New Year's Revolutions - I may be a genius.

I am making revolutions (as the 9 year old calls them) with a difference this year.  I am making one that I actually think I will be able to keep. One that will be an interesting challenge as opposed to ones that are tiresome, hard work and impossible to adhere to (ie ones that I normally make) 

So to start with - as much as I'd like to say I'm not going to buy anything for January (and then March and then June etc), I'm not going to as I'm a pathetic, weakwilled lily livered eejit and as soon as I mention the word Ban, the world is full of things I Must Have.  And as I have the backbone of a mussel, I cave within about 2 days.  God forbid it should be limited stock or the last one left - hell in that case, I cave within about 2 minutes.  Completely woeful. 

Therefore I shan't be saying that.  Nor shall I be saying that I am only going to be buying things of quality.  As again, I can't resist a bargain.  And to be fair, some of my bargains have been the best purchases - £3 Primark shirt that I have on today being a prime example. 

I'm also not going to be making a great big list of them - the more there are, the more opportunities I have to fail. 

No, I have come up with what I think is a very cunning plan.

I am going to buy a maximum of three things a month. 

That's it.  That's my resolution.  I can buy something and return it.  I can buy less than three things but you can't roll it over.  I can spend £5 or I can spend £500 (well I can't but in theory, if I were to win the lotto I could.  To be fair, if I were to win the lotto - balls to the resolution but you didn't hear me say that) 

This means that I have opportunity to research, peruse and salivate over what's new in the shops.  But I need to give much more thought and consideration to each purchase. The hope is that I will end up with things that truly work on a number of different levels and for my wardrobe. 

It also should mean that I get more wear out of the things I already have.  Every year I say that I will wear more of what is already hanging in my wardrobe but this time, I have reason to do it.  I am going to make better use out of all of it - over the last couple of years, I have tried to not keep things for best, but in order to vary looks and feel "different", I'm going to have to properly make sure that those things I've been keeping for that special occasion that never happens, get worn. 

And how special are those three magical items going to have to be?   Oh the planning needed. 

To be fair, this is going to be very much a suck it and see journey (in the nicest possible sense of the words) and there are bound to be a few bleepers on the way.  I would love to say I will make it past March..... (I will I will) but let's take one month at a time. 

Starting with January (things bought in the sale still to arrive don't count by the way). 

Now I may have been banging on about all things Spring but in reality it is a fair bit off.  So I need to take the opportunity to supplement my wardrobe with those little gems that can make a big difference.  Something that will give new life to old outfits.  Those nuggets that I have hidden away and don't wear so much but with one little twist - a totally new look would be made.  Versatility is the key.

So I bring you my first item - Over the Knee Boots.

The reason i've brought these up first (and that is brought and not bought - I haven't made a purchase yet - good gosh no, there is much deliberation and proscrastination to be done before that happens) is that I have pretty much considered buying a pair for the last five years.  But - a la Alexander Wang Diego bag - I think - nope it will be a total one season pony and I won't wear them next year.  Got that a bit wrong, didn't I?

I have skinnies in my wardrobe that I have semi retired as I have just worn them too much.   Ditto with my blazers which I used to live in with my skinnies - but there is something wrong to me now about the silhouette of them together.  I don't feel the proportions balance but with a pair of these on the bottom, I would definitely feel more bottom heavy (having worn looser jeans and trousers more recently I feel the need for balancing out down below, if that makes sense).  These would fit the bill perfectly. 

Ditto with dresses - the new Me+Em dress that I bought recently, the Pocket Swing one - with these on, suddenly I have a brand new day dress.  I can think of a couple of other dresses I have that I don't really wear but would suddenly be given a total makeover by adding a pair of over the knee boots. 

There definitely seems to be a lot more of them around this year than there have in previous years.  This Spring in fact - very few are actually reduced which leads me to believe that these are going to very much be around come September when you'll be ahead of the game with one less item to purchase to bring your Wardrobe bang up to date for A/W14 (god I feel slightly sick writing that.  Last time I mention next A/W I promise) 

Starting with the classic of all classics, the Stuart Weitzman 5050s.  I actually try these on every year (and for the record - another great reason to buy them now is that I remember when they were £375 and I swear that was only 3 years ago, if not 2) but for me personally there has always been something not quite right about the shoe bit of the boot.  It's always been a bit too rugged for me.  However it never seems to look bad at all on other people - I clearly have a more easily exposed mannish side (being 5ft10 I am nearly always one step away from tranny as it is)

Stuart Weitzman 5050 Suede boots - £425

Stuart Weitzman 5050 leather riding boots £425

Now I have mentioned them before but the boots that I think are the best tribute to these and in fact, I actually much prefer the front of them as opposed to the slightly chunkier 5050 ones above, are the Trish Over the Knee boots from Dune at £145.  To me the slightly more feminine shaping of the front of these works slightly better.  Not to mention the price tag.

In Brown 

In Black Suede

In black Leather 

Carvela Wood Knee Boots - £200   These are a slightly more expensive version - veering more into riding boot territory with the strap at the back. 

ASOS Karma Leather boots  now £59.50 from £85.  There are some in the sale.  Smooth Matte Finish which is great as I fear shiny over the knee leather is one step off Gestapo.  Great for fancy dress but I think matte or suede or a combo of suede and leather works for every day chic. 

Aldo Leather Freiwen over the knee boots £110   These are also a matte finish and are great if you don't want the two tone look.

This is perhaps an exception as they do look a little bit more shiny all over but I'd have to try it on - however it does look like a beautiful boot 

Bertie Torrent Leather Over the Knee boots £149

These are a great example of a two fabric boot - the Peggy from Carvela at Kurt Geiger - half price now £95 from £190

Steve Madden Tally Over the knee boots £145 in black   Again, an all over leather but in a brushed finish.

It's not all black black black, there are some gorgeous tan ones around. 

Tan Steve Madden Tally Over the knee boots now £101 from £145

Carvela Totton over the knee boots £159  These I love and whilst I had thought about black, I have to say I am going to try these on as I just love the chestnut shade.  

Dune Black leather Over the knee riding boots £245  Dune Black is the higher end of their range, hence they are slightly more than your average Dune price but from what I've seen of them in store, they are an amazing quality boot for the money.  The detailing on this is just gorgeous. 

In a grey from Kurt Geiger - these are for those occasions when it's not raining and you have no kids with you.  Funnily enough there are not that many pale versions like this around.  Can't think why not, in the UK, with the lack of rainfall we have here......

Woodstock Grey low heel knee boots now £125 from £220 

So there we have the selection.  I definitely think they have gone from Panto boot to a mainstream piece of footwear. 

Now what do you think of my idea?  Are you going to be abstaining completely (much respect if so) or have you set yourself a different set of goals?  Do you think you'll be able to reach them?  I have to say I would like to say I will but..... errrr... well I'm going ok so far.  It being the 2nd Jan....

Over the knee boots are definitely going on my shortlist.  Next, I think I will be having a look at investment dresses.  I know I know, I'm dressed out but I have made the mistake of having a sneaky peak on Matches, My Wardrobe etc (trying not to be seduced by the packaging - looking at you Matches), thinking about how much I am loving wearing dresses, it would be rude not to see if I could snag a bargain... Only one of my three things......

Finishing with my outfit from New Year's Eve.  Fabulous party at a friend's house - ridiculously drunken, I may have fallen over, the best said about that the better.  Needless to say I didn't even attempt to get dressed yesterday and a McDonald's and a curry was the name of the game.  On the upside, so far I have had a dry January.... Healthy eating from today. 


Pocket Swing Dress - Me+Em
Diamante Earrings and cuff - Forever 21
Black Margo boots - Sam Edelman
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch

Today for a trip out with the 9 year old, shopping (for her) and a coffee.  Lovely. 


Chambray shirt - Primark
Horsing Around Sweatshirt - J Crew
Skinny jeans - Boden
Grey Military Coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Bea suede wedge trainers - Ash
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

So off I go just to have a tiny look to see if there are any bargains that I wouldn't have been able to afford at full price.... it would be rude not to, surely?

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16 comentarios:

  1. Its a fabulous idea honey :) Mine is similar in that I am going to stop just buying "little treats" from ASOS and Topshop - they add up so quickly and in the end they don't even seem like treats any more. I am determined to stop with that!

    Now, do beauty products and treats count as one of the 3 items per month - or is that a separate category ;) !!! @louboutinjools xx

  2. LOVE over-the-knee boots but I have horrendous fat knees (and calves) and doubt I would ever find a pair to fit....resolution sounds doable! Good luck!

    Yes to the investment dress....please find a black one! Although I am as tall as you have have a few stone extra to cover.

  3. That is such a good idea! I am only going to buy two things a month! One at the start and one at the end! Excellent!
    Before Christmas I bought the trish dune boots - I even looked up your blog from last year about them as I remember you featured them in a slap my thigh blog and you didn't seem keen - I love mine and think they would be fab on you!! I just need to shave an inch or two off each thigh before I can strut with confidence! I also got zara high waisted coated skinnies - did you mention them recently - they are fab at holding everthing in - worth a look if you haven't already!

  4. Brilliant idea! I'm restricting myself to one new thing a month, but I can go mad on eBay! I'm also going to dust off my Principles over the knee boots from about 6 years ago. So glad I kept them!

  5. Totally unrelated to fashion but am watching an Aussie show called offspring which has an actress in it called kat (yes!) Stewart and as soon as I saw her I thought oh she looks like the lady from does my bum look 40!!! Have a google and see if you agree!!!

  6. I may just have choked on my tea - classic Kat line - "One step away from tranny " . Going to keep me laughing for the rest of the week that one! Happy New Year Kat! XX

  7. I love my 5050s and wear them a lot with dresses too - so comfy - I walked miles in them over Xmas! I fell in a bar over the Holidays - drunk, yes, mortified, yes, bruised, yes. Xx

  8. Excellent revolution....very do-able! I may have to join you!

    The Me+Em dress looks fabulous on you, would love to see it dressed down for day with the over the knee boots!

  9. I love my Clarks OTK boots. I was thinking about getting some in a different colour to black so might check out some tan ones - wondering out loud whether they would be wearable with dresses without tights for the spring?

  10. Looking pretty fab on NYE, Ash wedge trainers now 80 quid on My-Wardrobe, would you buy or have they had their best?

    1. @alexandra, I know you weren't asking me, but I think they have had their day.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. My 8yr old says New Years Revolutions too.

    Rachel, Duo have some lovely otk boots in the sale and do a range of calf widths, (not that I've been looking...) My duo boots from 8yrs ago are still going strong so definitely an investment.

    I went to a capsule wardrobe last year. So much easier! I make a list of gaps and try to stick to them. I'm allowed an exception if it's something I really love, though.

  13. I'm trying to wear more of my stuff too! So much of it doesn't come out of my wardrobe because I never seem to find the right occasion even though it's not dressy dressy stuff. I might revert back to my colour theme rule at the beginning if the week. For eg if it's purple I could be in top to toe purple or just wearing accents of the colour. Black, navy and grey are base colours and can be worn any time leaving me to accessorise with the current colour theme. Try it, it's fun and it forces you to be more varied!

  14. there are many, many reasons this is a great plan - just one (my personal hope) is that this may bring some accessibility/relatability back to the blog for those of us (surely most of us?) who don't have the weekly personal shopping budget of a small country's GDP - lucky, lucky you and well done for such great buying/styling (and obviously who wouldn't take advantage of a better budget if they had one!) - but the very high level of spending (since the summer, at least, several hundred pounds between each blog post, i.e. every couple of days) has gone too far out of my reach. I love your style and writing but sadly I need to find a more affordable style blogger... good luck with the resolution and happy new year. Whether by hard work or Euromillions I plan to join you in style-budget heaven one day :)

  15. This has cheered me up. Just waiting for ASOS delivery of over the knee boots. Bought for the exact reason that with broadish shoulders I feel I need a bit more heft at the bottom to balance things out. Fingers crossed it works out!