They've done it again

Who you may ask?  Good old River Island, that's who.  Not a store that I generally spend a lot of time it - their target market being probably nearer half my age, but I really should.  I went in last week to have a look at their mac which I featured in my last blog having seen it in a magazine. 

And what a revelation.  Again. In fact I'm pretty sure that it was this time last year that I had my first River Island love in.  Well, they are more than worth taking another good look at.  I haven't bought anything yet as I was supposed to be Christmas shopping and buying myself another dress didn't exactly come under the heading of gifts for other people (this may have gone out of the window on Friday though - more of that to come shortly) 

But I saw more in there that I could wear than I have in pretty much most other High Street shops.  Bar perhaps Whistles.  And it's probably no coincidence therefore that lots of it has very much a Whistles vibe to it. 

Starting with this dress for example.  Now I simply cannot, repeat cannot, buy another leopard print dress.  However if I could vaguely justify one this one would be top of my list.  A thick crepe fabric (oh apparently it's a "scuba fabric" rightiho....not what I would have called a scuba fabric, it's not shiny in any way, actually it has a texture to it) really top quality and none of that wonky hem thing that seems to be popular these days. 

Brown Graphic animal print shift dress £40

Yellow Animal Print Shift Dress £35  This one is also a real stunner in real life and thinking forward towards the Spring would be a great purchase to wear all year round.  Very unusual but if yellow is your thing, honestly this for £35 is a complete bargain.  Again a heavyweight fabric that hangs beautifully and non crease.  Much more McQueen than River Island,

Again with the spring in mind these two are stunning - how similar to the structured shift dresses from Whistles?  But for £35? Complete no brainer.

Lime Shift Dress £35

Pink Shift Dress £35

Again with Spring firmly in mind, this sweatshirt to me looks a lot more expensive than its £28 price tag. 

Cream Floral Print satin front Dolman top £28

Now I would genuinely defy anyone to guess that this was from River Island.  Honestly it is completely divine in the flesh.  I thought perhaps it might go into the sale but it appears to be new season stock.  On a scale of one to ten of things that are on my Spring Wish list, this has gone straight in at number one. 

Blue brushed Check Cropped Jacket £60

Navy Blue roll neck cableknit tunic now only £25 in the sale   This is the ideal jumper for flinging on over the Christmas season.  It has Boxing Day written all over it.  If you are the sort of family that goes for delicious long walks up hill and down dale.  I would so so love to be one of these but the lazy gene is far too embedded in my make up and unfortunately has been handed down to the kids.  So the suggestion of a long walk is always met with full on wailing and gnashing of teeth by my three offspring.  Painful doesn't begin to describe it.  Hence the picture of normality chez nous on Boxing day is the entire family ensconced on the sofas, hoovering Quality Street (or Heroes actually as they're much better for gluten free) with Sky Movies on loop.  For which this jumper would also be perfect. 

Or in red also only £25

Speaking of practical clothing, if you've been putting off buying a warm cover up then there is a bargain in the sale. 

Grey Down feather padded jacket was £110, now only £40

There were also two other things that I saw in store which I simply couldn't find online at all.  And I've spent ages looking.  This satin fitted dress is to just below the knee and is so cute.  Totally un-me, but I absolutely love it.


And this is the most gorgeous blouse.  It's actually got a light camel panel at the side which you can't see in my absolutely pants photo - I really thought I would be able to find it online.  Which I can't.  Pah. 


Finishing the selection, not having forgotten my pledge to try and be more Parisian.  Easy peasy.  All of these would be perfect.  And one of the dresses is even in the sale. Result.

Camel Drawn Wool-blend Coat £80

Black Shift Dress £20 - the black version of the ones above but reduced! Complete bargain 

Now this is ever so slightly Upstairs Downstairs but I love the simplicity of this.  I think would look lovely for during the day with thick opaque and either loafers or brogues.  

Black and White collar shift dress £35

Navy Contrast Collar Shift Dress £35  It's probably less utilitarian in the navy.  Which isn't black but I'm going to embrace the navy in my Francophile quest.

Now I'm skating on thin French ice here as I know they don't really embrace the leopard print traditionally.  But actually, I'm going to stick my baguette out and say I think this definitely has a Parisian whiff to me.  Would look beyond chic with a completely plain outfit.  Just gorgeous.  Possibly my favourite piece. 

Cream Contrast Collar Half Sleeve top £30 

And the perfect side zip, slight stretch capri pants to go with them.  These scream out for a ballet pump or loafer for day or just add a pointed stiletto for evening.  I love a side zip - so flattering (so long as they're the right size - even slightly on the small side and you'll end up with camel toe a plenty just to warn you...) and yet again a bargain price. 

Black Skinny ankle grazer trousers £30

And in navy   They also have in emerald, orange, cream and pink. (click on colour swatch at bottom of page on link) 

So there we have my revelation from River Island.  Now don't get me wrong - my lord there is some tat in there.  Some properly scary things - they do a collaboration with Rihanna for a start, but if you sift through the cropped tops and other interesting pieces which shouldn't be worn by anyone who remembers Lady Di getting married, then there are honestly some absolute gems.  And on the upside, you're probably not very likely to bump into someone in your peer group wearing it!

Now I have a confession to make.  These are my outfit pics from Friday.  I had the best day ever - Christmas Date lunch with The Husband.  We went to one of our fave restaurants, J Sheekey's Oyster Bar where we sat down at 2 and left at 5.30.  It was great.  Put the world to rights and drank and ate ourselves silly.  I also may have done a little bit of Christmas shopping (yes, for myself - those darned sales).  However when I got home, to say I was slightly worse for wear was a little bit of an understatement as you can see from these photos. 

Yes, the wall is holding me up and yes, I am dancing in the bottom one.  As you do......

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Black polo neck - Zara
Coated leopard print jeans - Great Plains
Camel coat - Zara
Gold filigree chandelier earrings - Forever21 (these are exactly the same as the Stella & Dot ones but cost about £3.50.  Sold out online but I got mine in store)
Black Margo Boots - Sam Edelman
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

So tomorrow I shall be back with my small purchases that I have made. 

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16 comentarios:

  1. The checked crop coat is fantastic! I love your "merry" date pictures, looks like you had a brilliant time :)

  2. Fab, fab post Kat! First, how lovely that you still enjoy a date with your husband. Second, what kind walls you have holding you up so. And third. Wow. What a great selection from RI. I love the yellow animal print dress xxx

  3. You've got the moves like Jagger! ;) RI have some amazing stuff & I've always been a fan but you do need to have a good sift through! There was an amazing white coatigan in there a month or so ago which I'd of happily sold a small child for! :O Ax

  4. I ventured into RI today for a last minute dress for outings over the festive season, and actually bought the yellow and grey dress. It's lovely on and hangs beautifully, even with a baby bump. I also eyed up the orange polo neck and wish I had tried it on, I may have to go back for it!! Love your outfit pics, getting into the festive spirit I see!! X

  5. Oooo, the cheetah print shift dress is really nice, as is the Dolman top - You have highlighted some great items there River Island wow would never have guessed!
    Love your outfit pictures - they look so natural and you look like you are having a great laugh. Wonderful, hope the next morning was'nt too daunting!!

  6. 1. Gorgeous finds, especially those shift dresses.
    2. Photos are hilarious, you are such a good sport sharing them.
    3. The line " Now I'm skating on thin French ice here as I know they don't really embrace the leopard print traditionally. But actually, I'm going to stick my baguette out and say I think this definitely has a Parisian whiff to me" should really win you an award.
    Best blog ever.

    1. I'm seconding everything that was said in this comment! Those pics are beyond brilliant :) And yes! That sentence should definitely win you an award. Thanks for really making me laugh! Happy, happy Christmas xx

  7. I tried the leopard print one and the neckline was weirdly uncomfortable, quite a poor fit. Such a shame. It's fab

  8. Haha love those last photos!!

  9. I absolutely LOVE these pics! Whatever about the style!! Go you!!! Fab!

    In saying that, I've a dress for a night out over Christmas, from RI. Can't link to it here but it's called "black embellished Bodycon dress" with gem stones. It's fab! Delighted with it and just need a night out on which to wear it....

  10. River Island is my guilty pleasure shop - I can always find something in there I want.

  11. I am not a great fan of River Island but I have to hand it to you Kat, yu have found some real corkers here :-). Especially liking the leopard collar top. The grey version (with black collar) is in their sale ;-). As an aside, I always send my husband into RI when their sale is on as he is (in non teenage shops!!), a size Large but in RI he comes up as an XL. There are always XL shirts left in the sales. He's got some great ones over the years. If I don't get time to comment again before the New Year then wishing you and all readers a very trendy (oops, I mean Parisian classic!) 2014 ;-). Look forward to enjoying your outstanding blog next year :-). Debbie x

  12. J Sheekey is great fun, It's ages since I've been. The magnolia print on that dress above is stunning.

  13. The Magnolia print on the dress is gorgeous - can't remember which designer it's taken it's inspiration from but gorgeous nonetheless. A little stiff to handle though but we can stand all night in a dress that pretty.

    And I love love love the dancing pics!

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