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Monday, 25 February 2013

So Winter, you're back then.

I know, I know, it was ludicrously optimistic of me to get all excited about the start of Spring when it was only February.  And yes, I was probably the only person in the country who was genuinely shocked on Friday when we woke up to another white out.  More chuffing snow?!  It's not like I haven't lived in this country for a gazillion years (forever bar a few in the middle to be fair) and as such, should be fully prepared for snow as late as April. 

But darn it, those couple of sunny days had really got me so excited about flesh.  Not oodles of it on show, but maybe a wrist or, god forbid, even an ankle?  A sniff of upper chest that isn't encased in wool (or acrylic if I'm wearing the H&M tartan scarf).  

Not to be deterred - stiff upper lip and all that - I decided in for a Spring penny, in for a pound, I would not be beaten by that most feeble of opponents - the Great British Weather.  So I was the one looking like a veritable tool on Friday in my white jeans.  Winter white is what I like to refer to it as, in one of the most ridiculous fashion sayings known to man.  What you can't see in the photo below as were running out of time, is that I did also sport a huge cream full length Monsoon cardigan, cream woolly hat and grey wristwarmers.  So actually I wasn't cold at all.  Just rather pale.  I know the jury will be out and even when it comes back I will still be in the minority of thinking it's acceptable to wear white in the snow, but I don't care.   That's what washing machines are for!

However it did get me thinking that I can't be the only one who is beyond sick of channeling Eskimo chic.  I pretty much get to this point every season (it's no different at the end of the Summer when I pine for boots, scarves and woolies) and surprise, surprise, this year is no exception. 

So it's back to being freezing cold (we had more snow here last night although thank goodness it's not sticking around all day) and I am bored of all my winter clothes, yet it's not worth buying anything else to add to it. 

The land of inbetween.  I declare that it therefore must be scarf season. 

Not a full on woolly winter wonder but something in a lighter colour(s) that will do a job of keeping the chill off your neck and chest plus be an easy addition to your Spring wardrobe. 

I appreciate that scarves are not for everyone - personally I love them in most guises.  I will admit I do struggle with a silk square one.  Even in Hermes, I still manage to look pure trolley dolly.  Just can't get it right at all (although did used to wear one as a headscarf a couple of years ago when I was growing out a short bob and having an Audrey moment) 

However a lighter fabric in a print or colours that are a nod to Spring can transform outfits that you were bored of wearing. 

Plus with Mother's Day round the corner - a perfect present idea. 

So starting with some that I've found on my travels.  There are so many, I'll probably do another round up later on, just in time for Mother's Day, in case anyone is after more ideas. 

I've posted the first scarf before but I think it works perfectly all year round.  Will tie in so well if anyone has a plethora of wine clothes from the A/W and will look stunning with more summery blush colours (I am giddy about getting mine back out for this year).  Even works with black, brown or tans.

Tangerine (and geometric print - not necessarily together mind) is due to be a big colour this S/S (I can hear half of you cheering and half of you moaning).  I love this scarf from Cos.  I'd wear it with black and tan for now (also lovely with navy), just giving a lift of colour to those older outfits.  This is also a great work wear one I would recommend.  I remember only too well those days when it was too warm to wear a coat over a blazer, but you were too cold with just the jacket on.  Et voila problem solved.

Jacquard parquet scarf in rust from Cos   £35 (they call it rust but I would say it's much more of an orange rust as opposed to a red rust.  Although I haven't seen in the flesh - just going from the online pics) 

On a less work oriented note, I am still slightly obsessed by all things stars, despite not having caved yet.  

Blue Sky Scarf from Plumo £79

Chain print DVF scarf from My Wardrobe at £173.  It's called Peach although I'm not entirely sure why as it's looks very blue to me.  Even the chain itself, at a stretch, I don't think could be considered peach.  But who I am I to wonder why.  If it made its way into my wardrobe, courtesy of Mother's Day, I shan't be complaining. 

Thinking about it though - this one may be more versatile.  Colourwise, great for adding immediate interest to old dark winter outfits.  I love this shade of blue.  Perfect with both navy and black and love it with the fuchsia they've teamed it with below.  The more I look at it, the more I need it.

Navy Doodle Love print silk scarf from DVF again at My Wardrobe at £135

I'm not normally a silk scarf person - as you may have noticed I use them as an extra layer, shrouding myself in one, blanket stylee.  But each year coming into the Spring and then into the Autumn, I always find that I have a lack of lighter ones to wear. 

Which is handy then, that I went to Sainsburys today - nothing to do with the fact that this is the final day of their 25% off offering.  The whole promotion had passed me by.  Only thanks to the wonderful Fiona who owns Avenue 57 that I had realised it was on. 

I wasn't in the market for anything (apart from Cilit Bang mousse which you can't buy from Waitrose.   First world problems clearly) but for research purposes, obviously I had to have a good look.

And fortunately I did as there were a couple of things it would have been rude to leave behind. 

Firstly this silky scarf.  Inspired by the DVF one above (I appreciate the colours are completely different) and having mused over the benefits of a silky long scarf, this one caught my eye.  One of the great things about scarves with a host of colours in, is the ability to tie together an outfit of different colours you might not usually put together.  Pink and yellow really wouldn't be my first port of call for a Spring outfit, but this scarf has converted me.  Perfect also as an addition for a monochrome outfit (which would be mostly black in my case at this time of year) and giving it a haul into this season.  Rather By Malene Birger to my mind.  Except it was £8.  


Now this is actually the number that initially caught my eye in the scarf department.  Missoni eat your heart out.  I have had various Missoni scarves over the years (and either lost or sold them - yes I am a complete and utter bloody moron) and do definitely have a soft spot for the brand. 

This is an homage to all things zig zag - I utterly adore the colours - shades of pink, coral, black, khaki and pale blue.  When put together, should probably ming but in reality, I honestly thing this is stunning.  Can't wait to wear it.  Heavy enough for this time of year with a sturdier jacket but will work equally as well come the warmer weather.   Not sure if you can see, but it's made of different textures and knits.  I'm probably biased but I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is.


I also happened upon this denim jacket. I do have a denim jacket - a collarless one I got from Red Herring at Debenhams for £12, 8 years ago.  Seeing as the one below was £22 (and then 25% off), I thought I might be able to justify it as an impulse purchase.  I purposely bought a smaller size to have it snug (still fits on the shoulders and arms - Zara take note).  I did trawl through them all as the washes were slightly different and I wanted one as faded as possible.  I had previously tried on the Forever 21 one which was great but £25 (still a total bargain) but as the difference between them is negligible fit wise, the cheaper one obviously came up trumps.  Not sure I'd be able to tell it came from Sainsburys.


Apologies for the late reminder - if you do fancy taking advantage of the 25% off, today is the last day so happy late night shopping.  To be fair, I think at full price, all these are excellent buys and I would have definitely have purchased. 

A reminder now of what a different a couple of days make.  

Here we are last week bathed in sunshine.  


Wine and bone breton top - Massimo Dutti
Raspberry Leigh jeans - Topshop
Quilted leather jacket - Massimo Dutti
Camel Cypress boots - Acne
Multicoloured leopard print scarf - Primark 
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Earrings - Etsy
Razor cuff - McQ Alexander McQueen
Sunglasses - Dior

Me looking like an eejit to some, in the snow refusing to bow to this weather nonsense (I was one step away from sandals..... and yes, like I said, I did put on a heavy cream cardigan and hat) 


Cream silk and jersey drape top - Phase Eight
White jeans - Boden
Apricot tassel scarf - Mint Velvet
Clay Thelma wedges - Ash
Gold serpent necklace - Stella & Dot

Out for a dinner party on Friday night 


Black silk blouse - Zara
Gunmetal and black coated skinnies - 2nd Day
Black suede and patent leather ankle boots - LK Bennett
Diamante statement earrings and cuff - Forever 21

So did you get anything from Sainsburys this season that I should know about?  Are you a scarf fan or are they strictly purely functional for you?


  1. What leg length did you go for in the Boden Jeans?

    1. the longer length. Actually not too bad at all. Definitely fine for skinny jeans - would of course be utterly appalling in boot cut!

  2. I'm so pleased you found something in the Sainsbury's ridiculously cheap anyway but even better with 25% off aisles.

    I bought a scarf (was wearing Saturday( that was I think £4 in the end). I can't recall that denim jacket in my local one .. it's amazing and VERY similar to a lovely Earl Jeans one I have (thank you TK Maxx).

    I LOVE the colours/outfit of the DVF scarf look, going to steal that for another day.

    PS thanks for the mention! My love of Sainsbury's will be spread wide!

    1. I NEEEED to go to TK Maxx! We should go together for a day - we'd buy the store up. Have to say I"m ridiculously over the moon with my jacket for £16. And yes, that Delft blue, blush, pink and black combo is stunning isn't it.

  3. I love that, more chuffing snow, my thoughts exactly!
    Loving scarfs, will check these out.

  4. Hi there! TU at Sainsburys is always worth looking at and my recent purchases was a crossbody/clutch bag in cobalt blue for £12 and some half price khaki/olive leopardprint skinny jeans for £9! Great choice of scarves that you bought, the first one is perfect for Spring and Summer!

  5. Love your blog and your sentiments regarding clothes and the British weather! Have a look at my FB page, I have some fab scarves and clothes and would love you to take a peek -

  6. I like your winter white outfit, I think there are no rules when you can or cannot wear a certain colour. Mind you I am in NZ... White jeans would be too hot for us here at the moment where we are in a heat wave!!

    I have commented before and I really enjoy your blog. I am sure your other commenters are too bright to click on the links but there do seem to be spammers targeting your comments page. You probably know that.

    1. Thank you - yes I did notice and have deleted. Gits!

  7. Love your night out ensemble - did you wear a jacket or just throw on a coat? I bought a cream lace Blouse iand a stripey Jacket (trf) in zara thanks to you - never normally look in that section... You are bankrupting me!

    1. I did throw on a black boiled wool coatigan, yes! And yes, TRF is often worth a look (she says hiding her credit card...)

  8. D'ye know, I'd almost be tempted to get into my car and drive up to N. Ireland just to get my hands on that Missoni-esque scarf from Sainsburys! Love it!! Also loving the star one from Plumo ... how long before you cave?!! Helen

    1. If you want me to get you one, I"ll be going back next week? More than happy to pick you one up if you want it and there are still come left? And yes, the star print scarf is lovely but actually quite a few people have it locally here so I may well be able to swerve it. She says.......

  9. Jill Ledgerwood26 February 2013 01:39

    I do love a scarf! The DVF doodle one is gorgeous but the 'Missoni' one is much more in my price range! I also love the Primark scarf you have on in your outfit posts - is that a recent purchase (ie is it worth me taking a trip to Primark?!) Jill

    1. Oh so so sorry love, the scarf is from a couple of years ago. Actually I had "given" it to my 8 year old and had to borrow it back from her! She was not amused, to say the least.

    2. Jill Ledgerwood27 February 2013 00:18

      Thanks Kat - that did make me laugh. Will just have to go for the 'Missoni' one! Jill

  10. I loved this post.
    I didn't see anything that tickled my fancy in Sainsburys but I did buy raspberry jeans yesterday on impulse and your outfit has given me some inspiration on how to wear them - thank you!
    I love scarves and have a couple of multi-patterned pashminas from Florence that I wear most days. I'm hoping to find some lighter silky ones for spring though.

  11. i love your winter white outfit Kat - something really Narnia - like about it with the snow and the filter.....I have the wedges in black - adore them! XXX

    1. yes, the filter certainly does help! And I may have just got the wedges in black as well... ssshhhhhhhhh. I love love love them!

  12. You look incredible in all of these outfits. Absolutely gorgeous and more so in person!

  13. I have just bought a scarf at Sainsburys...can't beat it for £8! Love the winter white.....looks v expensive!
    I agree about the weather. I froze in London last week (and I'm a hardy northerner!) but saw women with ballet flats and NO socks!!!!!!!!! Desperate to get my ballerinas on but every year I do it too soon and get ill.

  14. Can I second the thanks for showing the raspberry jeans. I was looking at some earlier this week and couldn't quite make up my mind but you've swayed it for me! Mine however, will be either Peacocks or New Look!

    1. So raspberry jeans purchased and worn for the first time. Got big compliments from a rather stylish 17 year old friend! Result - I am 42! :-)