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So following on from the theme that I've been following recently, today it's the turn of another of my favourite wardrobe essentials.  

The Black Trousers.

An essential that works all year round.  Simply perfect for every occasion - work is an obvious one and I would even say it doesn't matter what sort of job you have, these will be the ideal building block around which you can build a plethora of outfits.  Thin knit or blouse, with or without a jacket, these are a staple part of most people's wardrobe. 

And there are styles for everyone.  I will say that my personal favourite are a cropped (but not too cropped...wide leg or baby boot cut or a full length wide pair.

I have a big event on Wednesday and it's one of those "I have no idea what anyone else will be wearing" occasions.  My Go To outfit for that scenario is a pair of black trousers and a pussy bow black blouse.  It works perfectly for dressed up and down - it's the one outfit that I always feel I "fit in" wearing.

So without further ado, let's see what's on offer in the round up of the sales (who doesn't love a bargain) or new in. 

Staring with ones that I have and can highly recommend. 

Winter Velvet Cigarette Trouser was £120 now £72

H2A3 will give you 20% off at Boden with free delivery and free returns.

Ankles on show with the Richmond 7/8 Trousers £65

Different fabric with the Hampshire 7/8 Trousers also at Boden £65 (Will be honest - can't see any other difference...)

Tapered again at Topshop.  Probably not my choice of jacket or top to go with it...

Satin Tuxedo Trousers £46

Paperbag versions with movement and drape at Boden (LOVE these)

Melina Paperbag Trousers £80 (pre 20% discount code H2A3)

Silky again at Topshop.  These you can dress down a la Topshop style or you could be more casual with a statement knit, trench and trainers.  Or heels and a silk blouse for evening.

Paperbag Utility Trousers from Topshop £39

Belt Peg Trousers also at Topshop £36

These are amazing from Boden, new in.  I LOVE these (available in lots of other colours).

Exeter Wide Leg Trousers £90 available in three leg lengths.  Don't forget the code.

And if you are long of leg, there is a bargain pair in the sale.  Go go go.

Marlin Wide Leg Trousers from Boden were £90 now £36  

Others in the sale at Jigsaw.

Stitch Detail Wide Leg Trousers were £130 now £52

Full length at Me+Em £149

But finishing with my two favourite from M&S.  These are both ankle grazer.  Not cropped - they're what some people call Flood length.  Of course you can wear them at the length that you prefer but for me - they should sit just above/on the ankle bone.  I find them super flattering.  I wear them with a blazer in the same fabric, long line cardigan, trench or just a good old Winter Coat.

First up - the thicker fabric.  Yes these are THE trousers that I bang on about all the time.  They are the quality of Joseph.  Trust me.  They go in and out of stock so it's worth checking back to see if they're there.  I have never seen them in store. 

Turn up Wide Leg Trousers in Black £35 from M&S  Do bear in mind that they come up big and long.  So if you're between sizes and lengths, size down.

And then this year's version which is a much lighter fabric.  A very similar cut (although much smaller so take your usual size - I think lengthwise, again take your usual length) but the fabric is much more suited for into Spring and Summer.  I also think perfect for evening - they have more of a fluidity to them than the more expensive ones.  I have a big event on Wednesday night and I'm going to be wearing these and a silk blouse and strappy heels.  TA DAH! 

Wide Leg Ankle Grazer Trousers £25

And here I am - not today as I am full of head cold and look like a complete bag of spanners but on Saturday night.  When - I wasn't feeling 100% either but was so desperate to see the friends we were going out with, I dosed myself up and out I went....

Blazer - M&S (current)
Jumper - Bella Freud from Matches (sale aw17)
Trainers - Golden Goose (sale 4yrs ago)
Skirt - Ace & Jig from Matches (sale aw18)
Bag - YSL from Selfridges (current)

ONLY to fall asleep mid conversation after dinner.  WHAT ON EARTH?  I have never done that in my life - serious geriatric mode kicking in.  Thankfully they're some of our best friends and so did see the funny side... my husband is the one that usually has a snooze after dinner - seriously, every time.  Anyway, I have taken it easy for a couple of days - big night tomorrow evening and then on Wednesday an even bigger evening.. I will report back shortly. 

I STILL have the beauty blog to do (it IS coming up) and then I feel the need for trenches.  

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3 comentarios:

  1. You say black, I say navy - but I know a lot of these are available in navy too!
    I have the Boden Ponte trousers, and a pair of discontinued Chelseas in cotton (please bring them back Boden), both are a very good fit. The cotton does seem to loose colour in the wash (mainly on the edges, where there is a sharp crease), but mine have been worn and washed many times. The Ponte pair don't have belt hooks, but have enough stretch for me to wear them for physio sessions where I am doing floor exercises, and then still look smart enough with a dressier top.
    I am tempted by the m+s summer weight pair, but am wondering how many pairs of trousers are too many? I have one pair of wide legged trousers, but the shape of the m+s ones is better - do they hang as well as the winter version?

  2. I can highly recommend the black wide leg trousers from Kin at John Lewis. They are £89 but have a lovely weight, hang beautifully and wash brilliantly. I wear them for work and swear by them.