Is there such a thing as discount fatigue?

Because if there is, there darn well shouldn't be.  I for one, know that I am guilty of groaning every time another code comes through...... Well what's that about?  Really?  "We're offering you money off, which is something that we never used to do.  We used to make you wait for the Sale.  And that makes us nasty, how?!"

You see, when you put it like that, we should really be embracing these codes.  They're not there to FORCE us to buy things (which I will admit, is sort of the viewpoint I take occasionally. STOP TWISTING MY ARM RETAILERS. I HAVE THE BACKBONE OF A MUSSEL.  Bonkers or what?!) 

We should embrace them and be strong - resist what you don't need and just take advantage of things that you do.  Which is easier said than done, I appreciate.  But these things are meant to try us and if we avoid temptation, we become stronger people...... (repeat ad nauseum.....) 

So.  Today what gems do I have to offer you?  25% off some things of gorgeousness at Hush and a 25% off discount on everything at Warehouse.  (thank goodness I didn't buy that yellow dress)  If I'm going down, I'm dragging you lot with me.

Starting with Hush.  I love Hush, am fortunate enough to be gifted some things by them but am also a very good customer.  

My fave picks from the current 25% offer would be:-

Firstly definitely the cargo pants.  I'm wearing the very similar pale grey pair from the Summer in my outfit of the day from yesterday and I love them.   They get complimented on all the time, they are so so comfy, wash like a dream and are perfect all year round.  

Adore the charcoal pair - in fact I think I prefer these with the zip at the ankle.... 

Zip Cargo Trousers were £79 and now £59.25

THE ultimate house coat which personally I would absolutely wear out and about too. Probably undone (I do tend to look like a Weeble on stilts if I do belt up over too many layers - there has been photographic evidence of this in the past....) but over other snuggly winter knitwear, this would be as useful for the school run as it would in front of the tv, snuggled on the sofa. 

Cardigown from Hush was £95 now £71.25 (this is perfect Christmas present no?  For yourself obviously... )  Also available in a Dark Charcoal but I love this lighter shade of grey.

Not a Weeble insight here (funny that)

I am mildly obsessed with knitwear this year and doing a very good job of holding back.....

But this camel Lattice Stitch Jumper was £75 now £56.25....... love love love this.  Think it would look as fab in the winter with grey, navy or black as it would in the summer with white jeans.  GAH.

The Rosie dress is hugely hugely popular every time I blog about it.  A number of my friends have it and I've seen them wear it on the school run with biker boots and out for dinner in the evening with dressy ankle boots.  A very versatile dress.  

Again, this colour (which I "don't do") looks amazing on most people - LOVE it with the addition of navy (even though I "don't like it"....) 

Rosie Dress was £65 now £48.75 in Damson/Navy

Also love it in the Mallard and Black 

There are quite a few more styles in their Mid Season 25% off section and of course there is still 10% off everything else in October using the code OCTEVENT.  It all ends on Friday.  

Moving onto Warehouse and on Thursday I'm heading out for a day with the 10yr old and her friend and no doubt they will want to be allowed to wander free for a short period of time whilst I hover nearby... Handily, I know where they will want to go and Warehouse is very near so my hovering time shall be spent in there doing a bit of show and tell. 

What do I have my eye on?  Well.  Apart from the yellow dress which I had on the blog the other day, I'm planning on having a look at.  Code online by the way is 25grazia.  All prices are pre the 25% off.  Go forth and salivate.

Well starting with this which I don't need as I have my Zara one from three years ago and honest to god it is one of the best things I've ever bought.  I love it - goes with jeans during the day, to full on night out glamour.  I am tempted to get this in case anything happens to my other one -  I wear it that often all year round. 

Black Crepe longline shell top £22  They also do this in red.

On a roll with the black.  This is simply perfect and a total bargain with 25% offf. 

Black Roll Cuff Shirt Dress £46  Again, available in red. 

And I'm not saying that a) I'm obsessed with black or b) that I love things that hide my "must do some exercise" tum but.... How useful would this be?

Black Woven Hem Textured Crepe Top £28

Now I haven't tackled over the knee boots yet, principally as I've never found any long enough to go over my knees.  Which means they will work for most of you. 

Black Leather Over the Knee Boots £130

And it now seems foolish to introduce any colour so in for a penny, in for a black pound.  Super cute black cross body bag.  This does come on loads of other colours (love the dull gold one online)  I will be hunting it down on Thursday along with things that are slightly on the jollier side colour wise.

Black Relaxed Crossbody bag £26

I'll save the rest till Thursday, but in the meantime, if you see anything online that you think I should hunt down and try on, do let me know. 

Finishing with outfit from today. 


Wine and bone Breton top - Massimo Dutti
Khaki paint splattered trousers - Zara
Cream boucle jacket - Massimo Dutti
Jalouse in taupe - Ash
Camel bag - Prada

And tomorrow I was supposed to be having my hair done as the small boys were at football camp and the 10year old went to work with The Husband (she likes it, basically she plays on the computer all day which she's not allowed to do here....). But smallest child has been sick so that puts pay to that.  Ensconced on the sofa watching Pirates of the Caribbean as I type and I can only hope that no-one else gets it...... 

So I'll be back tomorrow I guess! 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Ha ha, Mango I'm totally over, but Warehouse? Yes please! Except that the jumper I want is 'in stock soon', which means that they'll replenish with the new stock the day after the code expires. I live in hope.

    Love those Hush cargos. I snapped up some Gap khakis from an outlet store a few weeks ago at around half price, then another 40% off, and they're almost exactly the same so I'm feeling a little smug! Now, if I could just afford the rest of the outfit from Hush, I'd be sorted...

    Fingers crossed for you that the little one recovers soon. Why do they always get sick for the holidays?

    Becky x

    1. oh damn it I went past a Gap Outlet store yesterday! And yes, I have already got some fab things on my wishlist to try on at Warehouse (even though ours is tiny and pap. In fact are there any good big ones? I'm not sure I can even think of any in London.) But online WOW their photography is amazing this season. x

  2. Its crazy how they makes us to shop. Everyday I receive some discounts in my email- or free express delivery..but i love it..
    Now Topshop gave me unlimited free express delivery for 5 months.. Love it.. One day I ordered 3x. With Asos the same.
    I love all these vouchers - even that means goodbye ( goodbuy) money..

    1. Oh go on then, I secretly LOVE it too....!

    2. Yes...i do...just ordered leather satchel from having unlimited next day delivery! Haha...they found the right person! This week I ordered 3x from them...that counts one on every day:o)))

  3. Aaaaaggggghhhh, I bought that yellow dress in Warehouse along with a metallic top last Friday, could have saved myself £17 if I had known Grazia were going to have a promo code. I still have the labels on as I havent worn yet so I suppose I could return and rebuy with the discount (the yellow dress is fab on btw, tried it with opaques and those black shoe/boots from M&S that you had ordered, I bought mine a few weeks ago and I love them, I have worn them with so many outfits!)

    1. oh definitely definitely take them back if you can be bothered. And the shoes are ACE aren't they! am so pleased with my larger size. x

  4. I ve been following your blog and love it! Will you give me a teeny bit of fashion advice! Planning to buy a nice shoulder bag.Confused between a bright green MK bag plus matching flats or bright orange tory burch bag n shoes! Which one would u recommend?

    1. Oh thank you, what a lovely thing to read! Right, personally I would go bright orange Tory Burch. For sure. x

  5. Never get discount fatigue - EVER!

    1. Oh I do............... ish..............maybe not so much..............

  6. Just now I received my Mango -order (I used the code last weekend): real leather trousers. I ordered a size 10 and 12 as I'm allways in between and can never tell from the sizecharts. The size 10 fit me like a glove! It's so comfy! Wide fitting and exactly my length. Not very suitable for a tall person I guess (I'm on the short side) The colour is more brown than of dark khaki as it said on the website but I can combine it wonderfully with loads of my autumn/winterthings. Not bad for 85 euro's. I will feature it in my blog soon! So yeah, bring on the discounts!

    1. Oh you're so so lucky they sound amazing - can't wait to see them!

  7. Love the over-the-knee boots. I've been holding off getting a pair for several years, but I've been having a bout of FOMO lately. As for discounts, I expect them now. I'm a retail Pavlov's dog here.

    1. Ok I've had a hard day... FOMO??! And yes, I am so a Pavlov's dog too!

  8. FOMO = fear of missing out ��