Lovely thick, soft feeling cotton with strong applique detailing.  And the selection is huge - there are loads of character tops to choose from but mine (dare I say thankfully?!) have moved past that craze and now like the more generic tops. 

Their current favourites are:-

This one which they also both love.

And to go with their tops - they both LOVE hoodies.  One chose grey and one chose blue.

To go with the navy hoodie, the 9yr old who is a sturdier shape than his beanpole brother, opted for the stretch skinny jeans which are a perfect fit for those who aren't super lithe.

F&F Stretch Skinny Jeans in Indigo £10  These are genuinely as good as others which are double the cost.

And to match the orange tee and black//grey hoodie, the 11yr old who is skin and bone chose the skinny jeans in black which are superb.

Then their coats.  Oh how they LOVE these.  And how I love the fact that they love them.  Anything more soul destroying than trying to get children to wear things that are warm and practical but that they don't like?  Trust me - these are a coat game changer.

There is also a navy one which isn't online but I've definitely seen in store.


Then the boots.  Easy. 

And one brown pair.

Which neatly brings me on to the not so easy.  The teen.  Yup - we can all collectively weep into our coffee at the thought of clothes shopping for teens.  Assuming that you don't want to sell a kidney to clothe them?

Coat selection was a breeze.

And then, it was her actually who found these jumpers - all of which she LOVES.  And the size 6 is perfect for a a 13yr old.   Ideal seeing as they're 3/4 length sleeves and a perfect price point.  I have resisted the temptation to twin with her.. I did suggest it - wasn't met with the most enthusiastic of responses.  

Here the motley crew are at the WB Studio Tour.  And yes, there's always one.  The smallest.  The drama llama of the family.


And in their coats.  Again - he just can't help himself...


So I missed him out!


Then I'm just going to add some things that I've independently bought this season as they're just brill.  Quality, value, sizing (does what it says on tin) and style. 

First up, a layering shirt.  The 9yr old hasn't grasped this style trend yet ergo has zero interest.  However his 11yr old brother is all over the layering concept and loves a shirt unbuttoned over a tee.  That's my boy... 

This is the one we bought ages ago which is his fave.

And the biggest thumbs up for the jamas.  Wash and tumble.  On repeat.  These are the ones we have and I can personally vouch for the quality.  Mix and match, which again makes for versatility and no arguing as they can always wear different combinations.  The boys declare these their most comfy pyjamas and are actually happy to wear them home from swimming lessons.  They're half trackie style, half jama.  

Slightly random other purchase BUT a very necessary one.  And my advice would be to stock up now before they sell out - as they do often sell out, so I've learnt from my years of buying Halloween costumes.  The boys were in awe at the selection this year.  Obviously everything is zombiefied.  Could anything be more appealing to a 9 and 11yr old?  I bought mine in store but my advice would probably be, get them to choose online first and click and collect them.  No tears over something not being available in their size as we edge ever nearer towards Halloween.

 F&F Zombie American Footballer £14

All ready for Halloween.... yes we are taking these on holiday with us as apparently there's a Halloween themed evening one night.  And if there isn't - seeing as I will have dragged these half way round the world, they'll be wearing them.


And the one where I told him he couldn't wear the costume on the plane... 


Finishing with pic from yesterday. 


Jumper - Zadig & Voltaire
Coat - M&S
Trousers - Topshop
Trainers - Jones Bootmaker
Bag - Gucci
Glasses - Chloe 

And off we go!!  We are off to Mauritius today - to say we're all excited is THE hugest understatement ever.  But fear not, I will be around... is it awful to admit I can't lie in the sun for hours on end any more?  I've even bought gym kits.. (I swear I don't know myself... I'm relying on there being lots of Pilates and Yoga).

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