Can it be time..... vaguely contemplate getting the feet out?   Yesterday it was positively tropical here.  I had the most fantastic day with four of my closest friends when we went out for both a birthday celebration and a "happy mother's day to us" lunch out.  I say lunch.... we started at 1pm after a lovely couple of hours mooching round the shops in Tunbridge Wells, at The Bar and Grill which has the most amazing outside space.  We honestly could have been in Barcelona, it was just too warm, the food too fabulous and the wine flowing in abundance. 

In fact it was so warm that it would have been more than acceptable to bare flesh.  I'd probably draw the line at shorts or a vest but certainly, a pair of sandals would not have looked out of place at all.  And of course, I may have been perusing the shops for the last couple of weeks undertaking the obligatory sandal planning.  

And since I can't bring myself yet to broach the subject of fugly sandals (I will, fear not), I shall start on (for me) a far more palatable pair which are also everywhere this season. 

The block mid heel sandal.  These have been around for a good couple of years now but it's this year that I would say they are The Sandal.  There are so many positives to these, it's not surprising they've become so popular.  I love the minimalist vibe to them, they're so clean and elegant looking.  They come in a fabulous array of colours now and there's a price point for every budget.  Plus it's a heel that is so easy to walk in.  Not too flat and not too high - the mid heel pretty much works for everyone. 

Without further ado, let's look at Kurt Geiger where they have a fantastic selection and you can still get 25% off until midnight on Monday. KGMARCH25

One of the reasons I love KG is that they normally have each style in an array of colours - there's nothing more irritating than finding the style you love but it's not in the shade you had set your heart on. 

The Nina is one of the sorts of sandal I'm talking about (admittedly this is a slightly more shaped heel than the proper block ones I had in mind but it's a great alternative if you're looking for something less angular)

Nina Sandal £95 before discount  in blue suede 

In Nude £99 pre discount 

In beige in the sale at only £49

As much as I think an ankle strap really works with this style, I appreciate that not everyone likes these and so there are some alternatives without them - but staying with the minimalist straps, block ankle heel. 

KISS white leather £85 from Carvela pre discount.  Also available in black and tan. 

Another sandal available online at Kurt Geiger (so discount should work!) in a similar vein is the Trina from Sam Edleman £140 pre 25% discount.

These are higher but a similar look - love the colour of these. 

Kin by John Lewis Ten Sandals £80

A daintier looking version is available at Nine West - the Tillie in taupe at £85 pre discount  Also in black online.  Back at the KG website here so you can use the code for 25% off. 

A slightly lower heel with the Kandle in yellow leather at £95 before discount from Carvela.

And the Kandle in black £85

A gold heel version on a classic black pair from Carvela 

Krimp Sandals £95 before discount

A fantastic green pair, also available in black, Tasha from Nine West £95 pre discount

Moving away from pure simplicity and adding some studs (obviously I'm very drawn to these...actually the more I look at them, the more I totally totally love them..... just me thinking out loud but for the Summer - a white bag with matching shoes...hmmm the seeds of something interesting me thinks..... *tries and focusses and resists temptation to immediately go and research white leather bags*)

KAD sandals from Carvela at £85 pre discount.   Also available online in a black version.

More studs available at M&S 

Leather Studded Sandals £45.00 

Oversized buckle detail at M&S in black with another lower heel. 

Block Buckle Sandals with Insolia Flex £29.50

Love these in white with a silver heel 

Another big buckle number from ASOS this time in an off white/cream shade which is a colour I really didn't come across much in.  I think lots may prefer to full on white. 

ASOS Harrow Heeled Sandals in off white £30

A summery shade of blue with a clear heel is available at M&S 

Suede Wide Fit Clear Heel £49.50

And also in black 

Leather Block Mid Heel Sandals green mix £49.59 from M&S.  If minimalist isn't totally your thing and you so like a bit more detail, then the multi straps over the toes and the green textured leather may be more up your street. 

Or in White £49.50

A classic tan version is available from Bertie.  

Hobart Leather block heel sandals in tan £59.99

And in white again (can you see which colour I'm being swayed towards.....) 

Clarks have two pairs in differing colours - one a sightly higher heel than the others. 

Starting with the lower heel, the Sharna Balcony in black combination suede £44.99

And in the white combination leather again £44.99

The higher heel version is the Susie Deva in a Natural Combi £49.99

In white and silver 

And in black Combi Suede

Some more cost effective versions are available at New Look. 

A Gladiator version - tan metal heel £22.99

Stone colour Block Two Part Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandals now £13.49 reduced from £17.99

Grey - an unusual footwear colour actually, very few of these around.

Grey Cross Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandal £19.99

New Look Wide Fit Quiet Block Heeled Sandals £24.99

ASOS have some more reasonably priced ones as well and these, whilst being slightly higher than the rest, still don't qualify as a "high heel" and more than fit in here. 

ASOS Habitual Heeled Sandals £30

Love these in the tan as well 

ASOS Hey There Heeled Sandals in yellow £30  Also available in black online.

Same theme with a couple of extra buckles thrown in. 

ASOS Huddle Heeled Sandals in nude £50

So there we have a pretty good round up of what is out there.  Are your feet ready for sandals yet?  Mine admittedly need a little work - I'm going to be making a pedicure appointment this week and make sure they have an industrial sander in store for me, just in case.

I also have my eye on some flat sandals so if a heel isn't up your street, then I shall bringing you some more options in the coming weeks. (if this weather continues it will definitely be sooner rather than later) 

Finishing with some new shoes from me.  Yes, I caved. I caved and I am wallowing in the bliss of my betrayal.  I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry to those who loathe them but I am now a fully paid up member of the Skate Shoes Fan Club.  I'm so loyal a member, I have not one but two pairs. 

Picked them up on Friday and wore them straight away on Saturday.  I am ridiculously pleased with them - I totally appreciate they're not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I adore them.  And they're comfy - they are super super comfy. 

Black silky blouse top - Zara
Triple Zip skinny jeans in washed black - Mint Velvet
Black blazer with camel suede elbow patches - Taylor Stephens
Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Cheetah print ponyskin skate shoes - Next


And today for Mother's Day - bit of a random one as the poor Husband had to leave at 7.30 with the 7 year to drive an hour and a half to a rugby tournament.  As you do.  At home with the other two - lovely relaxed morning although the 9 year old wasn't well and missed her hockey tournament but we had a leisurely walk into town later whilst the 5 year old was at a party.  Fresh air really does everyone the world of good. 

Lady luck tee - Captain Tortue
Grey combat trousers - Hush
Black tuxedo jacket - Topshop
Black ponyskin skate shoes - Next
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang


The Husband has put the smallest to bed and I've got a homemade Chicken Tikka Massala, onion bhajis (not homemade can I please point out), rice and peshawari naan to put in the oven to be washed down with a rather nice bottle of red and an evening in front of the tv.  Happy times.  Hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day xxx

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13 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat

    Are those Next shoes new? I love them but can't find them online....

    1. They are in the clearance section £18

  2. Sorry I meant the skater shoes from Next :)

  3. they are all lovely, the carvela ones are are dead ringer for isabel marant.

  4. Looking good Kat. Just ordered a yellow pair of block heel sandals from Next. Footwear is all about comfort this year yee-ha x

  5. I've just ordered a black block heel sandal from Zara. I saw the same style in store in a lovely pale blue as well I really want black so I can give my leather pencil skirt some more wear in the next couple of months. The Zara sandals come in at under £30 so not a bad price for leather.

    1. Did I mention my fab mother in law came back from the states with a Peter Pilotto for Target dress for me? .... Well those block heels are going to look great with it The skate shoes look great by the way. Glad you joined the club.

  6. I'm having a shoe spree at the moment the block heel sandals are great - just bought fab grey suede ones in Next (for all fans of Hush these are a good alternative - great with the combats) also a bargainous suede ankle boot and now coveting your skater shoes. At last this year I will look good and not have sore feet hurrah!

  7. Great choices and a workable heel height for me. Hurrah. I am loving the Next bargains. H xx

  8. The Next cheetah skate shoes have been restocked online this morning - few more sizes are back in. Just got me a pair of 39s!

  9. Oh like those tan Bertie ones...may need those yet...

  10. I can vouch for a couple of those M&S ones as I tried them on yesterday - the studded one with the twist on the front is really gorgeous...and so so comfy to wear. Loving the skate shoes too and you wear them so well x

  11. All my sandals are in the attic & I've been begging the Hubs to get them down! Its getting to the stage where feet can be bared whilst the rest still needs to covered up just not with so many layers! Block heeled sandals will probaby be the next purchase I make & I love the ASOS tan ones! Ax