It's just an idea but.... may have worked out that when I get something into my head - even if it's a tiny inkling, I get rather get carried away.  Having mentioned this on Twitter a number of weeks ago, I know I'm not the only one. 

I see something in a mag, via email, on someone when I'm out and about (my favourite source of inspiration) or just an item in a shop that I haven't considered previously (yesterday's shoes being a prime example) and I accelerate from "ooh that's quite sweet", to full on mad obsession of "my life isn't complete without it" in about 5 minutes flat.  Doesn't drive The Husband mad or Anything.

So firstly one of my bessies mentions these shoes.  I'm not going to lie - I did think initially - sweet jaysus, she's lost her mind - but after about two seconds (yes, I know fickle beyond fickle), a lightbulb moment and I thought, these will go with everything.  Put them with blue and they'll look blue, put them with pink, they'll take on a rose gold hue - any colour and these can be your Go To shoe.  

I also have another rather random theory that these might go some way to solve an eternal shoe/dress dilemma that I have.  As I've mentioned before, I struggle with putting shoes (as in shoes not as in footwear) with a dress.  I manage to look either like I'm going to work or a wedding.  I don't know, I haven't thought about it in that much detail (she lies).  Randomly strappy sandals are not a problem, they seem to work ok. (my poison of choice being a caged one, I've realised now that I have about 4 pairs...if it ain't broke and all that).  Probably because the sort of sandals that I mean you wouldn't really wear to work (ok so you would to a wedding but skipping over the massive flaw in that theory...).

Anyway, I've given up and have just adopted an ankle boot or shoot (she says not actually owning any - I've realised that on 99% of occasions for me, an ankle boot suffices) 

But these - well, these could so work.  Primarily because there is no way you would wear them to work (unless you have one of those more *interesting* jobs that involves a podium and a thong.  Or maybe one of those fabulous fash mag jobs that about 10 lucky buggers have).  And they would look fantastic with jeans.  Just so so great. 

There is also method in my (not so) temporary madness in that I have two black tie events coming up in the next two weeks.  This is unheard of.  Normally I have one max a year.  But no, one on Sunday night and one next Saturday night.  And I'm not going to be buying anything new to wear to them.  This is even more unheard of.  I will admit there is a high possibility of me flinging to Bluewater on Saturday night in complete desperation but, determined not to lower myself to this, new shoes may offer the perfect solution. 

The dress I have in mind for next Saturday is a very plain one shoulder below the knee ruched silk jersey/crepe dress from All Saints.  With a pair of these killer heels, huge gold earrings and my leopard print Tory Burch clutch which has large gold hardware on, I think I will have a whole new outfit.  And the best bit is, as opposed to buying a new dress which I will wear a handful of times, I will have shoes which will cover a myriad of outfits and occasions. 

Genius or what?  

However they are rather *out there*. 

So for the second time in two days, I bring you another marmite pair of shoes. 

Jimmy Choo Anouk  £475 - holographic gold shoes. Ta Dah! (all puke now)  Give it a while to get used to them.... ok so clearly not at this price.  Just in case. 

So whilst I'm still thinking - maybe I have lost my mind (a large part of me still says, no they're fab) I then see a whole page of metallic shoes in In Style this month and that's me sold.  The confirmation that these gold court shoes are perfect with jeans - well, that was me had right there and then.  Full blown obsession.  These are the ones they featured. 

Ninah Pump from Banana Republic £85

Now whilst the Banana Republic ones are lovely, clearly it's the Jimmy Choos that I am obsessed with.  However I then discover these little beauties and think, seeing as I'm slightly worried it *might* be a time of the month thing, maybe I should try the theory out with these first.  Seeing as how successful my gold boots from last year were (worn about 4 times.....) BUT I think these would have a much longer shelf life. 

I may actually prefer the shape of them to the Jimmy Choo ones.  (I'm not sure I'm remotely being seduced by the £20 price tag.  £455 to spend on something else.  That is hilarious, isn't it?)

Gold Toe Cap Pointed court shoes from River Island now £20 

Tatiana from Nine West at Kurt Geiger  £95  These are still on the holographic theme although they're slightly too subtle for me (I can't believe I actually wrote that) 

Dorothy Perkins Pewter Pump  £27 These are another great try them for size version. 

So whilst we're on the subject of all things metallic - ignoring the abject failure of my gold boots (I think it's because they were home made and essentially err rubbish), I do have a fair few pairs of gold shoes.  One being, no word of a lie, a pair of gold fretwork Jimmy Choo pumps that I bought when I was pregnant with rugrat number 2 who is now 7.  I wear them every year and get huge compliments every time.  

I also have a pair of silver and a pair of rose gold ballet flats from Zara.  Plus a pair of gold leather sneakers that I got from Gap last year.  They are fabulous and go with everything (yay, maybe my earlier point will stand up in court) 

So here is a swift round up of some other metallic beauts (yup, still watching Masterchef Australia) that I found today. 

ASOS Shoreditch Pointed Heels £35  These are a more masculine version of the M&S ones from yesterday.  Am strangely drawn to them.  I've decided it's the block heel and the pointed toe.

Hobbs Carine Rose gold brogue shoes £129 now £64  Absolutely love these and am gutted they're not in my size. 

Hotel Diva from Clarks at 50% off now £32.49  I know the no laces thing isn't for everyone but I do love the colour of these. 

Rocket Dog Dylan Trainer with pewter studs was £38 now £18  These I threw in at the end as a) they're a total bargain and b) they're very similar to my Gap ones from last year but with extra studs.  And I think I actually much prefer them with studs. 

So..... all barfing at once?  Is it all just a bit too bling for you?  I'm still thinking it will work... (or I may save my purchase and just wear leopard print shoes.  But gold would be super dressy.... hmmmmm) 

So here we are on a day when I wasn't really there.  DIdn't make it to the gym (well I did but had a coffee), meetings with the builders, did some work, did some chores, friend over for lunch and then 3 sets of swimming lessons after school.  All a bit of a blur - set out to accomplish much, clearly got diddly squat done.  One of *those* days.


White ribbed longsleeved top - H&M
Black Lola joggers - Whistles 
Grey and black sweatshirt - Boutique by Jaeger
Black quilted biker jacket - Whistles 
Black Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Cobalt jersey scarf - Cos
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

I promise to be back tomorrow with something far less random x

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22 comentarios:

  1. Something else to tempt you?

  2. I got a pair of subtle gold ankle boots from All Saints last year, love them to bits and wear them all the time. Go great with distressed jeans. Also have a pair of Kurt Geiger gold Converse-type sneakers, a bit like your Gap ones - they go with everything. Used to have a pair of Office silver, flat, pointy toe shoeboots, but they went with absolutely nothing in my wardrobe so to ebay they went!

  3. I almost put those Jimmy's in the post I just did tonight! Love them! x

  4. You are so right about those River Island ones, what a find. But I never say no to a bit of Jimmy! x

  5. You must buy those Jimmy Choos immediately!! Beyond divine. You know you're going to be completely dissatisfied with anything less .. so go on! Buy them!!!! (and majorly sniggering that you only wore the infamous gold sprayed boots 4 times ... rearrange these words please "so you told") xx

  6. I love silver courts in the summer with a tan - actually I like gold too - great neutral colors.

  7. Love, love, love metallic shoes. I got a fab pewter pair of trainers from Mint Velvet last year. The Jimmy's are quite frankly, Amazing.

  8. The holographic Jimmys are just so wonderful - love them, but a head for heights needed by the look of the heel!!

  9. Wow I love these shoes. Yes yes yes. Louise :)

  10. I always have a pair of gold/pewter shoes in my wardrobe, they really are a neutral (in my head anyway!) The Jimmy's are gorgeous but I'd say go with the River Island ones first and then if you love go for the Jimmys. Fiona xx

  11. Love, love, love the gold Jimmy's. Whistles were doing a similar pair in silver and rose gold last year, might be worth a search online. Kate x

  12. Agree with others, treat yourself to the Jimmy's. You will look even more stunning on the night.

  13. Yep, the Jimmy Choos are gorgeous, and am quite drawn to the dorothy perkins ones too...they look expensive but are not...lovely! I adore metallic accessories they have a fab cut out pair of silver brogues on asos too x

  14. Tesco have some online exclusive Limited Edition Silver/pewter courts, great value and look stylish!!

  15. Isn't buying Jimmy Choos when you have set yourself a limit of 3 monthly purchases the same as limiting yourself to 3 glasses of wine per day and one being a bucket? ;)

  16. The JC's are fabulous although I have tried the anouks in person and they are pitched at such an extreme angle they are very challenging to wear and I am a seasoned high heel totterer of many years! That said they are fabulous

  17. I love the Jimmy Choos. They WILL go with everything.
    I have the Clarks Hotel Divas and they've been fab. I wore them with so many things last Autumn. In honesty, I love most metallic shoes really xxx

  18. I've worn metallic type trainers for years. V flexible, love them. Really not sure about gold petrol hued high heels though...

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