They just never get old.

My beloved white trainers.  Yes, I had a look at black, yes the search continues but in the meantime, the white versions are definitely here to stay. 

I think I can probably count on one one hand (ok maybe two..) the number of times this year I've worn sandals.  Admittedly the total peanuts weather had a lot to do with it but regardless, it has been the Summer of the White Trainer. 

Which are still going strong into the Autumn.   And I have two new must haves to add to my collection (we bid farewell to my original leather numbers from Zara and my beloved Stan Smiths which the puppy also took a liking to... need I say more).  Two out, two in.

For those who aren't aware (and you can only be not aware of this, if it's the first time you've ever read the blog, as I am a stuck record when it comes to white trainers) these are the ultimate in versatile footwear.  They go with everything.  I promise you.  And whilst I do bang the white sneaker drum incessantly, it's one of the most requested blogs.  So a quick round up for the beginning of Autumn.

First up - these are made for those of you who have always felt the trainer to be a tad too masculine?  Simple solution - add a frill.  Now I know people say trainers are comfortable.  I have three makes that I can wear and wear (without socks - minger ringer alert) and Air & Grace is one of them.  

I will fess up that I wasn't sure about these when the founder of Air & Grace, Claire, first showed me them.  I wasn't sure for a while.  And then suddenly I saw the genius in them.  Supremely elegant whilst retaining the classic white trainer image.

Flutter from Air & Grace in white £149


My second new pair - I succumbed to the stars.  And remember what I said about the navy?  Navy stars.  Oh hello.... These come with navy glitter laces which I love but I think I'm also going to try them with plain laces too, to give them more of a pared back look.  Am loving the concept of versatility with a switch of laces. 

Majestic Star Off White Trainers from My Fashion Tribu £164  And 15% off (everything) with the code KAT15


Other favourite ones which I have are the Copelands, also from Air & Grace £149

Couldn't do a white trainer blog without including my original must haves - the good old Stan Smiths.  Mine died recently ago (they owed me nothing) but I am very tempted by this take on the classic with the pink heel.

adidas Stan Smith £75 from & Other Stories

You then have my other favourites - the good old Golden Goose Deluxe Brand.  Mine are three years old now and still going strong. 

Super Star low top leather sneakers from Matches £265

More stars at hush with their new Galaxy Trainers £145

Embellishment is definitely the theme of the season when it comes to sneakers.  Pimp thy white trainers is the message.

Leather Glitter Sneakers from & Other Stories £69

But you definitely don't have to spend a fortune.  They may not be leather but they're perfect if you're looking to dip your toe into the white trainer water. 

Lace up trainers from M&S £19.50

The same with the stars versions. 

ASOS Delilah Star & Moon Sneakers £25

And in a coloured version. 

ASOS Dawn Star Trainers £25

So lots to choose from, to suit all budgets.  I know I mentioned black trainers but which camp do you sit in?  Or do you do both?

Here I am today in the white Flutters from Air & Grace.  


Que Sera Sera tee - hush
Premium Leather jacket - Jigsaw
Tassel wide leg trousers - Whistles
Flutter trainers - Air & Grace
Happy Bag - Hill & Friends

A day off with the 10yr old and friends (they do a six day week on their residential trip so get this Monday off) - and the London Dungeons it was.  These are SUPERB.  If you've never been, I cannot recommend it highly enough.  But it is scary.  I would say 10 is the youngest I would take them and even then, only if they are a hardy 10yr old (it does say they recommend 12 but mine have both been at 10 and have been fine).  It's truly amazing and if you get a discount (there are always discounts - I printed off the Day Vouchers from the train thingy - all the technical, Days Out or something?  Was two for one) it really doesn't work out too expensive for a solid two hours of entertainment. 

But all back to school tomorrow - I get to do Pilates (which I NEED as I'm on on hols in less than three weeks) and catch up on a gazillion emails and get some work done.  

I should also have a chance to blog - the A/W fashion porn is just stacking up, so I will deffo be back with.. hmmm I'm not sure.  I'll surprise you.

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14 comentarios:

  1. I have the M&S ones and love them so much I just got the gold. And I'm tempted to wear them with this skirt, which is in a surprisingly good rubbery fabric...

    1. I LOVE those skirts but they're not long enough for me. *weeps*

  2. This is an itch I will be scratching, but not until the spring! I know from experience my trainers are hibernating, but white trainers have been calling me this last summer.
    It started with a pair of devine hugo boss ones, white at the front and red at the back. They had to go back as they made my feet look too wide, especially compared to my Stans. And then I bought a pair of white and silver kilties in the sale for £3, so now I'm just missing the white trainers to wear with them...

    1. I think they're the little fringe attachments? GUESSING!!! (and probably wrong!)

  3. Replies
    1. My love affair with Gucci is over... !! Love my loafers and my Soho Disco but that's enough Gucci for me.... Definitely couldn't justify a pair of trainers (horses for courses though!)

  4. Ive just taken delivery of my first pair of golden goose!
    Ive got the copelands, stans etc etc but the gg are really comfy I love them!

    1. They are simply out of this world, aren't they?!

  5. Nope, still not doing the white trainers, despite wearing white espadrilles with silver stars on them for half the summer! I did just get some navy ones from Jigsaw though, they are velvet and I love them for the 5 minutes they'll last in our unpredictable weather! All my kids have been to the London/York/Edinburgh/Amsterdam dungeon much younger than 10 and they were all fine but I did find that 10 was the peak of fear! They live with me - anything else is probably really tame. This year the Carnival (or Carnevil as they are calling it) near us is doing a Halloween walkthrough and I'm taking the 15 year old. I'm terrified at the thought :O

    1. OMG I couldn't contemplate taking anyone younger than 10 on the new tour of the London Dungeons! Apparently it was much less scary when it was at the Clink but since it's moved and has gone all "hi-tech" (as hi-tech as history can be..!), they regularly get people asking to leave as they can't handle it!!! I've never been anywhere so actual dark in my life (I did at one point mention "err any fire exits?" which went down like a fart in a lift!! You never normally see pitch black places as there's always the glow of a fire exit around (not here..!!!)

    2. I did like the old one better :D xx

    3. I didn't do the other one but this is the one attraction that stacks up to the quality of our US friends' ones....