About that weather app...

... I do not know why I bother.  Gorgeous today it was, gorgeous.  Now I wasn't too warm as it happens as I was indoors for the majority of the day, but it did make me think that I could have worn my maxi today and my statement jacket yesterday.  However as shallow as I may appear, this is not something I shall be losing sleep over - ha ha ha. 

So let us go back to plan A.   There is still life in the old summer dog yet and most of us haven't started our holidays yet so I'm on a bargain hunt.  For maxi dresses.  After the success and great comments from yesterday, (mostly on Instagram - yes I am officially obsessed - @doesmybumlook40 - please let me know in the comments here who you are so I can follow you, I need inspiration!) I'm on a hunt for some Sales goodies on the maxi dress hunt. 

And I can't believe I haven't mentioned it yet, but the Hush sale has started so where better to start.  (and they do a pretty darn good sale too) 

For those days when it's not warm enough to get your legs out (or, like me, you *might* just not have the inclination for an exfoliation, shave and tan) then a maxi dress and denim jacket (or blazer - I love this look with a blazer for a smarter edge) are ideal playmates. 

The Havana Maxi Dress is a winner - was £55 now £25

This can be worn with or without straps - love the print of this and the colourway. 

Printed Maxi Dress in Boat was £50 now £35

Bandeau jersey in fuchsia, this would be lovely with a print jacket or blazer over it.  Just saying.... 

Jersey Maxi Dress was £50 now £25

Another bandeau dress in Slate that could easily be dressed up for a night out.  Simply stunning.  Think huge earrings, hair messily tied up from the pool and some bling flat sandals and you're off.  The most versatile dress you'll take in your suitcase. 

New Venus Dress was £50 now £35

Whilst we're on the subject of holidays, I'm going to sneak off piste for one item and say if you're looking for a bikini cover up, look no more as this has your name all over it.  Especially if you have a white, pink or orange bikini - this would look absolutely heavenly over it. 

Butterfly Dress in pink and orange from Hush was £45 now £10 - yes TEN POUNDS! 

This is a great jersey option with a bit more sleeve cover in a gorgeous slate blue shade (or navy as they call it...) 

Phase Eight Melanie Dress was £79 now £55

Not as much coverage but still shoulders aren't bare (and there are pockets!) 

Kaliko Floating Maxi Dress in Grey was £71.20 now £35

And in lagoon blue again now only £35

Upping the budget a bit but again, these are so absolutely versatile - literally they will work from the school run to a wedding, with the right accessories. 

Baukjen Aurelia Maxi Dress in French Navy was £119 now £71

Ditto this one - except this also has the advantage of being your best friend during the A/W as well.  

Baukjen The Black in Caviar Black was £109 now £76

Other fantastically versatile jersey numbers are available at Me+Em.  These would look amazing dressed up for a smarter look with a blazer.  Or with my favourite denim jacket. 

V Neck Ruched Maxi dress in Navy was £98 now £68.60

If you fancy the Moss/Black version, that has 50% off and is now only £49

Finishing with some print dresses - mine from yesterday is from three years ago but it gets a good couple of outings every year (and was only about £29 full price from Dotty P's), it really is a super useful thing to have in your wardrobe. 

So prints that have caught my eye. 

Warehouse have some stunning print dresses this year - so long as you love them, these will definitely stand the test of maxi dress time.

Warehouse Celeste Print Maxi was £38 now £20

Blurred Ikat Print Maxi Dress was £48 now £30

And a full colour tribal number  also from Warehouse. 

Placement Tribal Maxi Dress was £50 now £20

This is a rather different style and again, I love the print and colour palette. 

Becky Print Utility Maxi Dress was £129 now £99

Kaliko Jahan Print Cami Dress in Grey was £119 now £49

So there are some great options to choose from.  These also work really well in the Autumn with a biker jacket and ankle boots.   Or maybe even tomorrow and the next couple of days when it's due to pour with rain. Ho hum.... That is, of course, according to my weather app which means the chances of us being able to swan around in shorts, is high.  

Today, here is my outfit that I should have worn yesterday. (swap the outfits over)


Black crepe sleeveless top - Zara

Paint splattered distressed skinny jeans - Mango
Pearly King & Queen tapework jacket - Phase Eight 
Black oversized buckle sliders - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

And alas - here I am typing when I was due to be at Robbie W but the poor husband had to go into work this evening at the last minute.  Thank goodness I was mostly going for the drinks and a night out with the girlies (which I will be rearranging tomorrow - fear not!).  Plan to watch the footie with the 7year old who is most excited (and a small glass of wine....) 

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13 comentarios:

  1. I have the MeandEm maxi - it's amazing.

    Look super good in your jacket.

    I'm not bothering with looking at the weather anymore - it's always wrong!

    1. It's an amazing dress, for sure. Thank you love - old jacket is one of my faves. xx

  2. Ooh, love your maxi choices! And your gorgeous jacket too! Following you on Instagram. I am @littlewoodlife :) x

  3. I love the Hush Havana maxi so much - gorgeous colours. Lovely choices here. Lynne x

  4. Love the havana and the kaliko ones, im on the lookout for a nice maxi dress for my holiday xx

  5. The Hush sale was rubbish for me, everything I wanted was sold out in the larger sizes, although tempted to buy two of the first maxi dress you feature and sew them together, still a bargain! x

    1. Ha ha ha! I'm sure I saw some of the dresses only in larger sized actually, but yes, of course it would be sod's law that they're not what you want! Stay strong for the new season stuff - it's GORGEOUS! xx

  6. If you ever do have your blog sale and decide (rashly) to include that Phase Eight Pearly jacket, I hereby publicly state that I want first dibs!! I absolutely LOVE it! (Clearly I'd have to go on a strict 'nil by mouth' diet for about six months in order to fit into it .. but it would be worth it!) xx

  7. Kat you will look fab in those Hush maxi's, if you go for one of those. I've managed to resist their sale .... so far! My fave is the Mint Velvet - I like the shape and how they have styled with the vest underneath x

  8. I like the butterfly dress- you can see the underwear underneath- but that's acceptable/encouraged nowadays isn't it? I was working at a uni open day today & every other mum was wearing a sheer white top with a gleaming bra shining through! I figured it was deliberate, I haven't got any probs with it, but a few years ago these posh mature women may have seen it as a bit, er, risque? Guess times have changed? x