I know it seems like madness..

.... when it is ridiculously warm to even mention a jacket. 

But, dare I say it, I think I might be done with Summer clothing.  Which is a rather random thing to write when we're clearly in the midst of one of the hottest spells we've had for years (30 degrees again this week by all accounts - and fear not, this is according to the BBC as opposed to my piece of tut iPhone app).  However for once, I'm not going to get carried away with the weather.  

Every year - the temperatures nudge up to the late 20's and my head turns to a sweaty mushy mess and I get carried away.  To put it mildly.  Two days of scorching heat and you would think I'd emigrated to Australia.  I have NOTHING to wear.  Which is, of course, a big pile of poo - I have more than a couple of outfits to wear for the couple of days we have that are super warm.  I do not have an entire wardrobe of super hot summer clothing which is supermarket or school run appropriate (no-one needs to see me in a towelling beach dress at 8.30am in the morning) but then I have really no need for the mere TWO days I will be needing it. 

However the sun clearly addles my brain as I go into full on panic shopping (yes, you may have noticed this happens a lot...).  This year, however, I have put the brakes on.  Handily, because I have been such a tool in previous years, I do now have a good couple of things which I can wear.  Dresses and shorts being my big Summer Success story of the last two years.

So I'm boxing clever.  I'm thinking forward.  Following my Sales rules from earlier in the season, i have gone one step further and have already made my list of Must Haves for the A/W.  And tomorrow, I shall be bringing you the entire list and then working through them.  Giving you the inside on the method behind my madness and believe me, it does make sense, I promise. 

Starting today though with one of my favourite Autumn items which I have loved forever and the affair shows no signs of slowing.  The Blazer.  That transitional classic which you can throw on over all your Summer blouses, tops and tees, even add a scarf for cooler days and hey presto - a whole new outfit.  Now whilst I do have a couple of cheaper blazers for sure, it is the best time to look at some sale bargains which are still out there.  

These are definitely investment pieces which perhaps you wouldn't pay full price for but in the sale, they definitely make sense.  Especially as they are timeless additions to your wardrobe which you'll have for years to come. 

Even in lighter colours, these make sense - I love pink for example with greys and blacks into Sep/Oct, ditto with tans and winter whites. 

Planet Tailored Jacket in Blush was £159 now £69

There is definitely something to be said about continuing with the pastel theme into the A/W and this pale blue would look amazing with shades of navy, denim and tan. 

Hobbs Sarah Silk Blend Jacket in pale blue was £179 now £75

Another classic in cream this time from MaxMara - collarless. 

Resina Jacket from MaxMara was £230 now £115 at Matches

Collarless again at Boden in the sale (which I believe ends tonight at midnight - this is Sunday... although I think you can normally access things in their clearance section). 

The ideal navy jacket edged in black.

Blackfriars Jacket at Boden was £89 now £26.70

Another stunning MaxMara blazer, not the cheapest but you will have this in your wardrobe forever.  Wear to work, to a wedding, on a night out or just with jeans and a tee.  
Ruggero Jacket by 'S MaxMara was £318 now £159

A twist on the classic black with some up to date leather at Helmut Lang (god I love love love this one) 

Noa fractal leather lapel Jacket by Helmut Lang was £540 now £162 - amazing bargain.

A cute little Tuxedo Style Blazer in the sale at Mint Velvet 

Black Tuxedo Jacket was £109 then £55 now £39

A slightly more casual style tux. 

Mint Velvet Cropped Tux in Black was £79 now £39

Absolutely love this in the slate (although to be honest, I'm not sure how different it is from the black as it does look like a washed black to me).  Was £79 now only £29 in the grey.

What they call Tuxedo again, at Kin by John Lewis was £120 now £36

You would expect a classic blazer at Hobbs and they don't disappoint in the sales.  These are prime example of why it is fab to look now.  They will have new season blazers shortly but honestly, how different are they going to be?  Definitely worth looking at for a bargain price now than waiting for new season stock. 

More timeless black.  Hobbs Invitation Snowdonia Jacket in Black was £199 now £75

My beloved navy at Hobbs. 

Saskia Jacket was £159 now £106

More navy at Whistles.

Eva Cotton Pique Blazer was £150 now £75

Another go to place in the sales for classic blazer shapes is Reiss and yet again, there are some great bargains to have . 

If you want a looser Boyfriend style jacket then this would be a great investment for the A/W. 

Reiss Cleopatra Night Sky Relaxed Blazer was £195 now £59

And a more tailored one button fitted blazer again at Reiss. 

Reiss Fontez Tailored Blazer in Indigo was £245 now £98

Another looser boyfriend style and more navy (have you maybe noticed that I am rather obsessed with a navy jacket?!) 

Jigsaw Tailored Boyfriend Jacket in Dark Navy was £179 now £125

Best of British Pure New Wool Peak Lapel Tailored Jacket was £199.99 now £62.99

Now I am stretching the definition of blazer here but these are such fantastic bargains and definitely fall under the heading of transitional coat (fear not, there will be loads more of these - I am mildly obsessed with them if you haven't noticed) 

Best of British Silk Rich Checked Coat with linen was £249 now £79.99

Best Of British Cocoon Coat was £249 now £76.99 

So there we have my selection.  Now I *would* say I don't need a new jacket or coat this year.  Ha ha ha ha.  Have I followed my own advice though and maybe snaffled a couple of bargains in the sales?  Maybe...... I WILL report back with what I've bought since May - although needless to say, I am on somewhat of a spending ban for August. 

No need of a jacket yesterday.  Slightly worse for wear after a great couple of parties on Friday night (spot the rain ridden hair here...) and so it was out for lunch with the family and then a trip to see How to Train your Dragon 2 (it was supposed to rain...)  Obviously I fell asleep for a teensy tiny bit.   


Navy and white shirt - Zara
Turn up shorts - Warhouse
Tan bag - Prada
White sliders - River Island 

Last three days of school here - limping towards the end..... 

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11 comentarios:

  1. Oh how I've missed your posts Kat, just catching up now starting with this one and my very, very favourite subject too. Love the first 3, I think pale blue may well be on trend this Autumn and am sorely tempted to start the search. However I'm still looking for a decent navy blue pin stripe wool one. I have a picture of what it will look like in my head but it doesn't exist....yet xx

    1. sometimes things don't exist for a reason??? lol


    2. nooo I think a navy pinstripe jacket would look ace actually! Hope you manage to track it down.... Pale blue - yes totally totally lush (I have my eye on a pale blue leather skirt from today's blog - with navy? YUM!)

  2. I have the cream version of the Helmut Lang Noa blazer and can highly recommend the fit. It is beautiful, sleek and the soft leather collar is gorgeous. You can never have enough jackets and it's always the season for them! :-)

    Some great choices, Kat, including plenty that I haven't seen myself yet. (And I am the world's greatest jacket fan.)

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was trying to convince myself I didn't need that blazer and GODDAMIT I now need it. Darn. Tis always the season for them though... and my old one is a TopShop one that is as old as one of my children....

    2. ARRGGHH & 20% off the Matches sale now. DARN IT!

    3. Go on, be a devil and get it. You know you want to! ;-) I promise you're almost certain to love it.

    4. Go on, be a devil. I promise that you're almost certain to completely fall in with it! :-)

  3. Need. That. Shirt.
    Gorgeousness as ever, Kat, but when oh when do we get the slightly off topic 'hair care' thread from you please? I have spent the last few days looking like a member of an 80s tribute rock band such is the frizz (I"it's the humidity" Monica-from-Friends-style-cry) but it never seems to trouble you - what's the secret?

    1. I was wondering the same thing as I too suffer from Monica-hair!!

    2. Aha - I wear hats. Honestly? I'm not sure, I will do a run down of my hair care routine in one of those "random" beauty blogs I have coming up shortly! How to survive the Summer (with children.....!) xx