What I wore today and My Lust of the Day

I know,  I know, I'm like a bus.  There isn't one for ages and then two come at once.  On a roll.

Thankfully today, someone returned the weather.   What a gorgeous day!  To be truthful, was slightly on the warm side come this afternoon. (in my outfit that is, not that the weather was too warm - bring it on)  A really lovely relaxing day, coffee morning with Rugrat One's class, followed by taking my mum to lunch again and a trip to TK Maxx (I know how to spoil her!)   

What has happened to TK Maxx though?  It always had a tendency to be on the jumble sale side but to add insult to injury the stock was all rubbish.  Granted some good names but I've no idea how old some of that stock was.  Unless peasant blouses are making a comeback and I'm reading the wrong fashion magazines.  On the upside, no money was spent and therefore nothing to have to return next week.  

Speaking of random fashion though, Rugrat One came out with a gem this morning.  "Mummy, when you come and help on our school trip next year (first year I can go and help as all three will be at school), please will you promise me not to wear your fancy clothes".

Hmmmm.  Unfortunately she didn't mean, don't pitch up in black tie, she meant, what you wear on a day to day basis is "fancy"/a crock of shit.  When pressed further on this this evening, apparently an ideal outfit for a school trip is:-  T-shirt (ideally one with a picture, she said she thought a One Direction t-shirt would be best), skinny jeans "(just plain denim ones mummy, not the coloured ones" - what does she know?  Note to self, enforce 7 yr old to read blog), ballet flats and socks (imagine).  So ignoring the socks, I'm thinking, this could be worse, I could just chuck a blazer over the top and maybe get away with it.  On suggestion of said blazer, however, I get a look of withering disgust as only a 7 year old can give and was told "no mummy, I think that hoodie that you wear to the gym would be much better".  Excellent.  A treat to behold next year.  Personally I can't wait.  (I clearly have a Lot of education to do pre September).  

So today was wearing (not taking any fashion advice from my daughter, clearly)

Black and white cashmere jumper - Joseph
Red Leigh jeans - Topshop
Black battered blazer - Zara
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Tan cuff - Mulberry
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara (which apparently the photos don't do justice to)
Washed black suede Ohio ankle boots - Pied a Terre (these are ancient and were consigned to the back of the boot drawer but happy days, thanks to Ash, they're all the rage again!)

Very quick Lust of the Day - Sunday is Mother's Day.  This would be top of my list of things to have (ok my list would be a lot more decadent in dreamland but in the vague realms of reality, this will do).  I really rate Hobbs jewellery (I can't say I'm the biggest fan of their clothes, nothing wrong with them, just when would I wear them?) and the gold pinecones necklace that I have from there gets worn on a very very regular basis. 

So this would fit perfectly into my wardrobe.  And it does have a slight sentimental value as well..........(I may be quite a big fan of the name Monty)  The NW3 Monty Mouse necklace

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