Drum roll..... it's the floral jeans moment....

You wouldn't believe the number of times I've tried these babies on.  Actually don't ask my Rugrats as even Rugrat 3 (at the age of 3 with dummy in mouth) said the other day "not again mummy....."  

Rugrat 1 was no help at all.   I couldn't work out whether to take her sage fashion advice or remember that she's only 7 and thinks a side ponytail, bared midriff (which she's not allowed), one shoulder exposed (ditto) and rolled down socks (knock yourself out with that one) is the height of fashion.  "I think there are just too many flowers for someone of your age", she loftily proclaimed.  I will admit to being ever so slightly offended and then getting a grip as she sloped off to watch Victorious (remembering this is the same 7 year old who wants me to wear a tracksuit to accompany her on her school trip next term.  Enough said)  I did, however, take to hiding from her when I tried them on the next 20 times. 

When all is said and done, they probably are verging on the side of mutton.  There, I've said it and admitted it.  But for £40, I think I'm going to just say, what the hell, and go with it.  Yes, it does go against every fashion rule in my body but I think there are moments when, so long as they're flattering, it might be ok.  And so long as I wear with enough confidence, I may just get away with an Emperor's new clothes moment. 

So no more procrastinating, here is the evidence, in technicolour glory:-

Hell, they look really quite bright in that photo......... hmmm maybe I will end up having a breadmaker moment.......  But I'm going to give it a go.  As a good friend of mine said last week when we went shopping (well, when Bob was out shopping but this was lucid advice which I did take to heart) - would you look back when you're 50 and be more likely to think - I can't believe I wore those, or I'm gutted I didn't wear them when I could have done.   I'm plumping for the former. 

At the moment,  I'm planning on wearing them for nights out, as above (I'm not actually going out here, this was me just bunging outfit on for photo) and am going to see if I can dress them for the day.  I'm envisaging loose boxy black or cream tee (which I do actually have, miracle of miracles) and Havaianas or other flat plain sandals (again which I own - yippee).

Would love to know your thoughts - feel free to guffaw loudly.  The Husband, by the way, thinks I've lost all leave of my senses and is one step away from calling the men in white coats.  Needless to say I may have to keep them for girls nights out.  I think though, at £40, they're a great way to get a completely new set of outfits, utilising what I already have in my wardrobe from last year.  Which, in itself, is a reason to keep them.

On to what I'm wearing today in this absolutely stunning weather.  I will admit I was up at a sparrow's fart this morning and have lathered myself in my gradual self tanner thingy. (new L'Oreal one) I know it's effective, as the inside of my fingers are a dark nut brown.  I also know I'm not remotely effective at applying it, as the rest of my body (bar my elbows of course) is still a whiter shade of pale.  Fail.  I can also imagine that the inside of my rather pale clothing is stained within an inch of it's life.  Happy days in the life of an Irish descendant.  

I definitely do think though, that the way forward for those of us who aren't ready to bare flesh quite yet (it's still goddamn MARCH), is to wear lighter shades of clothing.  Nothing wrong with whipping out the white jeans, just add a pale longsleeved loose top and it's easy to feel cool but not look out of place.  Dark clothes just somehow seem warmer in this weather. 

So today:-

Nude vest - Primark
Creamy beige (again, this is Unicorn allegedly...) cowl neck top - FCUK
White skinny jeans - Next
Tan leather ankle strap flipflop sandals - Gap
Bone and shell collar necklace - By Malene Birger
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara

See you tomorrow!  Am going shopping (primarily to take back all the crud that Bob bought last week....) so may or may not have something to report.

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5 comentarios:

  1. I LOVE them Kat. They had sold out in my store, or I would have snapped them up too. Have you tried them with a loose striped top for daytime? Maybe not Breton but a wider stripe? I remember seeing a great pic in Red magazine of a similar look last summer.

  2. Um, it's a no from me unfortunately. Even though I was considering them myself I think those skinny jeans look a bit too much like leggings over all. I can see you in a softer version though.

  3. Much prefer those to the WI tastic Massimo ones. What a wise friend you have ;)

    Actually, I can really see the as day wear with a white slouchy t and flats, more than as night wear - but then I live in Essex and going out here tends to involves a dress and heels!

  4. I agree that they look like leggings. Personally I'd prefer pattern in a looser style or as daywear.


  5. I definitely don't think you're too old for them, but they do look a bit like leggings.x