You would think it would be easy.

A black jacket.  Ok so not just any old "black jacket" (hell, why would I make it easy on myself) but a black boucle one.  I pretty much am looking for something that is identical to the navy one I have from Zara.  Which I love. I love so much I'm almost scared to wear it too much in case it falls apart (and let's face it, from Zara, there is a high high chance of that happening)   If it ever does, it will be taken to the menders faster than you can whisper charity shop or bin as it honestly is the perfect navy blazer for me. 

My navy one is boucle, raw edges, collarless (yes I am having a collarless love in, that's for sure), gold buttons and pockets.  It has a boxy look to it yet is fitted at the same time.

And for the Spring, I need one in black.  With my new shirt/jean combo, I am doing super with the shirts that go with navy but at this rate, it is going to be worn every day (and won't last till Easter).

Plus, I've always had this issue of what to wear out for a smartish night out in the Spring/cool Summer/Autumn.  Over trousers, over jeans or even over a dress.  A leather jacket?  Meh. (I'd need to buy one so we're going in the wrong direction here) I've got a washed leather one but it sort of looks a bit too lived in, if that makes sense. 

The nearest I came to something that works (and I still have it, so to be fair, my definition of "need" and your average person's probably part company at this point) is my Whistles quilted biker jacket.  However hell to your average person and their lack of neediness, I can see myself living in a black boucle stylee one too and it's actually the perfect jacket to go over more casual, loose, drawstring jersey baggies to elevate them to supermarket friendly as opposed to pyjama tramp style. (a look I hold close to my heart on most weekends).  Next mission is to find new trousers for the Spring that aren't jeans too....

So let battle with the black jacket search commence.  

Ok it didn't start well.  I was sure I remembered a gorgeous jacket at Great Plains and indeed I did.  And it's in the sale - in fact it is ridiculously reduced.  But it's grey.  Now even I can't persuade myself that it's black as it's not it's grey.  This is exactly, exactly what I'm after.  But not in grey.

Binky Boucle Boxy Jacket now only £33

So after extensive research last night, I ended up on the Silly Sites (or the Sites of GORGEOUSNESS aka those that are very expensive.)  

Which wasn't as foolish as it might have been as there wasn't anything that was perfect perfect. (thank god as I spent so long researching I may have fallen into desperation and reached for the credit card) 

This came close but I wasn't entirely convinced by the leather edgings. 

Rebecca Taylor Tweed Fitted Tweed Jacket in black was £520 now £208 from Oxygen Boutique

Or the Alice+Olivia Kidman Tweed jacket £364 I then came across this at My Theresa (also available at Harvey Nichols - seriously there wasn't a site I didn't look at)  Cute.  Very cute.  But for that price I want perfect cute and that means I need buttons as well. 

Pretty Chevron Tweed Jacket from Isabel Marant £380 at Matches  Now this really looks like it could be the one - love the nipping in at the waist detail, sleeves look lovely and long, love the frayed edges but...  but but but it's verging on biker style and this is what I already have.  ARGH.  Not sure I can justify two (I know I can't - I really love the Whistles one and I definitely don't need another so similar) 

I then thought, there MUST be something similar at Zara.  They are Queens of the Chanel style rip off.  And indeed there is.  In navy.  GAH.  But it's dark navy - super super dark - in fact so dark it does look black. 

Multicolour woven fabric Jacket £89.99 from Zara.  it's absolutely perfect in every way apart from a) it's not black and b) the quality is so poor (but I would have bought it were it black, in a heartbeat - I am woeful.  I would have it stitched up every other week if need be, so rare to find are these jackets) 


So it's there if I need it (famous last words from Zara).  In the meantime, I scoured the rest of the High Street and online and truly there are exceptionally few boucle or tweed jackets.  The next best option was a similar shape, boxy jacket, collarless.  Here are some others that I uncovered.  

I remembered that Mango have had some fab ones over the last couple of years but this year, zilch.  Well there is this one online but I couldn't see it instore.  Looks great but the leather edging doesn't work for what I'm looking for. 

Contrast Trimming Boucle Jacket from Mango £69.99

This is stunning from Jaeger but a bit too "finished" for me. I'm looking for rougher edges and I think pockets.  However a stunning jacket for all occasions. 

Jaeger Matalasse Jacket £199

Black Textured Bomber from Dorothy Perkins £35  This is very cute - one of the cheapest and one of my favourites.  Love the texture of it - I'm just looking for something slightly more fitted or straight as opposed to bomber. 

Black Quilted Jacket from Mint Velvet £99  This reminds me of a cream one I have from Zara that I love.  Again, I'm after just a bit more detail (even though the zips are a fab addition - my cream Zara one has zips - has been my wedding/occasion staple for years.)

Black Textured Zip Pocket Jacket from BHS £35  Love the shape of this - I need more texture (but this is a fab bargain) 

Crop Pocket Jacket from Topshop £55  Saw this today in store and it's stunning.  Truly stunning.  Didn't have time to try it on but I may have to go back - not what I was looking for at all but it's utter simplicity wins in another category (it's so easy for me to head off piste it's pathetic) 

Slim Peplum Jacket - Topshop £48.00  If you were after a zip this one could work.  The peplum is actually slightly more pronounced than you can see in this pic. 

Black/White Geo edge to edge jacket £35 from BHS   Yes I got desperate and started moving totally off piste into non all back territory.  Not at all what I need but a fabulous jacket for £35! 

If you are looking for navy then there is a perfect one out there from Mango.  Just gorgeous 

Mango Frayed Detail Jacket £69.99

And navy - well, all I came across today was navy loveliness.  In all guises.  I couldn't stop papping navy.  It is everywhere and it is all glorious.  Is there anyone out there who doesn't love navy?  Clearly it is the neutral background colour of the season as there seems to be actually more navy than black (hence I struggled like hell to find a jacket which I am sure over the last few seasons have been ten a penny) 

So which one would you pick? 

Here is the outfit from today.  Whilst it was sunny, it was chilly as you like earlier.  Totally freezing - car frosted up, the works.  Hadn't planned on wearing the scarf but had to go back in and grab it.  Meeting this afternoon which was very interesting, snuck in a bit of shopping earlier as well and then pancake tastic before Brownies and football! 

Untitled Untitled

Black vest - Primark
Black thin knit jumper - Cos
Leopard Print coated skinnies - Great Plains
Black leopard print lined blazer with suede elbow patches - Taylor Stephens
Gold charm necklace - Made from Whistles
Grey Bella suede Oxford brogues - Seven Boot Lane
Stone Maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Dune monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton

Tomorrow, I may have to return to a beloved subject.....any guesses what?

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27 comentarios:

  1. aww hard! I thought of the Hobbs one - it is also dark navy but the quality would be sublime - but it has a zip

    and then I thought about Jaeger, but alas, its also navy and zipped!,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_660063E_color=05500&dwvar_660063E_size=8&start=17&cgid=sale-women-jackets

    will keep thinking! @louboutinjools

    1. oh thank you darling! Yes no zips - biker jacket has them. Who would have thought it would be so hard? Maybe if I went for just a proper Chanel..??!

  2. How about you forget black and get another navy one since you like the one you have so much? Like the top shop ones best. Hx

    1. Do you know, I'm actually leaning towards to hugely dark navy Zara one as it's so perfect in nearly every way and it *does* go with black.... And yes, I could also wear it with all my navy so win win!

  3. Like the Zara one and then the BHS one

    1. I'm with you on the Zara one and aren't the BHS ones a pleasant surprise!

  4. i thought i had all the Chanel style jackets that i needed, black/silver, black/gold, pink/white, etc then you posted the navy mango one and i really want it. I am veering more towards navy the older i am getting as been told how ageing and draining black can be as you get older and as i am 50 days away from being 50 the fight with mother nature is getting harder but i am determined to win.......... so navy mango is on my to buy list now

    1. Nope think you're definitely right. Navy is a lot more warming on skin although I'm not sure i'll ever be able to fully give up the black!

    2. i will never give up the black completely but enjoying adding other colours as daughter #2 often points out that there is too much black and grey in my wardrobe. Really happy though as just got the navy mango jacket for £39.99 so it was obviously meant to be.

  5. It's the good old law of sod - when you want something specific the shops are full of anything but. I love that Zara one on you and think you should get it anyway (as a 'spare'!) - when you want another navy one the shops will be full of brown (or whatever...) xx

    1. I fear I may have to... I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. Cute isn't it?

  6. You'll wear yourself out! I do like the Zara one but if it isn't perfect hang on for a while. I know what you are after and the ones shown in your selection list are not quite there. I found a Mango one on 'Lyst' that was, apparently, coming into stock then I lost the link. It was a black boucle jacket with a slight nod to military with buttons on the front. If I find it again I will post a link. H x

  7. Love the Isabel Marant one, read this last night and it haunted me last night. Visited it again this morning and I still love it...what to do, what to do...

  8. NAP have an iro black one, and The Outnet a Theyskens' Theory one.

  9. I'm convinced I saw a black boucle jacket (not the biker one on the website) with proper gold buttons in the Jaeger Outlet off St Martins's Lane today. Thought of you. Actually I was thinking of you anyway because I had just bought the Joules Sylvie blouse you showed us. Thanks!

  10. You probably looked at Coast, but they have this one -,-coats-&-cover-ups/coast/fcp-product/2111168680

  11. Love your blog. Vince has this jacket (on sale!):

  12. Classics are so tough to get right! I hate it when you find something wonderful but only buy one!!

  13. I agree you should get the Zara one as 'a spare' (and it looks black to me!) Beware of Mango boucle though ... quality is really poor. Mine ripped down the back after the first wear last year - I was seriously unimpressed.

  14. Chanelesque Zara one all the way! Gorge on you!

  15. Sorry but I love the Zara one on you x

  16. The one from Isabel marant, Just gorgeous, wish I had not seen that. Love the zara one almost as much!
    Abbi x

  17. Love the mango one, to be fair I wouldn't say no to any of them.
    Loving your outfit ,would give anything to wear flat shoes, but at only 5 foot 1 need all the help I can get in the height dept!!
    Kat please help, I know you did a blog on good basics but cant remember where you said to get good quality longer vests from??? I really need some.
    As always loving your blog
    Roni :)

    1. Mango one is reduced to £39.99 on their site in 2 colours, navy or natural. :)

    2. Thanks so much, am off to have a look :)

  18. what is the sizing like on the mango jacket? I am normally an 8 or 10 s or xs in zara but it depends on fit? would like it in cream for the summer thanks

  19. you have probably gone past this - but what about this?