A little gem. Literally.

A small piece of jewellery at a bargain price.  The Alouette range that jewellery designer Alex Monroe has designed exclusively for Evans.  I have had an Alex Monroe bee for 3 years now and I love it.  Wear it regularly and it always gets commented on.  A super easy piece to wear. 

Rugrat Three (who's 8) had said she wanted to buy me something special for my 40th birthday and gave me £7 in my birthday card from her money box (yes I did cry) and would like me to buy something I could remember.  (I know, I know, sob sob sob).  As bright as she is, she's totally unaware that £7 buys utterly diddly squat that is going to last longer than about 20 minutes.  However I thought that with just a little sub, a piece from this collection would be an idea.  (I will admit it did cross my mind that if it was pap, then we could sub a larger amount and get something from his main collection)

But obviously, the collection sold out online in two hours.  Allegedly.  Regardless it sold out super quickly and there was nothing left on the website when I went to look on Friday.  However of course there are tons and tons of it on ebay.  For ridiculously inflated prices.  Now people have every right to do this - and there are always going to be buyers.  However it irritates the bejeezus out of me.  It's irrational, I appreciate that.  But massively irritating I find it nevertheless.  

I did see though, that it was also sold through certain stores, my local one being one of them.    So last night I thought I'd give them a quick call, positive that they'd guffaw down the phone at me and tell me it had sold out on the first day with a queue having formed before they'd opened.  Wrong.  They had the entire range still in store. 

Let's guess where I was headed at 11o'clock this morning?  Oh yes.  

And they did indeed have the whole range.  The staff seemed baffled as to why I was so excited - they'd apparently had another person on the phone who was giddy and was also heading in later that day.  Excellent staff product training there.  (they were absolutely lovely though and we had a fine old chat about how pretty it all was) 

I also did take my bee necklace to compare quality.  Which was difficult to be honest, as an original Alex Monroe piece is gold plated (or solid silver or solid gold but the one I have is gold plate).  These are gold tone.  At which point I did get a bit sniffy...... But then I thought - dear god woman - you paid £45 odd for a gold tone necklace from NW3 by Hobbs which is still going strong 3 years later!   This is £20.  What do you expect?

Detail wise, I was very impressed with the necklace which we bought.  I promise, the detailing is clearer in the flesh. 


There is also a bracelet for £35 which is very pretty.  Didn't quite work on me for some reason (plus it was one of those very irritating clasps that you need help with.  In my book that equates to me ever wearing it as The Husband isn't here in the morning and the chance of one of the RRs being able to do it without my very short fuse blowing is low.  I am Cruella De Vil in the morning - and frequently in the evenings as well but glossing over that.  Patience is not a virtue of mine.) 

Earrings - again very sweet but too delicate for me (I'm morphing into Pat Butcher on the earring front).  Ring and another bracelet.  

There are also stud leaf earrings and a longer leaf necklace which can be seen here. 

So the reason for my blog is - check your nearest Evans store if you're interested.  At the very least they do make a really lovely gift.  And if you haven't ever had a look at original Alex Monroe jewellery, please do go and drool. 

Moving on to a round up of what I've been wearing since last week.   And yes, my clock is broken.  I procrastinate about changing the battery though, as if I take it off the wall it is totally and utterly impossible to get back on.

Last Wednesday night for an evening function.


Off white blouse - Zara
Navy, black & tan leopard print skinny trousers - Whistles 
Navy boucle jacket - Zara
Earrings - bought from a friend
Black suede & leather boots - LK Bennett
Brown leather cuff with chain detail - Hultquist

Thursday.  Still cold.  Still very very cold. 


Grey & coral vest - H&M
Coral loose knit jumper - H&M
Washed indigo skinny jeans - Boden
Grey knitted military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Suede Bea wedge trainers - Ash
Grey wrist warmers - Toast
Tan shopper - Zara
Tartan scarf - H&M
Sunglasses - Dior

Friday.  Still freezing.  (Friday night was my Rock up in Red outfit - with the absence of a decent photographer.  Left with the 4 year old.  There wasn't one pic vaguely in focus. )


White longline l/s top - Baukjen
Stone twist top - Taylor Stephens
Beige Kirsten skinnies - Topshop
Fur gilet - Taylor Stephens
Black & beige skull scarf - Zara
Brown leather & chain detail cuff - Hultquist
Gold chain bracelet - Made from Whistles 
Chestnut knee high boots - Russell & Bromley
Tan shopper - Zara

Saturday.  Took cold to a new level.  Early morning football with the 8 and 6 year old.  8.45 am early which is just too early on Saturday morning for a lush like me.  However I was fairly abstemious on Friday night and so managed to give The Husband a lie in and haul my sorry behind to football. I had cold bones all day.  I am pathetic I appreciate it.  Even though I think I was adequately dressed for the occasion! 


White longline l/s top - Baukjen
Striped jumper - A random make from TK Maxx
Washed indigo skinny jeans - Boden
Parka - South by Littlewoods
Loose knit beige & gold woolly hat with huge bobble - Miss Selfridge
Camel Pashmina - Pure

Out later on Saturday to see RR1 in a local production from her drama group at the theatre.  Interestingly I was so freaking freezing from earlier, I only realised when I got home that I didn't have half my make up on after trying to warm up in the shower.  Dear god.   A rather hectic day. 


Brown and black striped dress - S'Nob de Noblesse
Black 120 denier opaques - Topshop
Black boiled wool coatigan - Ronit Zilkha
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black lock pocket bag - M&S
Black suede Ohio boots - Pied a Terre
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Bracelets - as before

And today for charging around with the kids.  Lunch at Leon though which is always a highlight.  I am addicted to their club wraps and the best fast food choice of gluten free meals which is a necessity for my kids. 

Yes it was freezing today (and is tipping down with snow as I type) but I refused to spend more than 30 seconds outside running from car to inside and so eschewed with a coat and scarf.  Bliss. 


White l/s longline top - Baukjen

Black swing polo neck - Reiss
Washed indigo skinny jeans - Boden
Earrings - bought from friend
Black Madonna stud wedge trainers - Ash
Black lock pocket bag - M&S

I am seriously over this cold weather now.  Thank god it's been sunny last week.  At least I got to crack out the shades and look vaguely less corpse like. (as in you couldn't see half of my face - nothing to do with getting some sun!)  I fear I am going to have to get cosy with the fake tan this week.  Am concerned if I sit still long enough, someone will cart me off to the undertakers. 

I shall be back tomorrow with another random new High Street lust.  Have shocked myself with this one.  Admittedly I only have photos and haven't tried any of the clothes on yet.  Any guesses?

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15 comentarios:

  1. I have no idea what is going on here, I literally blogged 3 days ago about wanting the Alex Monroe bee. You have it. You talk about zara coats, I want it, it goes on. I'm concerned I am channelling you.

  2. Ooh the Alex M jewellery looks fab, hope it's still there by weds now you've told everyone about it! Husband bought me the Bee for Christmas in a total result of present buying, v impressed with it.

    Love those whistles trousers as well, you've reminded me to buy some navy ones I love from gap tonight with the 30% off.

  3. The stone twist top is really similar to the AllSaints it at shrug - if you lift the front of it over behind your head you can wear it as a shrug with a keyhole opening at the back - lovely over a tank:). The necklace is stunning - what a sweet girl she is ! Xxxx

  4. What a sweetie-pie your daughter is & yes, I would definitely have cried too!! Great outfits as always, particularly love that 3.1 Philip Lim coat. Each time you wear it, I sigh:)

  5. What a sweet little rugrat you have! Love all the outfits and your hair always looks lovely!
    sara x

  6. Ong....non lesbian ..mum of four...but you are so bloody gorgeous and read so funnily!! Absolutely LOVE your blog...keep it going kat xx

  7. Bit of an odd pair up Alex Monroe & Evans no? I got the posy bangle for Xmas and love it. Looking great in spite of the cold weather - I'm longing for Spring!

  8. Had exactly the same experience with Evans online, felt exactly the same irritation at seeing it all on ebay, then discovered that my local branch isn't stocking the range; it's only flagship stores. Do I covet a piece enough to travel 50 miles to my nearest one? Frankly, no. I've cheered myself up with a Massimo Dutti bracelet I was lusting over instead, just because they're offering free express delivery at the moment - despite being a sucker for a free delivery offer, I do feel slightly better!

  9. love your blog and love your m&s lock bag, do you know if they're still available, approx price? Many thanx, Lin xx

  10. Like the blog but can't say I can agree with you on this post. What a lovely little gesture on your little girls behalf, that myself I would have relished buying a little piece that made me think of her and her kindness everytime it came out, Accessorise make lots within this budget for example. It's not about quality or price or name just for once, but about the gesture. Too sad that you can't see this and have to add to the amount to once again add to your collection of 'bling'.

    1. Judgemental much??

    2. Ah kitty...live and let live....I think that is EXACTLY what kat will do everytime she takes out her jewellery.....which she will do cos she likes it .Much better than buying something for the sake of it for the exact amount and leaving it in the box to tarnish.

    3. It is sad that people cannot honestly write about the choices they make without being derided for them. Maybe that is what you would have done, Kitty, but not what Kat decided to do. Would you have said the same thing, in exactly the same tone, to her face? I doubt it, so maybe next time take a step back and leave some time before sharing your feedback, which can hurt the person it is aimed at.

  11. What a lovely gesture from your little girl, and I quite understand why you would want something pretty and of decent enough quality that it wouldn't disintegrate after three wears!

    When I was a similar age I saved up and bought my mother a pair of black velvet jewelled elbow length gloves. As she wasn't Crown Princess of Monaco the never got worn, but she loved them anyway, and I felt very happy to have bought something lovely for mummy. I'm sure your daughter will feel the same, and you've got something you can actually wear!

  12. Hi, Couldn't agree with you more about Alex Monroe. I have a mini bee in silver, it goes with everything and I'm always asked about. I love it & would be very happy to receive a few more pieces! This may not happen anytime soon so to Evans I shall go! Thanks for the info. Kat x