It's finally time....

to talk about Winter Woolies.  Jumpers.  Unashamedly warm, snuggly tops that are one of the huge upsides to this absolutely vile weather.  Which isn't going to get any better, let's face it - it's already getting right on my flat pancakes and the best way I know to cheer myself up, is to have a love in with some knitwear. 

I have an absolutely stinking cold, have had a ridiculously busy day with my littlest off school with the same cold so I'm armed with a mint tea and am treating myself to an ogle of the some gorgeous cozy woolies.  The wishlist starts here - certainly this is an area where my wardrobe is light. 

And what do I wake up to but a 20% off code from Baukjen on their new season knitwear which was launched today. (KNT04)  Whilst we're here, yes most of these jumpers today are from Baukjen as a) they've done a great selection for all shapes in all colours (more online than I've shown here too) and b) I am just in love with their styling this season.  Great inspiration, great outfit ideas, all for free from shopping online (and you don't even have to shop, you can just a good old nose, though good luck with that one...)  I will just say that the leather baseball hat isn't doing it for me.  But 90% of everything else - yes please.  Really wearable, for every day and for nights out.  

The Neilston jumper for me though, hits the nail on the head.  I know a roll neck isn't everyone's cup of tea but this isn't a clingy style, this looser, chunkier knit is far more flattering than than a slim fit polo neck style, for most people/

It comes in three styles and a number of colours. 

Firstly The Neilston Roll Neck Jumper £129 in Berry  As I've said before, this colour works best for me with camel.  Absolutely love the two together.  Also love it with the little sneak of leopard print at the sleeves (although I'm not sure how this works at the collar to be fair....) 

Lovely to see jumpers needn't just be for casual days - they can look fab in a smarter outfit.

In olive - another versatile winter colour £129, with camels, blacks, navys or tans.

My fave colour of them all though is the Camel (which they do in the above jumper) and for all those roll neck haters, a v neck version. 

The Neilston V neck Jumper £109

They also do this in a Caviar Black £109 as well as the Olive and the Berry.

However my shape of choice has to be the boxy version 

The Neilston Boxy Jumper £119 in Camel 

Love this in the black too though... this shape would definitely be most flattering for me.  This also comes in the Olive, alas not the Berry.

Here is the Olive and sneaking in here, one of my favourite things from the new collection, the Jordanston Car Coat at £179 (harrumph not in the 20% off but if you sign up for emails you do get 15% off which is better than a smack around the face with a wet fish) 

The Jordanston Car Coat in Cream £179  So yes, it happened all of about a week after I professed not to liking faux fur coats, I find one I love.  Love, love, love.  That sound of chomping is me eating my hat.

Round neck now - perfect for my obsession with shirts and layering and definitely I have a huge grey jumper hole in my wardrobe.  Grey is really the most versatile neutral - I would go so far as to say your winter version of white.  Goes with everything.

Atlow Jumper in grey from Baukjen £145  Cashmere and merino mix.  I may have fallen in love with cashmere again as I rediscovered my Joseph cashmere jumper that has lasted 7 years - a tiny hole in the sleeve but quality is quality and it tells.  I do love my merino it does have to be said, but this is a real treat jumper (especially with the 20% off) 

They call it ochre, I call it mustard - whatever, it looks great with grey (see?!), love it with navy and/or black.  A more muted version of a summer yellow. 

Atlow Jumper in Ochre £145

Baukjen do a great set of colours but I think I may also be hankering after a pale blue.... (remember I had my mini obsession with baby blue and black?)  Looking at my wardrobe, I think a pale blue jumper could work really well.  (this is after a camel - that's definitely my number one choice)  Oh and black.... But the blue would be perfect with navy, great with grey, obviously I'm loving with black and looks amazing with tan and camel.  Justification going well, yes?

Sigrid Sweater in pale blue from Toast £135

I don't normally do texture but I quite like the look of this one. 

Toast Agi Sweater in natural £145

There are loads more I have to have a good look at - I think I may do a trying on session next week in the High Street but I know all of these are fantastic quality and I would wear them all in a heartbeat. 

So today I have a thin knit jumper on actually but I'm most pleased with the coat.  Look, one you haven't seen before.  But it's not new.  Oh no, this is 14 years old.  I remembered I had it in the attic - I have meant to charity shop it (and lots of other things...) for ages but have kept it "just in case".  Well the rest of the loft is mostly tat but this, I am so so pleased I'm a super procrastinator.


White collar - Cos
Black merino knit jumper - Uniqlo
Black triple zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Black and white check coat - Zara
Black boots - Toga Pulla 
Black Faridah bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Fingers crossed both I and the small thing feel better by the morning as I've been invited to something really exciting tomorrow in London - all my childcare arrangements have been made, so God willing, it will all be ok.  Oh and it would be lovely if it didn't rain either (might be pushing my luck here)

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15 comentarios:

  1. I just want to say how much I enjoy your daily blog - you've given my style a bit of a boost, which went a bit off the rails of late. I am now the proud owner of the white Zara leather pumps (agree that they go with so many outfits) and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Nuxe body/hair oil! Am looking forward to your upcoming blog on jeans and practical coats...especially as the weather has turned!

    1. oh what a lovely lovely comment to read, thank you so much. And yes, HOW fab are the pumps and I hope you love your oil. I adore mine xx

  2. LOVE this entire outfit - so lucky you didn't get around to consigning the coat to charity!

    1. I cry when I think how much fabulous stuff I've given away!

  3. God, your coat is incredible!

  4. Aaargh, I am head over heels with that khaki roll neck!! Now all I need is to find a version that costs around £100 less and my life will be complete!

    Becky x

    1. Did you see the options at Mango?!

  5. Its hard to see how nice the jumpers are. Im blinded by how spectacularly unflattering baukjens boyfriend jeans are. They make the models legs look short and stumpy.

  6. I have a very long Baujken wish list...but have sent back a few pieces so far (including the camel wrap coat - had such high hopes - but the fabric was very skimpy at the front which meant it didn't wrap over far enough) I did have success with a long black maxi dress to wear to a ball. However I haven't got through the list yet (can't afford it all at once!) and their knitwear is definitely on it so I may order the V neck jumper or the grey jumper - my two faves. Classics. Just like your stunning coat - Kat that ticks a couple ofoxes: the plaid check, the neutral black and white. And it looks warm too. Your outfit is fab fab fab. Sorry about your cold - hope you get your day out in London today. Btw - bought bigger size in M&S Autograph leather leggings - they are a bit too big around the waist but I love them so much...I might get them altered by a very clever seamstress I used to go to in Hong Kong, when I visit in January.

  7. I love the faux fur coat! And yes I had persuaded myself that faux fur was a t'thing' that had come too early and peaked too soon and what had started out looking chic with Shrimps was going to end up looking tatty in Peacocks. I have done that before, bought into a trend when it comes out and then got so sick of seeing it everywhere. Also faux fur looks bad in wet weather! That round neck is lovely though and makes the whole thing look less bulky. As a shorty I worry about looking like a Womble....

  8. Love the neilston V neck jumper, its fab!! also you look great, love your outfit
    X A

  9. Hi, the coat looks fab! You are very lucky you squirrelled it away for a rainy day! After reading your "the C word" blog I. Ordered the asos throw on coat in trapeze check for £28 and I must say I'm very pleased with it and a bargain too. Although when you consider I have bought boots,bag and jumper to go with said coat maybe not such a bargain! Thanks for he insperation.

  10. I love a good chunky polo neck jumper for the winter and I'm on the hunt for some new ones, good choices here.
    That coat is amazing