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So yesterday I went Christmas shopping.  I came back with a Christmas tree which, much to my children's utter disgust is white.  We do have a proper full on Chrimbo number but at the moment, seeing as our sitting room is full of extra stuff from the garage and games room that we had knocked down and the rest of the house is a total dust fest, the thought of bringing more tut into the equation filled me with dread.  Trying to polish a turd is the phrase that springs to mind.  It would take actual Santa himself to be able to turn my overcrowded junk room we now call a sitting room into a Christmas idyll.  

Therefore I have removed all excess tat from the dining room/kitchen and in the corner by the fireplace I have placed our new tree.  White twig like tree with little lights on.  I think it is beyond pretty.  The children think it's rubbish.  I've given them white and silver ceramic stars and "diamonds" to decorate it with today.  As of an hour ago, it's marginally better apparently.  I figure once it's got a stack of presents under it, they might just give it the thumbs up.  Ungrateful little monkeys.  

I therefore didn't feel too guilty at having not made any real inroad into the purchasing of their presents (the queues, good god the queues - hello Amazon, The Book People and John Lewis Click & Collect - here I come) but did manage, all in the interests of work of course, to spy some little gems. 

Since a lot of these are blink and you'll miss them, the best idea seemed to put together a hotchpotch of a blog of my fave things I spied yesterday. 

A Heinz 57 variety number.  Enjoy.  (and yes, there are still some bargains, even at this late stage.  Surely they're going to be giving stuff away come the sales?)

M&S Limited Edition Faux Leather Panelled Top £35  This is much better than it looks in the pic (obviously)  Cute quilted shoulder detail.  A lovely crepe feel to it, not dissimilar to the Whistles ones if I'm honest - for half the price. 

Whilst we're on the subject of shell tops, I love my cream and yellow ones so much, I could totally justify a black one (yes I do have my Cos top but actually it's not the most forgiving round the midriff - to say one can see a hint of muffin if there is one is an understatement.  It's a full cake fest on show.  Not good.  I need more volume of shell top) 

Whistles Faux Leather trim sculptured top now £68

I happened to bomb into Office the other day (on a rather random mission which I have yet to report back on.  When I say random, I mean random.....) and came across these patent loafers.   I may have included them before on a loafer thread but I didn't realise quite how fantastic they are in the flesh.

Office Extravaganza in navy patent  £65 but now £52 with yet another of their discount weekends.  Which seems to have been extended to Wednesday now.... I know I only appear to have half a brain at the moment (most of the time to be fair, the other half is permanently busy dealing with stuff) but I'm sure they only used to have this on one weekend before Christmas.  And years ago, never at all.   Only reductions were only from the Big Sales on Boxing Day.  One little recession clearly put pay to all that.  And anyway, I shouldn't complain as it bargain after bargain.  These at £52 are honestly amazing value.  Leather and pretty much identical to the Russell & Bromley ones which are significantly more.  

The navy leather one is a little different as the R&B ones are black leather and navy suede but for the cost difference?

Now these I've put in here as I completely cannot, repeat CANNOT justify them.  I may have ever so slightly overdosed on sweatshirts this season and need another like I need a proverbial hole in the head.  But I saw these in both John Lewis and Whistles the other day and they are just gorgeous.  They will sell out in a matter of days so if you do want one, grab it now! 

Whilst we're on the subject of Whistles, there were a couple of new bits in that I saw and, as if by magic, they are now on offer at House of Fraser.  Merry Christmas everyone (which incidentally is my favourite Christmas song, the Shakey Shakin Stevens one and I am beyond gutted that it isn't on my version of Now That's What I Call Christmas.  First World problems and all that) 

Whistles Smudge Spot Print Dress now £132 

This is one of their newest prints in a lovely fine knit. 

Whistles Fireburst Print Crew now £76  

I also love it in the Melodie silk blouse version which is now £92 

Also available at John Lewis in more sizes for the same price. 

Now I may have found the best bargain boyfriend jeans ever.  Perfect to wear with all of the above tops.  For under £20.  Reporting back on the ASOS Saxby Boyfriend jeans - a complete winner but I would recommend sizing down.  I tried them on last season in my normal size and they were awful.  Hanging off me in a very unattractive Eminem home boy stylee, which wasn't the look I was going for at all, truth be told.  They're not washed enough denim to be super loose but sizing down, they fit perfectly round the waist and on the derriere.  Not too short either.  Am wearing them tomorrow which is always a great sign of something that works. 

ASOS Saxby Boyfriend jeans in vintage rip and repair £17.50.  Unfortunately I don't have a pair of shoes the same as these so shall be teaming mine with my Rag & Bone Newburys. 

I did order both the ones above and the Saxby Boyfriend jeans in a light wash and to be honest, the difference is absolutely negligible if they don't have your size in the ever so slightly darker version  These are ever so slightly bluer whereas the Vintage rip and repair have a very very slight grey/darker tinge to them.  Level of distressing is identical on both.  These ones also have the advantage of being only £15.50 now.  Even if you're not sure about them now, if you have a remote iota of interest in boyfriend jeans, I would get these as they will be beyond perfect for the summer. 

Finishing with a pair of absolutely gorgeous shoes which, handily, would do all the tops and the jeans above justice.  These are stunning.  A true all year round shoe (although right now in this weather, I would not be wearing them with dresses as they're really not a tights shoe) 

Reiss Brompton shoes in Off White and black £210 

So there we have my little list of goodies that I spied when I was allegedly Christmas Shopping.  I also did a coat reccy so have a couple of blogs on those coming up, ditto jackets (can you believe I haven't mentioned them yet this season?) and some more Christmas ideas. 

Here I am yesterday for my shopping (lord was it only yesterday - seems like a lifetime ago already - see?  Brain = mush) 


Black Sixties style jumper - Boden
Black double zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Black Ohio suede boots - Pied a Terre
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And last night out for dinner with the girls, just to the local pub.  If you can believe it, I was underdressed.  Gotta love the mums' nights out! 

Untitled Untitled

Cream lace blouse - F&F at Tesco
Indigo paint splattered jeans - Zara
Black and white cardigan - Isabel Marant 
Black Margo boots - Sam Edelman
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Tomorrow, I have a fantastic day.  Am out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  With a bit of infant nativity thrown in in the middle, afterwards which I have to be the hostess with the mostess serving mince pies and mulled wine.  A pretty perfect day!  Hopefully will be able to fit a quick blog in too. x

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14 comentarios:

  1. Fab find on the boyfriend jeans front, I've just ordered and *may* be browsing sweatshirts to go with...

    1. They are honestly the best bargain EVER. Stop.I need no temptation on the sweatshirts.....

  2. Oh my goodness *does happy dance* the day has come when I actually own one of the things you're featuring! I've got the fire burst crew neck from Whistles - and I love it. Have loved reading your blog this past few months. x

    1. YAY! Thank you for reading and such a lovely post. Gorgeous jumper too xxx

  3. I do like the Reiss shoes....spotted them last week, lush. I normally love a real tree but we also have a white tree this year. Roll on my dream house and my real tree....... but the white tree reminds me off my seventies childhood and my nan always had a white tree. xx

    1. They're absolutely gorgeous aren't they. Definitely on my sales list. We had a silver tree growing up and I LOVED it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh those Reiss shoes look beautiful! They do have some lovely things in this season, don't they?!

    1. Absolutely beautiful, especially on the accessories front. They also have amazing sales. Which is rather handy...!

  6. I love (even more than usual) both of your outfits today Kat. I also love the Reiss Brompton shoes too, Liz xxx

    1. Thank you xxxxx Those shoes are just shoe porn, aren't they?! x

  7. Quick question, what do you wear under the Tesco blouse? I got one and love love love it but it is completely see thru so haven't worked out how to wear it yet! Any advice gratefully received! Thank you. X

    1. I just wear a nude bra top that I have. And tuck it in... I hadn't noticed that it's That see through. OOPS!

  8. Hi Kat - loving the blog as usual - cheers me up after a crap day at work!! I love the Phillip Lim coatigan and have got my eye on one similar - I struggle with most coatigans as 1)too tall for the fit and 2)the buggers are always too short in the sleeve - What size is your Phillip Lim - fit looks perfect on you and just what am after!!
    Cheers SallyC