The pitfalls of online shopping

1) you can guarantee it won't fit.  Regardless of how many sizes you order.  Actually the more sizes you order, the worse it will be as you're not quite sure which one it is that you should keep.  Err on the side of a close fit, that will then shrink.  Or plump for the looser one, which obviously will then stretch.  There is something about your own mirror and limitless time in which to make a decision that turns you (well me anyway) into a complete dithering idiot.

2) you can guarantee it won't be the same colour that is it online.  Did you realise that "khaki" can also be used to describe Kermit green?  No?  Me neither.  Yet apparently it is.

3) you can guarantee even if it is the right size and the right colour, on you it looks nothing like you'd pictured it in your head. 


You can probably gather that the boots arrived and they don't fit.  Which, to be honest, isn't a surprise as the ones that had fit me in the past were a smaller size.  Sort of should have seen that one coming and not have been seduced by the bargain price. (moron alert)  The worst thing is, I was actually tempted to keep them as they were "only" £67 or something, delivered, as opposed to the original £260.  And on a certain day at a certain time of the month, hell I probably would have done. (double moron alert)  They look like wellies on me, I shall never wear them as they look pants so I Will take them back.  Hoorah.  And consider myself £59 better off to go shopping with tomorrow.  

Still have a boot hole in my wardrobe though but shall not fill it with boots that don't fit.  Am going to think positively and embrace the sunshine and leave boot buying till next Autumn.  

I also had another delivery (finally.  Someone's definitely of next day delivery and mine differ.  Mine is "next day".  Apparently theirs is "two days")  of reduced but still not cheap basic t-shirts  (one Kermit green, two white in different sizes - see above!) and two jumpers.  To be fair, I haven't tried them on properly but I was so looking forward to loving them and having tried them on (over my jamas so hardly giving them a fair trial) I'm gutted that I don't adore them immediately when I had such high hopes.  So I will try them on again over the weekend and report back as I had thought they'd be great. 

On a more serious note I had banked on wearing the boots and something from the clothes delivery tomorrow for my Big Day out.  Need to be up early tomorrow as my mojo has left the building for the evening and my arse is firmly plastered to the sofa. 

However I am an archetypal goldfish when it comes to Internet shopping. Regardless of how horrendous the experience, does it stop me doing it again?  Does it bugger.  Does it stop me using certain retailers? Hell no.  I'm persistent if nothing else. (Dead horse and flog do spring to mind at this point)  But the concept is just so fantastic and that comes from someone who even adores proper shopping in shops.  Like I said before, that knock on the door from the delivery man - a grown up girls very own Christmas, any day of the year.

So as much as I beef about it, I will be the bigger person and try on everything again over the weekend and report back.  (yes probably even the boots........)

Rant over, here's how it went today.  Sunshine beaming through the window, very early start, so just grabbed the first things that vaguely went together.  Think the jacket deserves better (ie one of the basic t-shirts that was in my delivery and should have been here yesterday.......) and the top is better suited for slightly warmer weather.   Coffee and scones at my house this morning with friends and routine hospital appt this afternoon for Rugrat One.  Roast dinner for myself and The Rugrats this evening as The Husband is out.  (therefore the remote control is all mine - oh the bliss) 

What no scarf?

White linen t-shirt - Zara
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
Black and white tweed cropped jacket - Phase Eight (bargain in the sale in Jan.  Certainly wouldn't have paid full price but for £29 it was the same price as a jumper and, here I go again, it goes in the washing machine!)
Silver and nude ballet pumps - Zara
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Gold pine cones necklace - NW3 at Hobbs
Fuchsia Roxanne Tote - Mulberry 

Off to watch some mindless tut that I've sky+ed and can watch in peace.

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